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Welcome to Country Antiques! We live in the Mohawk valley region of central New York. Renee and I have restored a 1790's tavern and enjoy living with all of our treasures. I have been studying and collecting 17th to mid 19th century antique items used in everyday American home life during this time period. Through my 35 years as an antiques dealer, I have helped many private individuals as well as museums build and add to their amazing collections. We enjoy meeting new customers or fellow dealers specializing in similar items! We will post daily new items on this site as well as on our associate sites: We also have several booths in the Ontario Antique mall located at 1740 Rochester Rd #332 in Farmington, NY. You can reach us through email at or by calling 315-794-0569, leave a message and I will get right back to you. We accept returns within seven (7) days after you receive the item without any hassle. We will credit you back your money or use the credit for a different item. Shipping costs and taxes will be included in the purchase price, and you will be responsible for cost and insurance on any returns. Payments can be made through PayPal, money orders, and personal checks. Layayway is also available and can be arranged with a 30 percent deposit (non refundable). If you have any questions or inquiries please ask and we will get right back with you as soon as possible! New items will be posted on a regular basis and updated sales with fresh items will be in the middle of each month. We are excited to reach out to new customers looking to invest in our past history! Thank you for taking the time to view our site!.

Early 18th century maple Burl covered spice contai

American and super early with pole lathe markings . Original well turned lid . This small covered Treen-ware piece is made from maple Burl. Has a deep rich mellow original surface. Very hard to find this early dating pre-1750 period. Wonderful form shape and untouched condition. Measures 4 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter . No repairs no damage no cracks just a super survivor !!!!

Price: $495.00

2024-Feb-28 04:18pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century Iron wedding band hog scraper stick

You don’t see the iron wedding bands . This measures 8 inches tall. Signed tab hard to read. First and last letters . Hand forged nut and original blacken surface. Iron wedding bands are tough to find not as common as brass.

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-28 02:32pm EST | Tags : Primitives

American Indian super dry surface carved scoop

Early 18th early 19th century large Native American scoop. Has an outstanding dry surface. Love the carved bird head top as well deep large 5 1/2 inch bowl. Measures 8 1/2 inches . Perfect dry dry surface American Indian walnut or bass wood scoop.

Price: $225.00

2024-Feb-28 01:49pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Seneca Indian carved large 11 inch scoop super han

This has a wonderful dry surface and large size. Not measures 11 inches with a 5 inch bowl across the age shows with one side of bowl worn flat from use. Good 18th century carved pine wheel top. Rare example of a Seneca Indian upstate NY piece. Good dry surface.

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-27 05:15pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century super dry surface hand mirror

These mirrors from the 18th and 19th century are so rare to find. The frame on this mirror is dry original pine with original period mirror . Measures 11 inches tall by 4 1/2 wide. Just super patina and age. Back is covered with a wallboard paper of the 1830-1840 period . All original and wonderful age.

Price: $225.00

2024-Feb-27 04:32pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Randolph county N.C. Pottery pinch bottle 19th c.

This is an outstanding condition piece. Measures 7 inches tall and In great condition. Strong green with orange spots glazed bottom of bottle. This is a classic southern piece of pottery from 1870-1880 period. Normal wear around top of bottle. These pinch bottles seen in the south.

Price: $350.00

2024-Feb-25 09:02pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century South Carolina salt glaze jug super

Condition is great no repairs or damage. Measures 11 inches tall. Has a strong drippy southern salt glaze with southern clay. This jug dates 1860-1880 and is in great condition. The whiskey jug is a great untouched perfect example.

Price: $495.00

2024-Feb-25 05:22pm EST | Tags : Pottery

18th century large 12 inch folky thumb latch iron

Hand forged New England thumb latch. The size is great and untouched surface. Has an original flat faced thumb piece. Note this mounted flat has an offset handle for a tight space . Not common yet seen on doors around the chimney . Super untouched 18th century piece.

Price: $175.00

2024-Feb-23 01:02pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th c. Thick wall rare 5 1/4 pantry box

Original dry thick painted pantry box. Measures only 5 1/4 inches by 2 inches tall. Great dry brown with back under coat . Early wooden pegs and early cut nails. You just don’t see these smaller size original painted boxes often. Thick wall with no damage or repairs .

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-22 04:27pm EST | Tags : Primitives

17th early 18th century forged iron trivet must c.

They just don’t come along this nice. Look close at the quality of the work on the top and curled feet. Note this comes out of central pa. The extra nice blacksmith work curls and hearts all drawn from single bars. Very early 1680–740 period . Also a wonderful size of only 7 inches by 4 1/2 inches wide by 1 inch tall. I myself think it would be tough to find anything any better for quality and age! No repairs or damage.

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-22 02:22pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century toleware pa . Spice box painted

Mustard color and star design punched decoration. This measures 6 inches by 3 1/2 tall by 3 inches wide. All original feet and great surface. Divided into 4 compartments with the nutmeg grater in the middle. Great American spice box early 19th century . 1820-1840. No damage or repairs .

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-21 05:43pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 18th century rosehead nail kitchen grater

Outstanding and hard to find early example. This piece measures 15 inches tall cut from early pine and just has wonderful patina and color. Look close to see held together with rosehead nails . Dating this around 1750 period . Hand punched tin as well. Very early example with no problems .

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-21 02:29pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century real mustard painted super game board

This is a one board early 1840-1860 period piece. Front game is scribed in and has original early paint. Strong colors and all original. The game board measures 13 1/2 by 16 1/2 inches with just the best honest surface you will find. As well back of board has another game as well. Great American early 19th century piece.

