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****** NEW ITEMS COMING THURSDAY MARCH 7th, 11:00 AM EST ****** For the past 30 years, we have collected and offered for sale 18th and 19th century Americana at shows throughout the Northeast and Indiana. For several years, we maintained a booth in Antique Associates At West Townsend. Recently, the decision was made to "migrate" from my own website to Dig Antiques which will allow for more frequent updates. As a member of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association, your satisfaction is guaranteed. For any reason, you may return your purchase within 72 hours of receipt in the same condition it was sent for a refund minus the shipping and insurance costs. If by chance the item is proved to be not as described, I will be happy to pay the return shipping. Personal checks payable to Nadine Pechmann. Layaway is also available. Massachusetts residents please add 6.25% unless a resale # is provided. We ship USPS, UPS and FedEx depending on which is less expensive. ADDITIONAL PHOTOS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE to help you make a decision. If you would like to be added to the email update notification list, please contact me. PRICES ARE WHOLESALE Thank you for visiting!

Late 18th Or Very Early 19th C Leather Hunting Bag

This Small Hunting Bag or Possibles Bag Measures 6 3/4" Wide X 7 1/2" Long. Small Bags Tend to Indicate an Earlier Age and a Double Bag With a Front and Back Pocket Is Most Often Associated With the Eastern US. There Is a Sewn Repair On the Right Side Done In Heavy Leather Loops. On the Upper Left Of the Back, There Were A Couple Tears Which Have Been Glued. The Strap Is a Replacement and the Horn Was Attached With Modern Rawhide. Part Of the Seam That Has Attached the Flap Is Missing Some Stitches. Makes a Great Display Piece!

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Antique 19th Century Half Round Tin Candle Lantern

Early Tin Candle Lantern With A Candle Socket That Is Cleated Through the Bottom. To Access the Candle, the Front Glass Raises and Lowers and the Rear Door Opens and Closes. There Are Decorative Embossed Lines On the Half Round Back As Well As On The Outer Smoke Guard. There is a Fluted Disk Connecting the Rolled Edge Ring Handle and the Outer Smoke Guard. The Inner Smoke Guard Has Unusual Scalloped Edges. The Original Black Paint Has Now Been Worn to Only Traces. The Top and Middle Front Glass Guards Are Missing. The Piece Measures 14 3/4" High Including the Handle.

Price: 255.00 + Shipping

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18th / Early 19th Century Shorter Tallow Candles

#1 = 5 3/4" Molded With 4 Breaks. It Will Stand Up In a Candle Holder. SOLD #2 = 5 3/8" Molded With 1 Break. Will Stand In a Holder Or Can Be Separated Into 2 Stubs.SOLD #3 = 4 3/4" Looks Dipped. Has Partial Breaks That Someone Massaged Back Together So It Is Stable and Will Stand. SOLD #4 = 3" SOLD + Shipping

Price: #1 SOLD #2 = SOLD #3 = SOLD #4 SOLD Plus Shipping

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Antique Late 18th Century Maple Treen Plate

American Maple. Typical Wear. Good Thickness With a Slightly Rounded 1" Wide Rim. Evidence Of Utensil Marks On Both Sides. Measures 9 1/8" Across With the Grain and 8 1/2" Across Against the Grain Due to Shrinkage Over 224 Years. Nice Dry Original Surface.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Antique 19th Century Tribal Kurdish "Jaf" Bagface

Nice Deep Vibrant Vegetable Dye Colors In Shades Of Red, White and Blue With Some Brown, Sage Green and a Touch of Peach. Hand Knotted. Some Loss Around a Corner. It Has Been "Living" On One Of Our Tables For Decades. Becoming Harder to Find at Higher Prices. Measures 26 1/2" X 29 1/2"

Price: 225.00 + Shipping

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Uncommon Antique 19th C Wooden Cheese Ladder

I Rarely See This Form Of Cheese Ladder Anymore. Constructed With Wood Pegs and Mortise and Tenon Joints. It Wears the Remains of an Oyster White Wash. The Bent Cross Pieces Were Joined Form a Bowl Shape Which Was Lined With Cheese Cloth to Drain the Water From the Cheese. It Looks Like the Cross Pieces Were Glued Together At the Top and There Is a Stable Split At The Top Where the 2 Pieces Come Together. Measures 27 1/8" Long X 10" Wide X 8 3/4" High.

Price: 310.00 + Shipping

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Antique Mid 19th Century Buttocks Basket

Nice Dark Patina. Meticulously Woven Around 26 Ribs. The Round Handle Forms a Circle Which Extends Down Into the Bottom As the Central Rib. The Handle Is Secured To the Rim With an Intricate "God's Eye" Wrapping. This Method Of Construction, Probably the Shenandoah Valley, Is Found In Virginia. On One Side Of the Rim Only, There Are 5 Areas Where Either 1 or 2 Wraps Are Missing. There Is 1 Broken Splint Wrap On the Bottom Central Rib. Other Than That I Could Only Find 2 Breaks On the Body, But They Don't Create an Actual Hole. Measures 14" Wide X 12" High.

