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SALE PHONE # 860-810-8280 AFTER 11:30ish USE # 860-345-8247. I collect and often way to much so need to sell as well so here are some of my current offerings. I buy lighting the most and have other interest so you will never know what I will be listing next. Toys are an interest and dress forms 1/2 scale and full size children’s and much much more ! Please ask if you have any questions, email is best. I don’t answer the phone to often but your email I will see right away. I also don’t want to hold things more than a few days (always some one wants it, cat nip !) and checks need to be here in a reasonable time like 10 days. I sell to keep my small funny farm in food and what ever else is needed. Thank You !

Stocking Rag Doll

From the early 1900’s and nice and suppose to be a princess. Near 14 inches tall and she has her cape and all down to her undies. Solid stuffed probably rags.

Price: $65.00

2021-May-15 10:35am EDT | Tags :

Smallest Churn !

Nice clean butter type churn with metal dasher. Probably USA pottery but not marked. Clean as can be and complete. 5 3/4 inches tall plus the handle.

Price: $59.00

2021-May-15 10:32am EDT | Tags :

10” Redware Jug, Very Nice

Dark glaze, very nice condition with just a few very tiny nicks. And just a few small chips at the bottom, no cracks.

Price: $250.00

2021-May-15 10:28am EDT | Tags :

May Sale ! Starts 5/15 @ 10:AM

Please use the phone # 860-810-8280 early and 860-345-8247 after 11:30ish email is good. Again Does Not Start Till Saturday 10: AM, Thank you !

Price: Various

2021-May-15 10:00am EDT | Tags :

LONG Fireplace Trammel 1700’s

This extends to 58 inches and shortest 37 1/2 inches and clearly used. Found at the 1708 home here in Ct., this man was a blacksmith and I have guess that this was made by him. Still has the soot on it where I found it in the fireplace in 2 pieces and I put it together. Nice working trammel and am showing it together with the trivet.

Price: $75.00

2021-May-13 12:51pm EDT | Tags :

1700’s Hearth Trivet with a Double Utensil Holder

This came from a blacksmiths home here in Ct. and the home dates to the very early 1700’s. Near 26 inches long and over 13 inches tall, this trivet has the double utensil holder and show much wear. It is a little wonky from serious use but years left. On the pot holder part is where the wear is and the rest is very good and the utensil holder moves freely. (showing both fireplace tools together.)

Price: Sold, thank you

2021-May-13 12:39pm EDT | Tags :

Early Henriot Quimper France 118 Sconce

Quite rare it seems, my guess that is was a special order which they uses to do. This is from about the later 1800’s my best guess. It measures 14 inches tall and over 6 1/2 inches wide. It has a gal painted at the bottom holding flowers with nice flower work and more painted over the rest of the dish. There is some wear to the surface of the pottery but quite minor. The tin candle holder is in great condition just shows age. Really nice.

Price: $395.00

2021-May-05 01:37pm EDT | Tags :

Great 18th Century Iron Trivet, the Cutest !

Small, measure just over 5 inches across and the curved handle is over 4 inches tall. With 3 penny feet and loads of character, just an unusual shape. It would look nice with a small kettle. (a copper kettle sit beautiful on this !)

Price: $199.00

2021-May-05 01:28pm EDT | Tags :

Silhouettes on Linen

These measure about 12 by 8 1/2 inches un-framed on linen. There nice, in good color, I like them because they have a back ground. Both for one money and need a good pressing. DeWitt Clinton & Daniel Warner

Price: 95.00 free shipping

2021-May-03 12:40pm EDT | Tags :

Nice Bing Bear on Wheels on Sale !

Smaller size, 8 1/2 by 13 inches. Nice red fur with glass eyes with the hump on the back, nice clean bear. The back 2 wheels were replaced some time in his life and must have been done long ago. Ask if you have a question. If you want him let me know, or he will go back up stairs with the large sheep on wheels and the large cow on wheels and even a bigger bear on wheels.

Price: 350.00 Sale/free shipping

2021-May-03 11:29am EDT | Tags :

Painted Tray & Wick Trimmer

Nice hand painted with floral design and a nice working wick trimmer with a spring inside. The wick trimmer is really nice.

Price: $39.00

2021-Apr-24 09:08am EDT | Tags :

27 inch Skimmer, Early Iron

This is a beauty, 27 inches long and near 6 inches wide.

Price: 75.00 free shipping

2021-Apr-20 10:39am EDT | Tags :

Heart Handle Peel 30 Inches

Nice heart design on the top of the handle, has a great deal of wear but is a true peel. A medium size at near 30 inches Lang.

Price: 85.00 free shipping

2021-Apr-20 10:25am EDT | Tags :

Flow Blue Cutting Board

Beautiful rare cutting board in china. 11 1/4 by 7 1/2 inches and in quite nice condition. It has a few nicks but no brakes or cracks. There is a a slight discolor along the bottom edge, hardly notice, see pics.

Price: $55.00

2021-Apr-19 12:17pm EDT | Tags :

Interesting Chestnut Roaster

Copper with iron fittings and is large ! Needs a handle or chunk of wood would make a good replacement. 11 by 4 inches and a 5 1/2 inch iron handle, has a great look. Had this for years, looks good by the fire place or with your prims.

Price: $65.00

2021-Apr-18 11:45am EDT | Tags :

Large Ovoid Redware Cream Pot, English

9 1/2 inches wide and 9 3/4 inches tall and is an ovoid. 7 inches across the bottom. Pretty cream glaze inside and great condition.

Price: 95.00 free shipping

2021-Apr-17 01:08pm EDT | Tags :

11 1/2 by 5 1/4 by 8 1/4 inches, nice curves on the arched back. Dovetailed both front and back and divided. Once had a lid but long gone and does have its attic surface.

Price: $195.00

2021-Apr-17 12:57pm EDT | Tags :

4 Different Betty Lamps, Iron & 2 Pottery

Nice but both of the iron ones are missing either a hook or the loop to do a hook. See pics, these are nice but not complete. Good for either a redware or wooden Betty stand would be nice. The 2 pottery oil lamps are early and sold together for the $55.00. Missing the handle loop on the left one but the other looks complete. Free shipping

Price: 55.00 each

2021-Apr-15 09:18am EDT | Tags :

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