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I buy lighting the most and have other interest so you will never know what I will be listing next. Toys are an interest and dress forms 1/2 scale and full size children’s and much much more ! Please ask if you have any questions, email is best. I don’t answer the phone to often but your email I will see right away. Thank You ! I NEED A FULL ADDRESS TO FIGURE SHIPPING, THEY DON’T USE JUST ZIP CODES ANY MORE. Thank you

Dolls Cradle Now Apple Box ??

About 19 by 11 by 7 inches and old attic surface. It is all square nails and has the best shape. I do have the old rocker can include if you like. I think it would make a great apple box or small pumpkins or what ever you like.

Price: 150.00 Free shipping

2022-Oct-04 09:52am EDT | Tags :

1 DOLL HAT, Vintage

I’d say the vintage straw type Shaker style hat would fit a good size grapefruit. In very good condition, 6 by 5 inches.

Price: 45.00 free shipping

2022-Oct-03 07:54am EDT | Tags :

Very Small Size Reverse Mirror

Just under 22 inches by just over 12 inches at the widest point. Lots of blue at the top reverse painted with gold and more, nice painted and very good condition. Small size with what looks like original mirror, very nice.

Price: 65.00. Free shipping

2022-Oct-02 09:23am EDT | Tags :

Tole Painted Candle Stick

5 inch tall candle stick with painted surface with berries and leaves and pin striping. It has the chair hook but No push up.

Price: 29.00 free shipping

2022-Oct-02 09:15am EDT | Tags :

Small Deep Iron Pan with Name

—-RICK can’t make out the first 3 letter. Nice, has a good tab handle but does have a chip on the rim, see second pic.

Price: 35.00 free shipping

2022-Oct-02 09:10am EDT | Tags :

Early Bell for when There was a House Fire !

5 1/4 by 4 inches and in prefect condition. This sounds like rocks on the inside and rung when there was a house fire calling for help. Looks like a toy.

Price: 29.00 free shipping

2022-Oct-02 09:07am EDT | Tags :

Painted Tin Candle Pan

5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches with a deep dish and old black paint which looks original. This has no push up but nice and good for decorating with such a deep dish at the bottom. Last pic is of things I am listing.

Price: 29.00 free shipping

2022-Oct-02 09:03am EDT | Tags :

Scissor Type Ember Tongs

Extended 22 inches and closed 2 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches. I think you call it sheet metal and it works ! Nice no issues.

Price: 155.00 free shipping

2022-Jul-12 02:08pm EDT | Tags :

2 Small Comp SHEEP

About 4 by 3 inches and very nice.

Price: 55.00. Free shipping-sale

2022-Jul-10 12:01pm EDT | Tags :

Pot Lifter for your Fireplace

About 14 inches long and in perfect working order. They are iron.

Price: 55.00 Free shipping

2022-Jul-10 11:56am EDT | Tags :

Very Rare Grey Graniteware Sink !!

30 1/2 by 21 1/4 inches, quite nice condition. And 6 inches deep. Thought someone might like this for there potting bench, very nice condition could be used with a little work for running water, nice. This is in very nice condition with no real damage to stop you from using it as a sink, needs a good cleaning, lots of smaller pieces of graniteware are not this nice at all.

Price: SALE 99.00

2022-Jun-26 09:40am EDT | Tags :

Water Pale with Tole

Stands with handle up about 17 inches tall and has wear but quite nice. Does it hold water, I don’t know ?

Price: SALE 49.00

2022-Jun-26 09:31am EDT | Tags :

FatPan Light

This is very nice, a total length of 24 inches and perfect working order with light rust. From the late 1700’s to the early 1800’s and still in working order. I like it has the long 18 inch hanger still attached. These don’t come along to often, looks good in my home !

Price: SALE 245.00

2022-Jun-26 09:12am EDT | Tags :

Old Salt Crock

Table top or hanging, this is in excellent shape. No cracks and I don’t find any chips just a couple of tiny nicks where you hang it. No lid, could make a wooden one if you need a lid ? Very nice.

Price: SALE 45.00 free shipping

2022-May-31 09:13am EDT | Tags :

Child’s Painted Upholstered Make-Do Chair

23 inches tall. Early woolen blanket fragment used to cover the chair with new padding. Chair is a good condition child’s arm chair, with a woven seat and loose cushion.

Price: $195.00

2022-May-02 11:01am EDT | Tags :

Mustard Pot - Calico, Chintz ?

I don’t know the pattern but it is in excellent condition with a pewter top. This is not any thing I know about or think I know about but it is so pretty I had to buy it. I think it is a mustard pot ? Bought it good so I think it is priced right as well. 3 1/2 “ tall and about 3” at the widest.

Price: 45.00 free shipping/sale

2022-Apr-15 12:17pm EDT | Tags :

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