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We've been collecting and selling antiques for over 30 years. We focus on early country furniture, early accessories including lighting and folk art. We purchase only authentic items that we would love to live with. Please contact us if any questions. We accept PayPal, money order and personal checks and offer Lay-A-Way as well. CT residents add 6.35% sales tax or have valid resale number. We have satisfaction guaranteed policy, customers may return items in same condition as received within 3 days for full refund. Just please email me first. To see more antique items and photos visit our website. -

19th C. Painted Basket

Nice 19th c. painted basket. New England handled splint basket with dry dark green paint. In overall good condition with minor breaks. More photos on request. Measures 10" tall, 9" diameter.

Price: $295.00-free shipping

2024-Jul-17 09:20am EDT | Tags :

Pair of Miniature Folk Art Carved Books

Pair of miniature Folk Art carved books. Late 19th c. , nice carved details. Measure 3 1/2" tall x 2 1/4" wide & 4" tall x 1 5/8" wide.

Price: $200.00-free shipping

2024-Jul-17 09:16am EDT | Tags :

Folk Art Carved Spruce Gum Box

Late 19th c. Folk Art Carved Spruce Gum box. Carved in shape of book, with inlaid decoration horseshoe and end corners. Initials on binding portion-THD. Measures 3 1/2" tall, 2 1/4" wide.

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2024-Jul-17 09:15am EDT | Tags :

18th C. Pewter Charger

Nice 18th century Pewter charger. Single reed rim charger, 13 1/4". In very good condition. Touch mark is worn (you can make out George), most likely George Grenfell-London, England 1757-1784.

Price: $225.00 + shipping

2024-Jul-12 07:23pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Alpine Candle Holder

Nice 19th c. Alpine Candle Holder with a heart shaped bottom pan. Wrought iron, holds 2 candles. A single candle socket and a ring with long spring which allows for various sized candles or rush. Measures 9" tall.

Price: $495.00-free shipping

2024-Jul-12 02:33pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. American Hogscraper

19th century American Hogscraper. Intact chair tab with frozen lever. Measures 4 1/4" tall.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2024-Jul-12 12:24pm EDT | Tags :

Primitive Treen Herb Grinder

Wonderful primitive treen herb grinder. Hard wood with dark patina, probably maple. Early 19th century, as seen in photo one side of handle at some point partially split off, but wonderfully worn down over time-nicely smoothened to touch with age. Just a great primitive look ! Trough style base measures 13" long, 3 1/4" high, grinder approximately 5 1/2" diameter.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2024-Jul-07 10:57am EDT | Tags :

Native American Crooked Knife

Rare 19th c. Native American Crooked Knife. Carved from single piece of wood, with wire attachment of blade. Measures 9 1/2" total length, blade 3 5/8" long.

Price: $150.00-free shipping -sale pending

2024-Jul-07 10:36am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Native American Crooked Knife

Rare 19th c. Native American Crooked Knife. Carved from single piece of wood, with copper wire attachment of blade. Carved indentation on handle. Measures 8 5/8" total length, blade 3 3/8" long.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2024-Jul-07 10:35am EDT | Tags :

Footed Melon Basket

Wonderful, rare footed melon basket. Nice patina, 19th century from New York State. In overall good condition, minor breaks. More photos on request. From Frank Gaglio Collection. Measures 8" diameter, 7" high.

Price: $350.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-23 10:05am EDT | Tags :

Early Miniature Painted Box

Early Miniature painted box. 19th century, Continental, with original wire hinges and tin latch. Sweet painted scenery. From Frank Gaglio collection. Measures 4 1/2" wide 3" deep 2 3/4" high.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2024-Jun-23 09:35am EDT | Tags :

Early Brass Trivet with Hand

Early brass trivet with hand. 19th century in great condition. From Frank Gaglio collection. Measures 9 3/4" long.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-23 09:30am EDT | Tags :

Stenciled Lap Desk

Nice late 19th century stenciled lap desk. Pretty floral stenciling, with intact interior. Measures 11 5/8" x 8 1/8" x 4" high.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-16 10:58am EDT | Tags :

Miniature Melon Basket

Wonderful miniature melon basket. Pennsylvania 19th c. splint basket. 4 1/2" diameter, 4 " high. From Frank Gaglio collection. Excellent condition.

