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Thank You for visiting our Dig Antiques Site. Since 1976 James Wm. Lowery has been involved in the field of Quality 18th and 19th Century American Furniture, as well as, Accessories, Artworks, and Textiles. James Wm. Lowery Antiques chooses all objects with specific attention paid to their aesthetic appeal and function. Most importantly our selected examples are based with emphasis on Form and Design, as well as, their Original Structural Integrity. ************************************************************************************************************************ – ★★– For a selection of other Antique Items for sale please visit our Website: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com If there are any items on our Website and or any special requested items you may be looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us. ************************************************************************************************************************ – ★★– James Wm. Lowery Policies ( Merchandise Guarantee, Payment Terms, Layaways and Shipping ) https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/policies With years of experience and knowledge, JAMES Wm. LOWERY ANTIQUES offers our clients special attention and the security of knowing that their purchase is authentic and…“Guaranteed as Represented” ************************************************************************************************************************ – ★★– Collectors Guide for American Furniture Periods https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/inventory/furniture/American-furniture-periods

J. & E. Norton - STONEWARE JUG

J. & E. Norton - STONEWARE JUG — Bennington, VT — Circa 1850-1859 ********************************************************************** J. & E. NORTON, BENNINGTON, VT, circa 1855, professionally restored cylindrical jar with rounded shoulder, applied jug handle, semi-rounded rim, and wonderful decorated design. ******************************************************************************** This three-gallon jug was made and marked by " J. & E. Norton, Bennington, Vt ". As with most sizable pieces bearing elaborate designs, this jug was probably made on special order or at a higher price than ordinary production. ******************************************************************************** The overall design was laid on in heavy blue glaze from a slip cup. The surface-glazed design is a Homestead Scene complete with a post and rail fence and a large maple tree. — Dimensions: Height: 15 ½" ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-886

Price: $15,500.00


QUEEN ANNE LOWBOY — Massachusetts — Circa 1740-1760 ******************************************************************************** The standards of Massachusetts cabinetmakers is affirmed in this fine refurbished lowboy. It is made from a dense mahogany and designed to have every constructive part related. The generous overhanging moulded edge top has notched corners above a case which has its drawers symmetrically placed. The case appropriately housing athumb-molded, lipped long drawer above three boxed drawers. The cental drawer has a crisply carved fan with a scalloped outline which contributing to its fine craftsmanship. This is above a tasteful developed arcaded shirt with pendants and central drop. All the above is raised on boldly curved cabriole legs, developing from scroll-like brackets flanking the knees. The sweep from knees and returns is interrupted by a cusp, and the bracket tips are rounded instead of pointed. Together each element is proportionate to the stature of this Fine Quality Lowboy. ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-C-3270

Price: $12,500.00


PAINTED TAVERN TABLE — Connecticut — Circa 1730-1760 ******************************************************************************** A classic painted William and Mary Tavern Table made completely of cherry. The table maintains a great surface quality, with its old if not original painted condition. A nice overhanging table top is above a full-width drawer in the frame. Legs have crisp elongated vase turning with a box stretcher terminating to their original feet. — ★ ---Ht. 27" Top Wd.41 3/4" x 27" ******************************************************************************** After almost 300 hundred years, the table is in a most desired state of preservation. A Fine Example of America’s Early Heritage. ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-T-3275

Price: $4,650.00

ACOMA OLLA - Native American

ACOMA OLLA — Acoma, NM — Circa 1920-1930's ******************************************************************************** Polychrome Geometric — No repairs or restorations. — Height: 7 1/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( Enlarge Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/DA-N 3046

Price: $3685.00

AMERICANA ★ Art Works ★ Furniture ★ Accessories ★

— ★ — JAMES Wm. LOWERY ANTIQUES and important source for PERIOD AMERICANA. ******************************************************************************** Visit our website for a sampling of our current inventory for sale. — ★ — Website Link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com ********************************************************************** ★ Inquiries: LoweryAntiques@twcny.rr.com or call / text 315-638-1329


