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We began as collectors, obsessed collectors. We love this stuff. So we like to share the things we love with others who love them too. We've have been Show dealers for many years using our Signature Antiques & Art. Our items are carefully selected and are guaranteed as described . We will accept return of any item returned within three days of purchase less the shipping charge. We accept checks, or credit cards. And can consider lay away. We hope you enjoy our selection. Let us know, if you have any questions. Thanks for looking. We look forward to working with you. .

Miners lamp

Miner's lamps were worn on miners cap as he worked in the mining caves digging coal. This held fuel and a burning wick for illumination. Can you imagine crawling around with a burning wick on your head?

Price: $85.00

2020-Sep-02 05:19pm EDT | Tags :

Tall early black glass bottle. 22 inches high.

22 inches tall. Early 18th century black glass bottle. Blown and pontiled . We all love our squatty onion Dutch bottles...this one was probably brought over from France. A tall contrast that few will find. Expected wear and scratches and haze for a 200 year old utilitarian bottle.

Price: $185 plus shipping

2020-Aug-01 11:18pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Advertising Jug from Louisville, Kentuc

"Compliments of Hirsch Brothers and Company manufacturers of Ciders and Vinegars Louisville, Kentucky " 3 inches high and 2 inches wide. Tiny little advertising jug was probably a give away. Good condition with some expected wear

Price: $195 includes shipping

2020-Jul-28 05:48pm EDT | Tags :

New England Free blown Chestnut bottle

Two hundred years old 1790 to 1828 New England Free blown Chestnut bottle. 6 7/8 inches h by 4/2 inches w. Deep medium green color with applied lip. From the collection of Russ Evitt of California.

Price: $345 + Shipping

2020-Jul-28 05:28pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow Ware Bowl with Seaweed Mocha

Good 8 inch wide 3 3/4 inch tall Yellow Ware bowl with Seaweed Mocha border. One of the seaweed spots looks like a hairy lion. There are some small hairline marks on the base. Expected wear for a 200 year old bowl .

Price: $245 +shipping on hold

2020-Jul-28 04:18pm EDT | Tags :

Unusual Size 7 1/2 inch peafowl plate

Bright blue Peafowl plate in an unusual 7 1/2 inch size .Old wear with a little rough spot on the lower edge

Price: $185 plus shipping

2020-Jul-28 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Small striped stovepipe stoneware canner

Striped stovepipe stoneware canner

Price: Sold Thank you

2020-Jul-09 06:07pm EDT | Tags :

Unusual large pewter inkwell for an English gover

English unusual large pewter inkwell used in an English government agency. The S O Mark with the crown denotes Stationary Office which means it was for official government use or use in a government agency or labour agency. 4 3/4 by 3 inches Early enough to have been bought over during the colonial years.

Price: 180 plus shipping

2020-Jul-09 05:41pm EDT | Tags :

Slide lid divided box in original red paint.

Sweet little slide lid spice box with a nice reddish finish and fine dovetails The lid and bottom are beveled . 6 inches by 9 inches 1 1/2 inches deep. Signed on the back of the lid. inscribed Sept 14, 1844 and signed by A. Barrows

Price: $ 280 plus shipping

2020-Jul-09 04:03pm EDT | Tags :

Early 1854 Blue / green

Early wooden canteen in original greenish blue. 4 inches by 7 1/2 inches. Dated 1854 with a B and a symbol.

Price: $550. Plus Shipping

2020-Jun-25 10:31pm EDT | Tags :

Cast Iron Porridge pan with early handle

Early cast iron Porridge pan. The cast iron ones could be put into the oven or set in the fireplace. This one measures 2 1/2 " h x 6" w with a 2 1/2" handle...there is visible wear in the bowl of the pan. Expected wear and age.

Price: 65.00 Plus shipping

2020-Jun-24 02:31pm EDT | Tags :

5 gallon White's Utica Running Bird crock with

Bird crock with rare urn in blue cobalt around the pottery name. 12 inches h x 121/2 inches across. Strong color. Running Bird. Expected wear for age ca 1880

Price: 595 plus shipping

2020-May-19 02:07pm EDT | Tags :

Walnut hanging box/ candle box

For your consideration...a fine walnut hanging box with a tombstone shaped back. Great for keeping keys or bugspray can near your door.

Price: $585.00 Plus shipping

2020-May-19 02:02pm EDT | Tags :

Enormous Primitive ,Handcrafted , Rustic bowl

A stunning large primitive handmade bowl. Native America made however I have not identified the wood.

Price: 885.00 Plus shipping

2020-Apr-22 11:20pm EDT | Tags :

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