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Hi! My name is Tom Wheatley. Thanks for stopping by Southfork Farm Antiques. My wife, Susie and I have been buying and selling antiques since 1986. We offer early lighting, fireplace iron, country primitives in original paint, and many other interesting items. It doesn't get too primitive for us. We search for the best things so we can offer you the quality you are looking for. I currently accept checks in good standing and USPS money orders. Checks must clear before your item is shipped. You may also LAY-AWAY your item to help you with your purchase. I will accept returns within 72 hours. Please email me or call me and let me know what the issue is. If the item returned is in the same condition as when I shipped it, I will refund the cost of the item minus shipping and insurance. Kentucky residents are subject to 6% Kentucky sales tax. I only sell and ship within the U.S.. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or ask for additional pictures. We appreciate your inquiries. All shipping and insurance cost is the buyer's responsibility. We allow you to also pick your item up in person. I SHIP USING USPS, UPS, FEDEX, whichever is cheapest for you!

Early 19th c Wall Box

I am offering a wonderful 19th century wall box with a cant front in robin's egg blue original paint, probably New England. It is constructed with square nails. An old repair was made to a crack in the back of the box. Has expected wear. I have more pics I can send to you if needed. It measures: 14" wide, 7" front to back, 4" tall in front, 7 1/2" tall in back, box is 3 1/2" deep.


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19th c Gentleman's Dresser Box w/Swivel top

For sale is a handmade gentleman's dresser box (description given at the auction) in walnut. It is unique since there are no nails, no pegs, screws, or glue. It is made from a single block of wood. The lid seems to have been sawed free from the rest of the block, then the compartments were chiseled out by hand. Before the lid was free, the piece that the hinge is made up of was carved. A hole was drilled and a nail was inserted through, which made the top swivel to open. The lid has a hand-cut decoration carved into it. This was made probably in the late 1800s or early 1900s. Very finely crafted for a primitive piece. I have other pics I can share with you. It measures: 15" long, 5" wide, 4 1/2" tall. The compartments are 5" x 3 3/8", and about 2 1/2" deep (roughly).

Price: $250.00 + SHIPPING

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Walnut Flax Hatchel W/Lollipop Ends

This is a nice hatchel. It is made of walnut, which is unusual because the ones I have had were either pine or poplar. You can see in the picture that there are screws holding the block with the spikes. I removed one of the screws to see what it looked like, and it looks to be handmade. I have a pic that I can send. It measures: 17 1/2" long and 5 1/2" wide. I can share more pics.


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Early Vermont Wall Box

I am offering a great early Vermont wall box in original blue paint. The box has square nails and wonderful patina. This is a truly nice primitive box. There is an age crack on the back that has been there for many years, but that just adds charm to the piece. The measurements are: 12 1/2" wide, 8 3/4" front to back, 14 3/4" tall in back, 5 1/4" tall at the box, 4 1/2" deep inside box. I will send more pics if needed.

Price: $695.00 -- + SHIPPING

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Early 1800s Rotating Gridiron

I am selling a rotating gridiron from around 1820. These were used in a cooking fireplace to roast meat or vegetables by the fire. One of the legs is bent a little, but does not take away from the looks or function. A great piece to set next to your hearth. It measures 25 1/2" long and 13" wide at the rotating grid. I will send more pics on request.

Price: $180.00 -- + SHIPPING

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1800s Painted Pine Wall Box

Being offered is a early 1800s pine wall box with traces of old green paint. It is of square nail construction. This will make a really nice addition to your country home. A few modern nails have been added through the years, but does not take away from the piece. The measurements are: 8 3/4" wide, 7" deep, 7" tall in front, 11 1/2" tall at the back. The inside of the box is 6" deep. More pics can be sent to you.

Price: $450.00 -- SALE PRICE >> $395.00 + SHIPPING

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Painted Oval Tinder Box 1700s

For sale is a 18th century tinder box painted green. The paint has wonderful wear from use, and the patina is great. There is no flint and striker. There is an oval plate to separate the flint and striker from the tinder. The box is in very good condition, and will look great on your mantle or setting on a candle stand. It measures: 5" x 5.5" x 5". I can send additional pics on request.

