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I am pleased to be the newest kid on the block at Dig Antiques. especially when I opened my first antiques shop in 1969! whoops! Almost can figure out I am not young! I will be selling early small items. Collection of chalk ware, many Ca. 1650 Spanish candlesticks, a weathervane collection, Christmas ornaments, Xmas tree fence, Rabbit ware plates, (English Ca. 1900 and really scarce in today’s world,)Many small early items. I will ship every Monday from UPS -FedEx if you have an account there. Three day exchange if item is returned in same condition as shipped. I will accept money orders, cash or check. My phone number is 573-657-3007. Email

Stoneware ovoid crock

Signed T.P.Mead. The Mead Pottery was started in Ohio in 1775! this is a one gallon that measures 10 and a half high with blue splotches on handles and signed signature.

Price: $125.00

2021-Dec-28 12:33pm EST | Tags :

Persian Qatar Vase

Beautiful 1800’s Persian Vase. Measures 8 q1/2” high. Love the beautiful birds. Mint condition.

Price: $160.00

2021-Dec-26 03:32pm EST | Tags :

Hanging wooden wallbox

With buttonhole bands. Great craftsmanship! Measures 16” tall and ten inches wide

Price: $595

2021-Dec-26 03:26pm EST | Tags :

One gallon stoneware

Unmarked, mint condition one gallon decorated stoneware. This size is hard to find! Lots more large ones on the market. When I took the picture of the bottom I see a tiny age crack in the bottom.

Price: $395.00

2021-Dec-25 03:12pm EST | Tags :

Ovoid crock

One gallon ovoid crock. Prior to 1830.

Price: $495.00

2021-Dec-25 03:07pm EST | Tags :

Stone grapes

White stone grapes, 7” long. They are on a twisted wire. Ca. 1900-20.

Price: $100.00

2021-Dec-25 02:53pm EST | Tags :

Brass candlestick ca. 1650

I call all these Ca. 1650 candlesticks Spanish. They could be Dutch or Netherlands but I don’t know how to tell the difference! tray base. I will sell more of my collection if there is interest.

Price: $795.00

2021-Dec-25 02:15pm EST | Tags :

pair hand carved portraits

Pair of walnut hand carved frames with Religious miniature paintings on Ivory. (Attached easel). Two and a half inches wide and 3 and a half inches tall.

Price: $350.00

2021-Dec-24 05:04pm EST | Tags :

N. Clark, jr crock

N. Clark jr. working between 1843-92. Rare 1 and A half gallon. Tiny chip on ear.

Price: $650.00

2021-Dec-24 05:03pm EST | Tags :

Rabbit ware plate

Highly collectible plate! (English Ca. 1900) referred to as Rabbitware.

Price: 475.00 sale! 395.00

2021-Dec-24 04:55pm EST | Tags :

Chalk ware sheep

Hollow early chalk ware sheep. Mint but a little soiled from all the years. 5” long, four”tall.One of my favorite pieces!

Price: $395.00

2021-Dec-24 03:11pm EST | Tags :

Chalk ware with Bell.

solid chalk ware sheep with old bell around it’s neck. 5” long, 5” high. original paint with some chips.

Price: $325.00

2021-Dec-24 03:05pm EST | Tags :

cute chalk ware couple

charming chalk ware couple. “Notne Amour”. Nine and a quarter inches tall and 5” wide.

Price: $250.00

2021-Dec-24 02:56pm EST | Tags :

Early child whistle

In Owl form. I collected these for several years and then have not seen one for sale for several years. There will be more posted if any interest.

Price: $125.00

2021-Dec-24 02:47pm EST | Tags :

Cow weathervane

Cow weathervane Ca. 1900. Old gold paint, bullet hole on tail! Measures 22”x 7”.

Price: $495.00

2021-Dec-24 02:34pm EST | Tags :

Christmas Tree Fence

unbelievable! 24 and 1/2 feet plus two 3” gates and one four” gate. Red and green. Each section is 9 1/2”. 31 sections. Part of fence is pictured.

Price: $495.00

2021-Dec-24 01:37pm EST | Tags :

Chicken weathervane

Hard to find chicken weathervane Ca. 1900. Rusty, wusty but cute to hang over a primitive picture. Bullet holes. Measures 24 long x9” high.

Price: $295.00

2021-Dec-24 01:31pm EST | Tags :

Stick sheep

This is only the second one of these German sheep in a cage that I have had in all my antiquing years! Ca. 1900. Sone slight wool missing on one sheep. seven” long x3 1/2 high.

Price: $295

2021-Dec-24 01:24pm EST | Tags :

Pennsylvania Dutch slide lid box

Pennsylvania Dutch painted slide lid box

Price: $195.00

2021-Dec-23 05:06pm EST | Tags :

chalk ware recumbent spotted deer.

Ca. 1850. Tip of horn glued and antlers somewhat loose. Nine inches wide and 9 1/2 inches to top of horn.

Price: $450.00

2021-Dec-23 03:58pm EST | Tags :

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