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We've been collecting and selling antiques for over 30 years. We focus on early country furniture, early accessories including lighting and folk art. We purchase only authentic items that we would love to live with. Please contact us if any questions. We accept PayPal, money order and personal checks and offer Lay-A-Way as well. CT residents add 6.35% sales tax or have valid resale number. We have satisfaction guaranteed policy, customers may return items in same condition as received within 3 days for full refund. Just please email me first. To see more antique items and photos visit our website. -

19th c. Small Painted Splint Basket

Wonderful 19th c. painted basket. Tightly woven, dry brown paint. In excellent condition. Measures 7 1/2” x 5 1/4”.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2023-Oct-01 10:56am EDT | Tags :

18th c. Double Crusie Lamp

Nice late 18th c. Wrought Iron Double valve/cup Crusie lamp. Decorative design on the back strip, halberd hook intact. Measures 8” tall, hook measures 4 3/4” long.

Price: Sale pending

2023-Oct-01 10:37am EDT | Tags :

18th C. Wrought Iron Menorah

Rare 18th c. Wrought Iron menorah. 7 branch, not to be confused with 9 branch Hanukkiyah (Hanukkah menorah). As seen in photos branches do tilt to side, not completely vertical, very primitive construction. Measures 15” tall, 14” wide.

Price: $495.00 + shipping

2023-Oct-01 10:05am EDT | Tags :

19th c. Berry Basket

Wonderful 19th c. Taconic Berry basket. Great patina, nice kick up in center. Appears to have remnants of varnish or light mustard paint. More photos on request. In excellent condition. Measures 6” diameter, 4 1/2” tall.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2023-Sep-28 04:50pm EDT | Tags :

Late 18th/early 19th c. Iron Betty Lamp

Nice late 18th/early 19th c. Wrought Iron Betty Lamp. Original attached hook and pick. Measures 3” x 2” .

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-28 03:47pm EDT | Tags :

Early Tin Candle Snuffer

Nice early long handled tin candle Snuffer. Measures 8 3/4” long.

Price: $85.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-28 02:42pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Iron Pipe Tongs

Wonderful 18th c. Iron pipe tongs. Make do repair with early forged iron pin/nail. Measures 17” long.

Price: $350.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-27 06:37pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Bittersweet Painted Cherry Wallbox

Beautiful painted late 19th c. Wallbox . Dovetailed construction with irregular and round forged nails on bottom. Nice bittersweet paint, great look! Found in Virginia. Measures 11 3/4” wide, 8” tall, 5” deep.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-16 10:00am EDT | Tags :

Rare Early 19th c. Tin Weighted Candleholder

Rare early 19th c. Tin sand weighted candleholder. Rare to find such a large version. These are also called shopkeepers candlesticks, businesses would use the wax to seal envelopes. Measures 16 3/4” tall. Tinned Iron with working lever. Great as centerpiece!

Price: $450.00 + $20.00 for shipping

2023-Sep-14 02:30pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. 7 1/4” Coggle Rimmed Redware Plate

19th c. Redware coggled rim plate. Age related crazing and minor chipping to rim. Measures 7 1/4” diameter.

Price: $65.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-14 09:56am EDT | Tags :

19th c. 9” Coggle Rimmed Redware Plate

19th c. Redware coggled rim plate. Age related crazing and minor chipping to the rim. Measures 9” diameter.

Price: $85.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-14 09:55am EDT | Tags :

19th c. Lard Lamp with Saucer Base

Wonderful 19th c. Lard lamp with saucer base. Measures 7” tall, base 5 1/2” diameter.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-13 04:24pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. 10 1/8” Coggle Rimmed Redware Plate

19th c. Redware coggled rim plate. As seen in photos age related crazing, and repair of approximately 3 1/2” crack. Measures 10 1/8” diameter.

Price: $95.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-13 02:39pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. 10 1/4” Coggle Rimmed Redware Plate

19th c. Redware Coggled rim plate. Age related crazing and chipping to the rim. Measures 10 1/4” diameter.

