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Welcome to Holiday Happenings! This site will offer you primitives, Americana, Folk Art, and vintage holiday pieces. I have been a collector and dealer of primitives since 1994. I began to specialize in holiday collectibles in 1999. I have been a proud member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past since 2009. Payment methods include personal check/money order (made payable to Cory Adams), and PayPal. Lay-a-way is offered for your convenience. Feel free to contact me (email or texting is the best method) with any questions. Additional pictures of items can be emailed to you upon request.

Wooden Scrub Board

This is a wonderful early wooden scrub board. This piece is constructed with large square nails. It stands approximately 13.5" tall and is 12.5" wide. It can either be laid down or standing on a table. Great condition with a couple splits. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $275

2022-May-12 12:26pm EDT | Tags :

Shaker Berry Bucket in Black

Offered is a small berry pail/bucket. It is Shaker and still has the "diamond" bands on the sides where the bail is attached. There are two metal bands that support the staved wooden pieces. The bands are tight and not loose. The bail is wire with a wooden handle. It has a great coat of older black paint with other colors underneath. It is in good condition. At some point in time, someone cut out a small piece of wood off of one of the staved pieces at the top. It measures about 1"x.25". Not sure why they did this, but it was definitely hand cut out and is not a break. It's cut out too perfectly. The total piece measures approximately 4.25" tall with a base diameter of 4" and a top diameter of 5.5". Additional pics upon request.

Price: $495

2022-May-10 12:24pm EDT | Tags :

Wooden Basket in Gray Paint

Nice splint wooden basket with kickup. Older gray paint just adds to this beauty. This piece stands about 8.25" tall and has a diameter of about 10". It has a couple broken splints which can barely be found from the exterior.

Price: $155

2022-May-08 12:22pm EDT | Tags :

Small Burl Bowls

The larger one has a top diameter of about 4.5" and a base diameter of 2.75". The height is about 2.5". This piece is footed and has a slight quarter inch crack in the rim. The second piece is diameter of 3.25", base diameter of 2.25", and 2" height. It has a very tight crack at the rim. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $150 each

2022-May-07 12:21pm EDT | Tags :

Early Fragment Mirror with Name

Offered is an early fragment mirror. It is encased in a thick cardboard frame and has a string for hanging. The mirror has a lot of spotting. It measures about 5"x3.5". The back is signed Proctor in pencil cursive and David in green print.

Price: $95

2022-Apr-30 09:07am EDT | Tags :

Red White and Blue Checkerboard

Offered is a painted checkerboard with red, white, and blue. It measures approximately 22"x13"x1.25". It is constructed with small round nails. I would estimate it to be early 1900's to 1920's. It also has another game board on the back side. It's a wonderful piece to add to your game board collection!

Price: $495

2022-Apr-28 12:23pm EDT | Tags :

Early Flamestitch Wallet

Offered today is an early flamestitch wallet. It measures about 5.5"X5". It has two berries attached and a green and white silk lining which is also made into an exterior drawstring. It is in good condition with some loss of stitching in certain areas. Additional pics upon request. Check your spam folder for email replies.

Price: $495

2022-Apr-23 10:26am EDT | Tags :

Small Hanging Mirror in White

This is a nice smaller sized hanging mirror. The wooden frame has a later coat of white paint, on top of robin egg blue. The total piece measures approximately 5.5"x8". The mirror is spotty, but you can still easily make out what is being reflected. Additional pics upon request. Be sure to check your spam folder for email replies.

Price: $165

2022-Apr-22 12:48pm EDT | Tags :

Document Box with Worn Gray Paint

I simply love this document box! This wooden piece is constructed of square nails, and still retains some of its gray paint (worn in certain areas: mostly the front panel). The somewhat dome top and original handle add character and keeps you guessing to what goodies were housed inside throughout the years of its existence. The total piece measures approximately 11.25"x5.75"x5.75". There are some old worm holes on the bottom underside. Be sure to check your spam folder for email replies. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $135

2022-Apr-20 01:46pm EDT | Tags :

Oval Portrait of Lady

Miniature portrait of lady. It is painted on a thick piece of metal (appears to be brass), fit into a wooden frame with metal front. The back board appears to say, "Grace ?? wife of Mathew ?? Married 1727 died at the age of 98". Total piece is about 9.5"x7.75".