Price: 245.00 + Shipping

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18th Early 19th C Wrought Iron Ladle & Strainer

A Fairly Close Pair Of Hanging Wrought Iron Utensils. The Strainer Measures 18" With A Bent Over Hook For Hanging and a Bowl Measuring 5" Across. The Handle Is Attached With 3 Peened Rivets. There Is A Very Small Split and Bite From the Rim Where It Appears the Handle Was Re-attached Well Back In the 19th Century. The Ladle Measures 19" With a Bowl 4 7/8" Across, Also With a Hook Which Has a Little Tail. No Issues. Both Have Untouched Surfaces.

Price: 110.00 + Shipping

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Unusual Antique 18th Century Horn Spoon

Very Thin, Finely Shaped Spoon From the 1700s. Angled For Ease Of Eating. Nicely Detailed With a Worn ,Notched Decoration On Each Side of the Handle. Measures 7" Long. The Bowl Is 2 3/4" X 1 1/2" Wide.

Price: 75.00 + Shipping

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Late 18th Early 19th C Soft Soap Scoop Brown Paint

I've Always Loved This Little Primitive Treenware Scoop. We Don't See Them Often Anymore. Very Much Homemade With Charmingly Crude, Uneven Measurements. Wonderful Wear and Original, Thin, Dry Brown Paint. A Favorite Feature Is the Primitive Offset Tapered Handle. Measures 5 3/4" Long X Just Under 3" Wide.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Antique 19th C Long Handle Tin Candle Snuffer

Untouched Surface. Wire Rolled Handle Edges. Finger Loop End


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Antique 19th C Fox and Geese Wooden Board Game

The Game of Fox and Geese Has Been Played Since the Middle Ages. It Is Played With One Fox and 15 White Geese Pieces. The Object Of the Fox Is To Capture As Many Geese as Possible and For the Geese, It Is To Corner the Fox So He Can't Move Around and Capture Them. This Board Is Homemade and Hand Carved With A Dark Original Grungy Surface. The Piece Measures 12" With the Grain and 11 1/2" Against Due To Age Shrinkage.

Price: SOLD Thanks!

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Antique 18th Century Very Small Soapstone Inkwell

Measures Just 2" Square X 1" High. Nice Dark Stone With 4 Holes To Store Extra Pens and a Central Ink Hole Located On a Raised Central Circle. An Uncommon Size.

Price: 125.00 + Shipping

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Antique 19th C Platto Family Record New York State

Charming Hand Drawn and Colored Platto Family Record Beginning With Frederick Who Was Born in 1795 In Albany County and His Wife Bashebe (Chapman) Born In 1802. His Second Wife Was Caroline Thorn. The Record Features Ivy Wrapped Pillars Topped By a Vine Covered Arch With a Central Keystone and an Eagle In Flight Below. All Together He and His Wives Had 10 Children. His Son Alex, Born in 1819, Created and Signed This Record In 1856 While He Was Living In Syracuse. My Brief Research Revealed that Frederick Was An Early Settler Of Schenectady Where He Became A Successful Building Contractor. At Some Point the Family Lived In Manlius and Then Moved To Albany Where He Built Several Government Funded Buildings. The Piece Appears To Be In Its Original Frame Decorated With A Brownish Red Wash and Black Stripes, Probably To Simulate Tiger Maple. Measures 13 1/2" X !0 1/2".

Price: 315.00 + Shipping

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Antique Leather Possibles Bag Accoutrements

These Two Items Often Accompany 18th and Early 19th Century Hunting Bags., but Hardly Ever Survive. Included Is a Very Small Horn Powder Measure For a Muzzle Loader Which Is Only 2 5/8" High. Powder Horns Are Common But Not These Little Measures. The Second Item Is a Diminutive, Very Early, Dry and Stiff, Hand Sewn Pouch Which Hung From a Belt. A Rare Soulful Little Thing Measuring 4".

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Huge Antique 19th Century Shaved Broom

I've sold quite a few early shaved brooms over the years, but this one is the best. It measures 52 1/2" tall, the head alone stands 10 3/4" high and the bottom of the head is a whopping 9" across. This head is so large that the broom stands on its own even though the handle curves to the side. The splints are stabilized with a wrap of tree bark that is secured with 3 nails. This broom has the best dry patina and has real presence.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Antique 18th Century Hand Wrought Iron Beam Hook

Folky Early American, Blacksmith Forged, Looped Hook Terminating With a Decorative Knob. Part Of the Spike End Has Broken Off. I Have Never Seen One Quite Like This. It Has Been Driven Into the Inside of a Window Casing As Curtain Tie Back. The Person I Bought It From Years Ago Had It As An Under Beam Hook To Hang All Sorts Of Things Including Baskets and Dried Herbs. Measures 6 1/2" Long X 2" Front To Back.

Price: SOLD THANK YOU! Shipping

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