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-20 03:15pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century blue green thick wall pantry box

This is just the way you like to find them. Perfect with no damage no repairs and dry dry surface. Has a great honest wear and no repairs or damage. Good dark color . Wooden pegged and early nails construction . Measures 9 1/2 by 4 1/4 tall this won’t last long it is ready for a place among others in a collection.

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-19 05:50pm EST | Tags :

American 18th century Treen-ware eating dish super

This is a rare example of an American eating dish that measures 7 1/2 inches. Has the best patina you will see. Look close as this dish dating in the early 1700’s has a wonderful folk art painting on the face of it. Done in the early 19th century I would guess. Great folky log buildings with people and date of 1776 . All original and untouched . A truely great piece of history.

Price: Sold

2024-Feb-19 02:18pm EST | Tags : Primitives

American Rev War naval cutlas sword 1770-1780

Untouched great example hand forged and wonderful patina. As seen in collectors encyclopedia of the Rev War a classic naval sword from the 18th century. Single fuller blade is 29 inches long and total length is 33 inches. The edge of the blade has seen service lots of nicks . A hard to find figure eight unmarked American Rev War naval cutlas .

Price: $2400.00

2024-Feb-18 04:10pm EST | Tags : Swords

Early 19th century Red-ware jug with slip decorati

Outstanding form shape and condition . Measures 7 inches tall by 4 1/2 on the base. The color is super with manganese slip design. Super pa. 1830-1850 jug in wonderful condition. As close to mint as they come with light wear on rim . No repairs or damage .

Price: $595.00

2024-Feb-18 02:54pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century mustard painted firkin 9 inches nice

Just as we found this with finger nailed construction with square nails and wooden pegs. The base paint is a yellow with a combed in brown . Good dry surface. Measures 9 inches tall by 9 inches across and 9 5/8 on the base. Width . Handle has several coats of paint but can see base of mustard yellow as well. Front has a penciled name that can remain or come off SE. Edward’s Glass and bottom nicely signed in paint C Olson . Just a honest example just as we found it from 1840’s

Price: Sold.

2024-Feb-17 05:26pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Dated 1835 pa. Pen & ink watercolor baptismal nice

Folky with angels and wings and double hearts as well. Top heart written in English and dated 1835 bottom heart in pa. German . Measures 12 inches by 7 1/2 on the inside . Old frame that has been reframed not glued down . Great piece of American folk art. Has folds one small 2 inch tear on fold . Good American dated pa. Folk art piece.

Price: $375.00

2024-Feb-14 04:21pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century painted salmon super dry color basket

You just don’t see very many 19th century baskets with original paint. Look close at this splint basket with salmon paint. Carved original handle . Measures 9 1/2 inches across by 5 1/2 tall by 9 inches with handle tall. Has three very small breaks nothing serious for the age and original paint . Dating 1850-1870 .

Price: $375.00

2024-Feb-04 04:21pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century two color small 6 in basket

Perfect condition and only measures 6 inches by 5 inches tall . Nice splint weave with two colors. Great early patina and in perfect shape. Hard to find a better example. Carved out early handle as well.

Price: $295.00

2024-Feb-04 01:50pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century painted tin sconce super example

You just don’t see these examples this early and honest original dry black surface. Heavy tin example measuring 12 1/2 tall by 3 1/2 wide. Perfect tab bottom and old collection number. Not common in this untouched condition from 1760-1780.

Price: $250.00

2024-Feb-01 03:43pm EST | Tags :

Early 19th century dark painted green pantry box

This is a strong all original early pantry box. Hand cut nails and wooden pegs . Measures 7 1/2 by 3 1/2 tall. The green original thick paint has turned dark. Note under lid the light color on rim. Super early example no issues . Dating 1820-1850.

Price: Sold

2024-Jan-29 05:23pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century painted 1750 canteen rosehead nails

This is an outstanding untouched example. Super dry surface redish brown and original bands carved with rosehead nails. Note this has a raised spout with chip carving. Original pewter spout and just super nice honest untouched condition. Construction and nails help date this. 1750-1780. Measures 11 inches by 5 1/2 wide. This will sell fast they don’t turn up this early and nice.

Price: $795.00

2024-Jan-24 04:02pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Super early 18th century carved marriage spoon

They just don’t come along any better . The patina and color is outstanding. Measures 15 inches and the detailed carving hearts and initials on back are just so detailed. Super age and having a bowl rest on the back as well. Amazing condition and dating 1760-1800 pa . German marriage piece. A just wonderful no issues item hard to beat the folk art and condition.

Price: $495.00

2024-Jan-23 02:59pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Valley of Va. red-ware cake mold great glaze color

Super early 19th century example. Red-ware clay base and strong glaze. The term Turks head cake mold found mainly in pa. This piece has an all the colors and clay of the valley of Va. only measures 6 inches and in great condition. No damage or repairs and minor wear around edges. Dating 1830-1860 period.

Price: $175.00

2024-Jan-20 04:54pm EST | Tags : Pottery

18th century horn panel tin lantern super surface

Just as you like to find them. Fresh out of a house with all original horn panels and tab bottom candle socket. As well a bracket for pole mount or hanging. Vents in top and just a great 1750-2780 example. Possibly wire added to hanger for support on top. These lanterns from the mid a 18th century are very hard to find. Horn panels have damage but they’re and original . Three panels.

Price: $550.00

2024-Jan-19 03:27pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century Red-ware pitcher with slip nice

A strong piece of American red-ware. Has super form and condition. Measures only 5 1/2 inches tall. Wonderful shape with good slip design. Condition is nice with two very minor small chips on top edge seen in photos and very little wear . Great age and super form from central pa.