Price: $115.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-13 02:38pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Mortar & Pestle

18th c. Mortar and pestle. Nicely turned, as seen in photos shows it’s age. Mortar measures 8 3/8” tall.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-08 04:31pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Birdcage Candleholder

Wonderful rare 18th c. Birdcage Candleholder . Wrought Iron stable with adjustable candle socket to raise or lower candle and carrying hook. Nice turned base. Measures 9” tall. From Janice and Bernard Phaneuf Collection.

Price: $795.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-08 03:25pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Miniature Watercolor Portrait

This is a lovely 19th c. watercolor portrait of young woman. Nicely done details, unsigned. Nice period frame, in overall good condition. Frame measures W 6 3/8” x H 7 3/8”.

Price: $450.00-free shipping

2023-Sep-08 02:06pm EDT | Tags :

Pair 18th c. Etched Flint Glasses

Nice pair of 18th c. Etched flint glasses. In great overall condition. No chips or cracks, ground pontil. Measure 5 6/8” tall .

Price: $100.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-31 12:22pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Flint Wine Glass

Nice 18th c. Flint wine glass. In great condition, no chips or cracks, ground pontil. Measures 5 3/4” tall.

Price: $30.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-31 12:11pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Flint Glass Cordial

Nice 18th c flint glass cordial. In great condition,no chips or cracks. Smooth bottom, finely ground pontil . Measures 3 7/8” tall.

Price: $30.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-31 11:59am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Wall Lighting Shelf

Great painted lighting shelf. New England,found in Massachusetts, sponge painted. Thin pine, very light, I believe glued together unable to find visible signs of nails. Several shrinkage cracks. Just a great looking shelf to display lighting. Measures 14” x 8 1/2” x 5 1/4” .

Price: $395.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-30 12:57pm EDT | Tags :

Dated 1815 Needlework Sampler

Nice signed and dated needlework sampler. In good overall condition, scattered light soiling as seen in photos. In period gilt frame. Measures H12”, w9 1/2”. Sight h10”, w7 1/2”.

Price: $325.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-30 12:45pm EDT | Tags :

C.1840 New England Painted Pantry Box

Great c.1840 New England painted pantry box. Oak, green paint, irregular forged nail and wooden peg construction. Excellent condition.measures 4 3/4” high, 9 5/8” diameter.

Price: $300.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-30 09:00am EDT | Tags :

18th c. Georgian Air Twist Wine Glass

Wonderful c. 1745-1770 Georgian Air Twist wine glass. In great condition, no chips or cracks. Ground pontil. Measures 6 1/2” tall.

Price: $90.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-29 01:38pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Pair of Flint Glass Cordials

Nice pair of 18th c. Flint glass cordials. In great condition. No chips or cracks. Ground pontils, measure 4 1/4” tall.

Price: $70.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-29 01:02pm EDT | Tags :

American 19th c. Blown Glass Lidded Apothecary Jar

Nice American 19th c. Blown glass lidded apothecary jar with open pontil. In great condition no cracks or chips. Measures 11 1/4” high, 5 1/4” diameter.

Price: $195.00-FREE SHIPPING

2023-Aug-29 12:13pm EDT | Tags :

Late 19th c. American School Still Life O/C

Great 19th c American School Still Life oil on canvas. Nice image of fruit, vibrant colors. As seen in photos has crazing , a nicely done small repair that you can see from the back but hard to see on front surface. Was restretched probably at same time as repair, frame appears to be early 20th c also. Frame size: 14 3/4" high, 24 3/4" wide; sight size: 11" high, 21 1/4" wide. Provenance: Jerome Blum Antiques, Lisbon, CT.

Price: $475.00+ SHIPPING

2023-Aug-29 12:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Splint Basket

Nice early painted splint basket. New England 19th c. dry taupe paint. In excellent condition. From Jonathan Rickard estate. Measures 8 1/4” tall, 19” long, 12 3/8” deep.

