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We began as collectors, obsessed collectors. We love this stuff. So we like to share the things we love with others who love them too. We've have been Show dealers for many years using our Signature Antiques & Art. Our items are carefully selected and are guaranteed as described . We will accept return of any item returned within three days of purchase less the shipping charge. We accept checks, or credit cards. And can consider lay away. We hope you enjoy our selection. Let us know, if you have any questions. Thanks for looking. We look forward to working with you. .

The Falls at Quebec Historic Blue plate

The Falls at Montmorency near Quebec Historic Blue Staffordshire plate . Price includes shipping and insurance.

Price: 225 includes shipping in the continental US.

2023-Mar-04 03:17pm EST | Tags :

Sweet Lil Spatterware Creamer Thistle Pattern

Sweet Little Spatterware Creamer Thistle Pattern. 3 inches by 4.5 inches. No chips or cracks. Shipping included and Insurance

Price: $225 includes Shipping.

2023-Mar-03 09:27pm EST | Tags :

Miner's Cap Lamp

These were worn on the head of coal miner's . Stuck in their caps...while burning 🔥 to light the way in coal mines in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and so forth. Can you imagine crawling around in a hole, with a pick hammer, with a lit flame on your head as your only light? 3 1/5 inches tall. A fluid fuel was in there with a Wick that stuck out of the spout, which you lit to see where you were going.

Price: 95 plus shipping

2023-Mar-01 10:57pm EST | Tags :

An Original Leaf dated 1628 AD

Law. Beginning with the Ten Commandments, Ecclesiastical finally developed into our Civil Laws. The book, Summa Jurisprudentiae Sacre Universae.....answered many questions,arguments, and interpretations of important legal problems before 1700. Great gift for a lawyer or early antiquarian book and paper lover. Will be likely shipped in a poster tube.

Price: 88.00 plus shipping

2022-Dec-24 04:12pm EST | Tags :

Kitty Hawk, N Carolina Decoy by Manny Haywood

Kitty Hawk, N Carolina Goose Decoy by Manny Haywood Carved wooden head with canvass over wire frame Carolina style. From the William Truex Collection.

Price: $350

2022-Dec-07 11:23pm EST | Tags :

Deeply Hand carved Folk Art Puzzle Box signed

Deeply Carved Folk Art Box. Hand carved Puzzle Box signed on the bottom.14 Inches l by 5.5 inches w by 6. inches t. Signed by the artist on the bottom Sudlow. The top swivels so that the top can be pulled back to reveal the inside compartment. This fabulous piece belonged to Pennsylvania Folk Art collector Lou Hahn

Price: 495 includes shipping in the continental US

2022-Dec-04 10:32pm EST | Tags :

Carved and turned Handmade Applewood Powder Flask

Carved and turned Handmade likely Applewood Powder Flask. 7 inches by 2,3 inches wide, Smooth mellowed finish, A hunter's gun's companion. The turned cap has been trimmed, otherwise a beautiful example of an unusual survivor if earlier times.

Price: 320 includes shipping in US

2022-Dec-03 03:43pm EST | Tags :

Iron Duck Shooting Gallery Target

Iron Duck Shooting Gallery Target from the Amusement Park at Indian Lake or Coney Island near Cincinnati. The former owner maintained the shooting galleries at both parks. Old red paint. Dots are evidence of bullets striking the iron body. Price includes shipping in the continental US.

Price: $235

2022-Nov-23 10:30pm EST | Tags :

Folk Art Birds on Branch Carving by Strawser

Charming Hand Carved Bird Tree by Danial and Donna Strawser of Pennsylvania. 12 inches h x 10 inches w. Artist signed on base.

Price: $295

2022-Oct-30 02:44pm EDT | Tags :

Cloth Doll

Cute cloth doll in red dress. While her arms and legs are hand-sewn on, her dress appears machine sewn. Yarn hair and sewn features. Her price includes shipping in the continental US

Price: $85.00

2022-Aug-18 11:33am EDT | Tags :

Odd Fellows Lodge Sign

Odd Fellows Lodge Sign...Chain links Symbol for Friendship, Love, and Truth.