HANDLED CHESTNUT-FORM WHISKEY FLASKS — Circa 1850-1880 — Each flask sold separately : — Literature: McKearin / Wilson – American Bottles & Flasks, p. 194, fig. 1 ******************************************************************************** — ★ — Flattened circular chestnut form body with an applied solid ear handle nicely tooled at the lower terminal, applied collared mouth with ring. Shallow kick-up with blowpipe pontil scarred base. ***** Excellent shiny original condition – no chips or damage. — Height 8 ½” — $ 210.00 ***** ★ Inventory link: ( More Images ): https://www.LoweryAntiques/product/DA-G-3098 ******************************************************************************** — ★ — Deep redish amber, plump, chestnut body, applied finger ring handle, sheared mouth extended neck with applied band collar – smooth base with shallow kick-up. ***** Excellent shiny original condition – no chips or damage. — Height 9" --- $ 195.00 *****★ Inventory link: ( More Images ): https://www.LoweryAntiques/product/DA-G-3099

Price: $210. - $195.


ANTIQUE RYE STRAW BASKET— Found in Pennsylvania— Circa 1860-1900 ******************************************************************************** Antique woven rye straw storage basket with beautifully aged old color and surface. Hand woven rye grass coiled basket in a shallow bowl shape. Has wonderful texture and color contrast of original patina. ******************************************************************************** Good antique condition wear consistent with age and use. — Diameter: 12 3/4" Height: 4 ½" — See photos for condition and description. ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( More Images ) : https://loweryantiques.com/product/AC-B-1046

Price: $120.

Not First Surface but still “SWEET”

PANTRY BOX - PAINTED — New England — Circa 1850 -1880 ******************************************************************************** Red in white paint with “Sugar” ( circa 1940's) over 19th century paint. ******************************************************************************** No damage or restorations. --- Diameter: 7 1/2” Top / 7 1/8" Bottom ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-525

Price: $445.00


RED PANTRY BOX — New England — Circa 1860-1880 ******************************************************************************** Wonderful untouched condition — Original Red Painted Box ******************************************************************************** No damage or restorations — Height: 3 1/4" ( Diameters out of round ) - Top: 7 3/8" Bottom: 7 3/16" ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: ( More Images-Zoom ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-523

Price: $450.00


TULIP LAMP — Boston and Sandwich Glass Co. — Circa 1855-1880 ******************************************************************************** Pressed Glass Blue Font. — Brass Collar & Reeded Brass Standard. — Square Marble Base. — * — No replacements or restorations. ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/DA-G-3010

Price: $285.00


FEDERAL PAINT DECORATED STORAGE BOX — New England — Circa 1815-1825 ******************************************************************************** Retains its original hardware & hinges - opening to expose the deep well. Enhancing the boxes appeal is its "original untouched" grain painted surface on all four sides. — * — Note simulated sting inlay. ******************************************************************************** No Repairs or Restorations — Height: 13 5/8" Width: 31 1/8" Depth: 15 3/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: ( Zoom Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-MIC-3243

Price: $785.00


BEND of the OHIO RIVER — FRED PYE — Circa 1944 ******************************************************************************** Oil on canvas painting depicting ohio river. — Fred Pye (1882 - 1964) — (Front) Lower Left Fred Pye — (Back) " Bend of River" painted by Fred Pye for Marjorie Bryant Heckel in August 1944. ******************************************************************************** No Restorations or in painting. Frame has been painted gold.. — Image: Height: 24 " Width: 32 " Frame: Height: 19" Width: 27 1/8" ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( Info/Bio, Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-OC-3141

Price: $685.00


PEARLWARE / LEEDSWARE COVERED SUGAR BOWL — England — Circa: 1820-1840 ******************************************************************************** A pearlware sugar bowl and cover painted underglaze in bold strokes with a free-style blue floral design decoration. The pearlware body has embossed cobalt lion head with ring in mouth handles similar in style to brasses frequently seen on furniture and accessories. The overall type of decoration was commonly made for the American market. ******************************************************************************** Very good condition, no repairs, cracks or chips, displaying only the expected degree of wear and tear from age and usage. — Dimensions: Height: 4 ½ " Width: 4 3/8" ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( Zoom Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/DA-C-3000

Price: $245.00


FERTILITY KACHINA - KOKOPELLI — Tribal Affiliation: Hopi Indian — Native American — Circa 20th Century ******************************************************************************** There are many stories of Kokopelli. He would visit villages playing his flute, carrying his songs on his back. Everyone would sing and dance the night away. In the morning, when he left, the crops were plentiful and all the women were pregnant. — Carved Wood and Painted - Note hump on back. ******************************************************************************** Signed by artist on base. — Original condition — no repairs or replacements — Height: 7 1/4" Height: 7 1/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/DA-N-3063