Price: $195.00+shipping

2023-Aug-27 11:30am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. Painted Wedding Band Hogscraper

Nice early painted wedding band hogscraper. Red paint from top down to approximately 1” under band then the rest including base is mustard paint. The band appears to have been painted gold or mustard at some point, there’s areas you can see a silver like color showing through from wear. The band is not magnetic and most likely just had a higher content of zinc to give the brass the more silver appearance. (Brass is copper + zinc) More photos on request. Measures 8” tall. Chair tab is intact and working lever. From Janice & Bernard Phaneuf Collection.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2023-Aug-27 11:29am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Apple Tray

Wonderful early painted apple tray. 19th c. canted ,small irregular shaped forged nail construction. Painted red, appears that at some point someone painted it white, then at another point someone scraped it back down to red. You can see remnants of white paint throughout. Wonderful size with high canted sides, very charming tray. From Toni Noble collection. Measures 3 1/2” high, 7 3/4” wide square.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-26 10:15am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Frame

Wonderful early 19th c. Painted frame. Dry black paint with gilt painted inside. Small square nail construction. Measures 18 1/4” wide x 15 7/8” tall if hung horizontal, inner measures 14 7/8” x 12 1/2”.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-26 09:05am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th C. Painted Powder Keg

Nice small early powder keg. Original dry green paint with iron bands. Has 2 corks- one on top, one on the side. From estate of Toni Noble. Measures 5 1/4” tall, 3 1/4” base.

Price: Sold! Thank you!!

2023-Aug-26 09:04am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th c. Red Painted Barrel Keg/Rundlet

Nice small early painted Rundlet. Original red paint, out of round. Iron bands tight, 2 shrinkage cracks from age as seen in photos. Initial B carved on top. From estate of Toni Noble. Measures 4” tall, approximately 2 3/4”-3 1/4” wide.

Price: $495.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-19 08:12pm EDT | Tags :

C.1854 Signed Paper Needlework Sampler

Nice signed & dated paper needlework sampler. In great overall condition. Nice folk art contemporary frame. Measures 9 1/4” x 9 3/8”

Price: $175.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-19 07:40pm EDT | Tags :

Early 19th C. Tinned Iron Candle Wall Sconce

Wonderful early 19th c. Candle wall sconce . Tinned iron with reflector. Great surface, excellent original condition. Measures 9 5/8” tall. From Janice & Bernard Phaneuf Collection.

Price: Sold! Thank you!!

2023-Aug-18 08:10pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Miniature Tin Coffeepot

Nice early miniature tin Coffeepot. Measures approximately 3 1/2” tall.

Price: $90.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-18 04:34pm EDT | Tags :

18th c. Iron Banded Barrel Keg

Nice 18th c iron banded barrel keg. Worn black paint, nice surface. measures 7 1/2” tall approximately 7” wide . From Lakeville CT estate.

Price: $350.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-18 10:28am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Green Treen Bowl

Nice early green painted treen bowl. Out of round, 2 shrinkage cracks. Measures approximately 11” wide.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-16 10:40am EDT | Tags :

19th C. New England Painted Box

19th c. New England Painted box. Dry blue paint, square nail construction. As seen in photos does show age with wear. More photos on request. Measures 20” wide x 10 1/2” deep x 7 3/4” high.

Price: $125.00 +shipping

2023-Aug-16 09:48am EDT | Tags :

Late 19th/Early 20th c. Carved Folk Art Figure #3

Another wonderful carved folk art figure. This is all wood, body and feet painted black. As seen in photos, on left back side there is a missing area of “coat tail”, hardly detracts. More photos on request. Measures 10 1/2” tall.

Price: $150.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-14 01:47pm EDT | Tags :

Late 19th/Early 20th c. Carved Folk Art Figure #2

Another wonderful carved folk art figure. This one is all wood. Torso and hat painted black and mouth red. Professionally mounted, measures 14 1/2” tall. More photos on request.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-14 01:46pm EDT | Tags :

Late 19th/Early 20th c. Carved Folk Art Figure #1

This is the first of a wonderful collection of 5 carved folk art figures I’ll be listing for sale. This has wooden torso, arms, and head with leather legs. In dry green paint, professionally mounted. Measures 12 1/2” tall. More photos on request.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-14 01:45pm EDT | Tags :

Late 18th c. Footstool

Nice early footstool, mortise and tenon construction. Worn brown paint, hole/notch on top to hang on peg. Great early surface. Measures 6 5/8” tall x 11 1/2” long x 6” deep.

