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NEW UPDATE TUESDAY APRIL 25 7:00 PM EST!!!!! For the past 30 years, we have collected and offered for sale 18th and 19th century Americana at shows throughout the Northeast and Indiana. For several years, we maintained a booth in Antique Associates At West Townsend. Recently, the decision was made to "migrate" from my own website to Dig Antiques which will allow for more frequent updates. As a member of the New Hampshire Antiques Dealers Association, your satisfaction is guaranteed. For any reason, you may return your purchase within 72 hours of receipt in the same condition it was sent for a refund minus the shipping and insurance costs. If by chance the item is proved to be not as described, I will be happy to pay the return shipping. Personal checks payable to Nadine Pechmann. Layaway is also available. Massachusetts residents please add 6.25% unless a resale # is provided. We ship USPS, UPS and FedEx depending on which is less expensive. ADDITIONAL PHOTOS ARE ALWAYS AVAILABLE to help you make a decision. If you would like to be added to the email update notification list, please contact me. PRICES ARE WHOLESALE Thank you for visiting!

Antique 18th C Spiral Candlestick Turned Wood Base

This is a classic spiral form 18th century iron candlestick set into a dark, dry, turned wooden base. (almost black) The end of the top spiral forms the carrying or chair hook. The original working pushup tab has a nice curled "tail". The piece measures 7 1/4" high.

Price: 195.00 + Shipping

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18thC Hunting Bag Salt +Priming Horn+Mini Pouch

This grouping was part of a Revolutionary War Era Leather Possibles Bag. Super rare items that rarely survived, especially not still together. The small salt horn measures only 3 3/4" and retains its original stopper, which is almost unheard of. The priming horn at 4 7/8" is missing its stopper. The priming horn, which would have contained a finer more easily lit powder, is still attached by a leather strip to a miniature pouch with flap and leather knob closure containing, what I assume, was patch paper. There is still paper inside. The pouch measures only about 2 1/2" square. All of these items retain the best dry dark untouched patina. The leather on the pouch is dry, causing the flap to fold in half. Additional photos are available.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Antique Excelsior Stuffed Dog With Foot Boo Boo

This girl has survived a lot of love! The velveteen has worn away in spots, she is missing her ears and the stitching of her mouth. She does retain her shoe button eyes and cute little contrasting brown tail. At some point many many years ago, her injured foot was wrapped with fabric. This puppy is a little wobbly when trying to stand but is successful when "posed" as can be seen in the photos.

Price: 125.00 + shipping

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19th C Miniature Leather Books - Psalms Of David

Priced separately, here are 2 very small 19th century leather books. On the RIGHT is the Psalms and Hymns by Isaac Watts published in 1812 in New Haven Connecticut. The top half of the title page is coming away from the binding but the bottom half is still attached. A couple scattered pages are missing including the 2 front blank pages, a couple in the middle, and a few at the end. Dark brown leather. Binding is secure. Measures 4 3/8" X 2 5/8" X 1 1/4" thick. $135.00 FREE MEDIA SHIPPING. The LEFT hand book is also a Watts Psalms Of David and is a bit smaller and thicker. It was published in New York in 1816 and measures 4" X 2 1/2" X 1 5/8" thick. One of the blank pages at the beginning is torn in half. Otherwise the binding is tight and the leather is dark and dry. $165.00 FREE MEDIA SHIPPING

Price: See Listing

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Classic Early 19th C Birdseye Maple Paneled Noggin

Antique Early 19th Century Birdseye Maple Noggin. Strongly patterned on one side with a split in the wood. The opposite side has a lighter pattern of birdseye with one tight 2" fisure from the top and a 3" one up from the bottom. Nice dry patina. Measures 7 1/2" Tall

Price: 125.00 + shipping

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18th or Early 19th Century Tin Candle Box

Classic Form in Tin to Protect Tallow Candles From Hungry Critters and Mold. Originally a Black Japanned Surface That Has Oxidized to a Crusty One. Small Areas On the Back Have Been Worn To the Undercoat Copperish Color. There is a little melted tallow on the bottom of the inside that I did not remove.. Measures 11" Wide.

Price: 135.00 + Shipping

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Antique 19th C Thick Walled Bail Handle Pantry Box

I have owned this piece forever and still love the form and the dry original gray paint. The paint went on with the cover off, the bottom was painted and there are traces of paint left on one of the metal handle plates, all things I like to see when determining the authenticity of the paint. Nice thick walls. The piece was constructed with copper nails (which indicates New England shoreline origin) and wooden pegs. Someone must have wanted to store something somewhat wet inside and applied short strips of duct tape around the seam. I have a photo of the inside if you wish to see it. Also, something was placed on the cover causing a mark. Measures 12" across the cover X 7" high

Price: 375.00 + shipping

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Antique Late 18th - Early 19th C Tin Candle Sconce

The bracket on the arm of the candle cup of this "spiderweb" sconce is an unusual and special feature. The back measures 9 1/2" across and stands 5 1/2" out from the wall. A couple small bends around the edges.

