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Welcome to Holiday Happenings! This site will offer you primitives, Americana, Folk Art, and vintage holiday pieces. I have been a collector and dealer of primitives since 1994. I began to specialize in holiday collectibles in 1999. I have been a proud member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past since 2009. Payment methods include personal check/money order (made payable to Cory Adams), and PayPal. Lay-a-way is offered for your convenience. Feel free to contact me (email or texting is the best method) with any questions. Additional pictures of items can be sent. Other inventory items can be located at

Red Hanging Fragment Mirror

Offered today is an early fragment mirror. The mirror shows a lot of foxing and has a horizontal crack in the center. It has been placed on a wooden panel with a chamfered back. The mirror has a wooden trim that has been added with small square head nails. It is also supported by a hardened type of putty around the wooden trim. There is a wire hook attached at the top for hanging. The front of the piece is painted with a dry red that is period to the piece. The total piece measures approximately 9.5"x6.25". Additional pics upon request.

Price: $695

2020-Sep-14 07:23pm EDT | Tags :

Halloween Veggie Boy Candy Container

This is an early German Veggie Boy candy container. This piece is a composition figure of a Veggie boy wearing a blue hat with his hands in his pockets. The head comes off (which fits pretty securely on the neck) and the total piece is mounted on a round wooden base. The total piece measures approximately 3.75" tall. Good condition with slight wear and paint flakes on the boots. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $375

2020-Sep-12 04:06pm EDT | Tags :

Black Head Ring Toss Game

What a wonderful piece of Folk Art! This is a ring toss game dating to the 19th century. The head form is carved out of one piece of wood. It is painted with black, gray, and red paint. The ears and nose have iron forged pieces attached that would be used to hold the rings that you'd try to toss on it. It stands about 14" tall. It is in good condition. The paint has very little loss. There is a split in the back. Layaway is available on all items. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $1395

2020-Sep-09 07:28pm EDT | Tags :

Ladies Leather and Velvet Handbag

Offered today is a ladies handbag. It is made out of leather with a brown checked velvet base. The initials B.N.H. are printed on the front. There are two straps for holding. It is in good condition with some rips to the interior lining. It measures approximately 8"x7.5" (excluding the straps). Additional pics upon request.

Price: $85

2020-Sep-07 06:09pm EDT | Tags :

German JOL Head Pumpkin Candy Container

Here is a little guy that you don't see too often! This is an early German Halloween candy container. It is a "veggie" man with a Jack-O-Lantern head. He is completely made out of composition material and is fixed to a round cardboard base, which is marked Germany. At the top of his head is a small piece of rope material as a stem. His head comes off easily, though is securely attached. There are no chips or cracks in this piece. He stands approximately 4.5" tall. Layaway is available. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $895

2020-Sep-06 07:45am EDT | Tags :

Treen Footed Bowl in Black

Offered today is a treen footed bowl in dry black paint. It has a diameter of approximately 11" and 11.5". It stands about 3.25". It has a nice, smooth surface. Additional pictures upon request.

Price: $375

2020-Aug-29 10:10am EDT | Tags :

Lot of Bone Dice

This 9 piece set of hand carved bone dice add so much charm to any setting. These look great on an early tavern table! They come with a wooden cylinder container that opens at the top.

Price: $65

2020-Aug-22 05:06pm EDT | Tags :

Folk Art Wooden Rooster

Offered is a wooden Folk Art rooster. This piece is hand carved from one piece of wood. It is mounted on a wooden platform that is original to the piece. It still retains most of the dry, period paint. It measures approximately 17" in length by 14" in height. It does have a repair to the an area above the feet. It appears it was broken off then nailed back together. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $325

2020-Aug-16 10:58am EDT | Tags :

Treen Bowl

Offered is a treen bowl. It stands about 3.5" tall and has a diameter of 7.25". It is in untouched surface and has a repaired crack on the side. Additional pics upon request. Rush is not included with this sale.

Price: $165

2020-Aug-02 11:14am EDT | Tags :

Tin Grease Lamp

Offered is a tin grease lamp. It stands about 10" tall. It has a hook on the back for easy hanging. The top has a diamond shape design. It is in good condition with no damage.

Price: $70

2020-Jul-28 01:15pm EDT | Tags :

Leech Jar

Offered is a glass leech jar from the 19th century. It has a beautiful cranberry color and a pontil on the base. It doesn't have any chips or cracks in the glass. It stands about 2.5" tall.

Price: $115

2020-Jul-27 05:59pm EDT | Tags :

Pantry Box in Bittersweet Paint

This wooden pantry box measures approximately 6"x2.75". It has a solid construction and the lid comes off easily. There is a crack in the lid, but it is tight and not loose. The paint is worn in certain areas, as expected. The bittersweet paint has a wonderful orange color. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $295

2020-Jul-25 09:09am EDT | Tags :

Wall Box with Drawer in Blue

Offered today is a hanging wall box with drawer. It has crackled blue paint (circa 1900s) over oyster white. It is made out of both large and small square nails. The drawer opens easily and has a wooden knob. It measures approximately 12"x5"x8.5". It's in good, sturdy condition. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $325

2020-Jul-24 09:32am EDT | Tags :

Early Wooden Bowl

Offered is an early bowl. It has a rim and is lightweight. It has a diameter of approximately 9" and 9.5". It stands about 2" high. It is in great condition with no cracks and has a small burn mark on the rim.

Price: $95

2020-Jul-16 01:17pm EDT | Tags :

Fragment Mirror

Offered is a fragment mirror. It measures approximately 3.5"x8.75x1". Mirror is still encased with no breakage but does show foxing. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $325

2020-Jul-14 01:27pm EDT | Tags :

German Playing Cards

This is a partial set of 39 playing cards. The imagery is wonderful on these cards! They are very colorful and some have patriotic American flags and shields. Perfect addition to any tavern table!

Price: $95

2020-Jul-07 10:33am EDT | Tags :

Painting of Three Chicks & Lobster

Here is an oil on canvas painting: three chicks eating a red lobster. The painting measures approximately 12”x8”. It is in good condition with some wear to the center top rim, a pinhole on one of the trees, and paint flaking in two sections above the tallest chick’s beak. It is set in a wooden gold gilt frame which measures 17”x13”. The frame is in great condition with a small piece chipped off at the bottom right. The painting is unsigned and I can send additional pictures upon request.

Price: $225

2020-Jun-30 10:26am EDT | Tags :

Rooster Candy Container

Offered is a rooster candy container. It is made out of composition with lead feet. The head comes off and still retains the cardboard tube inside. It is most likely from the 1930s and is German. It is hand painted and free of any damage. It stands approximately 3.5" tall.

Price: $95

2020-Jun-26 09:37am EDT | Tags :

Oval Pantry Box in Red

Offered is a wooden pantry box. It is oval in shape with old red paint. It is in good condition with minor paint loss and no chips in the wood. It measures approximately 6.5"x4.25"x3". Additional pics upon request.

Price: $195

2020-Jun-23 02:41pm EDT | Tags :

Wooden Owl Figure

Offered is a large hand carved wooden owl. It has a dry surface and stands about 14" tall. He has nice big eyes that would scare any little critter. He is made out of one piece of wood and is free of any worm holes.

Price: $195

2020-Jun-18 08:46am EDT | Tags :

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