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Axtell Antiques was established in 1968 by Richard “Smitty” Axtell. Situated in a restored country inn on the banks of the Delaware River, the business, also known as The Rookery, features some of the best examples of early Americana with emphasis on scarcity, unusual form, and superlative, untouched condition. Museum quality baskets, stoneware, treenware, redware, folk art, iron hearth accessories, country furniture, textiles, art work, glassware and early lighting devices are on display. An adjunct to the Rookery is the Rookery Bookery, with hundreds of books, periodicals, catalogs and paper ephemera.

Pump Lamp

A Maltby-Neal patent whale oil pump lamp of red painted tin. It has a three wick burner. The lamp stands 9" tall and is in good condition.

Price: $250

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Pewter Lamp

A pewter single lens whale magnifying . The base of the lamp is sand weighted. The lamp is made by Roswell Gleason and is market PATENT. It stands 9" tall and is in excellent condition.

Price: $650

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Sculpted dog

A sculpted pine puppy mascot folk art dog featuring old paint. Likely New York State origin; ca. 1890. The dog stands 6" tall and is 6" from nose to tail. It is 2" thick. The dog is in very good condition.

Price: $90

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Tavern Mug

A colorful mug from the Buffalo Pottery Company. With the title "At the Three Pigeons Tavern". Ca. 1909 4" tall.

Price: $95

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Miniature Piano Stool

A salesman's sample walnut piano stool with turned legs. It's surface is finished with original varnish. It is in excellent condition. ca. 1880

Price: $ 140

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Lemon Reamer

A wooden item used to extract juice from a lemon. It was carved and turned from bass wood. 6" long. Stamped PATENT APPLIED. Ca. 1890.

Price: $150

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Civil War Pipe

A hand carved maple burl pipe bowl in the shape of a human head. The head cap is a cover for the pipe bowl. A great and unique piece of folk art.

Price: $1695

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Sugar Nippers

The sugar nipper was used to cut, or nip small pieces of sugar from larger sugar chunks. Created from hand forged steel circa 1770, this item contains the original spring and rest. Concentric lines decorate the handles. The nipper measures 10".

Price: $295

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Wooden Noggin

A noggin was used as a liquid or dry measure. This particular noggin is a large size (10" tall). Crafted from maple circa 1830, it is in very good condition and demonstrates distinctive grain features.

Price: $350

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Pewter Ink Stand

An English pewter ink stand with 5 quill holes. Ca. 1840. 4" diameter; 2 1/2" tall. Excellent condition.

Price: $150

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