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I buy lighting the most and have other interest so you will never know what I will be listing next. Toys are an interest and dress forms 1/2 scale and full size children’s and much much more ! Please ask if you have any questions, email is best. I don’t answer the phone to often but your email I will see right away. Thank You ! I NEED A FULL ADDRESS TO FIGURE SHIPPING, THEY DON’T USE JUST ZIP CODES ANY MORE. Thank you

Antique Wax Baby for Manger

Has damage to the one right arm, missing hand as you can see. He has hair and glass eyes and wrapped in muslin cloth. Could be arranged to not show, wrapped in a blanket. Measures 11 inches long. Really quite nice and rare. Quite old.

Price: 55.00 free shipping

2022-Dec-10 11:21am EST | Tags :

Very Small Candle Sconce

Just a hair over 6 inches and old paint.

Price: 85.00 free shipping

2022-Dec-06 10:16am EST | Tags :

5 Tin Candle Molds

From the left are three of the 12 candle molds and center is a 4 candle mold and the last right is a 6 candle mold. All in good shape, fare left and far right are my 2 favorites. Nothing missing, they have all there handles nothing loose.

Price: 65.00 each/free shipping

2022-Dec-06 10:08am EST | Tags :

2 Art Fabric Mills Dolls

The Mary Pickford style doll is 25 inches tall and has some stains and wear but you can see she is quite nice. Some one has put cardboard in the feet to help her stand better, she is very nice, great smile and hair with ribbon. The smaller of the 2 is 17 inches and you can see I’d give her a 95% perfect ! Just the most clean and bright colors in one of these dolls that you will ever see. Clean and has a great face and clearly marked on the bottom of her foot the large one is not. Very, very nice.

Price: 95.00 each-free shipping

2022-Dec-01 01:14pm EST | Tags :

Door Stop Lady.

About 4 1/2 inches tall and all original paint. Quite nice condition. She is wearing a hat and a colonial lavender dress with flowers. Needs a good cleaning.

Price: 39.00 free shipping

2022-Dec-01 01:01pm EST | Tags :

3 China Heads in a Child’s Shoe, Folk Art

Have to think this was a child’s small shoe with leather bottom and top also has added fabric. Cute !

Price: 85.00 free shipping

2022-Dec-01 12:57pm EST | Tags :

Doll/Child’s Small Painted Rocking Chair

17 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches tall. All original paint and a small repair to the back left leg. This is a beauty.

Price: $95.00

2022-Dec-01 12:52pm EST | Tags :

Wooden Bowl, Footed

11 by 10 5/8 inches and in great shape. It’s footed and very sturdy and has wear but you can see by the pics it is very nice.

Price: $95.00

2022-Nov-22 11:41am EST | Tags :

Large Wooden Tureen Plate, Vintage

Not antique but a nice large wooden plate that measures 11 by 11 1/8 inches, just slight out of round. Nice edge with good color.

Price: 85.00 free shipping

2022-Nov-22 11:39am EST | Tags :

Large Basin Style Bowl

Has issues but just a nice surviver ! Over 11 inches wide with the lip, you can see it has lost quite a bit of the glaze/redware but still solid no cracks and just a nice bowl that can be used for decor.

Price: $55.00

2022-Nov-22 11:36am EST | Tags :

Small Deep Iron Pan with Name

—-RICK can’t make out the first 3 letter. Nice, has a good tab handle but does have a chip on the rim, see second pic.

Price: 35.00 free shipping

2022-Oct-02 09:10am EDT | Tags :

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