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My name is Kim Guzzi and I live in Pittsburgh PA. I own The Antique Center of Strabane. It is a 40 dealer group shop south of Pittsburgh. I am also President of the 1830 Log House, a historical museum in Upper St. Clair. Thus, 1830 Log House Antiques! I prefer PayPal, checks or Money Orders. If you purchase an item that you feel is not as described, please contact me within 48 hours.

Miniature Doll House

Miniature Doll House made by Converse. 7” tall. Hinged opening front and removable roof.

Price: $125.00

2021-Apr-05 04:14pm EDT | Tags :

Stars and Stripes Slate Pencils

Set of Stars and Stripes Slate Pencils in original box. Box is 6” long

Price: $48.00

2021-Apr-05 04:09pm EDT | Tags :

Sailor’s Whimsy

Mid 19th Century Folk Art Carved Wood Sailor’s Whimsy From Massachusetts. 5” tall.

Price: $165.00

2021-Apr-05 04:05pm EDT | Tags :

Decorated Pencil Box

Late 19th Century pencil box with Pennsylvania Folk Art Design. Belonged to “Judy”

Price: $98.00

2021-Apr-05 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Pewter Chocolate Pot

James Deakin & Sons pewter chocolate pot. Circa 1886. 8 1/2” tall

Price: $195.00

2021-Feb-20 09:59am EST | Tags :

German Putz Dog

German Putz Afghan Hound, coat made of Rabbit Fur. Missing one glass eye. 4” long.

Price: $98.00

2020-Dec-13 11:20am EST | Tags :

Pineapple Ice Cream Mold

Nice pineapple ice cream mold. No makers mark. Excellent condition. 4” tall.

Price: $58.00

2020-Dec-13 11:00am EST | Tags :

Large Yellow Ware Mold

Large Yellow Ware Mold, Bunch of Grapes. 8 1/2” long, 6 1/2” deep, 4” tall

Price: $110.00

2020-Jul-22 02:04pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Ware Batter Bowl

Yellow Ware Batter Bowl. Bowl is 9” in diameter and 10” to tip of spout.

Price: $125.00

2020-Jul-22 12:57pm EDT | Tags :

Double Acorn Butter Mold

Double Acorn Butter Mold. Actual stamp size is 3 1/2” in diameter.

Price: $75.00

2020-Apr-30 02:39pm EDT | Tags :

Early Hand Forged “Sticking Tommy”

Early hand forged “sticking Tommy” mining tool used to light the way by sticking into the wall.

Price: $195.00

2020-Apr-25 07:56am EDT | Tags :

Wonderful Tramp Art Frame

Wonderful Tramp Art Frame with Original Paint!

Price: $135.00

2020-Apr-21 07:43pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker “Hair Restorer” Bottle

Molded amber glass bottle with raised lettering on side panels “SHAKER” and “HAIR RESTORER”. 7 3/4” tall. Small chip on left side bottom of SHAKER panel. From the Jean Brown collection, Skinner’s, August 2012.

Price: $78.00

2020-Apr-11 01:09pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Ware Pie Bird

Yellow Ware Pie Bird. Unusual Form. 2 1/2” tall.

Price: $68

2020-Apr-10 09:18am EDT | Tags :

Stone Fruit Walnut

Stone Fruit Walnut. Excellent detail and color!

Price: $75.00

2020-Apr-03 01:01pm EDT | Tags :

Stone Vegetable Cucumber

Stone Vegetable Cucumber. Rare piece! 4 1/2” long.

Price: $98.00

2020-Apr-03 12:59pm EDT | Tags :

Stone Vegetable Onion

Stone Vegetable Red Onion. Rare piece!

Price: $98.00

2020-Apr-03 12:56pm EDT | Tags :

Horn Whetstone Holder

Horn Whetstone Holder. 8 1/2” tall

Price: $98.00

2020-Apr-02 01:55pm EDT | Tags :

Carved Folk Art Rolling Pin in Original Paint

Carved Folk Art Rolling Pin in original dark red painted finish. A gift made for a special someone!

Price: $295.00

2020-Mar-31 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

Black Painted Carrier

Nice black painted divided carrier with handle. Perfect for your garden or on your farmhouse kitchen table.

Price: $110.00

2020-Mar-31 03:11pm EDT | Tags :

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