Price: $385.00


MINIATURE INLAID BLANKET CHEST — Mid. Atlantic States — Circa 1860-1880 ******************************************************************************** Wonderful inlaid Floral Decoration on lid. All surfaces are highlighted with inlays. — Original Varnish Surface. ******************************************************************************** No Restorations or Repairs — Primary wood: Walnut — Height: 4" Width: 8 7/8" Depth: 5 3/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: ( Zoom Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-339

Price: $665.00


CANARY COVERED SUGAR BOWL — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — Circa: 1845-1860 ******************************************************************************** Probably BAKEWELL, PEARS & Co. — ★ — The aesthetic lines of this covered sugar bowl with its canary color and pressed flattened saw tooth pattern takes on a beauty with a high degree of excellence. ******************************************************************************** Height: 7 ½" — no chips, cracks or repairs. ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: ( Zoom Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/DA-G-3034

Price: $685.00

“ Ipswich Betty ” - ANTIQUE TIN BETTY LAMP

TIN BETTY LAMP - “ Ipswich Betty ” — New England — Circa 1800–1850 ******************************************************************************** Following the style of the Iron Betty Lamp involved the Ipswich Betty, named from the town in Ipswich, Massachusetts where it was made. The Ipswich Betty was very popular and made until around 1850. The Ipswich Betty consisted of a saucer type base, an upright with a small shallow receptacle on its top, and a Betty lamp. The lamp rests in the receptacle when in ordinary use, but could be carried about or hung up in the usual manner. — On Tidy with Wick-Pick. ******************************************************************************** Wonderful original condition - no repairs or replacements. — Height: 8 ½ " ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: ( Zoom Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-L-366

Price: $585.00


PAINT DECORATED ANTIQUE SEWING BOX — English — Circa 1830-1860 ******************************************************************************** A fine quality antique sewing box. Original Paint Decoration w/ original applied early print on lid. Original interior fitted with compartments, top section lifts out for further storage. Raised on brass lion's paw feet and with decorative lion carrying handles. The box is in very original condition and retains a good color and patina. ******************************************************************************** No repairs or restorations ******************************************************************************** ★— Inventory link: ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-575

Price: $845.00


★ — JAMES Wm. LOWERY ANTIQUES and important source for PERIOD AMERICAN FURNITURE. ******************************************************************************** Visit our website for a sampling of our current inventory for sale. ******************************************************************************** ★ — Website Link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/inventory/furniture


STONEWARE FLASK — New York — Circa 1850-60's ******************************************************************************** No restorations or slip blue decoration. — Dimensions: Height: 8 3/4" — * — Note slip decorated “9” ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-515

Price: $385.00


FOLK CARVED WOODEN SPOON RACK — Found in Pennsylvania - probably German — Circa 1860-1880 ******************************************************************************** A whimsical folk art hanging walnut spoon rack. Hand carved from one piece of wood. Detailed with carving throughout. Top portion is centered with mirror image folk art birds each facing a pineapple in reticulated foliage. Terminating from top to its sides and bottom are reticulated scrolls framing three applied molded edged spoon holders. Each spoon holder can house four spoons. ******************************************************************************** A fine example of wonderful size and condition. — Repairs to bottom right (note image) --- Retaining old surface --- Possible Original Surface. — Height 22" Width 11" ******************************************************************************** ★— Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-MIC-3264

Price: $1,485.00


STONEWARE OVOID CROCK — Lyons, New York — Circa 1822-1852 ******************************************************************************** No Cracks or Restorations. — Dimensions: Height: 13 7/8" ******************************************************************************** ★ — Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-351

Price: $800.00

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Original Finish Splint Basket

ROUND SINGLE HANDLE SPLINT BASKET — American — Circa 19th century ******************************************************************************** Original Finish — No repairs or restorations — Dimensions: Height: 17 ½" 13 ½" Dia. ******************************************************************************** ★— Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-B-371

Price: $445.00


FRATERNAL WATCH HUTCH — Probably German — Circa 1825-1830 ******************************************************************************** Watch hutch is hand carved wood with its original polychrome decoration. Strong Classical feeling. Carving and decoration is dramatic. ******************************************************************************** In very good condition with only one tiny chip on the edge of helmet. — No restorations. — Height 9" Width 6 1/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-398