Price: $325.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-16 10:45am EDT | Tags :

Small Early Splint Melon Basket

Early splint melon basket. Wonderful tightly woven sturdy 19th century. Eastern Pennsylvania. From Frank Gaglio collection. Excellent condition, measures H 6" D 7".

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-10 05:05pm EDT | Tags :

Early Brass Trivet with Stars

Early brass trivet with Stars. 19th century in great condition. From Frank Gaglio collection. Measures L 8-3/4".

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-10 05:02pm EDT | Tags :

Early Brass Candleholder

Early brass candleholder. English, c.1820 double candleholder with barley twist shaft and paw feet. Original condition, older solder repair. From Frank Gaglio collection. Measures 17" high, 10 1/2".

Price: $425.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-10 05:00pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Checkerboard

Checkerboard with original red and black paint on pine panel. Incised squares. American, 19th century. H 14-7/8" W 13-1/4". As seen in photos shows wear and imperfections.

Price: $200.00-free shipping

2024-Jun-05 02:07pm EDT | Tags :

Pennsylvannia Dutch Stenciled Document Box

19th c. PA Dutch style stenciled document box. Dovetailed construction, red base and stencil decoration over original salmon. Signed W. Wright, Measures 7 3/4" high, 14 1/4" wide, 8 3/4" deep. Scratches, paint losses, age and use wear.

Price: $200.00-plus $15.00 for shipping

2024-Jun-05 01:35pm EDT | Tags :

Early Maine Sewing Basket

Early Maine Micmac sewing basket. Early 20th century, natural splint with salmon painted splint woven in. In overall good condition, minor breaks. More photos on request. Measures 11" wide, 5" high.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2024-Jun-04 09:45am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Compote

Wonderful early treen compote. Nice turnings with several well done older repairs as seen in photos. Great look! Measures 9 1/2”-9 3/4” diameter out of round, 3 1/2”-3 3/4” high.

Price: $325.00-free shipping

2024-May-30 01:03pm EDT | Tags :

Early Native American Small Splint Basket

Early Native American small splint basket. Tightly woven, great patina. Small sized 7” wide. In overall excellent condition, no breaks.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2024-May-30 01:01pm EDT | Tags :

Early Eyeglasses with Case

Early eyeglasses with case. 19th c. Eyeglasses with dry leather eyeglass case. As seen in photos glasses are missing end portion of right temple. Measures 4 1/4” wide.

Price: $35.00-free shipping

2024-May-30 01:00pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Grain Painted Personal Box

Nice Grain painted personal box. Mid to late 19th c., with key. Alligatored surface, small forged tack construction, pegged feet. Great small size for dresser top. Measures 11 1/2” wide, 5” deep, 5 1/4” high.

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2024-May-27 08:56pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Footed Bowl

Nice early painted footed bowl. Late 18th/early 19th c. , brown paint. Great turnings, nice wear. As seen in photos does have a crack in bottom but remains stable. Measures 7 1/4”-7 1/2” diameter, 3” high.

Price: $225.00-free shipping

2024-May-27 03:55pm EDT | Tags :

Early Theorem on Velvet

Beautiful 19th c. theorem on velvet. Still life flowers in basket with butterfly. As seen in photos shows age with browning of velvet, otherwise good overall condition. Period gilt frame. Measures 15" x 12.25".

Price: $350.00-sale pending

2024-May-27 02:42pm EDT | Tags :

Early Folk Art Carved Wood Ship’sPulley

Beautiful Folk art carved wood ship’s pulley. Very decorative sailor chip carving . Great patina! Museum quality! Measures 4” diameter.

Price: $375.00-free shipping

2024-May-24 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Red Stained Box

Nice 19th c. Red stained box. Alligatored surface with small square nail construction. Nice small size-11 1/4” x 7 1/2” x approximately 5 “ tall.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2024-May-24 03:46pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Blown Glass Decanter

Nice 19th c. Blown glass decanter. Three applied rings on neck with original stopper. In very good condition, no chips or cracks. Grounded smooth pontil. Measures 9 3/4” tall.