Price: $595.00 --- SALE PRICE $495.00 + SHIPPING

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18th Century Pan Lamp

This pan lamp is in great condition and dates from the mid to late 1700s. The arm and swivel pin are mounted to a twisted shaft with hanging hook. At some point, the lamp was cleaned with care, but the original surface still remains. It would be a nice addition to your collection. It measures: 3" x 4 1/2" x 16 1/2". Please feel free to ask questions. Ask for more pics if want them,

Price: $595.00 + SHIPPING

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1800s Tin Baby Nurser

I am offering for sale, a tin baby nurser. These are a pretty rare find. It is made of sheet tin and soldered at the joints. The nurser is all original. I did some research on it and found that they were in use from the early to mid 1800s, and were found in use primarily in central Pennsylvania. My second pic shows the tube leading from the bottom of the cup to the top, which allowed the baby to suck the food through the hole in the lead nipple. There is no rust or pitting and is very smooth on the outside. There is also a wonderful patina and only one extremely minor dent (not sure if it will show on a pic). I can send more pics if you would like. It measures: 3 3/4" tall, 2 1/2" wide at the base, and the opening at the top is 1 3/4".

Price: $350.00 + SHIPPING

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1800s Flax Ripple

For sale is a flax ripple. This piece was used to extract the flax seeds, which were used to make linseed oil, or to plant to grow more flax, or were fed to cattle. Nothing was wasted in those days. Unusual form. The wood was planed by hand, and was decorated on the sides and top. It measures 16 1/2" wide at the base, 9" wide at the top, 10 1/2" tall at the top, 14 1/2" tall at the tip of the spikes, and 5" deep. Can send more pics if needed.

Price: $165.00 -- SALE PRICE $135.00 + SHIPPING

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I am offering a most sought after Kentucky one gallon liquor jug from the "SUNNY SIDE SALOON". This jug is in perfect condition. There are no chips, cracks, or dings. The glazing is crackled as would be expected. More pics can be sent upon request.

Price: $350.00 -- SALE PRICE $300.00 + SHIPPING

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Early Banded Shaker Style Bucket

I am selling this loop banded Shaker style bucket in green paint with a dried surface. This bucket shows no sign of ever having a handle. The staves look to be hand planed. Traces of red paint remain in a few spots. Other than normal wear, the bucket is in good condition. The bottom is chamfered in. It measures 10" across the top, 11 1/2" across the bottom, and is 10 1/2" tall. More pics on request.

Price: $395.00 -- SALE PRICE -- $275.00 + SHIPPING -- WAS $310

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Early 1800s Pantry Box

Being offered for sale is an early round pantry box in very dark gray paint with a dry finish. It could even be black. There is a single finger lap joint on the box as well as the lid. Very good condition. There is one crack on the band of the lid, but it has been there a long time. Most of the paint is worn from the lid, but it still retains good traces of paint. In general, it has normal wear. Very nice addition to your collection. It measures 8" by 3 1/2" tall. I can send more pics if you like.

Price: $450.00 -- SALE PRICE $390.00 + SHIPPING

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18th Century Swivel Candle Holder

WOW!! is all I can say about this one. This swivel candle holder was used wherever there was a need. It is made to go between bricks, stones, or any other crack that would hold it. This piece would be a great addition to a collection. It would look good stuck in the mantle of your country home, or just set it on a table by your favorite chair. The measurements are 10" long, and 3" tall. I can send more pics as needed.

Price: $375.00 + SHIPPING

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Early Wild Game Hanger

This is a great example of primitive! For sale is a early 1800s wild game hanger. This was used to hang small game on after the hunter brought it home. It has some chip carving on the board. It has a Pennsylvania look to it. This piece is not dirty, but I am selling it with the grunge as I found it. Looks like there might be some old paint under the grunge. GREAT PRIMITIVE PIECE!!! It measures 32" x 7 3/4". If you want more pics just let me know.

Price: $310.00 + FREE SHIPPING!!

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New England Piggin NEW PRICE!!!

Early piggin from New England in old green paint. The size is unusual. It measures 12" at the opening, 6 1/2" deep, and is 10 1/2" from bottom to the top of the handle. A small piece of the bottom band is missing below the handle and has been for a lot of years. The bottom is hand chamfered.

Price: $475.00 -- SALE PRICE -- $425.00 + SHIPPING

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