Price: $665.00


STONEWARE DECORATED JAR — Pennsylvania — Circa 1860-1880 ******************************************************************************** Stoneware three-gallon jar with brushed cobalt decoration. Cylindrical form with decorated tooled shoulder and squared rim. Jar decorated around the body with a sweeping fan-shaped tulip motif. ******************************************************************************** A well-decorated example of stoneware featuring good color. — Height: 14 3/4" Rim Dia. 7 ½" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link (more images): https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-993

Price: $485.00


PAINT DECORATED HEARTH BELLOWS — New England — Circa 1825-1835 ******************************************************************************** Fireplace bellows gave early decorators an interesting pallet for colorful display. Central back ground is yellow and smoke decorated with applied fruit, leaves and vines. A wonderful composition of color both free hand and stenciled decoration with fruits and leaves in green, brown, red and black. ******************************************************************************** Original paint and stencil decoration. — Primary wood: Pine ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link (more images): https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-899

Price: $425.00


NAIVE MOONLIT SCENE — New York State — Circa 1890 - 1920 ******************************************************************************** A charming small oil on academic board. A evening scene with characteristic features of folk Hudson River Paintings. Mounted in a interesting fame also with a folk flair. ******************************************************************************** Original as found condition without any restorations or in painting. — Total Height: 17" Length: 15" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-F-3308

Price: $185.00


FOLK ART WOODEN BLACK MAN CARVING — Found in South Carolina — Ca. 1860 - 1880 ******************************************************************************** An interesting model with a primitive interpretation of a man. This anonymous carver was able to communicate through the figure’s overall composition.....( frontal imagery, posture & contour ). ******************************************************************************** Original Untouched Surface — No repairs or replacements — Height: 15" Width: 4 1/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-F-3162

Price: $665.


STONEWARE SEATED SPANIEL — Pennsylvania or Ohio — Circa 1860's - 1870's ******************************************************************************** Albany slip glaze - No Restorations. — Height: 8 1/8" - Width: 5 1/2" - Depth: 3 3/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-470

Price: $285.


STONE BRIDGE & COTTAGE — Oil on Canvas — Ca. early 20th Century ******************************************************************************** A charming winter scene of a small scale. In the foreground is a snow topped country cottage, yet this unknown artist’s focus is moving down the stream to the stone bridge entrance. ******************************************************************************** No repair or in painting - never cleaned — Canvas Dimensions: Height: 7 1/2" Width: 9 3/4 " — Size of Frame: Ht:12 1/4" - Wd: 14 ½" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-OC-3154

Price: $225.


– ★★– JAMES Wm. LOWERY ANTIQUES always has a fine selection of PERIOD AMERICAN FURNITURE for Sale. ******************************************************************************** For over 40 years we have been working with Collectors, Interior Designers, and Antique Dealers. If you may have specific wants, contact us, we may be able to accommodate your needs. ******************************************************************************** Lowery Antiques website is only a sampling of our current inventory. ******************************************************************************** ★–-- Website link: https://loweryantiques.com/inventory/furniture


AMERICAN SWING HANDLE BASKET– Found in New York State – Late 19th early 20th Century ******************************************************************************** Wonderful size to this most interesting basket. A double wrapped projecting round shaped rim, having the second row of wrapping crossing over the first. Bent wood handle w/ unusual metal swing, splint bottom rim with a nice under tuck. ******************************************************************************** Very Good Condition --- No repairs or restorations. –-- Dia. 8 7/8", Ht. 6 1/2" basket - 10 1/2 to handle. ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://loweryantiques.com/product/ac-b-893

Price: $225.00


MINIATURE (fine splint) BUTTOCKS BASKET – American – 19th Early 20th Century ******************************************************************************** A fine 19th early 20th Century American Hand Woven Miniature Buttocks Basket having a warm honey tone patina. The basket is symmetrically made. The construction is the basic rib and splint type. A vertical hoop forms the handle and bottom and the horizontal hoop forms the rim. Rounded splints form the ribs, thinner pieces are woven to the ribs. The arched handle is sturdy and beautifully designed. The handle splint goes under the basket to form the bottom support. It is lapped center bottom. Splints are nice and tightly woven. ******************************************************************************** The basket is attractive and very sturdy. This is a basket that would be a nice addition to any basket collection. ******************************************************************************** No breaks or repairs – Height: 3 3/8"(top handle) Length: 3" Width: 3 18" ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link: https://loweryantiques.com/product/ac-b-793

Price: $385.