Price: $70.00-free shipping

2024-May-19 12:05pm EDT | Tags :

Rare Hanging Trammel Rush Light

Rare late 18th/early 19th century hanging trammel rush light with 2 candle sockets. Rush light portion is behind dish with candlesockets, to be hung from beam or ceiling. Deep candlesockets 2" tall with pushups. In original condition. Nice primitive look! Measures 27"-43" at full extension.

Price: $750.00-free shipping

2024-May-18 12:46pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Covered Treen Compote

Wonderful c.1750-1790 covered treen compote. Great surface, patina and turnings. As expected with age cover is warped and does not close tightly. In overall good condition. Measures 8" diameter, 6" tall. From the collection of Ed and Karan Oberg-Richmond House Antiques.

Price: $600.00-free shipping

2024-May-18 12:45pm EDT | Tags :

English Delft Charger

Wonderful English Delft Charger. Bristol or Liverpool c1750. From George C. Newman’s collection. Does have professional repair. More photos on request. Measures 12” diameter.

Price: $220.00- free shipping

2024-May-16 08:30pm EDT | Tags :

Early 18th c. Loom Light

Rare wonderful early 18th c forged iron loom light. Simple hook end for hanging and 3 sockets. As seen in photos show typical signs of age and wear. Untouched surface. Measures approximately 6 1/2” x 17”.

Price: $650.00-free shipping

2024-May-09 09:29pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Plate

Early treen 7-7 1/2” out of round plate. Nice dry surface and nice turnings.

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2024-May-09 08:55pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. New England Tin Wall Sconce

Nice early 19th c. New England tin wall sconce. Great piece of lighting . Measures 13” long.

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2024-May-05 02:01pm EDT | Tags :

Late 18th/early 19th c. Brass Chamberstick

Late 18th/early 19th c. Brass Chamberstick. Nice carved decoration on handle and pan. Measures 10” long.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2024-May-05 10:59am EDT | Tags :


Nice painted shorebird mounted on wooden base. Painted carved eyes, wooden beak, original paint, illegible signature on base. Measures 11” tall including base.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2024-May-05 10:22am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Turned Cup

Nice early Treen turned cup. Great patina! Measures 4 3/8” tall.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-28 04:16pm EDT | Tags :

Early Knife

Early hand forged knife from a large collection of antique tools we purchased. Nice wear and patina on wooden handle. Carved arrow on blade. Measures 9” long.

Price: $25.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-28 12:35pm EDT | Tags :

Spongeware Platter

Nice 19th c. Spongeware platter. Embossed ends, great color. In excellent condition no chips or cracks. Measures 12” long, 8” wide.

Price: $40.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-25 03:30pm EDT | Tags :

Miniature Silhouette

Wonderful 19th c. miniature silhouette of gentleman. Painted in green, gold, white and black. Signed but so small it’s ineligible. As seen in photos shows age. Early black painted frame with early glass. Measures 6 3/4” x 5 7/8” .

Price: $350.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-20 09:31am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Snuff Box

Sweet early treen snuff box. Nicely carved top, floral with dove design. Nice patina. Measures 4” x 2 3/4”.

Price: $450.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-20 09:30am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Butter Scoop

Nice early butter scoop. Nice dry surface with effigy handle. As seen in photos shows signs of wear, small chip on tip of handle.

Price: $40.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-19 09:31am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Butter Paddle

Nice early treen butter paddle. Wonderfully carved handle. Maple, great patina! Measures 8 1/2” long.

Price: $40.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-18 11:45am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Cast Iron House Still Bank

19th c. Cast iron house still bank. In silver paint, original condition with some wear as expected. Measures 3 7/8” wide, 2 3/4” deep, approximately 4” tall.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-01 04:32pm EDT | Tags :

Dated Cast Iron Still Bank

Cast iron Bank dated 1876 over door still bank. Original condition with some wear as expected. Measures approximately 2 3/4” H, 2 3/8” W, 2” D.

Price: $95.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-01 04:30pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Early Homespun Covered Schoolbooks

Nice pair of early homespun covered schoolbooks. c.1875 Progressive Music Lessons and C.1896 Higher Lessons in English. Measure 7" x 5 1/2".

