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COMING !!!!!! THURSDAY NOVEMBER 16th 11:00 AM!!!!!!! ALL NEW ITEMS DIRECTLY FROM MY COLLECTION! For the past 30 years, we have collected and offered for sale 18th and 19th century Americana at shows throughout the Northeast and Indiana. For several years, we maintained a booth in Antique Associates At West Townsend. Recently, the decision was made to "migrate" from my own website to Dig Antiques which will allow for more frequent updates. As a member of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association, your satisfaction is guaranteed. For any reason, you may return your purchase within 72 hours of receipt in the same condition it was sent for a refund minus the shipping and insurance costs. If by chance the item is proved to be not as described, I will be happy to pay the return shipping. Personal checks payable to Nadine Pechmann. Layaway is also available. Massachusetts residents please add 6.25% unless a resale # is provided. We ship USPS, UPS and FedEx depending on which is less expensive. ADDITIONAL PHOTOS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE to help you make a decision. If you would like to be added to the email update notification list, please contact me. PRICES ARE WHOLESALE Thank you for visiting!

Antique 18th C Steel Spectacles

Classic form with slightly oval lenses, mid-arm hinge, large O shaped rear loops for tying a cord or ribbon to secure them to the head. Small surface scratch on right lens. Untouched patina. Circa 1760. Illustrated in George Neumann's book Antique Country Furnishings page 317.

Price: 175.00 + shipping

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18th or Early 19th C Treen Clam Shell Skimmer

These Pieces of Treenware Were Used to Skim the Cream Off the Milk in a Pan. This One Has Been In My Collection for Decades. American Pine With Nice, Dry Patina From Contact With Milk and Years Of Washing. Classic Clam Shell Form With Desirable Protruding Handle Which Was Hand Carved From a Single Piece Of Wood. Small Chip Off the Edge Along With Another Older Flea Bite. Measures 6 1/2" X 6" Across.


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Antique Early 19th Century Ash Burl Mortar

From my collection is a nice sized ash burl mortar purchased from the well respected upstate New York dealer Doug Blanchard. Measures only 5 1/2" tall and about 4 1/2" across the top. There is a 1/2" lip around opening as well as a turned base. There is a 1 1/2' split down from the rim which is not uncommon because of the loose grain of burl. About 11 old, inactive critter holes on the side of the base and 3 more in the middle of the body. Dry untouched patina. While not "born" with the piece, also included is an antique pestle wearing a coat of old dry black paint on the handle.

Price: 335.00 + Shipping

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Antique Early 19thC Tall Fat Lamp

An Unusual Piece of Early Lighting With a Flat Pan and 4 Wick Channels Featuring Folded Edges.. Measuring Almost 15" Tall it Is Topped By a Carrying Handle. The Lamp Has a Crimped Base 6" Across and Retains It's Square Tamper. The Untouched Patina is Just Wonderful

Price: 225.00 + Shipping

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Oversize 18th or Early 19th Soapstone Inkwell

Most Soapstone Inks Are About 2 - 2 1/2" Square X Under 2" Tall. This One Is 3 1/2" Per Side X Almost 3" Tall. Holding More Ink, This Piece Could Have Been at the Center of a Multi Seat Table. Nice Dark Stone

Price: SOLD Thank You!

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Rare Early 19th Century Tin Peg Lamp.

Candles and Rush Provided Light to Early America and Every Family Had Candle Holders. Then Came the Brighter Light Brought by the Burning of Whale Oil. Not Wanting to Purchase a Whole New Lighting Device, Thrifty Citizens Created This Kind of "Add On". It Was Filled With Oil and Fit Right Into the Shaft Of the Ever Present Candlestick. This One Is Made of Tin and Measures 2" Across. The Tab Swivels to Open the Font and Is Held Closed With a Triangular "Lock". Nice Untouched Dark Patina. (Hogscraper Not Included)

Price: 125.00 FREE SHIPPING

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Antique 18th and 19th Century Tallow Candles

#1 - Dipped With Only 1 Partial Line at the Base Of the Larger "Fork". It Was Dipped a Few More Times So Is a Little Fatter 8" Long. -SOLD#2 - Two Tight Lines At the Top Plus One Partial That Does Not Go All the Way Through. Measures 9" Including Wick. - SOLD #3 - Large Molded With 2 Wobbly Cracks and Two Tight Light That Do Not Move. Two Small and One larger "Bites". Could Render 5 Stubs If You Choose to Separate It. Will Still Stand Whole In a Holder With a Little Leaning. Measures 9 1/2" Long. - $160.00. #4 - Molded. This One Was Kept In a Tin Candle Box So Long That It Flattened On One Side. It Has the Remains Of Grunge From the Bottom Of the Candle Box On the Flat Side. Can't Tell From the Front. Measures 8" Long. - $150.00.

Price: #1 = SOLD #2 = SOLD #3 = $160 #4 = $150. + Shipping

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Very Small Leather Psalms Of David Isaac Watts

Sold Individually Left To Right. ***Far Left = Songs Hymns and Spiritual Songs, New York. Printed By D & G Bruce In 1810. Black Leather Stamped SARAH GASTON on the Front Cover. Several Loose and Almost Loose Pages. Measures 4 1/8" X 2 1/2". = $115.00.

Price: Far Left $115. + Shipping

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Antique 19th Century Pantry Box- Bittersweet Paint

Measuring 6 1/4" Across the Cover X 2 3/8" High, This Pantry Box Adds a Great Punch Of Color In a Display. While the Box Dates From the 1840s-50s, the Paint Was Applied Later, but Still At Least 100 Years Ago. It has a Slight Sheen. There Is Some Damage Along the Lower Edge and a Small 1/2" Slit Near the Bottom Of the Seam. Constructed With Wooden Pegs and Small Irregular Tacks.

Price: 295.00 + Shipping

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Large Heavy 19th Century Firkin Original Red Paint

This Early 19th Century Firkin Is a Tall One, Standing 13 1'2" X 12 1/2" Across the Top X 13" Across the Bottom. It Never Had a Handle. The Staves Are Secured With Substantial Wood Hoops Terminating In Straight Chamfered Edges and Irregular Iron, Mostly Square Nails. The Top Band Is Missing 2 Nails and a Small Piece Missing. The Middle Band Has 2 Separations Where the Nails Split the Wood. The Bottom Band Is missing a Nail With the Wood Having Splintered a Bit. The Top 2 Hoops Move Up and Down but Could Be Secured With Small Tacks. There is also a Strip of Wood Missing On the Bottom Edge of the Lid Rim. The Piece Wears Its Original Coat Of Classic "Old Red" Paint. This Has been the Bottom of My Stack For Close to 30 years.

Price: 335.00 + Shipping

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Antique 19th Century Long Peg Rail

This Peg Rail or Peg Rack Retains Its Dark, Dry Attic Surface. The Seven Pegs Have a Graceful Mushroom Shape and Are All Original. Measures 62 1/4" Long X 3 " High and Stands 4 1/2" Out From the Wall. Decorative Two Step Half Convex Edges. Ready For Hanging.

Price: SOLD! Thank You!

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