Price: 325.00 + shipping

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Six 18th/19th C Tallow Candles Priced Individually

Guaranteed 18th /early 19th c #1 Molded, one break in center, 9" long not including wick SOLD #2 Dipped, 3 missing pieces, Breaks the whole length, 9" long does not stand SOLD #3 Dipped, 1 hairline that does not go all the way through, another typical one at the top wick, very sturdy 8 1/2" long, SOLD #4 Has a bend, only the 2 typical tight hairlines at the dipping wick, 8 1/2" long SOLD #############################5 Dipped, only 2 typical, tiny, tight hairlines at dipping wicks, 9" long $165.00 #6 Molded, one larger bite as can be seen in the photo and 3 very small 9 1/2" long Additional photos are available $155.00

Price: Shipping $6.00

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Antique Monumental Lathe Turned Wood Pestle

Dating from the early 19th century, this very nice turned pestle measures almost 22" long. The piece shows honest wear from use over the last 200 years. The turnings include incising plus single and double rings. Perfect for a deep mortar or simply hung on the wall. Some very old chips from the rings and a tight split on one side of the bottom from the constant pounding. An unusual piece.

Price: 155.00 + Shipping

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Antique 18th and 19th Century Leather Books

3 early leather books, priced individually. FAR LEFT BOOK: Very thick German prayer book by Johann Arndt titled True Christianity bound with a second named Garden of Paradise. It was published in Stuttgart Germany 1805. This is the most famous of Arndt's works originally published in 1605. Rare in this excellent condition with embossed leather boards. The buckle halves are missing. Tight binding. Measures 7 1/2" X 4 1/2" X 4" thick $ SOLD ***** MIDDLE BOOK: Holy Bible published in Hartford Ct in 1812 by Hudson and Goodwin. Hudson was founder of the Connecticut Bible Society and published the first Bible in Connecticut in 1809. This edition was published during the War Of 1812. Leather Binding with 10 interior pages loose. Measures 6 1/2" X 4 1/4 X 2 1/2" thick. $155.00 FREE MEDIA SHIPPING. *****FAR RIGHT BOOK: Old & New Testament published in an orphanage in Halle, Germany in 1756. It is small & thick, bound in very dark brown leather. Halle was a center for German religious printing and were used by the Moravians around York, Pennsylvania. Special feature is a hand drawn 1/2 bookplate Missing other half. Measures 6 1/8" X 3 1/2" X 3" thick $235.00 FREE MEDIA SHIPPING

Price: See Description, Will Combine Shipping

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Addition Photos From Previous Books

First photo is another view of the first very thick book. The second and third photos are the fronts and back covers of those books.

Price: See Previous Listing Of the Group of 3 Books

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Unusual Antique 19thC Tall Handled American Mortar

Rare form on this 14" tall American pine mortar with flared base and top lip. It was hand carved from one piece of wood, including the handle. The piece was purchased in Connecticut about 20 years ago and haven't seen another like it since. Some staining around the middle plus an old chip on the lip. The bottom of the base also has a couple old chips.

Price: 275.00 + Shipping

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Antique 17th Century Brass Capstan Candlesick

A mid-drip brass candleholder from the late 1600s. A versatile piece which can complement collections from the pilgrim era right up to the present. The drip pan has a few shallow dents and a small split at the edge which can be seen in the photos. The base edge has 3 tiny ones as well. Not bad for being 350 years old! Measures 5 1/4" High X 5 1/4" Across the base

Price: SOLD + shipping

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Antique 19thC Wedding Band Hogscraper Candlestick

Early 19th Century Sheet Iron Hogscraper Candlestick. There Are Two Special Features Of This Piece. One Is the Brass Wedding Band, Which Is Original to It as Evidenced by the Denting of the Underside of the Band as a Result of Decades of Contact When the Ejector Hits the Band. The Other Feature Is the Unusual Shape and Beaded Decoration of the Ejector Tab. Nice Patina. Measures 7" Tall.

Price: SOLD + $10.00 Shipping

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Antique 19th C Very Small Shaved Broom / Brush

From my collection comes one of my favorite things. A very small shaved brush made just like the the big guys. Each splint was shaved down from the top and carefully folded over leaving a wonderful short fat handle with plenty of signs of use. For those of you who were fortunate enough to visit and buy from the beautiful home of the late dealer and picker extraordinaire Doug Blanchard, this piece used to live in a wall box on the left side of the fireplace in the idyllic downstairs summer kitchen. It has never been on the market. Measures only 7 1/2" tall.

Price: SOLD Thank you!

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Antique Early 19th Century Dry Black Hanging Shelf

From my collection is this diminutive black painted hanging shelf. The paint is original and dry. As wood ages, the moisture within gradually evaporates and items like turned bowls, treen plates and this shelf becomes lighter in weight. Judging from the form and the lightness in weight, it may very well be 18th century. The paint has worn away on the upper section of one side (see photo) and there are a few newer square nail replacements. The shelf is mortised into the sides. Additional photos are available. Almost 24 2/4" wide X 12" High. A simple but graceful piece.

Price: SOLD + Shipping

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