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For the past 30 years, early American antiques have been my passion. My focus is on textiles, portraits and silhouettes, lighting, and appropriate accessories in original surface and condition. I am always happy to provide additional information and photos. I hope you will enjoy these items as much as I have. Please also visit my website . . . ..https://www.onaantiques.com . There you will find a selection of choice early American pieces, as well as payment/shipping/return policies. Please note my new email address is randionaantiques@gmail.com

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2022-Nov-30 11:30am EST | Tags :

Hooked Rug attributed to Magdalena Briner

Hooked rug attributed to Magdalena Briner, c 1880-1890. Typical of Briner's rugs, the background is elaborately striated in a mutlitude of colors and fabrics. The centered dog is executed in Briner's usual style of rounded legs, paws, and tail, and a distinct eye. A true piece of folk art and an excellent example of Briner's extraordinary style. See Rug Hooking Traditions with Magdalene Briner Eby, Evelyn Lawrence and Kathy Wright. Dimensions: 44” x 33.5”. Professionally mounted for hanging. Dimensions: 50" x 27.5".

Price: POR

2022-Nov-19 03:44pm EST | Tags :

Early Tin Sconce

This is a nice early tin sconce. It has a diamond shaped back that is crimped along all the edges. The drip cup is crimped too. In excellent condition. Dimensions: height 9", width 5.75", depth 5".

Price: $245.00

2022-Nov-12 09:36am EST | Tags :

Early Coil Basket with Lid

This is a 19th century PA coil basket with a lid. Very sculptural, it looks nice on its own or in an arrangement with other collections. Natural surface has darkened to a warm, nutty color. Minor loss on the lid of the basket that doesn't show when the lid is on. Dimensions: overall height 7.75"; height without lid 6.75"; width of basket 9".

Price: $145.00

2022-Oct-18 06:42pm EDT | Tags :

Velvet Theorm Painted Strawberry

This is a very nice velvet theorem painted strawberry. Shades of red, russet, and yellow with green felt leaves. Painted black markings represent the seeds. A hard to find smaller size fits well into a collection of velvet fruits or will stand alone nicely sitting on a piece of treen. Dimensions: length 2.75"; width 2.5".

Price: Sold

2022-Oct-16 12:09pm EDT | Tags :

Strawberry Emery

This is an early silk strawberry emery. It is hand sewn. The leaves are paper and appear to be glued on (some small bits missing). It feels like it is stuffed with saw dust. Lovely colors and condition. A sweet piece only 1.25" long.

Price: $45.00

2022-Oct-16 12:04pm EDT | Tags :

18th century Candlestick

Candlestick, 18th century, tin. It has a cleated base and chair hook. The push-up works. In excellent condition. Dimensions: height 6"; diameter of base 3.75"

Price: $175.00

2022-Oct-02 04:58pm EDT | Tags :

Perfect Penny Rug

This Penny Rug from PA is in perfect condition. Pennies are in red and shades of blue. All hand sewn on to a muslin backing. Visually stricking! Professionally mounted to hang either vertically or horizontally. Dimensions: 48’ x 23”.

Price: $550.00

2022-Sep-16 02:43pm EDT | Tags :

Excellent Black Bottle Doll

This is a nice, early bottle doll. She has button eyes and her mouth is embroidered. Her hoop earrings match her beaded necklace. The dress is original and wonderful. Bodice has an applied collar with lace trim; the skirt is gathered and has applied trim on the botton. The sleeves are gathered and have lace at the cuffs. Underneath the dress is a linen petticoat. She wears a black and white kerchief. She is a full-bodied gal, stuffed in all the right places. A good sized bottle doll at 16.5" tall.

Price: $325.00

2022-Sep-04 02:49pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Dome Top Box

19th century dome-top box. Painted dark red with overvarnish. Lock plate has an interesting etched design. The box is dovetailed with some early square nails on the bottom. The original vapor barrier is complete and in place. In amazing condition, not split across the top as many early dome top boxes are. Dimensions: 11.75" x 6" x 4.75".

Price: $95.00

2022-Sep-04 01:46pm EDT | Tags :

Excellent Black Bottle Doll

This Black bottle doll is 19th century. She has a lovely embroidered face and astrakan hair. Her dress is wool with contrasting collar and cuffs. She sports a neckerchief with a red rick-rack border. She is 15.5" tall.

Price: Sold

2022-Sep-04 01:29pm EDT | Tags :

Early Tape Loom

Unfortunately, after telling me three weeks ago that she mailed the check, the buyer of this tape loom reneged. So it is now available. This early, whale tale end tape loom is made of pine. It is hand carved; there are whittle marks on the sides. It's a great, large size that looks very sculptural hanging on the wall. In great condition! Dimensions: 23" x 10".

Price: $495.00

2022-Aug-27 01:22pm EDT | Tags :

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