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For the past 30 years, early American antiques have been my passion. My focus is on textiles, portraits and silhouettes, lighting, and early artifacts. I am always happy to provide additional information and photos. I hope you will enjoy these items as much as I have. For more pieces from my collections, please visit http://www.onaantiques.com

Civil war memento

A memento from the Civil War . . . small white leather case with 6 small tintypes of family members. Two sliding metal rings hold the leather case closed. A very sweet thing! Dimensions of case: 3.75" x 1.5"

Price: $55.00

2020-Aug-10 03:25pm EDT | Tags :

Sweet drawstring bag

A sweet drawstring bag. Bottom is a woven zig-zag pattern, the top is a plaid silk. The drawstrings are early silk tapes. Some minor losses. Dimensions: 4"x 6" flat.

Price: $65.00

2020-Aug-10 03:21pm EDT | Tags :

Sewing accessories

A lot of sewing accessories . . . tomato pin cushion with tiny strawberry emery, tatting tools, and a needle waxer.

Price: $45.00

2020-Aug-10 03:19pm EDT | Tags :

Sandpaper drawing

19th century sandpaper drawing of an early homestead. Found in CT many years ago, it depicts a scene of a bucolic farmhouse scene . . . picket fence, dog in yard, walkway, front porch. In an early lemon gold frame. Some minor dust loss. Dimensions: frame 10.5" x 8.75", sight 8.75" x 7".

Price: $195.00

2020-Aug-07 02:28pm EDT | Tags :

Tin pipe/spill holder

Late 18th/early 19th century tin pipe or spill holder. Crimped top, drawer, two rows of impressed lines. An artifact like this would have been placed near the fireplace, thus much of the black paint has worn off to reveal the natural tin surface. A rare survivor! Dimensions: height of box 7.25", to top of crimp 9.75", width 4.25", depth 2.5". More photos available.

Price: $295.00

2020-Aug-05 03:24pm EDT | Tags :

Make-do lighting

This is the most unusual make-do lighting piece I've ever had. The early tin oil lamp is pegged into the case of an old butter stamp. One of a kind piece! Wear as would be expected in a period make-do piece. Dimensions: height 9", diameter of butter print case 3.5".

Price: Sold . . . Thank-you!

2020-Aug-03 02:41pm EDT | Tags :

Early footwarmer

This early 19th century wood footwarmer. The box is dovetailed, the champhered door lifts up to access the iron coal pan. It has a bail handle and early t-head nails. Dimensions: width 7.5", depth 7.75", height 6.25".

Price: $135.00

2020-Jul-30 05:05pm EDT | Tags :

Child's windsor footstool

Sweet child's windsor footstool. Original red painted surface with yellow stenciling on the top. Dimensions: height 5.5”, top 8.25” x 5.5”.

Price: $95.00

2020-Jul-30 04:59pm EDT | Tags :

Bowl and rag balls

A sweet vignette of a bowl on a stand filled with rag balls. The bowl is early, stained. The green painted stand is collapsable. The twelve rag balls are early and real. More photos are available. Dimensions: height to top of bowl 17.75", diameter of bowl 15".

Price: $195.00

2020-Jul-30 04:43pm EDT | Tags :

Nantucket basket

A perfect little Nantucket basket. Wrapped handles, wood bottom, in excellent condition. Dimensions: diameter 7.5", height to rim 6.5".

Price: $145.00

2020-Jul-28 05:10pm EDT | Tags :

Patchwork purse

Sweet little hand-sewn patchwork purse in 19th century cottons. Dimensions: 5.25" wide, closed 3", open 5.75".

Price: $45.00

2020-Jul-25 04:21pm EDT | Tags :

Early wall box

19th century wall box in crusty salmon and putty paint. The sides are canted, the hanging hole has good wear. Lost it's lid long ago, but remnants of leather hinges remain. Drawer is partitioned for spices, knob is a replacement. Additional photos available. Dimensions: width 13", depth 9", height 9.5".

Price: Sale pending . . . Thank-you!

2020-Jul-25 04:06pm EDT | Tags :

18th century snuffers

Rare signed wrought iron snuffers, 18th century, Mark "IS" impressed on snuffer plate. Length 7"

Price: $95.

2020-Jul-16 01:19pm EDT | Tags :

Delft place

Delft plate c1730. In fine condition, no cracks, fleabites on the edge, typical of early tin glazed wares. Diameter: 9"

Price: $125

2020-Jul-16 01:17pm EDT | Tags :

18th century bronze mortar

18th century bronze pedestal mortar decorated with incised lines. Dimensions: height 4.5", diameter 4.25"

Price: $95

2020-Jul-16 01:11pm EDT | Tags :

Fire salvage bag

Fire salvage bag, 19th century, made of heavy homespun. These were used by firemen, who when called to put out a fire, would salvage whatever belongings they could from the burning home and put them in the bag. Typically the name of the fireman was stenciled on the bag. This bag belonged to Henry King. Dimensions: 21" x 54".

Price: $165.00

2020-Jul-09 02:14pm EDT | Tags :

Black bottle doll

A very folky Black bottle doll, late 19th century. Emboidered face, fabric hair that is stitched to look like corn rows, wonderful original clothing and jewelry. Her arms, hands, and fingers were constructed around wire so she is moveable. Her body is padded in all the right places so she has a woman's figure. She is very unique, especially her size . . . 20" tall. Always happy to send photos.

Price: $275.

2020-Jul-09 02:06pm EDT | Tags :

Early cleated tin sconce with hearts

Tin candle sconce, early 19th century. It has two sets of punched intertwined hearts, and crimped circular top. The narrow candle cup, typical of earlier lighting pieces, is cleated the base. Dimensions: height 13.5", width at base 4.75".

Price: $295.00

2020-Jul-01 12:22pm EDT | Tags :

Folky Hooked Rug

Folky, colorful hooked rug with braided border. Punchy star centered in a colorful background of reds, blues, greens, purples, and more. Braid is made of neutral shades of browns and beige. In great condition and professionally mounted for hanging. Dimensions: 25.25” x 19.75”.

Price: $265.00

2020-Jul-01 12:20pm EDT | Tags :

Love token

A delightful love token of a woven heart overlaid onto woman’s hand. Woven into the heart are two rings of hair – one blonde the other brown. In excellent condition, professionally framed in an appropriate reproduction frame. Dimensions: frame 7.25” x 9.25”, sight 3.5” x 5.75”.

Price: $245.00

2020-Jun-14 04:20pm EDT | Tags :

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