Price: $650

2022-Mar-25 11:38pm EDT | Tags :

Folk Art carving of Uncle Sam

Hand carved and painted Folk Art Uncle Sam Whirligig. 15 and 1/2inches tall with movable rotateing arms. From the collection of former Maysville, KY mayor, Charles Cotterill. Folky and whimsically patriotic.

Price: 195 includes shipping in the continental US.

2021-Dec-31 09:47pm EST | Tags :

BOOK. The Pottery of Zoar, Ohio by Jack Adamson

Significant study of the Pottery production the historic Zoar community. Zoar, Ohio Published by the Zoar Community Association.

Price: $45.00

2021-Dec-30 11:45pm EST | Tags :

Burl Bowl. NATIVE AMERICAN 18TH or 19th century

Warm color Smooth surface and Outstanding natural Grain are highlights of this early American Burl bowl. 15 inches across and 5 inches deep. While there is an early chip out of the lip, even that is Smooth with years of use. 200 plus years old.Old Jack Adamson told me that it was part of his collection at one time.

Price: $1850.00 includes shipping in the continental US

2021-Dec-23 03:40pm EST | Tags :

Early Folk Art Sewing Caddie

Early Folk Art Sewing Caddie. Probably Handcrafted from a rough log as a gift for someone 's mother or sweetheart. Has pegs for spools of thread and one for a thimble. Topped with a handy pincushion. Opens for additional storage.

Price: $85 plus shipping

2021-Nov-20 11:34pm EST | Tags :

Sabbath Day Lake Shakers Oval sewing basket

8 inches l by 6 inches w. by 6 3/4 inches h at the handle. Sabbath Day Lake Shakers Oval sewing basket. Interior silk is worn

Price: 185 plus shipping

2021-Nov-19 09:28pm EST | Tags :

Unique Early Folk Art carved and turned Burl Box

Turned wooden burl box with date 1840 carved into lid. 7 inches across and 4 1/2 inches deep. As wood shrinks over time it shrinks more across the grain so the box is slightly oval now.

Price: 290 plus shipping

2021-Nov-19 09:06pm EST | Tags :

Yelloware match holder

Molded and hand crafted Yelloware match holder. 7 inches by 5 inches by 5 1/2 inches

Price: $65

2021-Nov-19 08:45pm EST | Tags :

Paint decorated Ballot Box

This Painted Ballot Box is made to sit on tabletop or hang on the wall. The grained paint is old but may not be original. Don't know if they were painted. A clay ball used in voting is included

Price: 118 includes shipping in the continental US

2021-Nov-01 11:18pm EDT | Tags :

Robert Smith Still Life painting of Peppers

Wonderful Kitchen Still Life of Red, Green and Yellow peppers. Great for your kitchen or restaurant. Artist Robert Smith was one of the founding members of the Dayton Art Society. Oil on board. 12 " by 16" image in 19" by 23" frame. Signed lower right.

Price: 245 includes shipping in the continental US

2021-Oct-27 11:32am EDT | Tags :

Early New Geneva, Pennsylvania pocket flask

Beautiful early New Geneva, Pennsylvania pocket flask from the personal collection of Peter Chillingworth of Scenery Hill, Pennsylvania. New Geneva Glass was one of the first American glasshouses . Albert Gallentine gathered investors and German glassblowers in 1797.

Price: Sold Thank you

2021-Oct-23 10:49pm EDT | Tags :

Artist carved Folk Art Raccoon

Folk Art Raccoon carved by John Dickens. Includes charming notes on base says Brand boys pet racoon. There are color phases......swamp coon tastes fishy. Mountain coon is the best. 6"h by 3 3/4 " w by 10" l.

Price: 145 include shipping in the continental US

2021-Oct-18 03:59pm EDT | Tags :

New Geneva, Penn Stoneware Tanware Pitcher

New Geneva Tanware Pitcher 9 3/4 inches h by 5 3/4 inches w Pennsylvania's New Geneva Tanware is elaborately decorated with iron on a redware clay. Swags of leaves and stylized florals cover it.