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PAINTED “HARVARD TYPE” SHAKER BOX – 19th Century – New England - Probably Massachusetts ******************************************************************************** This type of oval shaped opposing finger box is called a "Harvard style" oval box; and traditionally are considered to be made by the Harvard Shakers ( Shaker Society Harvard Village Community - Harvard, Massachusetts ). A finely made two Finger-Jointed Box and cover are painted in a old (if not original) dark windsor green paint. The bent wood box joined by fingers held by clinched copper tacks and wooden pegs. ******************************************************************************** A painted antique Shaker box of a desirable size that would nicely add to any collection. – Height: 2 ½" Top - Width: 4 7/8" Length: 6 5/16" – Good antique condition, wear consistent with age and use. ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link ( More Images ) https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-897

Price: $385.

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FOLK ART HEART DECORATED BOX – Found in New York State – Circa 1880-1890 ******************************************************************************** A very interesting “as found - original condition” folk decorated box. A assortment of wooden carved decorations applied with brads. Eleven (11) different hearts among the assortment. Interior lid having a pencil drawing of building and mounted with snip hinges. ******************************************************************************** Original untouched surface –-- Height: 4 7/8" Width: 8 3/8" Depth: 5 3/4" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link ( More Images ): https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-M-3074

Price: $785.

MINIATURE on PAPER – Portrait of Gentleman

MINIATURE on PAPER – Portrait of Gentleman – American School – Circa 1840-1860 ******************************************************************************** A charming miniature portrait painting. The unknown sitter is a handsome brown-eyed young gentleman in stylize attire. Housed in a later wooden frame. Watercolor on paper has no signature and is in very good condition. ******************************************************************************** Frame size: width 6 5/8" height 7 5/8" ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-M-3074

Price: $985.


STONEWARE FLASK – New York State – Circa 1850-60's ******************************************************************************** No restorations – Albany Slip Glaze – Height 8 3/4 ******************************************************************************** ★ – Inventory link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-516

Price: $285.00


ROUND SWING HANDLE SPLINT BASKET – Found in New York State – Circa late 19th Century ******************************************************************************** The basket makers wonderful craft is shown in this fine basket. A double wrapped projecting round shaped rim, having the second row of wrapping crossing over the first to create a series of X's, carved projecting ears enclosing its one piece carved swing handle all resting on a raised footed base conforming with top rim. ******************************************************************************** In amazing as found condition, original exterior light varnish surface with nice patina. –-– Wear consistent with age and use. --- No Repairs or breaks. ******************************************************************************** ★– Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-B-808

Price: $385.00


LANDSCAPE of TREES - BEGINNING of FALL SEASON – Found in New Jersey – Circa 1910-1940 ******************************************************************************** This unsigned decorative landscape painting in a broad style. The artist has a visual of its broken color and a harmony of beautiful natural colors. Wonderful estate found condition. ******************************************************************************** Oil on Board - No in painting or restorations. –-- As found condition. Never cleaned. –-- ** – Height 14" Width: 18" –-- Appears to be original walnut frame. ******************************************************************************** ★– Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-OB-3339

Price: $385.00


J.FYRE - HUDSON RIVER PAINTING – Sugar Loaf Mt. – Dated 1887 ******************************************************************************** Artist: J.FYRE – Signed Front & Back ******************************************************************************** ★– Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-OB-3057

Price: $985.00


QUEEN ANNE SIDE CHAIR – Connecticut – Circa 1740-1760 ******************************************************************************** The Queen Anne side chair can be found in other variations throughout the rural northeast. A Conn. attribution can be given by some of this chairs general characteristics. –*– Cherry as primary wood ; Its stiles do not reverse at the chest rail; The knee returns are fastened to the seat rail face; The cabriole legs are somewhat stiff. ******************************************************************************** This Fine Quality Queen Anne Chair, defining the transitional style common to rural craftsmen, would make a appropriate addition to one’s collection. –*– Total Height: 40 1/4" - Width: 22" - Depth: 20 1/4" Seat Height: 19" ******************************************************************************** ★– Inventory link ( More Images ) : www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-S-3310