Price: $395.00

2024-Jan-14 03:06pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century Rev War oak barrel canteen nice patin

Wonderful untouched example. This larger size canteen has circle designs on both sides and a raised carved spout. Super dark patina and hand forged bands . All nice and tight. Measures 9 3/4 by 6 inches tall. My feelings are English yet who knows . Rev War 18th century .

Price: $395.00

2024-Jan-12 04:14pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century folky painted carved bird

A wonderful American early piece of folk art. The wings are carved and detail and measures 6 inches. This American piece has tack eyes and super original dry surface. Wonderful folky item with original mounting hole for bird tree and shore bird.

Price: $195.00

2024-Jan-11 07:57pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century Super Soldiers I.D. Canteen great pa

These don’t turn up very often. The shape and surface is wonderful. Nice turnings and out of round. Only measuring 4 1/2 by 3 3/4 very nice soldiers name S. R. Jackson on the side . Perfect Revolutionary war item with great patina.

Price: $475.00

2024-Jan-11 06:53pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Mid 18th century shell guard stag handle sword

Great untouched example. Perfect patina and perfect tang. Dating 1740-1760 and either British or American. This sword is super with stag grip and wedged blade. Similar examples in the battle weapons of the American Rev War. Measures 28 1/4 with a 23 inch blade.

Price: $695.00

2024-Jan-09 01:32pm EST | Tags : Swords

18th century dovetailed in paint small spice box

This seeet small well made spice box is out of chestnut. Dovetailed and square nailed. . Chamfered slide lid and 6 compartments. Perfect 7 1/2 by 5 inch with original brown surface. Great size and dating 1760-1800 period. Being chestnut is a sign of eastern shore Delaware or maryland origin. This still smells of spices.

Price: $325.00

2024-Jan-07 04:33pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Original salmon painted thick wall pantry box

Very hard to find color. Perfect shape with wooden pegs and early cut nails. This is a very early example with thick walls and thick original paint. Early 19th century pantry box measuring 11 inches by 5 1/2 inches tall. Perfect shape no issues

Price: $450.00

2024-Jan-05 04:17pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 18th century round sprue cast iron plate

Very tough to find in this great condition. Wonderful patina and color. Measures 9 inches across with a round sprue casting helping date this pre-1750. Just a wonderful piece which some say are slave related dishes so not to be stolen … great piece of history not common to find.

Price: Sold

2024-Jan-05 02:55pm EST | Tags : Primitives

17th / 18th century super iron spiral candle stick

This is an outstanding very early example. Forged iron heavy with original curled push-up. Has a wonderful patina and original great age wooden base. Measures 8 inches tall and a very early 1690-1740 example. Good 17th early 18th century courting candlestick.

Price: $225.00

2024-Jan-01 02:01pm EST | Tags : Primitives

American Pa dated 1849 watercolor fracture nice

All original and in the original frame. Minor staining water color border. Pa. Origin frature . Great original untouched condition. Measures 7 1/2 outside and inside is 6 1/2 by 5 1/2 and inside is 4 1/2 . Great piece of folk art .

Price: $375.00

2023-Dec-31 01:49pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century painted hand mirror super surfa

Not a common thing to find for the country collectors. This hand mirror has the original beveled mirror with wonderful original dry surface black . Frame is made in two pieces and measures 6 inches wide by 14 1/2 long . Very good condition and outstanding surface.

Price: $250.00

2023-Dec-29 01:05pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century red-ware tavern mug with slip

You just don’t see the tavern mugs often !!! This is a large mug great condition and strong glaze with manganese slip from central Pa. Measures 5 1/4 inches tall perfect shape with flaw in making of a dip on top edge on one side. Adds a lot of caractor to the piece. Again an American Red-ware mug in great shape early 19th century.

Price: $475.00

2023-Dec-28 03:37pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century pa. Red-ware 6 1/2 plate with slip

Unusual size not common and in wonderful condition with a coggle edge and slip decoration. Super color on the back and just minor small flea bites on edge. No repairs strong great color. 1800-1830 . Wonderful American piece of pottery with slip

Price: $250.00

2023-Dec-19 01:35pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Thick wall painted 19th century pantry box nice

Large size for the stack measuring 10 inches across and 5 1./ inches tall. Has a period 19th century paint history. The green is over a cream color white. Both period paints. Having hand cut and wooden pegs a super nice honest piece with no damage or repairs .

Price: $325.00

2023-Dec-15 01:31pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century sailors Whale bone carved pie crimper

Some people always say museum piece well in this case it’s true !!! A 6 inch Nantucket sailors item with all the bells and whistles . Faceted too and twisted center and animal arms for the wheel. Dating 1780-1820 and just a wonderful rich patina example. You would have to pay three times my asking price at a good show to find this again. Fresh to the market and an important and perfect example.

Price: $895.00

2023-Dec-08 02:47pm EST | Tags : Sailors items

Rare linen strap Rev War carved powder horn 18th c

This is a 10 inch example powder horn which had a carved horn hanger and carved spout what is so rare is the original linen strap. Just a great display piece with other Rev War related items. Condition isn’t super as a small crack in spout and broken hanger hook as well as a few small bug holes the linen strap is what makes this piece . Coming out of our own collection .

Price: $195.00

2023-Dec-08 12:51pm EST | Tags : Rev war

18th early 19th century painted red wash spice box

Great turnings and wonderful color can be seen on this maple spice box. Look close to see the pole lathe construction and great thick red wash surface. Dating 1780-1820 period and measures 3 inches in diameter . Just a sweet piece of Treen-ware .

Price: $195.00

2023-Dec-08 12:31pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century folk art drawing of house on felt

Wonderful piece of folk art . Look close at this example measures 6 by 4 inches . Frame is not old. Hand watercolor drawn on a felt like a theorem . Super piece of American folk art from the 19th century.