Price: Sold Thank you

2021-May-28 01:44pm EDT | Tags :

Early Folk Art Sampler by Laura Tyler

Early Sampler by a girl named Laura Tyler age 11 years 1849 whose teacher was A. C. Chamberlain . Jackson is my dwelling place. The piece shows a church, house, and school. " This I have done to let you see what pains my teacher took with me." Apx 19" by 23 " Researching where Jackson may be.

Price: 625 Includes shipping to the continental US

2021-May-07 11:12pm EDT | Tags :

Early Sampler with Three Buildings ...House,Church

Early Folk Art Sampler with three Buildings and a Floral Border. Silk on Linen Mounted in a curly maple frame Mary Ann Wilton 11 years old

Price: $895

2021-Mar-13 03:07pm EST | Tags :

Antique Mica Lantern

Antique lantern with natural Mica sides. Mica is a natural mineral which can be peeled apart to create thin transparent sheets which were used in place of glass. Wire candle holder inside. We are showing here with a battery candle.

Price: 185 plus shipping

2021-Jan-23 02:32pm EST | Tags :

Early 1730 to 1769;s Black glass mallet bottle

Early Black glass mallet bottle attributed to England or Scotland. Primitive dark colored glass is blown with an applied piece to form the lip. A high kicked up base suggests wine. Bottom shows evidence of great age and wear.

Price: 590.00 includes U.S. shipping

2020-Nov-27 11:02pm EST | Tags :

Folk Art Sandpiper

Folk Art Carving of a Sandpiper or Shorebird. 7 inches tall by 10 inches long by 3 inches wide. Stamped underneath with initials of the carver ...R A M

Price: 65 plus shipping

2020-Nov-17 10:58am EST | Tags :

Early unpainted pantry box 3 1/2 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Dry original surface. A heavy duty pantry of fairly thick simple construction

Price: $80 plus shipping

2020-Nov-17 10:50am EST | Tags :

Early Opaque air twist glass

Early English white Opaque air twist glass goblet. Ca 1760

Price: 295 Includes shipping to your location in the continental US

2020-Nov-08 10:16pm EST | Tags :

Early Beaded American Indian pin cushion

Early Beaded pin cushion with expected wear and tear for the age. Historical Native American.

Price: 48 plus shipping

2020-Nov-04 04:00pm EST | Tags :

Miners lamp

Miner's lamps were worn on miners cap as he worked in the mining caves digging coal. This held fuel and a burning wick for illumination which is all the light you'd have, Can you imagine crawling around in a coal mine with a burning wick on your head?

Price: $85.00

2020-Sep-02 05:19pm EDT | Tags :

Unusual Size 7 1/2 inch peafowl plate

Bright blue Peafowl plate in an unusual 7 1/2 inch size .Old wear with a little rough spot on the lower edge

Price: $185 plus shipping

2020-Jul-28 04:00pm EDT | Tags :

Unusual large pewter inkwell for Historical

English unusual large pewter inkwell used in an English government agency. The S O Mark with the crown denotes Stationary Office which means it was for official government use or use in a government agency or labour agency. 4 3/4 by 3 inches Early enough to have been bought over during the historical colonial years.

Price: 180 plus shipping

2020-Jul-09 05:41pm EDT | Tags :

5 gallon White's Utica Running Bird Stoneware

Bold blue Bird Stoneware crock with rare Urn in blue cobalt around the pottery name. 12 inches h x 121/2 inches across. Strong color. Unusual Running Bird. Expected wear for age ca 1880

Price: 595 plus shipping

2020-May-19 02:07pm EDT | Tags :

Walnut hanging box/ candle box

For your consideration...a fine walnut hanging box with a tombstone shaped back. Great for keeping keys or bugspray can near your door.

Price: $585.00 Plus shipping

2020-May-19 02:02pm EDT | Tags :

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