Price: $1,200.00


★ JAMES Wm. LOWERY ANTIQUES always has a fine selection of PERIOD AMERICAN FURNITURE for Sale. ******************************************************************************** For over 40 years we have been working with Collectors, Interior Designers, and Antique Dealers. If you may have specific wants, contact us, we may be able to accommodate your needs. ******************************************************************************** Our website is only a sampling of our current inventory. – ★★– Website link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com ******************************************************************************** ★ Collectors Guide for American Furniture Periods --- https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/inventory/furniture/American-furniture-periods


HARRY TYLER - LION & TREES COVERLET – New York – Circa: 1839 ******************************************************************************** Made for David Ehle & Sarah Ehle 1839. Lion is in the corner blocks combining a daisy and star interior with a fruit tree and picket fence border. –-- ** –-- Weaver: HARRY TYLER (1797-1887) –-- **–-- Size: 78 long x 87 wide ******************************************************************************** ★– Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/T-C-3064

Price: $1,800.00


QUEEN ANNE DRESSING TABLE MIRROR – English – Circa 1740-1760 ******************************************************************************** A 18th Century Dressing Table Mirror. The rectangular mirror plate is within a conforming carved gilt surround and molded burl mahogany hinged wood frame. This is set between two square spreading incised supports surmounted by brass acorn finials. All is supported on a case with three concave-fronted drawers above shaped bracket feet. – * – This is a lovely period item full of charm and character. ******************************************************************************** Period restorations consistent with age and use- minor loses. – Primary wood: Mahogany Secondary Woods: Oak & Pine –-- * –-- Height: 19 1/2" Width: 13" Depth: 7" ******************************************************************************** ★ –- Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-MIC-3315

Price: $885.00


PAINT DECORATED DOWER CHEST – Berks County, Pennsylvania – Circa 1780-1800 ******************************************************************************** This Fine Quality Pennsylvania Dower Chest of soft wood construction has its original painted decoration which was typical of Berks County. The two painted panels surrounded by simulated graining are identical. Well placed flowers are enclosed in a architectural framework beneath an arch supported by pilasters. These pilasters are flanked by half pilasters on its corners. Their original free hand decoration outlined in white on lid and front is perfectly correlated with the structural design of this well proportioned dower chest. ******************************************************************************** This Fine Quality Pennsylvania Dower Chest represents a American folk tradition that would be a prized addition to anyone’s collection. Purchased in this Wonderful Original Condition from a private New York Collection. ******************************************************************************** ★ Link: https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-P-3317

Price: $ 12,000.00


HEART PUNCHED TIN FOOT WARMER – New England – Circa 1840-1860 ******************************************************************************** Foot Warmer is in original, untouched condition with punched tin heart design panels. Wooden frame surrounds punched tin panels. Side panels have a total of 20 Hearts. Original carrying handle. The door opens to interior having original amber tray. ******************************************************************************** Height: 5 3/4" Width: 9" Depth: 7 5/8" ******************************************************************************** ★– Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-1036

Price: $185.00


RARE STONEWARE DECORATED MUG — New York – Circa 1860 ******************************************************************************* A rare Cobalt-Decorated Stoneware Cylindrical Mug, decorated on one side with a large Sheaves of Wheat flanked by single sprig. A rare form with a cobalt decoration. In very good condition, from a 30 year collection in NYS. ---,With this unusual decoration the potter was possibly reflecting, a good harvest, fertility and a closeness to the earth and her resources. --- Ht: 5 1/8" Wd (with Handle): 4 3/4" Dia: 3 3/8" ******************************************************************************** ★ Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-ST-491

Price: $2,250.00

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TULIPS in VASE APPLIQUE QUILT – PENNSYLVANIA – Circa: Early 20th Century ******************************************************************************** Found in Indiana – Red, Green and Cheddar –-- Size: 78" by 81" – Stitch: 8 – Edge:Back to Front – 16 Squares – Single Borders ******************************************************************************** ★-- Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/T-Q-3010

Price: $1485.00


PENOBSCOT BIRCH BARK COVERED CONTAINER – Native American - Penobscot – Circa Mid 19th to Late 19th Century ******************************************************************************* This is a wonderful large Birch Bark Native American Storage Container with Lid. The containers round form has a whip stitched edge. The Naturalistic design elements etched/incised are surmounted by an overhanging lid. The elements are C scrolls and half sun bursts which are complemented by the container’s etched/incised graphic sides. ******************************************************************************** Birchbark vessels were important and dominant containers found in Northeastern cultures. Finding a large antique birch bark storage container intact is very unusual. To survive from this period of time is rare and places this Native American Container in a Museum Quality Level.–-*–- Dimensions: 14" x 15" Out of round - Lid Dia. - Height: 10 ½" ******************************************************************************* ★--Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/prouct/AC-B-561

