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Dig Antiques is such a wonderful website with great dealers and the owner Tom is just a pleasure! We are honored and thrilled to be a part of the fun and hope you will be able to find a special antique that delights you! Judy and I (Michelle) are joining forces by listing interesting and unique antique offerings from Pennsylvania and Virginia’s Eastern Shore. We are both originally from California and decided to follow our dream of purchasing an old farmhouse where our antique collections would feel right at home.

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Swedish Weaving Shuttle Heart Design

Wonderful weaving shuttle embellished with hand carved and inlaid heart decoration. Swedish origin dating to the late 19th century to the turn of the century and my guess is this piece may have been given to a sweetheart by the carver because of the heart theme. The initial “H” appears in two different places. Shuttle was varnished because it helped guard against friction and drag by allowing it to glide across the warp threads more easily. A piece of thick wire on both ends was used as a “wear guard”. The wire is missing on one end but indications it was present are there. A small chip can be found on the end that has the wear guard intact. Nice form sporting a gentle curved feature known as the boat. The small dowel in the middle originally held either flax / linen or wool thread. This shuttle is further accented with vines and a series of half-moon circles on the top location done in black paint. There are several tiny holes present shown at random from a bug but he is long gone! Condition is very good and this unique shuttle is probably one of a kind. Measures 12” long, measures 1 ¼” across the middle section and stands ¾” tall. More pictures available.

Price: $85.50 ~Free Shipping~

2023-Jan-22 10:07am EST | Tags : Swedish Weaving Shuttle

Early Wallpaper Dome Top Box

Great example and opportunity to own a small dome top box dating from the early 18th century sporting a pretty hand blocked wallpaper feature. The tin hasp and unusual hinges were handmade and pegged construction is in keeping to the early date. There is some paper loss but is still intact enough to excite us with the folk art design elements. Black vines seem to be floating on a deep avocado ground while a series of pale blue vertical scrolls also appear in this pattern that is repeated on all four side panels. A different designed paper was chosen for the top and exhibits an enclosed triangle seemingly protecting the suggested foliate pattern held within bordered by red pin striping. A tiny hole appears on the front middle area near the bottom. A couple tight age cracks are barely visible on the underside (bottom). Overall condition is very good considering a piece of this age. A very special box seeking a special home! Stands 4 ½” tall (dome area), measures almost 9” across and measures 5 ¼” deep. More pictures available just ask!

Price: $245.50 *Free Shipping*

2022-Dec-31 02:00pm EST | Tags : Wallpaper Box Early pegged Dome Top Box

Pennsylvania Cookie Cutters Figural Women

This pair of flatback, strap handled (one only) cookie cutters are folksy and fun! They date to the late 19th century and depict two women, one large and one small. The larger, harder to find version does have light surface rust throughout but the smaller cutter seems to have escaped this circumstance. There is a small break limited to the left arm only where the solder has pulled away from the tin. Larger cutter having one large and two small vent holes. Smaller cutter is missing the handle which provided an opportunity to create a wire stand. This piece may have been re-soldered at one point because the metal alloy extends past the figure. No breaks to report. Maybe one can fantasize that the larger cutter is the mother and the smaller version is the child. Nice Pair that can be added to your growing collection! Large cutter stands 6 ¼” tall, measures almost 3” across the top and graduates to almost 3 ¾” across the bottom. Smaller cutter stands almost 4” tall and measures 3” across. More pictures available!

Price: $75.50 *Free Shipping*

2022-Dec-31 02:00pm EST | Tags : Antique Tin Antique Cookie Cutter Cookie Cutter Woman

19th Century Wooden Bowl Winter Landscape

Wonderful bowl sporting out of round form and also surprises us with a hand painted winter scene. Vestiges of glitter possibly Mica dot the painting and act as a highlight enhancing the scene. Wooden spoon is also included. There are some dark spots present that appear at random but do not detract from this hand painted creation. Areas of wear are attributed to the rim lip. The back of the bowl possesses a delicious dark patina. There are some tight cracks located on the back but do not appear on the front. A rough area resides on the outside rim and a small hole (where the dark area is located) is also visible on the back. Some areas on the surface appear lighter in color. Appropriate surface wear appears on the bottom of the bowl where it touched the surface it was placed on. There are no chips to report. The wooden spoon does have some areas of loss just above the bowl on the left hand side as well as some age related cracks limited to the edge of the bowl. This piece shows well and blesses us with artistic whimsy! Bowl measures 12” across (right to left), measures 13” across (front to back), stands 3 ¼” tall and measures 4” across the bottom. Spoon measures 12" tall.

