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Welcome to Holiday Happenings! This site will offer you primitives, Americana, Folk Art, and vintage holiday pieces. I have been a collector and dealer of primitives since 1994. I began to specialize in holiday collectibles in 1999. I have been a proud member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past since 2009. Payment methods include personal check/money order (made payable to Cory Adams), and PayPal. Lay-a-way is offered for your convenience. Feel free to contact me (email or texting is the best method) with any questions. Additional pictures of items can be emailed to you upon request.

Victorian Glass Panel Christmas Light

This is one of the early ways in which you would at light to your Christmas tree. It is a metal and glass lantern. It consists of 4 glass panels placed into a metal frame. Each glass panel was painted red and green. Since this piece is from the Victorian Era, it has seen many joyful times during Christmas and the paint has faded a little on the glass panels. There is a wire bail at the top which is original to the piece. There is a candle cup inside which held the candle that you would illuminate (still has an unlit candle inside). It stands about 8” tall. There is no breakage to the glass.

Price: $85

2021-Dec-05 08:45am EST | Tags :

4 Section Feather Tree Fence

Offered is a 4 section feather tree fence from the 1930's. Three pieces are identical with the fourth piece having an archway in the center. These were used to place around the base of a larger feather tree. This piece is German and each piece is about 10" in length. It is in excellent condition.

Price: $245

2021-Dec-04 09:11am EST | Tags :

19th Century German Grape Cobalt Kugel

German Grape Kugel, cobalt, glass with brass beehive cap, approx. 4" in length.

Price: $495

2021-Nov-30 05:55pm EST | Tags :

German Glass Cornucopia of Toys Ornament

Offered is a glass Christmas ornament dating to the 1920's/30's: cornucopia of toys. It is in great condition with minimal paint loss. It is about 4.5" long. No chips or cracks.

Price: $75

2021-Nov-29 06:44pm EST | Tags :

Santa Bobble Figure

Early bobble Santa Claus, he has composition hands, feet/legs, and face. He has a felt suit and rabbit fur beard. He is about 9.5" tall. This piece dates to around 1910-1920. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $875

2021-Nov-28 01:50pm EST | Tags :

Old English Santa and Reindeer Plate

I simply love the imagery on this plate! It displays Santa and a reindeer in front of a building titled, “U.S. Post Office North Pole N.Y.”. The writing on the front of the plate states, “Santa’s Workshop, North Pole, New York”. The reverse side of the plate says, “Old English Staffordshire Ware”. It has the Adams mark with the crown. It has a diameter of 7” and is free of any cracks or chips.

Price: $110

2021-Nov-27 05:41pm EST | Tags :

White German Belsnickle

German Belsnickle candy container, 7" tall, no cracks or chips, white coat with feather tree spray. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $325

2021-Nov-26 07:58am EST | Tags :

German Angel Candy Container

This darling piece dates to the 1900s. She has a bisque face and hands. She has beautiful blue glass eyes. The suit is white cotton with snowflakes and two Dresden stars. Her hood is white felt and she holds a gold cardboard bell in her left hand. Her wings cardboard too. She opens at the base, which is marked Germany. She stands approximately 7.5" tall. She is in good condition with normal wear and a crease in one of the wings. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $395

2021-Nov-26 07:37am EST | Tags :

Small German Hunched Santa

Offered is an early Santa Claus on a platform. He dates to around the 1920's and is marked Germany on the base. This guy has he rarely seen hunched back. He has a red felt coat with brown bag over his shoulder. There is a feather tree spray in his hand and has a rabbit fur beard. He stands about 8" tall. He is in great condition with the exception of a cracked foot that has been repaired. Additional photos upon request. Layaway is offered on all items.

Price: $795

2021-Nov-11 07:56am EST | Tags :

Large German Santa in Sled

Look who's sledding in for Christmas! This is a wonderful Santa with sled. The sled is completely made out of wood and round head nails. It is filled with toys in the back: Holly & Ivy wrapped packages, pair of shoes, and a trumpet. There are also a bunch of wooden toys: airplane, house, banjo, rocking horse, boat, car, jointed doll, football, and a couple other smaller pieces. The Santa has composition hands, feet and face. He is decked out in a red and white suit with blue pants. His right hand carries a green feather tree spray while his beard and mustache are white rabbit fur. He has a blue felt collar and such great hand painted detail to his face. The total piece measures approximately 16.5"x4"x8.5". It is in good condition with minor fading to Santa's suit and minor wear to the bark of the sled. Santa is not attached to the sled (he is removable). The sled is marked Germany with an ink stamp on the bottom. Lay-a-way options are available. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $1995

2021-Nov-09 06:14pm EST | Tags :

Blue Composition Belsnickle

Offered today is a German composition Belsnickle. He stands 5" tall and is painted in a light blue color. He holds a small feather tree spray. He is in good condition with no chips or cracks. There is a flake of black paint missing on the back side of his boots. He is marked Germany on the back with an ink mark.

Price: $395

2021-Nov-08 06:11pm EST | Tags :

Wall Box in Dark Green

Offered is this hanging wall/candle box. It has a sturdy construction with square nails. There is a irregular pentagon shaped piece attached to the back which enables it to be hung on the wall (or it can sit freely on a table or blanket chest). From the front side the pentagon looks like a triangle. It has a nice dry, original coat of Windsor green paint. This piece dates to the 19th century and measures approximately 11.25"x5.75"x11". It is in good condition with minor paint loss.

Price: $295

2021-Nov-06 12:10pm EDT | Tags :

Tin and Iron Balance

Offered today is an iron and metal balance. This is a sweet smaller size. The total piece measures about 13" tall and 14" wide. The tin round pan has a diameter of 5". The balance works perfectly and it is in great condition with some minor bends in the tin round pan.

Price: $135

2021-Nov-06 12:08pm EDT | Tags :

Scrub Board with Square Nails

This is a wonderful early wooden scrub board. This piece is constructed with large square nails. It stands approximately 13.5" tall and is 12.5" wide. It can either be laid down or standing on a table. Great condition with a couple splits.

Price: $195

2021-Oct-25 05:15pm EDT | Tags :

Make-Do Candlestick

This is a wonderful 19th century make-do lighting piece. The iron top was damaged long ago and placed in a treen (wood) base. This was a period in time when items were rarely tossed out, instead remade to reuse. The total piece stands about 11” high. The treen base stands 4.75” high with a base diameter of 2.5”. The iron top is secure in the treen base. It’s definitely a conversation piece!

Price: $345

2021-Oct-23 11:04am EDT | Tags :

Treen Compote in Dry Black

Offered today is an early treen compote. It has a period dry black paint. It stands about 6" tall and has a top diameter of about 11". It is in good condition but has a couple nicks out of the rim. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $225

2021-Oct-16 08:28am EDT | Tags :

12" Early Shaved Broom

Offered is a miniature shaved broom. It is about 12" in length. This is a great early original piece in good condition. There is a split in the handle that is tight. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $575

2021-Oct-10 10:16am EDT | Tags :

Red Painted Candle Box

Offered today is a slide top candle box. This piece is wooden and constructed with square nails. It has a chamfered sliding top with a dry period coat of red paint. It measures approximately 11.5"x6"x5". Additional pics upon request.

Price: $195

2021-Oct-02 01:54pm EDT | Tags :

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