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We've been collecting and selling antiques for over 30 years. We focus on early country furniture, early accessories including lighting and folk art. We purchase only authentic items that we would love to live with. Please contact us if any questions. We accept PayPal, money order and personal checks and offer Lay-A-Way as well. CT residents add 6.35% sales tax or have valid resale number. We have satisfaction guaranteed policy, customers may return items in same condition as received within 3 days for full refund. Just please email me first. To see more antique items and photos visit our website. -

Early Treen Red Painted Mirror

Beautiful early Treen red painted mirror. Great surface, original dry red paint. Original backing, original glass. Measures 14 1/4” x 12 1/4”.

Price: $295.00 +shipping

2022-Oct-02 12:45pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Miniature Watercolor Portrait

Nice 19th c. Miniature Watercolor Portrait of woman. Unsigned, nice details, nicely framed. Measures 6 1/2” x 7 3/8”.

Price: $425.00-free shipping

2022-Oct-02 12:38pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. Red Painted Slide Box

Beautiful early 19th c. New England pine slide box. Wonderfully worn original red surface, small square nail construction. Measures 6 1/2” long, 3 1/2" wide, 3 1/8” tall.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2022-Sep-30 07:26pm EDT | Tags :

Early Spongeware Pitcher

Nice deep blue decoration spongeware pitcher. Small imperfections, small chip approximately 1/4” on inside of rim with hairline. Small chip on bottom . More pictures on request. Measures 9” tall.

Price: $125.00 + shipping

2022-Sep-30 04:25pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Iron Trivet

Nice early iron trivet , stands 7 3/4” tall, 8 3/8” wide. From Marilyn & Don Forke collection.

Price: $175.00 + shipping

2022-Sep-30 03:52pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Redware Yellow Slip Decorated Loaf Dish

Antique Redware loaf dish with slip decoration in a wavy line design. Oblong form with coggle wheel edge. Overall very good condition. Minor rim chips. Measures 12.75” x 9.25”.

Price: $700.00 + shipping

2022-Sep-28 12:26pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Brown Painted Mirror

Nice 19th c. Treen painted mirror. Nice surface, original backing. Measures 51/2”x 6 5/8”.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2022-Sep-25 05:22pm EDT | Tags :

Signed & Dated Hanging Pine Slide Box

Early New England pine hanging slide box. Chip carved decoration, signed & dated on back- T.I.F 1882. Original never painted surface. Measures 12” tall, 8 1/2” wide, 3 3/4” deep.

Price: $275.00- + shipping

2022-Sep-25 02:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Oyster White Painted Bowl

Nice early painted out of round bowl. There are 2 small cracks on the rim, 1 measures approximately 1/2”, and another from rim and only on inside approximately 1/4”. Measures approximately 12-12 3/4” diameter.

Price: $175.00- +shipping

2022-Sep-25 11:41am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Blue & White Painted Bowl

Nice early painted out of round bowl. Measures approximately 10 1/8”-11” diameter.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2022-Sep-25 11:24am EDT | Tags :

Early Wheat Sheath Butter Mold

Large plunger mold style butter mold. Nice detail, great patina,in excellent condition. Measures 5” wide, approximately 5 1/2” tall .

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2022-Sep-17 08:39pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Goblet

Nicely carved and turned early Treen goblet. Great dark patina. Measures 4 1/2” tall , approximately 2.75” wide.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2022-Sep-17 04:49pm EDT | Tags :

Early 10 1/4” Tall Treen Noggin

Early New England Treen Noggin . Great form, taller and more narrow than usual. Nice wear and patina. In excellent condition no cracks which is rare.Measures 10 1/4” tall and approximately 5” wide.

Price: $395.00-+ shipping

2022-Sep-17 03:40pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th C. New England Painted Candle Box

Nice early 19th c New England red painted candle box. Original red paint with forged nail construction. Original condition. Measures 10 1/8” long 5 3/4” wide, 3 1/4” .

Price: $285.00-+ shipping

2022-Sep-17 03:21pm EDT | Tags :

Early Stoneware jug

Nice early advertising stoneware jug. F.Thompson & Co. measures approximately 9” tall. I n overall good condition. As seen in photos does show its age with areas of discoloration. Does have small chip on rim and 3 flakes probably from original firing.

Price: $165.00-+ shipping

2022-Sep-11 07:40pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Wall Basket

Nice early 20th c. off white painted wall basket. Nicely woven buttocks style wall basket. In overall good condition, approximately 4 minor breaks. Measures 7” wide, 7 1/4” tall.

Price: Sold! Thank you!!

2022-Sep-11 06:57pm EDT | Tags :

Early Checkerboard/Gameboard

Nice 19th c. checkerboard in black & white with brown molding. As seen in photos shows age with cracks and small area of loss in center of board. Measures 12 7/8” x 12 1/2”.

Price: Sold! Thank you!!

2022-Sep-11 02:22pm EDT | Tags :

Early Tin Candle Snuffer

Nice early tin candle snuffer. Measures 8 1/2” long.

Price: $85.00-free shipping

2022-Sep-11 02:02pm EDT | Tags :

Early Blue Painted American Hogscraper

Rare early blue painted cleated tin hogscraper. This Measures 5” tall. As seen in photos nice wear to paint, chair hanger intact, push up is intact but frozen. Great rare piece of lighting!

Price: Sold! Thank you!!

