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I buy lighting the most and have other interest so you will never know what I will be listing next. Toys are an interest and dress forms 1/2 scale and full size children’s and much much more ! Please ask if you have any questions, email is best. I don’t answer the phone to often but your email I will see right away. Thank You ! I NEED A FULL ADDRESS TO FIGURE SHIPPING, THEY DON’T USE JUST ZIP CODES ANY MORE. Thank you

Lg Painted Dough Box

33” long by 12” tall by 16” wide. Dovetailed and early paint along the one front side only. Found in Guilford, Ct. had this many years. It has a split at one end and glued but sturdy and deep attic surface on rest of the body and the interior. Almost a dark red/brown interior but it is just age not paint.

Price: $185.00

2022-May-18 04:18pm EDT | Tags :

Child’s Full Size Dressform with Legs/Iron Shoes

39 inches tall and papier-mâché is in very nice condition with no brakes I can find. Had this kid for years just never got around to recovering it. Still has the label on the back “KORECT-WAY FORMS #6”, nice.

Price: $650.00

2022-May-15 11:47am EDT | Tags :

Mini Bucket with Label

E. Murdock & Co. patterned applied for marked on the bottom. 4 inches tall and 4 3/4 inches across the top and 3 7/8 inches across the bottom. Still has it’s Oaken Bucket label. No little stem at the top.

Price: 95.00 free shipping

2022-May-15 10:40am EDT | Tags :

Small Theorem

This is a fruit basket and measures 6 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches on velvet. Bought local here in Ct. years ago.

Price: 85.00 free shipping

2022-May-15 10:34am EDT | Tags :

Best Early Child’s Chair

Best guess this is late 1800’s to early 1800’s and stands 18 inches and about 14 inches wide. Old dark brown surface with much wear but not worn out. This has the best turns, check them out. Fully scribed. Bought this about 30 years ago, just a great look.

Price: $295.00

2022-May-15 10:30am EDT | Tags :

Child’s Cavanaugh Full Body DressForm

Love these small forms and not easy to find either ! Just over 37 inches tall this is a 9 month form and is in very nice condition. Her base in iron is missing and was given an old wooden replacement much like the French ones, very nice as you can see. 1950’s ?

Price: $350.00

2022-May-14 01:47pm EDT | Tags :

Child’s Working Wooden Cannon

About 6 inches wide and 22 inches long, fun working cannon. Spring driven but no cannon balls ? It had a glue repair in one side of the body but works fine, sturdy. Natural and grey wood color.

Price: 95.00 free shipping

2022-May-14 01:35pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Early Salt Box, Large

16 1/2 tall 8 by 9 3/4 deep inches and old original red/brown paint. Scribed “SALT” across the front and inch thick wood. Came from an early up state N.Y. farm sale.

Price: 275.00 free shipping

2022-May-14 01:22pm EDT | Tags :

Make-Do Light

4 1/2 inches tall and a base near the same square. Old antique brass working push up. This was made up about 30 years ago, the wood base is of old wood chestnut.

Price: 55.00 Free shipping

2022-May-14 11:59am EDT | Tags :

Child’s Lg. Wagon Seat in Paint

Over 21 inches long and over 7 inches tall and with the feet on the bottom 12 inches deep. Red worn paint with yellow pin stripes. Has wear but very nice, had this for many years.

Price: 145.00 free shipping

2022-May-05 09:20am EDT | Tags :

Child’s Painted Upholstered Make-Do Chair

23 inches tall. Early woolen blanket fragment used to cover the chair with new padding. Chair is a good condition child’s arm chair, with a woven seat and loose cushion.

Price: $195.00

2022-May-02 11:01am EDT | Tags :

Mustard Pot - Calico, Chintz ?

I don’t know the pattern but it is in excellent condition with a pewter top. This is not any thing I know about or think I know about but it is so pretty I had to buy it. I think it is a mustard pot ? Bought it good so I think it is priced right as well. 3 1/2 “ tall and about 3” at the widest.

Price: 45.00 free shipping/sale

2022-Apr-15 12:17pm EDT | Tags :

Cutlery Box, Make-do Handle

6” tall by 13” long by 7 1/2” wide and good old pine with a replaced, make-do leather handle. Pure primitive country cutlery/tote box.

Price: 99.00 free shipping/sale

2022-Apr-10 12:25pm EDT | Tags :

Very Nice 2 Handle Basket

This is very nice and I have had it for 30 plus years. 9 inches tall and over 15 inches across and with just a little wear at the 4 corners. The top wrap is perfect and 2 very good cut handles.

Price: 165.00 free shipping

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