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Hello! Thanks for checking out my listings! I have enjoyed collecting and selling antiques for nearly 30 years and I also set up at several great shows throughout the year. I enjoy offering a wide variety of items and am always on the hunt for something cool, unique and fun! Thanks for browsing my shop, knowing I always try to put my best items for you! PayPal is my preferred method of payment. All items are shipped Priority mail

Over sized stone peach

Purchased at the same time as the 2.5 lb apple, this one weighs 2 lbs and is 3" tall! More photos available. Mellow tone color on this sweet peach!

Price: $95.00

2020-May-20 11:27am EDT | Tags :

HUGE! Stone apple

I say huge as this one is 4" tall and weighs 2.5 lbs!! The paint is awesome and no damage that I can find. Additional photos upon request. Thanks!

Price: $95.00

2020-May-20 11:16am EDT | Tags :

Duck Decoy

Great decoy. Paint loss on the body but is very nicely carved. Glass eyes and they each have a bit of damage but are intact. Weight and hook remain on his underside. Free shipping. Additional photos available. Thanks!

Price: $175.00

2020-May-20 11:05am EDT | Tags :

Small Oil painting of hand mirror in jewelry case

Oil on canvas of a neat subject, an early hand mirror in a jewelry case. The size is approx 11" long by 9" high. More photos available on request. The canvas has been glued to the cardboard back and framed. A unique little painting! Free shipping

Price: SOLD. Thanks very much!

2020-May-20 10:47am EDT | Tags :

Pair of late 19th Ct tin reflector pan candles

Great pair of 1880-1890 reflector lighting. They are approx 10" tall and 8" wide. I can send more photos at your request.

Price: $225.00

2020-May-20 10:42am EDT | Tags :

Large stone apple halves

These stone apple halves are approx 4" tall and wide. Some small wear on each piece but no large chips. Color is great on each half. Additional photos available. Price is $295 a piece which includes shipping

Price: $295 each (includes shipping)

2020-Apr-19 12:43am EDT | Tags :

Early table rug

This is a great rug. Measuring 22" wide by 27" long (approximate as rugs are slightly irregular). Beautiful creams and browns with blues for accent. I apologize as I don't know what is the country of origin or who made it. No holes in the rug but usual wear along the edges and in the fringe.

Price: Sale pending!

2020-Apr-18 11:23am EDT | Tags :

Pair of young girls bonnets

A pair of delightful girls bonnets to add to your collection or a good way to start one. Both have treadle and hand stitching. No holes or tears with either one. There is a little fading on the red bonnet and the linen bonnet features a double layer on the neck piece. Additional photos upon request

Price: $150/pair

2020-Apr-18 11:03am EDT | Tags :

Tiny wallpaper box

Tiny box, merely 3.5 inches! The wallpaper covers the inside and out and appears to be similar to watercolor! No staining but has a little loss where folks have removed the lid during its life. A number on the bottom shows it has been deassessed from a collection or museum. Additional photos available

Price: $295

2020-Apr-18 10:50am EDT | Tags :

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