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R&R Don and Barbara Roth - Overland Park, Kansas - 913-490-9909 – droth0507@gmail.com Barbara and I started collecting antiques in the early eighties when we were relocated to Rochester, NY. Up to that point in our lives, neither of us had ever owned or thought about owning antiques. If you know anything about the area, the soil is composed of a type of clay that is ideal for making pottery and glass. Corning, NY is just a short drive from Rochester. We fell in love with the salt glazed and cobalt painted crocks and jugs. In just a short time we were hooked. Many weekends were spent at farm auctions looking for pine furniture and other exciting items. On occasion, we resembled the Beverly Hillbillies, with furniture and whatever jammed into, or tied on top of our station wagon when we headed home. Over the years we have sold antiques at shows, and in several malls in the Dallas and Kansas City areas. Since many of the items we sell on our website are from our personal collection, they could have been purchased by us 30-40 years ago. We will do our best to describe them accurately and provide as many pictures as necessary to satisfy your questions. RETURN POLICY: We will stand behind our representation of the items we sell. We offer a 3-day return policy. Simply notify us of your dissatisfaction and pay the return packing/shipping cost. Upon receipt and conformation that the item is in the condition we sold it, we will promptly refund your money. METHOD OF PAYMENT: We accept personal checks, money orders, and Pay Pal. SHIPPING POLICY: PRICING ON ITEMS SHOWN FOR SALE DO NOT INCLUDE SHIPPING COSTS. Shipping costs will be provided after a decision to purchase is made. The shipping cost will include packaging, shipping, and insurance. WE MONITOR THIS WEB SITE FREQUENTLY AND WILL ANSWER INQUIRIES VERY QUICKLY.

Pair of matching Mallard Decoys

Nicely painted, 9"long,4"wide,6"tall

Price: 250.00 plus shipping

2021-Nov-18 01:12pm EST | Tags :

Lyons Crock, late 1800's

Blue cobalt painted Flowers, 1 Gallon, ovoid shape, 8"tall, 61/2" diameter Very Good Condition

Price: 235.00 plus shipping

2021-Nov-18 01:06pm EST | Tags :

Carbide Railroad Lantern, Early 1900's SOLD

National Carbide Co., 342 Madison Ave., NY,NY (Label on front)

Price: 180.00 plus shipping

2021-Nov-18 12:57pm EST | Tags :

Hand Carved Shorebird

Great for any collection 9"tall, 9"long

Price: 125.00 plus shipping

2021-Nov-18 12:52pm EST | Tags :

Vintage Cast Iron Doorstop - early 1900's

Three ducks, nice condition, base paint touched up

Price: 95.00 + shipping

2021-Nov-17 05:50pm EST | Tags :


ENTERPRISE MANUFACTURING CO Patd. JULY 12 1898 PHILADELPHIA USA 15" tall, 11" wide, 10" diameter wheels Small drawer with porcelain knob. wood handle to turn wheels.

Price: REDUCED $795 to $550 + SHIP FREE

2021-Jan-11 04:51pm EST | Tags :

Bread Board and knife

Early 1900's bread board and knife. Decorative carving and "BREAD" carved on both board edge and knife handle.

Price: 115.00 + shipping

2021-Jan-11 04:47pm EST | Tags :

Vintage Tin Muffin Pan

Rare, hard to fine. Holds 8 muffins.

Price: 65.00 + shipping

2021-Jan-11 04:45pm EST | Tags :

Antique Driving Lantern

Beveled glass on front and side. Brass kerosene reserve holder (see picture). Black body has been repainted,

Price: 95.00 + shipping

2021-Jan-11 03:39pm EST | Tags :

Glenmore Selzer Bottle

Mfg. in Brooklyn, NY in the early 1900's. Light blue, etched label on front of bottle. Nice conversational piece in any collection.

Price: 65.00 + shipping

2021-Jan-11 03:17pm EST | Tags :


Folk Art Primitive

Price: $75

2020-Jul-30 04:19pm EDT | Tags :


Antique brown Albany Slip Glazeor syrup jug, circa early 1900's. New York State brown Albany Slip Glaze (pottery makers in upstate NY made many of these with deep dark chocolate brown glaze - known as Albany Slip). Pour spout has slight chip (see pic).

Price: $85

2020-Jul-28 05:16pm EDT | Tags :


Primative Mortar and Pestle with original pestle ( with two different ends for grinding). Measurements: 61/2" wide, 7" high. Pestle is 8"long. Mortar and pestle have normal ware from age (Early 19th century).

Price: $115 + shipping

2020-Jul-20 01:18pm EDT | Tags :


BURGER JR, ROCHESTER NY (incised) circa 1865 Slip trailed cobalt blue large floral, and number 3. Some slight blemishes from firing in kiln.

Price: $450

2020-Jul-17 01:23pm EDT | Tags :


Cockerel Rooster Hand carved rooster and plunger...plunger stem cannot be removed from outer shell case, seems to be carved from one piece. Circa 1920's - 1930's....Measurements: 3.75" diameter amd 6" tsll

Price: $125

2020-Jul-15 11:45am EDT | Tags :


A handsome bird painted gray and white with yellow beak. 91/2" high, 22" long

Price: $140

2020-Jul-15 11:26am EDT | Tags :


The first of these unique decoys was made circa 1874 for the convenience of hunters....they could open them and carry them flat in a case to and from the hunt. Although we cannot date this one exactly, it had to be made before 1932 when the hunting of shorebirds became illegal

Price: $275

2020-Jul-14 03:37pm EDT | Tags :


New York Stoneware Co. Fort Edward, NY Slip trailed floral Orchid (1861-1881) Slightly chipped shaped spout with wooden stopper. Some blemishes from firing in kiln

Price: $350.00 + shipping

2020-Jul-13 04:21pm EDT | Tags :

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