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Hi! My name is Tom Wheatley. Thanks for stopping by Southfork Farm Antiques. My wife, Susie and I have been buying and selling antiques since 1986. We offer early lighting, fireplace iron, country primitives in original paint, and many other interesting items. It doesn't get too primitive for us. We search for the best things so we can offer you the quality you are looking for. I currently accept checks in good standing and USPS money orders. Checks must clear before your item is shipped. You may also LAY-AWAY your item to help you with your purchase. I will accept returns within 72 hours. Please email me or call me and let me know what the issue is. If the item returned is in the same condition as when I shipped it, I will refund the cost of the item minus shipping and insurance. Kentucky residents are subject to 6% Kentucky sales tax. I only sell and ship within the U.S.. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or ask for additional pictures. We appreciate your inquiries. All shipping and insurance cost is the buyer's responsibility. We allow you to also pick your item up in person. I SHIP USING USPS, UPS, FEDEX, whichever is cheapest for you!

18th Century Trammel Light

I am offering for sale, a 18th century saw tooth trammel candle holder. This hand forged iron lighting is in very good condition with no issues or repairs. This would look great in any room of your country home. It measures: 25 1/2 " long and adjusts out to 39". Additional pics on request.

Price: $650.00 ### SALE PRICE -- $595.00 + SHIPPING

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Early 1800s Rush Light

I am offering for sale, a diminutive hand forged rush light. For being hand forged, this piece has a delicate look to it. I have not seen one like this before. The base is turned, and appears to be pine, and there are age cracks as would be expected. This would look good in any setting. You could put it on a table, or, it would look at home on a mantle. It measures: 19" tall, and 6" wide at the base. I can send additional pics.

Price: $450.00 + SHIPPING >>>>> SALE PRICE $395.00 + SHIPPING

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Early 19th Century Betty Lamp & Candle Holder

For sale is a early 1800s adjustable iron lamp with a wooden base. There is a betty lamp on one side and a hand wrought candle holder on the other side. The lighting adjusts up and down the iron shaft. It is mounted on a wooden base.The wood base has some light inactive insect damage, and part of the base must have broken off at some point in time and was repaired. The base is very strong and the repair was done nicely and is not noticed easily. This is really a nice piece of lighting, and a wonderful addition to any lighting collection. It could set on the floor, or on a table. It would look great on a table next to a wing back chair. It measures 40" tall, 6 1/2" at the base, and 9" wide at the lighting arm. I can send more pics on request.

Price: $725.00 + SHIPPING ---- SALE PRICE >>> $600.00 + SHIPPING

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Early 1800s Iron Chandelier

For sale is a hand wrought 3 candle iron chandelier from the early to mid 1800s. It is all original with no repairs. This would look great hanging above your table in the primitive kitchen. More pics on request. It measures: 15" across, 11" without the chain extended, and 19" with the chain extended.

Price: $725.00 + SHIPPING ---- SALE PRICE >>> $650.00 + SHIPPING

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Early Primitive Wild Game Hanger

I am offering for sale an early, primitive wild game hanger from the early 1800s. This piece was definitely used a lot. All of the hooks are in tact, and are original. There is a small piece broken at the hole where it hangs, so someone added metal hangers. There seems to be traces of old paint as you can see in my second picture. The wood appears to be pit sawed from the marks on the back. On the second pic you can see decorations that have been scratched into the wood which is unusual. If you have been looking for the right primitive game hanger for your country home, this is the one. The wood looks to be poplar, but not sure. I can send more pics. I can only add 2 pics, and it is impossible to see the entire piece and its details very well. It measures 38 1/2" long, 6" wide, and 1" thick.

Price: $350.00 + SHIPPING

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1800s Painted Pantry Box

For sale is an early round pantry box in dark gray paint with a dry finish. There is a single finger lap joint on the lid and on the box. It is in very nice condition. There is an old age crack on the band of the lid. The paint is worn on the top of the lid, but traces of the paint still remain. It is constructed with tiny square nails, shows normal wear. It would look nice displayed on a candle stand, or anywhere in your country home. It measures 8" across, and 3 1/2" tall. I can send more pics if you want.


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Early 1800s Tin Baby Nurser and Invalid Feeder

I am selling an early tin baby nurser, and an early tin invalid feeder. These pieces are all original and are in excellent condition and have wonderful patina. They came from an estate of a couple in Virginia. The baby nurser allowed the infant to suck the food through the hole in the nipple, which has a tin tube attached running to the bottom and acting as a straw. The invalid feeder was for older children or adults that could not feed themselves. The invalid feeder has teeth marks in the nipple part. During my research, I found that they were used primarily in central Pennsylvania. I can provide more pics if needed. The baby feeder measures 3 3/4" tall, 2 1/2" at the base, and the opening at the top is 1 3/4". The invalid feeder measures 4 1/4" tall, 2 3/4" at the base, and 1 3/4" at the opening on top.


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1800's Painted Slide Top Box

Being offered is a slide top box from the mid to late 1800's. The large size lends itself to be possibly a document box or used for storage of some sort. The wood appears to be poplar, and is hand planed. I believe the paint is black, but in different light it looks dark blue. There is a decoration of fruit painted on the lid. More pics on request. Please call if you have questions.

Price: $225.00 + SHIPPING -- NOW $175.00 + SHIPPING

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Early 1800's Iron Rotating Broiler

For sale is an early iron broiler from about 1820. These were used to cook meat or vegetables by a fire in the hearth. One leg is bent slightly, but it does not take away from the looks or function of the piece. It is a great piece to set next to your hearth. It measures 25 1/2" long and 13" wide at the round broiler. I can send more pics at your request.

Price: $125.00 + SHIPPING @@@@ SALE PRICE >>>> $75.00 + SHIPPING FIRM

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