Price: $235

2022-Apr-18 12:44pm EDT | Tags :

Treen Lidded Container

Offered is a treen lidded container. It stands about 4.5" tall and has a diameter of about 3.75" on the base. There are no chips or cracks in the wood. It has nice turning and looks perfect with other treenware. There was some green felt attached to the base that has been taken off. Additional pics upon request. Check your spam folder for my email replies.

Price: $225

2022-Apr-16 12:08pm EDT | Tags :

Small Dark Lidded Jar

Offered is a small lidded jar. It stands only 3.75" tall. The base diameter is about 2.25". It has a dark color to it and the lid easily fits on the top. There are rings on the lid and around the circumference of the base. Additional pics upon request. Also, check your spam folder for my email replied.

Price: $165

2022-Apr-15 11:59am EDT | Tags :

Painted Treen Lidded Jar

Offered is a painted treen lidded jar. It measures about 8" tall and has a variety of dry colors: black, red, and mustard. It is very light weight wood. There is some paint loss on the exterior. The lid opens easily. Additional pics upon request. Be sure to check your spam folder for my replies.

Price: $325

2022-Apr-12 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Old Cloth Covered Texts

Offered are three cloth covered texts (priced individually). #1 Dark blue cloth with floral patters, Elementary Grammar, copyright 1880, 5"x7", some wear in the fabric on the corners, $65. #2 Red and white Gingham, The Ideal Catholic Readers: Fourth Reader, copyright 1919, 5.5"x7.25", fabric is great, two small blue ink stains on one side of cover, binding is a little loose, $45. #3 Blue and white Gingham, Grammar text, probably early 1900's, some minor edge wear on fabric, some stains o front and back cover, 5.25"x7.75", $45. Additional pics upon request.

Price: Listed Above

2022-Apr-10 11:38am EDT | Tags :

Glass Apothecary Jar

Offered is a glass apothecary jar. It has a pontil base and tin lid. It is about 8" tall with a 3.5" base diameter. There are no chips or cracks in the glass. It has several air bubbles throughout the glass. Additional pics upon request. (contents in jar are not included)

Price: $185

2022-Apr-09 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Large Wire Basket

Offered is a large oval wire basket. It is perfect for larger items. It measures about 17"x13"x4". It is in great condition with no damage. Additional pics upon request. (watermelon are not included)

Price: $85

2022-Apr-09 08:44am EDT | Tags :

Best Scrub Box in Red

Offered today is a scrub box in dry period red paint. The form of this piece is very unusual and interesting. There is a handle at the end with a brass plate in the center. It is constructed of small round head nails and is in great condition. A hook has been added on the back so it can be hung on the wall. It measures approximately 15”x6”x3”. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $450

2022-Apr-02 02:59pm EDT | Tags :

Hand Carved Wooden Eagle

Offered is a hand carved eagle. He is a nice smaller piece that measures about 6" tall. He has round head nails as eyes and is carved on a round sphere. His wings are placed in his sides and is mounted on a base. It's just a nice folk art piece! Additional pics upon request. No damage.

Price: $225

2022-Apr-01 11:00am EDT | Tags :

Small Early Mirror with Red

Offered is an early mirror. It has a brass loop at the top for hanging. It measures about 9"x7"x.75". It has a couple square nails with a few round nail old replacements. The mirror itself has a couple foxing areas and it is machine made (after 1840). It has the original wood plant backing while still retaining the red paint on the front.

Price: $225

2022-Mar-29 01:30pm EDT | Tags :

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