Price: $135.50 Freight to be Determined

2022-Dec-11 11:00am EST | Tags : Bowl Painted Winter

Mid-19th Century Tole Painted Document Box

This eye catching document box sporting stenciled accents of forest green and pale goldenrod against a crimson red ground dates to the mid-19th century. The tin box is ornamented with representation of a foliage and floral design that adorn the front incorporating black double pinstripe accents that appear on the top and bottom areas as well as the dome top lid. Bold and classic comma strokes take center stage on the top lid location and border the wire carrying handle. The sides and back are not decorated. There are areas of surface wear that include paint loss but the lovely design is still intact and so is the hasp which does sit a little crooked. There is a slight dent located on the left hand side but is very hard to detect. The bottom of the box supports a japanned surface while the inside dictates a combination of dark and light hues present in the tin. The inside bottom area does have some light surface rust but does not show through on the other side. It appears that the underside of the wire carrying handle was re-soldered at one point. The condition is very good as this piece still retains about 95% of the paint values. Box stands 4 ¼” high, measures 8" across & 4" deep

Price: $95.50 ~Free Shipping~

2022-Dec-11 11:00am EST | Tags : Document Box Tole Painted

German Putz Spotted Ram Rare

Hard to find Putz ram having a spotted wooly coat. Blue collar is marked Germany and still retains original bell. His horns have a “make~do” repair and are not original. It appears a piece of gold foil was used and I am unsure when this repair occurred. His darling face has been hand painted with eyebrow features. The right ear has a chip on the edge but the other ear is fine. One of the front legs is a little wobbly but the rest are in good shape. You may have to position this leg a little outward for him to stand correctly. There are some areas in his coat that appear light brown in color and are probably age related. He never had a tail and there is very minor paint loss. He measures 3 ¼” tall, measures 2 ½” tall (back rear location), measures 3 ¼” from the tip of his nose to the rear and measures almost 1” across his rear area. More pictures available just ask.

Price: $175.50 ~Free Shipping~

2022-Nov-30 10:00am EST | Tags : Putz Ram Wooly Sheep German Putz

Checkerboard Warm Nutmeg Brown Paint

Exceptionally nice checkerboard sporting a warm nutmeg brown with a hint of oxblood red paint that dates to the last quarter of the 19th century. Original surface that shows signs of wear but the overall appearance is wonderful. Slight wood and paint loss to outermost edge as shown. Defined gallery edge for holding playing pieces on each side. One board construction having round head nails. A visible horizontal crack starts on the left hand side near the middle section and terminates about three quarters of the way into the playing field. Expected wood shrinkage to the top and bottom locations of the gallery sections where playing pieces were kept. There are two newer Phillips screws in the back attached on each side to perhaps accommodate a wire for hanging. This piece is heavy, strong and well made. It can grace any area of your home lending folk art appeal, style and color! Measures 24 3/4" across, 19" deep (front to back) & 1 1/4" thick. More pictures available just ask.

Price: Sold Thank You! $395.50 Freight to be determined after providing Zip Code.

2022-Nov-26 09:00pm EST | Tags : checkerboard paint gameboard

Game Board with Marbles

Beautiful walnut solitaire game board that dates from mid- to late 19th century. Vintage glass “cats eye” marbles including the “shooter” substitute original handmade clay marbles. Gorgeous rich patinaed original surface delights us with speckled color variations in the wood. There is one tight crack located on the outside top edge that cascades down toward the side and terminates ½” on the bottom. There is one more lone smaller crack on the outermost edge. A tiny nick is present on the inside raised rim as well as a cluster of scratches. The bottom sporting a chamfered bottom edge has experienced some rough areas near the edge. This piece still has an overall wonderful appearance considering the age. Perfect addition to your game board collections! Measures 11 ¾” across (horizontal) by 12” (vertical) front to back and is almost ¾” thick. More pictures available just ask.