Price: $235.00

2023-Dec-07 03:36pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th Century Rev War American/dutch /German sword

This is a 31 1/2 inch sword. The brass guard and original forged blade are in nice untouched condition. Original wire wrap yet loose as is guard from age. The tang is untouched and seen carried by soldiers from 1760-1780. Just a good honest 18th century sword hanger.

Price: $595.00

2023-Dec-04 12:58pm EST | Tags : Swords

American early 19th c. watercolor child with doll

This has everything going for it. Never been out of the frame original backboard and nails . Strong detail and colors with no damage or staining. Measures 13 1/2 by 12 1/2 inches . All original with original name on the back as well. Great piece of American folk art.

Price: $650.00

2023-Nov-30 11:37am EST | Tags : Primitives

Folky carved with hearts childs wooden rattle

Outstanding design and super double chamber rattle. Decorated with hearts and designs. American late 19th century with wire nails. Hard to find not broken up or damaged. Dating 1880’s with no damage or repairs.

Price: $165.00

2023-Nov-30 11:05am EST | Tags : Primitives

19th century pa. Striped stone jug 11 1/2 tall

Nice condition and not common in jug form to be striped. Two blue colbalt stripes on this 11 1/2 inch mid 19th century example from central pa. Perfect shape no repairs or damage .

Price: $275.00

2023-Nov-26 03:48pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century document box great wallpaper interior

Leather covered original 18th century document box with original hardware. Great condition with hand painted colored design wall per interior. Measures 11 inches by 5 by 4 inches tall . Outstanding condition normal wear on leather yet really in great shape . Strong wallpaper color.

Price: $350.00

2023-Nov-22 04:42pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century wallpaper covered 4 1/2 in. Box

Wonderful example of a wood framed round wall box. Measures 4 1/2 inches by 2 1/2 inch tall. Love the folk art design with applied straw and colored paper and interior hand colored wallpaper. Dating 1820-1830

Price: $450.00

2023-Nov-22 01:48pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th c. original painted Ochre maple footed bowl

Super nice 12 1/2 inch maple bowl. Original painted surface and footed. Wonderful dry surface greenish gray surface. This bowl is perfect with wonderful color and tough to find these days. Dating early to mid 19th century footed base. No cracks or damage .

Price: $325.00

2023-Nov-20 04:17pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Walnut 19th century double flower butter print

Outstanding detail very well carved and the best detail you will find. Again a large size measures 4 inches and detailed double flower butter print. Early to mid 19th century and walnut out of central pa.

Price: $175.00

2023-Nov-20 03:54pm EST | Tags : Primitives

American 19th century wheat pattern butter print

Outstanding early to mid 19th century large size butter print . Measures 4 inches large size and super dry surface. Look at the detail of this wheat pattern butter print.

Price: $165.00

2023-Nov-20 03:40pm EST | Tags : Primitives

American early federal carved eagle butter print

Outstanding dry surface and deep carving. Very early pattern american butter print measuring 4 inches large . You just don’t see these and this one is super nice. Note at the 5 o’clock it does have a flaw about 1/4 inch. Very hard to see and period repair. Wonderful folky American eagle pine butter print.

Price: $395.00

2023-Nov-20 03:30pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Thick wall period dry red early 19th c. Pantry box

Outstanding untouched surface . Great condition with wooden peg and early cut nail construction. This pantry box is early 19th century and has the best surface you would want. Measures 9 inches by 5 inches tall. Great example.

Price: $375.00

2023-Nov-16 03:22pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Tall tin 18th century narrow wall sconce shell top

Super condition untouched and just the way you like to see these. Narrow only 2 1/2 inches by 13 inches tall. Tab bottom and untouched patina . Dating 1770-1800 period with a folded edge and tab bottom candle socket. Unusual tall and narrow sconce.

Price: $245.00

2023-Nov-16 02:55pm EST | Tags : Lighting

Rare J Conger American eagle carved cookie board

Walnut one piece of wood measures 9 by 8 inches. Has detailed carvings on front and back . Deep makers marking of J. Conger Phila Pa. Important example with wonderful original patina and in just super condition. A American piece of folk art .

Price: $2400.00

2023-Nov-16 02:08pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Pa. Dated 1826 Red-ware decorated 10 inch dish

Super design and with birds and German writing around outside. Wonderful condition with light wear and scratches from use. After examining this piece it has an age line going across the bottom middle of dish. Rare folk art example with original Incised design and date of 1826. From central pa.

Price: $950.00

2023-Nov-11 02:37pm EST | Tags : Folk art

Toleware super decorated tin teapot Phila 1820’s

Outstanding in condition. The best strong original toleware you will see. Measures 10 inches tall and just look at the condition of this early 19th century piece. American folk art the best you will find. Light paint loss around spout .

Price: $595.00

2023-Nov-11 02:25pm EST | Tags : Primitives

18th century tin half size rare hanging lantern

You won’t find these every day in this condition. Look close at the surface condition is perfect and has everything you want. Original glass and original wire protector . Tabbed bottom candle socket and original hanger ring with smoke reflector. Rare small size 9 inches tall with 2 Inc ring. Everything is untouched on this rare American 1760-1780 lantern.

Price: Sold

2023-Nov-10 04:47pm EST | Tags : Primitives

Red-ware early 19th century pumpkin flask nice

Super small size flask measures 5 3/4 inches and is in super shape with only 1 small chip on top of lip . Old repair less than 1/4 inch. Great piece of American red-ware from the early 19th century .