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-01 03:45pm EDT | Tags :

Pair of Early Homespun Covered Schoolbooks

Nice pair of early homespun covered schoolbooks. C.1900 Brief History of the United States, C.1879 The Fifth Reader. Measure 7 5/8-8” x5 3/8”.

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2024-Apr-01 03:42pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Painted & Signed Canteen

Wonderful 19th c. Canteen .In original salmon paint with initials S.W. Stamped on both sides. H 6" D 10". Original condition with minor wear as expected.

Price: $500.00-free shipping

2024-Mar-29 03:36pm EDT | Tags :

Early Footed Ash Burl Bowl

Nice early ash burl bowl. 7" diameter x 2 3/4" tall with footed base. As seen in photos shows it age with imperfections. More photos on request.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2024-Mar-29 01:22pm EDT | Tags :

Paint Decorated Mortar &Pestle

Nice 19th c. Paint decorated mortar & pestle. Carved wood in red paint with black decorations. Mortar measures 5 7/8” tall, pestle 9” long. In excellent condition.

Price: $300.00-free shipping

2024-Mar-27 08:35pm EDT | Tags :

Paint Decorated Lidded Pail with Handle

Small lidded pail with handle. Paint decorated carved wood. 19th century. H 4-1/8" D 4-7/8". Excellent condition.

Price: $215.00-free shipping

2024-Mar-27 08:35pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Cast Iron “State” Still Bank

19th c. Cast iron still bank labeled “Bank”. Remnants of red paint. Original condition with some wear as expected. Measures 3 3/8” wide, 2 7/8” deep, approximately 4” tall.

Price: 90.00-free shipping

2024-Mar-27 01:54pm EDT | Tags :

Whetstone on Wooden Base-Carved Initials

19th c. Whetstone on wooden base. Carved initials X A. Measures 10” long.

Price: $70.00-free shipping

2023-Dec-03 02:45pm EST | Tags :

Early 19th c. Decorative Whetstone Holder

Wonderful early 19th c. Whetstone holder. Carved design with flower, Great patina! As seen in photos shows it’s age with crack and small hole on 1 side. Measures 9 3/4” long.

Price: $50.00-free shipping

2023-Dec-03 02:32pm EST | Tags :

19th c. Toleware Canister

Wonderful 19th c. Toleware canister. Original paint, floral design. Latch intact, missing hinge. As seen in photos shows it’s age with wear.measures 5 1/2” diameter 4 3/4” tall.

Price: $200.00-free shipping

2023-Nov-22 07:58pm EST | Tags :

Early Painted Turned Chopping Bowl

Early painted and turned chopping bowl. Wonderful dry green paint. Measures 14 1/2-15 1/2” out of round.

Price: $300.00-plus shipping

2023-Oct-29 04:56pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Bowl

Early Treen bowl, nice dry surface. Measures out of round 8 1/4”-8 3/4”.

Price: $60.00-free shipping

2023-Oct-28 01:23pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Tin Betty Lamp

Nice early 19th c. Tin Betty lamp. Japanned surface, attached hook & pick. Measures 3 7/8” wide.

Price: $95.00-free shipping

2023-Oct-05 09:50am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Green Treen Bowl

Nice early green painted treen bowl. Out of round, 2 shrinkage cracks. Measures approximately 11” wide.

Price: $110.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-16 10:40am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Bentwood Box with Floral Decoration

Beautiful 19th c. paint decorated diminutive bentwood band box. In overall good condition, small break on bottom rim approximately 1 1/2” long. Box measures 5 1/2” x 4 1/8” x 3 1/8” tall.

Price: $220.00-free shipping

2023-May-30 04:39pm EDT | Tags :

18th C. Barrel Canteen Signed & Dated

Rare 18th century barrel canteen with hand forged iron straps. Oak, great patina, brown paint, signed and dated "I S / 1793". Very good condition. Measures 6 1/8" diameter (sides) x 4 1/4"W.

Price: $650.00-free shipping

2023-Apr-29 11:50am EDT | Tags :

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