Price: $249.50 Free Shipping!

2022-Nov-26 02:00pm EST | Tags : Game Board Solitaire

Early Firkin in Green Paint

Beautiful firkin dating from 1840 to 1860 sporting lively squash green paint. Handle moves freely and the staves and bands are tight. One area of wood loss dedicated to the outer edge of the lid. Nail construction with reinforced staples to each individual finger end except on the lid. A couple bent over nails were used to secure the bottom band. Spray paint residue on the inside near the top opening. Nice medium size and displays very well! Stands 13 1/2" tall including the handle, measures 9 1/2" tall with handle displayed in a downward position, measures 9" across the top and 9 1/2" across the bottom. More pictures available just ask.

Price: $195.50 Freight to be determined after providing Zip Code.

2022-Oct-07 10:00am EDT | Tags : Firkin Early Paint Green Paint

Studded Document Box Red Paint

This lovely document box was covered in canvas and lends an exciting rusty red enamel paint bordered by black accent trims. The studded appearance further enhances the beauty especially on the top sporting an elongated triangle design element. Surprise……this piece even possesses the old key. However it does not turn the locking mechanism. This box fashioned from pine dates to the mid-19th century. The surface sporting an alligator appearance does show signs of appropriate wear relating to loss near the top edges and back hinges, dark and light spots as shown as well as paper loss on the inside and bottom areas. The leather hinges are original. The inside was covered with paper used as an alternative to the more traditional newspaper lining. The lid opens freely and does stay in an upward position. The studs are brass and the circular metal feet mimicking a brass finish were added at a later date. The handle has a split in the middle and only soft cardboard remains. Nice smaller size and displays well! Measures almost 10” across, stands 4 ¾” tall and measures 6 ½” deep. More pictures available!

Price: $175.50 *Free Shipping*

2022-Sep-08 01:00pm EDT | Tags : Document Box

Firkin Mincemeat Bucket in Mustard Paint

Wonderful early 1900's Mincemeat advertising bucket in mustard paint with contrasting apple green painted metal bands. Staved construction with staple fingers and nail reinforcements to bands. Gorgeous graphics 90% intact showing a bucolic scene of a Jersey cow in a field with the barn off in the distance. The manufacture "Atmore & Son, Inc., Philadelphia Pennsylvania" as well as the contents are clearly legible. The incised lid is marked 20 LBS with instructions "to keep in a cool place and stir often". Paint loss and rust on bands as well as dark areas in the wood sprinkled at random. Minor tiny chips to bottom edge along with a couple cracks on the top cover. Medium to large size stacking capability. Overall very good condition as this piece shows well and offers color as well as interest. Stands 10" tall, measures 9 3/4" across the top and measures 11" across the bottom. More pictures available!

Price: $175.50 ~Freight to be Determined~

2022-Sep-08 01:00pm EDT | Tags : Firkin Mincemeat Advertising

Signed Sampler Exemplary Carved Frame

This sweet sampler, framed under glass was worked by Miss Mary Hunt and portrays simple form but also blesses us with a quaint meandering border executed in darker thread. This textile dates from 1820 to 1835 and was worked with silk thread on a linen ground. The frame is exceptional boasting a carved recessed floral pattern that is quite stunning! There are scattered areas of light age related toning. However there is no thread loss, holes or fading to report! Sampler protrudes the backside with exposed edges that have been folded over and lay taught against the wood insert secured by nails. There is a piece of wood missing on the back edge, left hand side of the frame near the middle location. Tiny chips are also present on the upper as well as the right bottom corners. Glass is intact and in good condition. Measures 12 ½” tall, 14 ½” across and is a little over ¾” thick (deep). Would make a great addition to your textile collection. More pictures available! ~Freight to be Determined~.