Price: $350.00

2023-Nov-08 02:01pm EST | Tags : Primitives

American school early 19th century water color

Original frame Birdseye maple measuring 6 by 5 1/2 and this is early 19th century. . Dating 1830’s nice honest original watercolor no repairs or damage.

Price: $375.00

2023-Nov-05 02:25pm EST | Tags : Folk art

18th century 5 inch Burl pole turned waste bowl

This is a wonderful form shape and design. Measures 5 inches by 3 inches tall . Footed with a pole lathe turned marking on base. Great graining in the Burl wood and dry untouched surface.

Price: $350.00

2023-Nov-04 02:23pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

19th century unusual scrub box with soap box foote

Very unusual and just a nice early 19th century piece. Measures 13 inches by 4 by 3 1/2 tall. Early surface and remains of residue of soap on inside. Super wear and surface. Wonderful unusual footed base with one tiny repair to top of foot.

Price: $295.00

2023-Nov-03 02:02pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 18th century American butter print triangle

American design simple with outstanding age. Very early 18th century pine and only measures 3 inches. Dry original surface and has some crazing but intacted and a rare survivor …

Price: $225.00

2023-Nov-02 02:38pm EDT | Tags :

19th century heart handle dry surface tote

They just don’t get any better for untouched surface. Hand forged square nails with deep side walls. Measures 14 1/2 by 9 1/4 by 4 1/2 inches deep . Super early original heart handle . Has a heart cut out and just a wonderful early 19th century piece.

Price: $195.00

2023-Nov-01 12:43pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Unusual square forged iron penny foot trivet 18th

Great shape and not common to see this shape. Measures 7 1/4 square and 3 1/2 tall. Original penned through feet and original patina . Great condition 18th century trivet.

Price: $150.00

2023-Oct-29 04:19pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

New England paint decorated 1820’s stool super

You just don’t see this quality paint decorated stool. Measures 12 inches by 6 inches and 7 1/2 inch tall. Love the splay legs all original paint decoration. Selling this perfect piece at a very fair price.

Price: $295.00

2023-Oct-27 02:12pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century painted cutlery tote square nai

Untouched great color and dry original green color. Measures 17 inches by 9 inches wide. This cutlery tote is strong original dry surface. Square nailed and untouched no damage no repairs.

Price: $235.00

2023-Oct-26 03:23pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

early 18th century southern yellow pine deep bowl

This bowl is the best you will see in form and condition. Has a 10 inch diameter and 4 inches deep . Wonderful dry surface with footed base. Look close to see the early original dry blue gray remains of paint. A important piece of Treen-ware from the 1750 or before period. Great 18th century southern example.

Price: $495.00

2023-Oct-25 02:39pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Super Red-ware jar with slip decoration Pa 19th c.

Rare 19th century slip decorated canning jar . Has strong glaze and design with double Incised rings. Flared top and just wonderful condition. Folky example and in perfect condition with light wear on top edge. Measures 6 inches tall .

Price: $475.00

2023-Oct-23 02:56pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Folk art carved song bird original paint 19th cent

This is an outstanding 5 inch length carved bird. Coming out of central pa. This song bird has wire legs and original dry surface paint. 19th century original piece of folk art. Artists carved these and built bird trees .

Price: $250.00

2023-Oct-21 04:04pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

17th early 18th century German hunting sword

Outstanding untouched condition. This sword is nice and tight never been touched. Dating 1690-1740 period with false edge blade. Total length is 29 inches untouched tang and no repairs or damage. Look at the detail of this hunting sword from the 17th century. Blade is outstanding engraving.

Price: $895.00

2023-Oct-20 03:37pm EDT | Tags : Swords

Spanish 18th century dagger in sheath nice detail

Just as found with forged blade inlayed brass and hand engraved. Measures 10 inches and dating early to mid 18th century. Spanish in origin.

Price: $395.00

2023-Oct-20 02:36pm EDT | Tags : Military.

18th century sweet forged iron American trivet

This outstanding piece is just wonderful in patina and surface. The legs are penned through and the handle is curled for hanging. Measures a total of 7 inches and 5 inches round with 1 inch legs . I would say 18th century just from the forging .

Price: $125.00

2023-Oct-13 02:58pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th century chestnut bee-hive bowl 7 inch super

You just don’t see these early bowls … The bowl measures 7 inches by 2 1/2 inches deep. Wonderful dry surface and strong grain . A early bee-hive form with just the best surface and age you will see. No issues

Price: $325.00

2023-Oct-13 02:41pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Super dry painted gray color cutlery tote early

The color is a grayish white cream . Outstanding surface hard to beat the dry color and condition. Early 19th century and has T head nails chamfered sides and in just wonderful condition. Measures 15 by 10 inch . I love the color and condition is perfect for a cutlery tote.

Price: $265.00

2023-Oct-04 04:24pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

early 19th century thick wall painted super pantry

They don’t turn up this nice. Early nails and thick walls and finger construction. Just a super great American blue black pantry box . The blue turns over time . Measuring 9 1/4 to be exact wide on top inches by 6 inches tall . Outstanding condition no issues and strong dry original paint.

Price: Sold

2023-Oct-01 04:47pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Super Red-ware Bank with manganese slip decoration

They don’t get much better. Look at the beehive form and outstanding glaze. You just won’t find these in this condition. Normal wear but no damage or repairs and just a really great early 19th century folk art piece. Measures 3 1/2 inches you never see these banks with this great slip.

Price: $450.00

2023-Oct-01 04:00pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Rare miniature Early Redware pie plate 4 1/8 size

In 35 plus years I have not seen another example. So rare in form and condition. Great 18th early 19th century example . Has super patina and condition is perfect. Coggle edge and has a spot where it sat against another piece in kiln. Perfect slip and rare piece from pa.