Price: $95.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-13 03:00pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Painted Pear Shaped Jar

Sweet early 19th c. Painted Pear shaped jar or tea caddy. As seen in photos shows signs of age with wear and chips on bottom rim of top. Measures 5” tall.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-13 12:26pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Treen Handled Cup

Rare exceptional painted treen handled cup or porringer. C. 1800 original dry red paint. As seen in photo does have an early small repair on rim with small irregular shaped forged nail. Nicely carved handles and 4 feet, carved from 1 piece of wood, not applied. Great rare piece of treen. Measures 8 3/4” wide x 3 5/8” tall. From Janice & Bernard Phaneuf Collection.

Price: $575.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-12 02:27pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Treen Bowl

Exceptional c.1800 painted treen bowl. Original dry red paint, out of round. Excellent condition. Measures approximately 9 1/4” wide. From Janice & Bernard Phaneuf collection.

Price: Sold!Thank you!!

2023-Aug-12 01:58pm EDT | Tags :

Signed Needlework Sampler

I purchased this sampler together with previous posted sampler. Supposedly by the same person, with history again on the back. Dated June 9 but no year. As with the previous sampler this is in wonderful condition bright & clean, similar decorative stitching. In wonderful period gilt frame. Measures 9 1/2” x 9 3/8”.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-12 09:38am EDT | Tags :

Dated 1822 Needlework Sampler

Nice clean and bright linen sampler. Dated 1822, by Elizabeth Whigham. In excellent condition, history on back, from Dumfries Scotland. In wonderful period gilt frame. Measures x 9 1/2” x 9 7/8”.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-12 09:23am EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Brown Treen Bowl

Nice painted 19th c. Treen bowl. Brown paint nicely turned, out of round. Several shrinkage cracks as seen in photos. There is a repair on outer rim as seen in photos. Measures approximately 11” wide.

Price: $115.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-11 07:48pm EDT | Tags :

18th C. Wrought Iron Wax Jack

Wonderful 18th c wrought Iron wax jack. Scalloped platform, ball tipped feet, handle and clipper with engraved decoration. From Greenwich CT estate. Measures 4 1/2” tall, 6 1/2” long, 2 3/4” wide.

Price: $700.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-11 09:32am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Painted Treen Lidded Box

Nice early painted treen lidded box. Dry dark green paint. Small irregular, square and round forged nail construction. Just a very sweet rare Treen box. Measures 5 1/2” tall, 3 5/8” wide. From estate of Toni Noble.

Price: Sale pending

2023-Aug-11 08:58am EDT | Tags :

18th C. Whitesmith Courting Candlestick

Wonderful rare Whitesmith courting candlestick. These examples were finely polished to give appearance of more expensive silver or pewter. Nice walnut base. From Janice and Bernard Phaneuf Collection. Measures 7 1/2” tall.

Price: $375.00-free shipping

2023-Aug-11 08:30am EDT | Tags :

Late 18th Early 19th C. Betty Lamp Tidy

Wonderful early turned ?maple Betty Lamp tidy. Great form and patina, as seen in photos several shrinkage cracks which come with age. Measures 9” tall, top of pedestal 4 1/4” diameter, bottom base 5 1/2” diameter.

Price: $275.00-free shipping

2023-Jul-04 08:04pm EDT | Tags :

Early Painted Lidded Jar

Nice early painted lidded jar. 19th c. Mustard paint, no cracks or repairs. Measures 1 7/8” high, base 3” diameter. From estate of Toni Noble.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-28 12:01pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Plate

Nice early Treen deep plate. Unusually wide rounded rim 1 3/4” high. 10 1/2” diameter with As seen in photos many knife marks on both sides which is typical for personal use. Great primitive look!

Price: $50.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-27 04:19pm EDT | Tags :

18th C. Spiral Courting Candleholder

Nice late 18th c. Wrought iron spiral courting candleholder. Finger holder and adjuster intact. Mounted on turned wooden base. Measures 7 3/4” tall. From Janice and Bernard Phaneuf Collection.

Price: $250.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-27 09:17am EDT | Tags :

Small Redware Turks Head Mold

Wonderful small redware Turks head mold. Measures 7” wide, 4” tall. In wonderful overall condition. From Janice and Bernard Phaneuf Collection.

