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Hello! Thanks for checking out my listings! I have enjoyed collecting and selling antiques for nearly 30 years and I also set up at several great shows throughout the year. I enjoy offering a wide variety of items and am always on the hunt for something cool, unique and fun! Thanks for browsing my shop, knowing I always try to put my best items for you! PayPal, or check. All items are shipped Priority mail

Postage stamp doll quilt

Another tiny doll quilt for your collection. This one has eight hand quilted squares hand sewn to make this quilt for her daughter. A lovely mix of blues and browns with blue homespun binding and linen back. No holes or stains. Measures 16.5" long and 12.5" wide. Additional photos

Price: 95.00 plus shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:55am EDT | Tags :

Carved wood doll

A simple carved wood doll. She is 8.5" tall and 4" wide. She is flat on the back so while not a bed post doll, she was carved with love for some daughter so many years ago. She has a brown and cream homespun dress and has her pantalettes! She comes with a tiny brown handmade coat! More photos available

Price: 265.00 includes shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:44am EDT | Tags :

Pair of Amish rag balls

A pair of large and solid Amish rag balls. Found in Pennsylvania and are the real deal. Approximately 18" around, the pair are a mix of woolen fabrics, grays and blacks. No holes or loose pieces. Unique large size!

Price: 60.00 for the pair plus shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:38am EDT | Tags :

Postage stamp doll quilt

A unique doll quilt with TINY half inch squares. The love and care in this quilt is unmistakable. As with the other doll quilt I am offering, this isn't cut down but made with love. Back is covered with early blue and white homespun. Measures 19" long and 11" wide. Thanks!

Price: 210.00 includes shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:32am EDT | Tags :

Postage stamp doll quilt

Lovely doll quilt with wonderful 1" squares throughout. Beautifully wrought, this quilt was pieced with love and skill. This is not cut down from a larger quilt. The back offers lovely early brown printed fabric. Measures 21" long and 12" wide. Additional photos available.

Price: 210.00 includes shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:24am EDT | Tags :

Large strawberry emery

This is an unusual emery as it covered with hand sewn, tiny glass beads. Some beading has come off in the body of the emery but most remain tight in place. 2.5" long. A beautiful emery for any collection. More photos available. Many thanks!

Price: 50.00 includes shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:18am EDT | Tags :

Tiny heart tin

A very tiny tin cookie cutter with a cool old knob for ease of use, which makes it fun! Tiny meaning it is 2" by 2" It is an old tin piece and the knob is original for this cutter. More photos available. Thanks!

Price: SOLD. Thanks very much!

2021-Sep-26 08:12am EDT | Tags :

Small ladies flame stitch reticule

Perfect condition blue, cream, gold and brown stitching make this a very attractive item for your collection. No stains or tears in this lovely reticule which measures 6" wide and 5.5" long. The roped handle is also in tact. Interior lining shows no stains or holes. More photos upon request

Price: 275.00 includes shipping

2021-Sep-26 08:03am EDT | Tags :

Rye basket

Offered is a fluted & footed rye basket. Single handle form, a few burn marks from a stove or hearth. No holes or tears. Very stable and pretty! 10 5" wide, 5.5" tall. More photos available. Thanks!

Price: 75.00 plus shipping

2021-Aug-17 11:38am EDT | Tags :

Three mounted tin toy horses

Mounted on a custom made 18" display, these three tin horses make a darling addition to your collection. While devoid of paint, they have aged to a nice mellow tin appearance. I like the little guy with the flag! Add'l photos available

Price: 195.00 includes shipping

2021-Feb-21 01:19pm EST | Tags :

Early brass musical wreath

Sold in jewelry stores in the 1920-1930's, this one offers all musical instruments. This wreath is 8" wide and has wonderful muted patina. Additional photos always available!

Price: $125.00 includes shipping

2020-Dec-17 02:32pm EST | Tags :

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