Price: $595.00

2023-Sep-29 02:15pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century pa. Phila toleware coffee pot

Outstanding decoration and all original coffee pot. Old tags have a price of 1450 on them and believe that is what the collector paid to get this example. Measures 8 1/2 inches all hand painted and in great condition with with no damage or repairs. Great American folk art toleware piece.

Price: $950.00

2023-Sep-18 01:34pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th century outstanding heavy punch tin lantern

Condition and surface is the best that you will find. Measures 16 inches tall with a tab bottom socket and all original dry surface. This lantern is American 1750-1800 period and not easy to find today. No repairs or damage good 18th century piece.

Price: $325.00

2023-Sep-18 12:37pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

19th century thick wall pantry box orig. green

You just don’t see these boxes very often. Thick walled and original green surface. Measures 6 1/2 by 3 7/8 tall . Strong original dry color and thick walls. Great example of a primitive pantry box in wonderful shape. Early nails and wooden pegs .

Price: $245.00

2023-Sep-16 04:41pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century original painted red pantry box

Outstanding surface just super dry and thick walled pantry box. Measures 9 inches across and measures 4 1/2 tall. Has hand forged nails and in perfect condition. They don’t come along this nice for sure . Early 19th century and perfect original paint.

Price: Sold

2023-Sep-15 01:49pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 18th century wonderful snip hing box 1700

The large dovetails and detailed early hasp as well as snip hings make this a very early 18th century example. Measures a small 6 by 5 inches just wonderful dry surface . Item number 182

Price: $165.00

2023-Sep-13 03:51pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th/19th century pine sunflower butter print

Outstanding dry surface. Measures 4 1/2 tall by 3 inches wide . Rare pattern sunflower and design. Early carved out handle and untouched no damage or repairs. The butter print is carved deep from pine .

Price: $225.00

2023-Sep-13 02:54pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

American wallpaper hat box dated 1849 super nice

This wallpaper hat box has interior Washington tribune 1849 lined walls. Was sent out in the Civil War with a 1 cent civil war stamp. As well this box measures 13 inches by 10 1/2 wide. Great mid 19th century hand colored with house wallpaper.

Price: $275.00

2023-Sep-11 04:50pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Pa 19th century Redware pie plate 8 3/4 inches wit

Honest and real early 19th century pie plate. Has skip design and shows lots of wear. Some slip loss and roughness on back edge. No repairs or serious issues just wear and loss to slip.

Price: $275.00

2023-Sep-07 04:53pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Rare pa. Half moon pineapple butter print 19th

Outstanding large American maple wood butter press. You just don’t see these often. Measures 6 inches and has great color. Deep carving and super nice honest age . Great pineapple design

Price: $345.00

2023-Sep-07 04:32pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th century traveling maple mirror soap box early

Outstanding patina and age. Measures 3 inches and just a wonderful example with the original mirror and the box itself would have closed tight but with age has shrunk and is loose. Dating 1760-1780 Rev war period.

Price: $175.00

2023-Sep-05 02:00pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Revolutionary War tooled leather man’s wallet

Dating this square shaped wallet from 1750-1780 . Has wonderful tooling and super nice condition. Measures 5 by 3 inches . The interior is well decorated and can see similar examples in the Rev War encyclopedia.

Price: $395.00

2023-Aug-30 12:01pm EDT | Tags :

18th century carved out Burl American scoop

Great form and super early 18th century. The Burl is one piece of wood with a flaw filled in with tar when made. Wonderful early piece of green-ware 10 inches with a 5 1/2 inch bowl. Great American Burl item.

Price: $425.00

2023-Aug-24 04:31pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century Pa. Redware dish with slip desi

Measures 8 3/4 inches as found with lots of wear and roughness. The dish has a 1 inch line from the edge. Is early 19th century pa . Origin. Good honest example that would look great in a country cupboard.

Price: $250.00

2023-Aug-24 02:05pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

17th early 18th century leather powder flask engli

Dating 1690-1750 period large 12 inch tall English leather powder flask. Missing the top spout area which was brass and screwed on. Rare to find example selling as is .

Price: $495.00

2023-Aug-23 11:12am EDT | Tags : Leather goods

17th century hack leather English canteen

This is a very hard item to find. Just as found and in Neumann’s ref it shows this canteen made into a wall box at some point. Then made back into a working canteen. English civil war period 1650. Measures 7 by 6 inches and original strap. If you don’t have an example this is a good chance to get one.

Price: $1400.00

2023-Aug-23 11:01am EDT | Tags : 17th century

18th century American eating treat-ware dish

Just the best dry surface and patina. Maple wood American eating dish. Just found in NY they are so tough to find. Measures 7 7/8 and is a super early example with no issues . Perfect 1700-1780 example for the country collectors

Price: $295.00

2023-Aug-22 01:50pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th century super southern powder horn 1750 perio

This is super In so many ways . Large 11 inch powder horn with domed end well turned one piece and applied rings with a whale bone tip. This horn is outstanding and either Va. or farther done south. Rev war or earlier great color and patina and all wooden pegged. They don’t come along and is perfect condition.

Price: $750.00

2023-Aug-22 01:01pm EDT | Tags :

19th century American Watercolor of horse

Super detail and condition. This is a wonderful early 19th century watercolor. Coming out of the Phila pa. Area this is a wonderful original folky piece. Not glued down and original from 1840-1860. Look close to see the period frame as well. Measures 6 by 4 3/4 on the drawing itself. Super golly piece.

Price: $395.00

2023-Aug-22 10:52am EDT | Tags : Folk art

Early folk art carved 20 inch painted goose

A super piece of American folk art . Carved out of southern pine this has nice dry surface and wonderful patina. Measures about 20 inches and very well done with lots of age .

