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We have been buying, collecting and selling early Americana since 1980. We sell the things we love ourselves and hope others also love them. We accept check or money order for payment. If an item is not as described please contact us within 3 days. We do not refund shipping or return costs. Non-dealer New York State residents must pay 8% state sales tax. Email cocomanjp2@nycap.rr.com or phone 518-469-4938


A7198- This “City of Albany” plate is in as new condition with no chips, cracks or restoration. It measures 10” diameter. A very nice image with strong blue color.

Price: 450.00 no cost shipping

2021-Jul-09 01:59pm EDT | Tags :


A7080- E. Wood & Sons historical blue “Commodore McDonough’s Victory” 9 1/4” plate. This plate has utensil wear from use but no chips, cracks or restoration.

Price: 275.00 free shipping

2021-Jul-09 01:50pm EDT | Tags :


A7110- Ca. 1830 “States pattern” Staffordshire plate, made by Clews, is in excellent condition with only minor knife marks. No chips, cracks or restoration. 8 3/4” diameter

Price: 235.00 shipping included

2021-Jul-09 01:40pm EDT | Tags :

Redware charger

A-7290- 19th century redware charger in pretty nice condition for an old piece of utilitarian pottery. There are the expected chips and wear but no cracks or repairs. 11 1/4” Dia.

Price: 420.00 with free shipping

2021-May-26 12:30pm EDT | Tags :

Mocha mug

A7289- This mocha mug is in excellent condition with only some minor staining and very light age wear. There are no chips, cracks or restoration. 5” tall

Price: 235.00 including the shipping

2021-May-26 12:21pm EDT | Tags :

Yellow ware mug

A6204- Paperwork which came with this piece attributes it to Jersey City Pottery, probably mid 19th century. There is overall staining but there are no cracks, chips or repairs. There is some very slight wear to the edges from age and use as expected. H 6” X D 4 3/4” diameter including the handle is 6 1/4”

Price: 135.00 Shipping is free

2021-Jan-21 02:09pm EST | Tags :

Early pocket

F2138- 19th century lady’s velvet pocket is reminiscent of a crazy quilt. It is in excellent condition with only a small amount of wear on the edge. 13” X7”

Price: 150.00 SHIPS FOR FREE

2020-Nov-10 11:25am EST | Tags :


A6435-Ca.1835 hollow cut silhouette. This piece has some minor staining at the bottom and a couple of wrinkles on the right and left sides but still has a very good look. It is mounted in a brass frame which is in excellent condition. The watercolor enhancements are a nice touch. 4” X 3 1/4”


2020-Nov-10 11:13am EST | Tags :

Small butter prints

A6178- Two very small cased butter prints. They are both in very good condition. One is a rose, the other is a star. Smaller is 2 7/8” X 1 3/8” larger is 3 1/2” X 1 5/8” The star is the larger of the two


2020-Oct-13 02:51pm EDT | Tags :

Maple scoop

A6409- This early maple scoop has a wonderful patina and feel. It shows wear commensurate with its age and use but overall very nice condition. 7 3/4” X 3 1/2”

Price: 125.00 SHIPS AT NO COST

2020-Oct-13 02:43pm EDT | Tags :

Silver Tongs

A6368- Coin silver sugar tongs made by Thomas Foster, Newburyport, MA. Ca. 1820. Condition is very nice with a small amount of wear due to age and use. 6 1/2” X 2 1/4 X 1”


2020-Sep-13 11:01am EDT | Tags :


A6609- We are offering a pair of Native American beaded gauntlets. They are in good condition with a small amount of wear and bead loss. About 2”of the lining of the right hand has separated from the leather. The lining is polished pink cotton. I think they date to sometime in the early 20th century. It looks like they would fit an average size woman or a teenage child. They measure 13 1/2”X 8 1/2” not including the fringe. More pics if you need them.

Price: 165.00 FREE SHIPPING

2020-Aug-29 11:06am EDT | Tags :

Small Box

A7186- This sweet little bent wood box is in excellent condition with only slight wear from use and age. The natural color and patina are beautiful. 3 3/4” W X 2 3/4” D X 1 3/8” H

Price: 250.00 FREE SHIPPING

2020-Aug-23 10:57am EDT | Tags :

Shaker Box

A6625- Shaker made tiger maple and pine oval pantry box. The only issue is some damage to one end of the top (see pics) and the expected wear from use and age. 9” W X 6 1/4” D X 3 3/4” H

Price: 435.00 FREE SHIPPING

2020-Aug-08 02:20pm EDT | Tags :

Snuff Jar

A5768- 19th century lignum vitae. This container was used to hold a sizable amount of snuff. It has a small opening at the top for pouring small amounts of snuff into boxes for personal use. The finial at the top has been broken and glued back together and there are minor age cracks to both covers. Other than that it’s in nice condition. 12 1/4” X 4 3/4” at the base.

Price: 210.00 FREE SHIPPING

2020-Aug-08 02:02pm EDT | Tags :

Treen Shakers

A7179-These two 19th century sponge decorated wooden shakers are not quite a pair due to a small size difference. They measure 1 11/16” X 4 1/2” tall and 1 15/16” X 4 3/4” tall. The condition of both is excellent with only very minor wear and no chips, cracks or repairs.

Price: 375.00 FREE SHIPPING

2020-Aug-05 11:25am EDT | Tags :

Apothecary jars

A6666- This set of three pottery jars (ironstone I think) all have labels, two of which seem to be in Spanish. Two of them are in excellent condition with no damage. The other has a very tiny chip on the lip and som minor roughness on the edge of the top. None of the damage is visible when on display. More pics are available. 7” X 3 3/4”

Price: 150.00 free shipping

2020-Jul-19 10:38am EDT | Tags :

19th century inkwell

A6318- This wood and glass inkwell has the label of S.Silliman & Co. Chester, Conn. It is in very good condition overall for it’s age. There is appropriate wear to the stenciled decoration and finish. The top is heavily ink stained from long term use. 5 1/4” X 3 1/4”

Price: 185.00 shipping is free

2020-Jul-19 10:24am EDT | Tags :

19th century flask

A5631- One quart “Union and Clasped Hand” flask. GXII-1 Nice aqua color and excellent condition with some appropriate high point and base wear. There is some sediment in the bottom which I haven’t tried to clean. No chips, cracks or repairs.

Price: 110.00 free shipping

2020-May-16 02:26pm EDT | Tags :

Redware pitcher

A6494- early redware pitcher with manganese decoration. Very good condition for it’s age with some wear and small chips around the rim. No cracks or repairs. 5 3/4” H X 5 1/2 W at handle

Price: 160.00 free shipping

2020-May-05 03:49pm EDT | Tags :

Staffordshire toddy plate

A7161- Historical blue Staffordshire toddy plate. States pattern. “Clews Staffordshire” impressed mark on back. There are 2 tiny nicks the foot rim. No cracks or major chips. No repair. 5 11/16” Dia.

Price: 175.00 free shipping

2020-May-05 02:04pm EDT | Tags :

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