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For the past 30 years, early American antiques have been my passion. My focus is on textiles, portraits and silhouettes, lighting, and early artifacts. I am always happy to provide additional information and photos. I hope you will enjoy these items as much as I have. Please also visit my website . . . ..https://www.onaantiques.com . There you will find a selection of choice early American pieces, as well as payment/shipping/return policies

Early Footstool with Shaker Cover

Early painted foot stool with Shaker confetti rug cover. The rug cover is colorful and in great condition. Dimensions: 13" x 8" x 7".

Price: $165.00

2021-Dec-04 11:00am EST | Tags :

Early Black Dolls

A pair of early black cloth dolls. Embroidered faces, original clothes. In excellent condition. Custom stand included. Dimensions: male doll 9.5" tall; female doll 7.5" tall.

Price: Sale Pending

2021-Dec-03 11:00am EST | Tags :

Early Candlestick

Early rolled tin push-up candlestick, cleated, never had a chair hook. 6.5" tall.

Price: Sale Pending

2021-Dec-02 11:00am EST | Tags :

Treen Plate

Early treen serving plate with with molded rim and elevated foot. In as descended condition with in-use wear. Wonderful smooth surface and soft patina. Dimensions: diameter varies due to natural shrinkage between 11" and 11.5".

Price: Sale Pending

2021-Dec-01 11:00am EST | Tags :

Doll Quilt

New England Doll Quilt c1840-1850. Wonderful early fabrics, all hand sewn. Ruffle applied to three sides. Some minor holes on the ruffle, but unnoticeable because the ruffle is gathered. Dimensions: 15.5" x 16.5". More photos available.

Price: $195.00

2021-Nov-28 11:00am EST | Tags :

Doll Chair

19th century doll chair. Paint decorated. Rush seat (damaged), but seat pad from an early coverlet hides it well. Height of seat 7"; overall height 15.5"; seat 10" x 8".

Price: $95.00

2021-Nov-27 11:00am EST | Tags :

Early Tape Loom

A very nice, early, small size tape loom. Carved from one piece of wood; hand planed and chamfered. Dimensions: 8.75" x 11".

Price: $425.00

2021-Nov-26 11:00am EST | Tags :

Early Bootjack

Early bootjack in early putty paint. Constructed with wood pegs and early nails. A great primitive piece! 19.5" long.

Price: $55.00

2021-Nov-25 11:00am EST | Tags :

Make-Do Strawberry Pin Cushion

Make-do strawberry pin cushion on pressed glass lamp base. Dark red straweberry, green leaves, pin-head beads, and an early scissor. 11.5" tall.

Price: $95.00

2021-Nov-24 11:00am EST | Tags :

Basket String Holder

Splint basket string holder with interwoven hand loomed tapes. Colorful, and in excellent condition. Dimensions: approximately 3.5" x 3.5".

Price: $95.00

2021-Nov-23 11:00am EST | Tags :

Tin sconce

Nice tin sconce with crimped top and impressed linear design. Dimensions: 13.75" tall x 3.25" wide.

Price: $95.00

2021-Nov-22 11:00am EST | Tags :

Doll Quilt

PA patchwork doll quilt. Nice early fabrics, hand sewn, in excellent condition.

Price: Sold

2021-Nov-21 11:00am EST | Tags :

Blue Shelf

Wall hanging shelf in blue paint. Great surface and condition. Dimensions: length 14.5"; depth 5"; height 11.5".

Price: $245.00

2021-Nov-20 11:00am EST | Tags :

Watercolor Theorem

Watercolor on paper theorem. Basket with flowers and foilage expertly rendered in early lemon gold frame. Dimensions: sight 8.5" x 6.25"; frame 11.75" x 9.5".

Price: $125.00

2021-Nov-19 11:00am EST | Tags :


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