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Hello! Thanks for checking out my listings! I have enjoyed collecting and selling antiques for nearly 30 years and I also set up at several great shows throughout the year. I enjoy offering a wide variety of items and am always on the hunt for something cool, unique and fun! Thanks for browsing my shop, knowing I always try to put my best items for you! PayPal, or check. All items are shipped Priority mail

Tiny slide box

This wonderful little box is carved from one piece of wood. The size is so sweet, 5" long by 2" tall. The slide lid has a tiny ridge carved for the fingers to slide the top. Wonderful early craftsmanship! Additional photos available

Price: 140.00 includes shipping

2022-Jan-27 03:10pm EST | Tags :

S.A. Stone tiny slate

An unusual small slate. Measures nearly 6" long & 3.5" wide. Beautiful pocket knife carving by the original owner. The slate is solid, no cracks or chips and isn't lose in the frame. A unique piece of history. Additional photos available

Price: 125.00 includes shipping

2022-Jan-27 03:03pm EST | Tags :

Two tiny tin cookie cutters

Pair of very sweet cutters. Largest is a mere 2" and the other is only 1.5"! No rust or dents or holes. More photos available

Price: 65.00 includes shipping

2022-Jan-27 02:58pm EST | Tags :

Civil War cask/canteen

This item came from an estate in Kentucky. It is a glass bottle wrapped in leather hide and still has the attached leather cork. One spot where there is a small split in the hide but it isn't bad. Nearly 10" tall and approx 4" wide at the base. Additional photos available.

Price: SOLD. Thanks very much!

2022-Jan-09 12:27pm EST | Tags :

Sheep and lamb

Wonderful condition! Measures 9" wide and 7" tall. Cannot find any damage to this early hollow chalk sheep and lamb. There is a sweet pencil drawing and a name inside, perhaps done by a previous owner. Beautiful piece for any collection!

Price: 425.00 which includes shipping

2022-Jan-09 12:10pm EST | Tags :

Three hand carved 17th ct wood fragments

These three items were from a friend's personal collection. I am not sure what the wood is but these pieces are works of art. There are hangers one the back of each so they may be hung on a wall or cupboard Prices: The pair of carved trim pieces are 16" x 3" $135 which includes shipping The square piece is 7.5" wide and 6" tall and has a beautiful bell-shaped flower carved into the relief. Price is $95 which includes shipping. Always additional photos available

Price: See listing description

2022-Jan-09 11:37am EST | Tags :

Very nice basket

This basket is a simple style and measures 10" wide and 7" tall. It has just one small break in the wrapping at the top. The basket has a dark stain added to some of the weave which makes it interesting! Additional photo always available

Price: 135.00 includes shipping

2022-Jan-09 11:29am EST | Tags :

Child stocking patterns

A sweet item! These patterns are in a protective plastic sleeve and appear to be from the era of WWI. The paper on the largest pattern states to "Buy United States War Savings Bond and Stamps To*Day". Would look pretty in a frame!

Price: 25.00 includes shipping

2021-Nov-29 02:31pm EST | Tags :

Leather Thumb Bible

Leather covered thumb Bible History, dated 1839 and in English. Some missing pages in the back with some damage to the remaining back pages, but doesn't detract from this wonderful book. 2" x 2". A small piece of leather missing from the back cover and spine but the covers remain tight. The reason for the season

Price: 175.00 includes shipping

2021-Nov-28 03:22pm EST | Tags :

Childs ink drawings on wood

A fun piece of folk art. Childs depiction of sea life, with a masted ship, a lobster and a lighthouse! Done in black ink on a lightweight piece of wood. 25" long and 3" wide. Additional photos available

Price: 45.00 includes shipping

2021-Nov-28 03:14pm EST | Tags :

Tiny tatted bag and scissors

I haven't any idea what use this tiny tatted or crocheted bag had but it is a sweet piece. The bag and scissors are each 3" long and the bag is a mere 1" wide. This could be a tiny basket liner. 1900's seems appropriate for age. No tears or stains for the bag

Price: 25.00 for both includes shipping

2021-Nov-28 02:57pm EST | Tags :

Elephant toy on platform

German or perhaps French, this fellow is in great condition. His platform is 9" long and he is 6" tall. He features his original braided cloth tail and cloth ears. Looks as though he was re-applied to his platform at some point in his long life. He has no other breaks and his eyes and tusks are painted on his sweet face. More photos available

Price: 295.00 includes shipping

2021-Nov-28 01:35pm EST | Tags :

Burl pipe

I believe this to be a unique and very real primitive pipe. Stem is bamboo which is hollowed and the burl bowl appears to be used as it is slightly charred and black (early use, not recent). 11" long and bowl is 3" wide. Burl is smooth from use. Additional photos upon request.

Price: 195.00 includes shipping

2021-Nov-28 01:25pm EST | Tags :

Postage stamp doll quilt

Another tiny doll quilt for your collection. This one has eight hand quilted squares hand sewn to make this quilt for her daughter. A lovely mix of blues and browns with blue homespun binding and linen back. No holes or stains. Measures 16.5" long and 12.5" wide. Additional photos

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:55am EDT | Tags :

Pair of Amish rag balls

A pair of large and solid Amish rag balls. Found in Pennsylvania and are the real deal. Approximately 18" around, the pair are a mix of woolen fabrics, grays and blacks. No holes or loose pieces. Unique large size!

Price: 60.00 for the pair includes shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:38am EDT | Tags :

Early brass musical wreath

Sold in jewelry stores in the 1920-1930's, this one offers all musical instruments. This wreath is 8" wide and has wonderful muted patina. Additional photos always available!

Price: Sale! 70.00 includes shipping (was 125.00)

2020-Dec-17 02:32pm EST | Tags :

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