Price: $840


AARON MOUNTZ - WOODEN CARVING of POODLE – Pennsylvania – Circa late 19th century - early 20th century ******************************************************************************** Attributed to Aaron W. Mountz (1873-1949) ******************************************************************************** Carved pine - No breaks or restorations. --- Height: 4 1/4" Width: 5" ******************************************************************************** Aaron Mountz’s carvings were shown at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum along with William Schimmel. --- A small round eagle sits next to a large carving of William Schimmel at The Smithsonian Museum in Washington, D.C. ******************************************************************************** Info from: Gardner Digital Library - Author: Kristin Senecal ******************************************************************************** ★ – Web link: ( Info. / More Images ) www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/A-F-3010

Price: $885.00


WATERCOLOR THEOREM - BASKET of FLOWERS - American - Found in Illinois - Circa: 1840 - 1860 ******************************************************************************** Colorful assortment of flowers flowing from a wicker basket. Well executed pleasing composition. –-- Watercolor and pencil on Paper. --- As found estate condition. No Repairs or Restorations ******************************************************************************** Image Size - Height: 14 1/8" Width: 17" ----- Frame Size - Height: 20 3/8" Width: 20 3/8" ******************************************************************************** ★-- Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://loweryantiques.com/product/a-f-3254

Price: $1,285.00


MINIATURE PAINTED MARKET BASKET - Found in Illinois - Early 20th Century ******************************************************************************** A high close and tightly woven handle creating a visual decorative appeal. Body has splint passed over and under the same ribs to achieve vertical bands. It has a distinctive woven upward contouring rim and base border. ******************************************************************************** Wonderful unusual basket that would fit in anyone miniature basket collection. --- Original Painted Surface with gold gilt handle and rim. ******************************************************************************** No Breaks or Restorations, Peeled-willow and splint ---- Height: 4 3/4" Width: 3 1/4" Depth: 3 1/8" ******************************************************************************** ★-- Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-B-313

Price: $345.00


PAINT DECORATED BOOK BOX - New York - Circa 1860-1880 ******************************************************************************** Original painted decoration. Book rosewood grained with simulated inlays, book pages gilt, sits flat on four turned gilt feet. ********************************************************************************* Untouched condition - no in painting or repainting - Height: 3 ½" Width: 10 ½" Depth: 9" ******************************************************************************** ★-- Web link: ( Info. / More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-434

Price: $485.00


PAINTED ( WINDSOR - TYPE ) FOOT STOOL - New York - Circa 1830-60 ******************************************************************************** Original painted tri-pod base with turned splayed legs. Circular top with rim carving has its original needlework covering. ******************************************************************************** No repairs - original found condition. - Height: 12" - Top Dia.: 10" ******************************************************************************** ★-- Inventory link ( More Images ) : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/AC-MIC-895 --★-- Inquiries: LoweryAntiques@twcny.rr.com or call / text 315-638-1329

Price: $245.00

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CHARGER - DELFTWARE / CERAMIC - Circa 1750 ******************************************************************************** A large mid-18th century charger hand molded and hand painted. Hand painted blue/white decoration with a interesting scroll border surrounding the center of the charger having a landscape scenic. ******************************************************************************** Good antique condition wear consistent with age and use. Chips along the edge. See photos for condition and description. - Diameter 13 1/4 inches ******************************************************************************** ★--Inventory link : https://www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/DA-C-3320

Price: $ 785.00


CHIPPENDALE SERVING TRAY - Circa 1770-1780 ******************************************************************************** A fine quality mahogany serving tray with distinctive scalloped wave design. Sides are dovetailed construction, each having shaped open handle apertures for carrying. ******************************************************************************** Very Good estate found condition. --- Old if not original surface. --- Height: 4" Width: 24 3/8" Depth: 15 1/4" ******************************************************************************** ★-- Web link: ( More Images ) www.LoweryAntiques.com/product/FU-MIC-3542

Price: $1,885.00

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