Price: $85.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-26 10:26pm EDT | Tags :

Painted Burl Mortar and Pestle

Wonderful 19th c. Painted mortar and pestle. 7 1/2” tall burl mortar with original pestle. Pestle is not burl but has the same finish-remnants of red paint. Simple turnings on both. Pestle is 10” long. No cracks just usual irregular surface from burl as seen in photos. The nicest set we’ve had to offer!

Price: $180.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-26 09:36pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Paddle

Wonderful early Treen paddle with birds head shaped effigy handle. Measures approximately 8 1/2” long. Another great piece of treen from an early collection from Connecticut.

Price: $50.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-19 09:01am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Scoop

Wonderful early Treen scoop with birds head shaped effigy handle. Great patina! Measures 9 1/4” long.

Price: $50.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-19 09:00am EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Scoop with Bone Joint Shaped Handle

Rare late 18th/early 19th c Treen scoop. Handle that forms into shape of bone joint. Nice patina, measures 9 1/2” long.

Price: $125.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-18 05:21pm EDT | Tags :

Early Treen Spreading Knife

Rare 19th c. Treen utensil in shape of spreading knife. Wonderful dark patina, measures 14” long. From an early Connecticut collection of Treen we just purchased.

Price: $30.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-18 12:01pm EDT | Tags :

19th c. Hand Held Painted Mirror

Fine 19th c. Painted hand held mirror. Pine, dry black paint, early glass. Great look! Measures 9” long x 3 1/2” wide.

Price: $195.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-03 08:13am EDT | Tags :

Early Rushlight

Wonderful late 18th/early 19th c. Rush light. Twistwork stem and arm with pointed ball counter weight. On wonderfully worn Treen base. One of several lighting pieces purchased from a Greenwich CT estate. Measures 11 1/8” tall.

Price: $325.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-03 08:09am EDT | Tags :

19th c. Copper Candle Snuffer

Rare 19th c. Copper witches hat candle Snuffer. Measures 6 1/2” long.

Price: $30.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-02 04:14pm EDT | Tags :

Early Butter Stamp #1

Carved fern butter stamp. Nice dark patina, as seen in photos shows age with minor cracks. Measures approximately 3 7/8” diameter.

Price: $25.00-free shipping

2023-Jun-02 11:59am EDT | Tags :

19th C. Bentwood Box with Floral Decoration

Beautiful 19th c. paint decorated diminutive bentwood band box. In overall good condition, small break on bottom rim approximately 1 1/2” long. Box measures 5 1/2” x 4 1/8” x 3 1/8” tall.

Price: $295.00-free shipping

2023-May-30 04:39pm EDT | Tags :

18th C. Barrel Canteen Signed & Dated

Rare 18th century barrel canteen with hand forged iron straps. Oak, great patina, brown paint, signed and dated "I S / 1793". Very good condition. Measures 6 1/8" diameter (sides) x 4 1/4"W.

Price: $750.00-free shipping

2023-Apr-29 11:50am EDT | Tags :

Cast Iron Toy Locomotive with Utility & Coal Cars

A cast iron toy steam locomotive with utility car and coal car, traces of original red paint. The engine appears to be marked "Pat'd June '80" and both cars marked "Pat'd May 25 / 1880 / Reiss'd / Mar-14-82", all appear in good condition. The engine measures 8"L x 2 1/2"W x 4 3/4"H.

Price: $175.00 + shipping

2023-Apr-29 11:28am EDT | Tags :

New England Painted Document Box

Beautiful original red painted document box. Dovetailed construction,New England 19th c., initials L A on front. Wonderful wallpaper interior , with card mounted on inside of lid from former owner explaining provenance. Measures 6 3/4” x15”x8”.

Price: $375.00 + shipping

2023-Apr-27 11:40am EDT | Tags :

Small Painted Splint Basket

Nice 19th c. Painted splint basket. Nice patina, remnants of paint, salmon on horizontal strips and mustard on vertical strips. In overall good condition, minor breaks on bottom. Measures 9” x 7 1/4”.

Price: $80.00-free shipping

2023-Apr-26 01:15pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Black & Red Painted Checkerboard

Great early painted gameboard. 19th C. Red & black painted checkerboard, irregular shaped and square forged nail construction. Scribed squares, signed “P.B”. Measures 24”x 15 1/2”.

Price: $395.00 + shipping

2023-Apr-26 09:14am EDT | Tags :

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