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Welcome to Holiday Happenings! This site will offer you primitives, Americana, Folk Art, and vintage holiday pieces. I have been a collector and dealer of primitives since 1994. I began to specialize in holiday collectibles in 1999. I have been a proud member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past since 2009. Payment methods include personal check/money order (made payable to Cory Adams), and PayPal. Lay-a-way is offered for your convenience. Feel free to contact me (email or texting is the best method) with any questions. Additional pictures of items can be sent. Other inventory items can be located at

Mortar & Pestle in Green

Offered is a mortar and pestle in hunter's green, dry period paint. The total piece measures 10.5" tall while the mortar is 7.5" tall. It has some tight cracks on the sides. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $325

2021-Aug-01 08:40am EDT | Tags :

Miniature Mortar & Pestle in Red

Offered is a miniature mortar and pestle in period dry red paint. It stands about 5" tall. The mortar stands about 3". There is a metal piece attached to the base of the pestle. It's in great condition with no cracks or chips. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $395

2021-Jul-29 10:44am EDT | Tags :

Framed Silhouette

Offered is a framed silhouette of a lady. It measures approximately 8"x7". The frame has the original brass hanging loop with a gold painted boarder and glass front. Great condition!

Price: $55

2021-Jul-14 04:56pm EDT | Tags :

White Bonnet on Blue Stand

Offered is a wooden stand in dry blue paint. It stands about 9.5" tall. Included in the sale is a white child's/doll bonnet. Both are in good condition!

Price: $55

2021-Jul-12 08:53am EDT | Tags :

Treen Compote

Offered today is a treen compote. It has a top diameter of about 9.5" and stands about 4.5" tall. It has a great untouched surface with no damage.

Price: $225.00

2021-Jul-05 04:50pm EDT | Tags :

Patriotic Shield

Offered today is a wooden patriotic shield flag holder. This piece is about 6.75"x6.5"x1" (excluding the flags). It has great paint! There are three gauze flags with 48 stars.

Price: $275

2021-Jun-21 07:12pm EDT | Tags :

2 Pewter Tankards

Offered today is a set of 2 pewter tankards. They are both similar in size. One is plain while the other is inscribed with the persons name. They stand about 4.5" tall.

Price: $75

2021-Jun-20 12:13pm EDT | Tags :

Hanging Light in Dry Blue Green

Offered today is a hanging light. The base is tin and painted in a dry blue/green color. It has a hole for hanging and a finger loop on the front. There is a glass chimney (which is most likely a replacement). The tin light stands about 8.5" tall and has a base diameter of about 6".

Price: $85 SALE

2021-Jun-18 08:25am EDT | Tags :

3 Blue Doll Dresses

Offered are 3 doll dresses in blue. The smallest one measures about 9" and the largest is 15". The they in good condition, the largest has some staining. All have buttons on the back. Sold as a lot of 3. Hangers not included.

Price: $75

2021-Jun-16 09:08am EDT | Tags :

Tin Candlestick in white paint

Tin candlestick with candle. Has the best old white paint.

Price: $65 SALE

2021-Jun-13 12:39pm EDT | Tags :

Pantry Box in Blue

Offered is a pantry box in dry blue paint. It has a diameter of 6.75" and stands about 2.75" tall. It is in good condition, no damage, minimal wear to the paint.

Price: $295

2021-Jun-11 12:21pm EDT | Tags :

Patriotic Muslin Bunting

Offered is a larger piece of muslin patriotic bunting. It measures 24 feet in length which is perfect to drape over a fireplace mantel, harvest table, or over a doorway. It has a width of about 2 feet. It is in fair condition with stains through several years of use.

Price: $85

2021-Jun-10 11:57am EDT | Tags :

Flamestitch Needle Holder

Offered is an early flamestitch needle holder. It measures approximately 9.9"x5.5"x3". It is in good condition with minimal wear. The colors are still bright and vibrant! It has minor staining only on the bottom side.

Price: $595

2021-Jun-09 08:20am EDT | Tags :

Firkin in Grey Paint

Offered today is a firkin with grey paint. It is a nice early piece which has no staples. It is 10" tall. No cracks or damage.

Price: $225 SALE

2021-Jun-08 11:31am EDT | Tags :

Firkin in Red Paint

Offered is a firkin. It has no staples with alligatored red paint. The handle is blue. It has tight construction and stands 9.75". The top diameter is 9" and the base is 9.75". The lid has a tight crack. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $250 SALE

2021-May-08 01:53pm EDT | Tags :

Pantry Box in Black

Offered is a pantry box in black paint. It has a 6" diameter, and 3.5" tall. Single lap band on the lid. There is no damage to this piece. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $195 SALE

2021-May-02 07:48am EDT | Tags :

Wooden Noggins

Offered are two wooden noggins. The larger ones measures 9.5" and has a tight on the side and a small nick on the rim. The smaller one measures 6" and has two tight cracks. Buy one or buy both!

Price: $125 each SALE

2021-Apr-24 09:07am EDT | Tags :

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