Price: ~SOLD!~$210.50 Thank You!

2022-Jul-20 11:14am EDT | Tags : Sampler Early Textile

Early Pewter Spout Lamp

Nice example of an early spout lamp found in Northeastern Pennsylvania fashioned from either pewter or a plated brass (failed magnet test) and dates to the 1790 to 1820 period. It would have accommodated either animal or vegetable oils held in the reservoir with the receptive wick resting in the channel. Style is wonderful rendering slender proportions sporting a decorative handle and stepped base. Hinged top is removable to accommodate easy access for oil. Double and triple banded concentric circles lends further detail to the center tube. There are not many known survivors of this particular style lamp and with that in mind this piece is considered rare. Small dents found on edge of base, reservoir and also on the tube. A variety of scratches as well as tiny nicks are scattered randomly throughout. Reservoir has experienced an open crack about half way up just opposite the wick channel but is hard to detect unless held up to the light. This piece is lightweight and still in overall good condition and seems to bless us with an unusual appearance. Lamp stands 11 ½” tall, measures 5 ¼” across widest area (end of channel to reservoir) and measures 5 ¼” across base.

Price: $195.50 Freight Included!

2022-May-27 10:00am EDT | Tags : Early Lighting Spout Lamp

Homeopathic Traveling Vial Kit Complete

Interesting Homeopathic Traveling Vial Kit, 1900 to 1920 era. These vials predate other glass examples and are harder to find because they are lacking the screw threaded top. Amazingly, they retain their original corks as well as the labels (though hard to decipher). One of the tops has broken off in one bottle. The “extract or patent finish” referred to by Glass-makers such as the “Illinois Glass Company” indicates a squared off to slightly rounded band on the lip which is a little wider than the upper neck. These bottles were turn molded as they lack seams and have a distorted (wavy) appearance on the bottom. Crystal clear hue suggests they were tucked away in the leather case provided and were not exposed to sunlight. Case has appropriate wear and possesses a snap closure. Bottles are in perfect condition! Case measures 3 3/4" tall, 4 1/2" wide & 1 1/4" deep. Bottle stands 3 3/8" tall & bottom measures 3/4" across. More pictures available, just ask!

Price: $155.50 *Ships Free!

2022-Feb-14 10:00am EST | Tags : Glass Bottles

Early Spice Box Slide Cover Table Version

This interesting spice box fashioned from cut nails dates from the early 19th century and has great form sporting a raised center on the slide lid cover along with trim details that finish off this piece quite nicely. The six divided compartments are intact and boast honest patina preserved by the protection of the lid. There is a piece of wood missing from the top upper corner. It does not appear to be a clean break and my guess is this corner may have been affected by a hungry visitor who tried to gain entrance for the delectable goodies housed inside. The left bottom corner has slight damage. It is structurally sound and sports a dry attic appearance. Very unusual spice box that is not commonly found. Box measures almost 9” across, stands 3 ¼”tall and measures 5 ¾” front to back (deep). Compartments measure about 2 ½” by 2 ½”. More pictures available!

Price: $225.50 SALE PRICE $199.50

2021-Sep-15 09:00am EDT | Tags : Spice Box

Early Portsmouth Betty Whale Oil Lamp

This exciting early lighting vessel dates around the 1840’s to the 1850’s period and has pleasing form given that it possesses its own “tidy”. The lamp is not removable and is part of the stand. Upon opening the lid a woven fabric wick is revealed that helped assist in keeping the flame alive. It rests near the font area and absorbed the whale oil in the reservoir. The hinged lid does not completely close near the front opening but rather raises up about ¼” on the right compared to about 1/8” on the left hand side. The finial is comprised of three concentric rolled circles joined together that closely mimic finials often found on tin sugar bowls. This piece was fashioned using sheet iron and has a delicious dark surface. There is just a smidge of light surface rust on the top (lid area) and behind it along with several holes located on the bottom. This lamp is in good overall condition and would be a nice compliment to your collection! More pictures just ask! Lamp stands approximately 7 ½” tall and base measures 6” across and has a 1” secure sidewall.