2022-Sep-11 01:23pm EDT | Tags :

Primitive 19th c. Heart & Flower Stenciled Box

Great primitive 19th c. Pine stenciled box. Wonderful original untouched condition. Small square nail/brad construction. Great patina! Measures 17” long x7” wide x 4.5” tall.

Price: Sale-$315.00-+ shipping

2022-Aug-25 10:40am EDT | Tags :

Period New England Queen Anne Mirror

C. 1720-1750 New England Queen Anne Mirror. Walnut and pine, original backboard, nicely scrolled triple crown crest. In overall good condition. At some point someone added 2 metal brackets on bottom corners in back as seen in photo, and replaced with newer glass. There is a hairline crack on crest from right corner in- 5" long, but blends in with grain so hard to see. Measures 17” tall x 12 1/2” wide.

Price: Sale-$375.00-+shipping

2022-Aug-25 08:31am EDT | Tags :

C.1850 Coastal New England Work Box

Fine sailor made bone inlaid and paint decorated work box.Coastal New England c.1850. Velvet lined under lid. Initials ’P’ and ‘S’ -scrimshaw initials. Measures 5 1/2” tall, 12 1/2” wide, 9” deep.

Price: Sale-$615.00+ shipping

2022-Aug-24 12:13pm EDT | Tags :

Beautiful Tole Painted Tinware Coffeepot

Beautiful 19th c. Pennsylvania Tole painted coffeepot. Conical body tinware pot, straight spout, hinged lid, loop knob. Measures 8 1/4” tall,9”wide . Imperfections to paint which is expected with age. Does appear that someone at some point applied a varnish to stabilize paint.

Price: Sale-$495.00 +shipping

2022-Aug-24 09:56am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. Treen Footed Compote

Wonderful early 19th c. Treen footed compote. Nice turnings, incredible dark patina, nicely out of round. From Dave Proctor collection. Measures approximately 11” wide.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2022-Aug-14 10:47am EDT | Tags :

Early Miniature Portrait W/C in Period Frame

Nice early miniature portrait watercolor of gentleman. In wonderful period silver gilt frame. Measures 7 1/4” tall x 5 :/4” wide.

Price: $325.00-free shipping

2022-Aug-13 09:30am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Candle Box

Nice early candle box. Spanish brown paint, with alligatored surface from age. Square nail construction. From Smitty Axtell Collection. Measures 10” long x 7 5/8” wide x 6 3/4” tall.

Price: $150.00+shipping

2022-Aug-13 09:30am EDT | Tags :

Early 18th c. Dutch Onion Bottle

Nice early 18th c. Dutch onion bottle. Free blown olive green classic onion bottle with pontiled bottom. Shows age, chip on lip but smoothed through age. Measures approximately 7” tall.

Price: $225.00-free shipping

2022-Aug-12 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. Tin Wall Sconce

Nice early 19th c. New England Tin wall sconce. Black tole paint with wear as expected with age. Measures 13 1/4” tall.

Price: $225.00-free shipping

2022-Aug-12 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Native American Mini Handled Basket

Sweet miniature Native American splint basket. Nice woven diamond decoration, great patina. In excellent condition. Measures approximately 4” wide.

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2022-Aug-12 02:05pm EDT | Tags :

Early Native American Mini Splint Buttocks Basket

Sweet early miniature buttocks basket. Nice patina, square nails, tightly woven, in great overall condition . 2 small breaks barely noticeable on rim. Measures 5 1/2” wide from end to end of handle.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2022-Aug-12 11:40am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Redware Jar with Manganese Decoration

Nice early redware jar with manganese decoration. Measures approximately 6” tall with 5” wide rim. As seen in photos shows it’s age with minor chips on base and rim, and crazing. Nice piece to add to collection. From Jerome Blum Collection

Price: $140.00-free shipping

2022-Aug-12 10:09am EDT | Tags :

New England Paint Decorated Writing Box

NEW ENGLAND SCHOOL GIRL PAINT-DECORATED PINE WRITING BOX, hinged rectangular lid concealing an interior with removable till, over a dovetailed case, lid featuring flowering urn decoration against a faux-grain paint. Retains original paint-decorated surface. 19th century. 4 1/4" H, 11" W, 8" D.

Price: $395.00+ shipping

2022-Jul-16 08:30am EDT | Tags :

THIS IS AN EARLY FIRST HALF OF THE 19TH CENTURY MOCHA WARE TANKARD WITH THE SEAWEED DECORATION. THE PIECE STANDS 5" TALL. As seen in photos does have a hairline on one side approximately 1” long from rim down and light hairlines on bottom .

Price: $115.00-free shipping

2022-Jun-30 08:00pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Mocha Ware Bowl

Nice late 19th c mocha ware bowl with seaweed decoration. Measures approximately 6 3/8” wide,3 3/4” tall . In overall good condition ,no chips or cracks .

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2022-Jun-30 07:49pm EDT | Tags :

19th C . Mocha Ware Pitcher Pitcher

Nice late 19th c mocha ware pitcher with seaweed decoration . Measures 6 1/4” tall. In excellent condition no chips or cracks.

Price: $225.00-free shipping

2022-Jun-30 07:31pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. New England Wallbox

Nice early 19th c New England pine wall box . Great patina, worn brown wash. Square nail/brads construction. As seen in photos 2 age cracks on front. Great look! Measures 10” wide x 12” high x 3 1/4” deep.

Price: $395.00- free shipping

2022-Jun-08 12:49pm EDT | Tags :

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