Price: $295.00

2023-Aug-04 03:02pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

American 1830’s leather document box Boston label

These are tough to find this nice. Look close to see this box and the interior wallpaper design. Original label of Andrew Riley from Boston. As well an English original lock and hasp. The size is 15 by 10 by 7 and just super nice with remaining trip intacted. Dating 1830’s early 19th century .

Price: $275.00

2023-Jul-27 12:56pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

18th century American Albany slip stoneware mug

Perfect shape early stoneware mug from the 1760-1780 period. Look close at this example as it is perfect with strap handle and Albany glaze. Dating in the 18th century and measuring 7 inches tall. No damage or repairs .

Price: $265.00

2023-Jul-25 03:22pm EDT | Tags : Pottery

Early 19th century orange glaze Red-ware canning j

Outstanding condition with strong orange glaze out of of Maine. Measures 5 inches tall and has no damage or repairs. Wonderful American piece of pottery. From the 1820-1860 period .

Price: $120.00

2023-Jul-25 03:18pm EDT | Tags : Pottery

Rev War American iron guard horseman sword

Outstanding untouched example. Must add the checked carved grip all original . This sword measures 36 inches overall and is from 1760-1780 with an outstanding large iron guard and long 30 inch blade with crude blood gutter on each side. You just don’t get any better for quality . American made 18th century horseman’s sword.

Price: $1850.00

2023-Jul-25 01:53pm EDT | Tags : Rev War

Rev war large 8 inch gang mold named and dated

Super brass gang mold from the 18th century. This mold has a name hand stamped in the side Otis Nickolas with a date of 1827. . Almost impossible to find dated and named examples.

Price: $425.00

2023-Jul-24 12:04pm EDT | Tags : Rev war

Early 19th Century Tinware oil lamp pan base

Outstanding condition super surface and patina . This 7 1/2 inch lighting device is a wonderful early oil lamp. American tin-ware and not a common single burner example to find this is perfect 1829-1830 period.

Price: $195.00

2023-Jul-18 03:57pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century toleware painted teapot lightho

Outstanding untouched condition. Early 19th century 1810-1830 period. No background paint just original design. Measures 9 3/4 inches tall with one small piece of curl missing on finial. No damage or repairs a strong lighthouse american teapot .

Price: $395.00

2023-Jul-18 02:44pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Early 19th century water color of flowers given as

Original 6 by 7 inch frame this water color is a super example to add to any folk art collection. Strong colors and great condition. Note this was given to the person as a gift. Early 19th century all hand done.

Price: 275.00. Sale $220.00

2023-Jul-11 02:16pm EDT | Tags : Primitives/ folk art

19th century Cream color cutlery tote super paint

This is untouched and outstanding shape. Square mail and cream color dry surface. Measures 13 by 9 inches and carved out original handle. Dating 1830-1840 with the best color original paint you will find.

Price: $265.00

2023-Jul-11 01:13pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Mid 19th century wallpaper hat box floral design

This large size 15 inch by 12 high wallpaper hat box dates 1850’s with the floral design. Wonderful condition being cardboard based . And super mid 19th century piece.

Price: 295.00 sale 236.00

2023-Jul-04 04:50pm EDT | Tags : Primitives

Thick Wall Unusual Sz 8 inch Nantucket Pantry Box

This early 18th /19th century pantry box has a not common size of 8 inches by 3 inches thick. Also has a lot of hand forged tacks holding the piece together during construction. A truely rare example and in untouched nature surface no damage . We feel this piece to be Nantucket in origin.

Price: 295.00 sale 250.75

2023-Jul-01 06:04pm EDT | Tags :

Earthenware 11 inch pie edge charger great glaze

This is a central NY example with wonderful glaze and color. Worn in the center but has just the best age and condition is great for a period american example. Dating 1780-1830 period.

Price: 195.00 sale 175.60

2023-Jul-01 04:04pm EDT | Tags :

Rev War British officers lion head sword 1750-1780

Unusual example love the untouched patina and tang. The wedged blade is perfect with remains of the original scabbard. This sword measures 30 inches in length. British lion head offers hanger from the French and Indian war to Rev War. Period.

Price: Sold

2023-Jun-29 01:14pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Wooden Orig. Paint Nail Beak Shore Bird

Northern east coast shore bird. This has original paint, great age and nail beak. Measures 9 inches in length. This is all original except for stick and base. This is 1890-1920 period. These are very collectible for folk art and decoy collectors. Condition: normal age

Price: 795.00...Shipping and Insurance Included! Sale 636.00

2023-Jun-22 04:15pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #19th Century #Folk Art

19th Century Rare NC Red-ware Bowl with Slip

Super rare to find and have handled many Moravian Red-ware slip decorated bowls. Wonderful condition and honest wear. Note these pieces did not survive and are very rare from the North Carolina region. Would be a super addition to an early pottery collection. Condition: well worn slip

Price: 1250.00 shipping included Sale 1000.00

2023-Jun-22 04:11pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #19th Century

Salt Glaze Stoneware Southern Georgia Pitcher

Great color green glaze salt glaze pitcher. This pottery pitcher dates in the 1870-1890 period... deep southern Georgia piece. Note this measures 9 inches tall and around the top lip is an old period lead repair chip 2 inches. Almost impossible to even see this but was done during the period of the 19th century. Southern pottery piece unsigned and very desirable. Condition: Period chip repair

Price: 395.00...Shipping included sale 316.00

2023-Jun-22 04:06pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #19th Century