Price: ~Sale~ $225.50 Was $249.50

2021-Jun-05 10:00am EDT | Tags : Early Lighting Betty Lamp

Bottle Doll

This sweet old bottle doll was found in Virginia and measures just about 15" tall and stands on a 3 1/2" bottle base which is covered in black fabric and has a plaid petticoat ruffle along the bottom. Her dress is a brown silk and she has a white pinafore/apron pinned to her front. The head and arms are made of a dark brown stocking type fabric. Arms move up and down slightly. She has a little pinched nose, button eyes, a stitched mouth, and what looks like yarn or thread hair. She is further embellished with little drop earrings. There is a 3 1/2" seam separation to the bottom of her dress as seen in our photo. What a charming girl she is and definitely an old one! Contact Judy. Thank You! Free Shipping

Price: $165.00

2021-Mar-04 10:00am EST | Tags : Bottle Doll

Antique Swedish Cheese Mold With Heart Design

Hand-carved cheese mold purchased in Sweden in the early l980's. Often made for a future bride by her intended husband. All original dry finish measuring 10" long x 4 1/2" wide x 3 1/4" deep. Sturdy condition with some age and usage wear to end pieces and a small piece of missing wood from the back as seen in photos. Contact Judy. Free Shipping

Price: $125.00

2021-Feb-25 10:00am EST | Tags :

Early Pennsylvania Salamander/Spatula Pair

These early white-smith fashioned salamanders, (sold as a pair) offer instant late 18th to early 19th century charm to any hearth. Both of these hard to find Pennsylvania origin pieces would have been used as a turner and can also be called spatulas. These whitesmith fashioned spatula’s exhibit a primitive and crudely fashioned look but yet the scalloped edges on the second piece do convey decorative form. Well defined loops are located in the back that act as hangers. There are areas of surface rust in reference to the spatula with the rectangular bottom located on the edge of the handle (near the top) as well as on the front. The first spatula that sports the scalloped edges does have a slight bend at the bottom that curves toward the back. The surface has dulled to a desirable pewter color over time. However the front of the rectangular shaped turner is a tad more shiny than the other piece. Both measure 12 1/4" tall. Contact Michelle Thank you!

Price: $125.50

2021-Jan-29 07:00pm EST | Tags : Hearthware Whitesmith Spatula

Early Pantry Box Marked Peas

This antique pantry box was found in Virginia and was evidently used to store dried peas as the word "peas" is stenciled on the side. All tack construction (no staples) and showing a nice dark, rich patina. The lid had a crack which we have repaired and there is a wedge of missing wood about 1 1/2" long to the right of the repair (see photo #1). These old pantry boxes are getting harder to find at a reasonable price and we are pleased to be able to offer this l9th century piece at an affordable price. Height is about 4 1/2" and diameter is 8 3/4". FREE SHIPPING! Contact Judy Thank You.

Price: $75.00

2021-Jan-29 07:00pm EST | Tags :

Antique Chocolate Heart Mold

This antique/primitive flat heart mold is very heavy and in excellent condition. It was purchased several years ago from a large collection of antique heart-related items that were assembled over a period of 20 to 30 years. As seen in our photos, there are three horizontal rows each containing four separate molds, for a total of twelve individual hearts. The hearts are concave to accommodate the melted chocolate. Each heart has a cross-hatch design which would have added a charming decorative touch to the finished product. The frame is quite heavy; the back shows the soldering around the individual hearts and the horizontal band reinforcement bars. A sturdy wire is attached across the back for hanging. A small amount of rust due to usage can be seen on the outside rims but is not visible from the front. The mold is not marked but is quite similar in construction to an early Eppelsheimer soldered and framed flat Indian Head mold as seen in "Chocolate Moulds -- A History & Encyclopedia" by Judene Divonne -- page 48. This beautiful piece measures 14 1/2" wide x 12 1/2" long x 1 1/2" deep. Contact Judy

Price: 175.00 ~Sale Price $149.00~

2021-Jan-29 07:00pm EST | Tags : Chocolate Mold Heart

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