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Hello! Thanks for checking out my listings! I have enjoyed collecting and selling antiques for nearly 30 years and I also set up at several great shows throughout the year. I enjoy offering a wide variety of items and am always on the hunt for something cool, unique and fun! Thanks for browsing my shop, knowing I always try to put my best items for you! PayPal, or check. All items are shipped Priority mail

Scrub box

This is a neat scrub box which could also be a candle, pipe or utensil box. 15" tall and 5" wide, it is a nice piece for any collection. Additional photos available when you inquire. No splits or cracks

Price: $325.00

2023-Jan-01 09:14am EST | Tags :

Tiny doll socks

Precious, hand-made doll socks. A mere 3" long and no holes or stains! Several photos are available. Thanks!

Price: $40.00 is best price and includes shipping

2022-Dec-01 06:04pm EST | Tags :

Smoke decorated tin canister

This little canister has wonderful smoke decorated paint (kind of a creamy yellow) and is approx 7" tall and approx 9" handle to handle. Proper wear at the top and sides as lid was removed over the years. Additional photos available. Thanks!

Price: $95.00

2022-Dec-01 01:14pm EST | Tags :

Small blue paint apple box

Lovely small canted apple box in blue paint. Approx size of 8" square and 3" tall. Lovely early square nails in the sides of the box. The base has later nails. No cracks or splits. Additional photos on request. Thanks!

Price: 325.00 plus shipping

2022-Dec-01 01:03pm EST | Tags :

Stone Bible

Unique item for your collection. Unpolished and worn marble (alabaster) with "Hole Bible" engraved on the spine. Carved pages on the front. The owners name B. Young graces the side. Lovely size, 5" tall and 2" thick. Additional photos available. Thanks!

Price: 250.00 plus $10 to ship

2022-Aug-10 01:58pm EDT | Tags :

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