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Welcome to Holiday Happenings! This site will offer you primitives, Americana, Folk Art, and vintage holiday pieces. I have been a collector and dealer of primitives since 1994. I began to specialize in holiday collectibles in 1999. I have been a proud member of The Golden Glow of Christmas Past since 2009. Payment methods include personal check/money order (made payable to Cory Adams), and PayPal. Lay-a-way is offered for your convenience. Feel free to contact me (email or texting is the best method) with any questions. Additional pictures of items can be emailed to you upon request.

3 Halloween Clicker Noisemakers

Offered is a set of 3 witch tin clickers or noisemakers. Each one is about 2.5" and American made back in the 1930s/40s. Normal wear and sold only as a set. They are in working, annoying condition!

Price: $45

2022-Oct-04 12:15pm EDT | Tags :

Mortar & Pestle in Salmon

Offered is a treen mortar and pestle in original salmon paint. It is in great condition. The total piece is about 10.5". Additional pics upon request.

Price: $450

2022-Oct-03 02:33pm EDT | Tags :

Japanese Witch Candy Container

Offered is a witch candy container. She is from Japan and is from the 1930s. She has a crepe paper outfit with cotton hands and a cardboard hat. Her head is composition and stands about 5" tall. She opens at the base which is where the candy would be placed. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $495

2022-Oct-02 01:04pm EDT | Tags :

Wooden JOL Container

Offered is a wooden 2 piece JOL container. He is about 7" tall and comes apart at the center. He is Czech and dates to the 1920s.

Price: $110

2022-Oct-01 12:54pm EDT | Tags :

Unusual Sized Loom

Offered is a very unusual sized loom. It is wooden and measures 10.5"×6". It is in great condition with no damage.

Price: $425

2022-Sep-30 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

JOL Head Witch Candy Container

Offered is a German candy container. This piece is the JOL witch. The face and body are composition with a cardboard hat. The head comes off easily. She is about 7.5" tall. The broom is a new replacement. Additional pics upon request. Layaway is offered on all items.

Price: $895

2022-Sep-29 12:29pm EDT | Tags :

Cardboard JOL

Offered is a German cardboard JOL. He still retains the paper face insert and base. He is about 3" tall.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

2022-Sep-28 12:26pm EDT | Tags :

Small Bulbous Pewter Candlestick

Offered is a small pewter bulbous candlestick. It is in great condition and has a slight lean. It stands about 4.75" tall. Additional pics upon request. Layaway is always offered. Candle is not included.

Price: $695

2022-Sep-25 02:55pm EDT | Tags :

American Pulp JOL

Offered is an American pulp JOL with the original paper face insert. It dates to the 1940s. It is 7" tall and 8" wide. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $225

2022-Sep-24 12:05pm EDT | Tags :

Apple Box in Dry Brown

Offered is a small apple box with dry brown paint. It is constructed with small square nails. It is about 3.25" tall with canted sides and the top is 6"×6". Additional pics upon request. Layaway is offered. Rag balls not included.

Price: $425

2022-Sep-22 11:41am EDT | Tags :

Treen Small Pitcher in Mustard/Brown

Offered is a small treen pitcher. It has a dry mustard/brown paint. It stands about 5" tall. Additional pics upon request. Layaway is offered.

Price: $495

2022-Sep-21 11:39am EDT | Tags :

Iron Fat Lamp

Offered is an early iron fat lamp. It stands about 17" tall. It's a great early example with no damage yet has a very slight lean. Additional pics upon request. Layaway is offered.

Price: $395

2022-Sep-18 11:33am EDT | Tags :

Small Oval Pantry in Green

Offered is a small oval pantry in dry green. It measures about 4x3". The lid is a little loose. Originally came from a Connecticut collection.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

2022-Sep-01 01:54pm EDT | Tags :

Small Pocket Mirror

Offered is a small pocket mirror in an oval wooden frame. The mirror is beveled and the total piece measures about 2.5x3.5". The wood is very smooth from years of use. No other damage.

Price: $185

2022-Aug-30 01:52pm EDT | Tags :

Pear Candy Container

Offered is a pear candy container. It is composition with a cardboard tube marked Germany. It is in great condition. It is about 3" long.

Price: $48

2022-Aug-28 03:46pm EDT | Tags :

Treen Lidded Jar in Black

Offered is a wooden treen lidded container. It has remnants of dry black paint. It is about 7.5" tall and has a base diameter of 5". There is a tight crack on one side. Additional pics upon request.

Price: $325

2022-Aug-24 11:38am EDT | Tags :

Offered is a black doll. She has a stiped dress with slip and pantaloons. Her head is tightly stuffed with stitched eyes and mouth. She has glass beaded earrings and eyes. She has applied ears and nose. Her hair is intact with no missing areas. She is in great condition with minor browning on the dress. She is about 14". Additional pics upon request. Layaway is available.

Price: $950

2022-Aug-20 12:46pm EDT | Tags :

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