Mid-19th Century Gray Glaze Stoneware Cake Crock

This stoneware piece is perfect just as you like to see them in a cake crock form. Measures in diameter 9 3/4 and 4 1/2 deep. This piece is out of central VA with a incised ring around side. Red clay also tells you a region as well. Unsigned cake crock in perfect condition. Mid 19th century example. Condition: nice

Price: 195.00..Shipping included sale 175.50

2023-Jun-22 04:01pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Stoneware

Rev War 18th C. Painted Red Wagon Camp Canteen

Large New England canteen with original red painted surface. Large hand forged iron bands and original lead or pewter spout. This is a truly special survivor!!! Has original handle and still super nice tight one piece body. Measures 11 1/4 and 6 1/2 wide. Perfect shape 1760-1780 Rev War period. Condition: perfect

Price: 595.00...Shipping included

2023-Jun-20 01:48pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Rev War #Military

18th C. Pillow Pommel 5 Ball Guard Officers sword

Perfect, nice and tight original 5 ball pommel sword with a long straight blade. All original untouched condition from 1790-1810 period. Officers pillow pommel sword. Measures 37 inches total nice clean untouched blade. On the blade are tiny touch makers marking. Super condition example. Condition: missing scabbard

Price: 950.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jun-20 01:43pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Swords

American 19th Century stoneware NY Pumpkin Flask

Super stoneware flask seen made from the south up through New England. This example is an American pumpkin stoneware flask. Has a brown glaze inside and is from 1830-1850 light stains and a small chip inside top edge . This example measures 7 3/4 inches tall. These seen carried in the Civil War by soldiers.

Price: 275.00 sale 233.75

2023-Jun-14 03:33pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Stoneware

18/19th Century Painted Black Sander Pounce Pot

Early original painted pounce pot sander. Ink blotter for a desk. Nice condition with cloth on base and star design top. 18th to early 19th century. Condition: perfect

Price: 125.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jun-03 09:56pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Maple 18/19th Century Pounce Pot Desk Sander

Perfect shaker pounce pot sander. This is maple and could have been made by shakers as well. Nice ink sander pounce pot with star design. Original cloth on bottom as well. 18th early 19th century. Condition: perfect

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jun-03 02:51pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #18th Century

Maple Shaker Pantry Box Copper Tacks Fingered

Great patina and surface you want to see on this shaker pantry box. Measures 6 1/2 by 3 tall by 4 3/4 inches wide. All original early 19th century wooden peg and copper tack pantry box. Perfect shape Condition: nice

Price: Sold

2023-Jun-03 02:48pm EDT | Tags : #Box #19th Century

American Rev War Triple Fuller Horseman Sword

Just the way you want to find them! Nice 34 inch length blade total length of 39 inches. Brass guard untouched remains of original wrap on the grip. This is a period 1760-1780 triple fuller blade sword. Just as you like to find them. Condition: loss on grip covering normal. No scabbard

Price: 1850.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jun-01 06:18pm EDT | Tags : #Swords #Rev War #18th Century

1680-1750 Rare Thick Jack Leather Seaman's' Hat

Naval hat of the early 18th century. Measures about 12 inches and is out of Jack leather. Super early thick leather and would protect like a helmet from sword slashes. The Sailors on American Ships wore these during the late 17th early 18th century. I have bought and sold a few but none as nice as this with great age and two small holes in the crown for a badge of some type. Super rare to find at all this is in untouched great condition. Condition: lots of age

Price: 2750.00...shipping included sale 2450.00

2023-May-31 04:05pm EDT | Tags : #Leather #18th Century #Textiles

English 18th Century Pair of Chamber Sticks

Large size measuring 7 inches across and heavy sheet brass. These chamber sticks are not a common form you see and date 1780-1800 . Selling the pair together and they each have a repair done in the period on the sockets .

Price: $125.00

2023-May-30 01:04pm EDT | Tags : #Lighting #18th Century #Brass

Civil War Smooth Sided Model 1850 Union Canteen

Nice honest condition mid 19th century canteen. This piece is in marked but does have initials on the sides . Good example of a mid 19th century Civil War piece.

Price: $175.00

2023-May-30 11:29am EDT | Tags : #Military

Early 19th Century Very Fat Red -Ware Canning Jar

Outstanding condition with super nice glaze and fantastic fat shape. This canning jar is perfect and unusual. Measures 6 inches tall and 5 1/2 wide. American Red-ware piece out of central PA. Early 19th century 1820’s. Condition: perfect

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2023-May-25 09:48pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #19th Century

Super Rev War British Fusel Bayonet (1770-1780)

This bayonet is a small caliber... smaller size measuring 15 inches overall. Standard shaped British socket with bridge and collar on blade of bayonet. This has a nice overall condition and surface. Fits in well with Revolutionary War items of the 18th century. Unmarked Condition) nice

Price: 325.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-May-25 09:45pm EDT | Tags : #Rev War #Military

American Indian Stone Pipe With Face Carved Front

18th Century outstanding condition and old collection tag and tribe on the bottom of this stone pipe. Super Indian pipe with face on the front. Measuring 1 1/2 inches. 18th century Susquenanock tribe. Hard to beat condition and age. The real thing for the 18th century Indian collectors Condition: nice

Price: Sold

2023-May-25 09:42pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Native American

Rare 18th Century Wallpaper Box with Maple Flute

Wall paper original box holds this flute and is maple with bone collars. One is missing a piece. Still playable Revolutionary War 1770 period. Fits in well with Rev War period 18th century examples. No makers marking suggests American made. Condition: nice one collar missing a piece

Price: 595.00...Shipping included sale $495.00

2023-May-24 07:24pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Wood

European Halberd 1720-1740 Armor Piercing Blade

Measures 13 inches in length. Has super nice detail and design. The patina is outstanding. Would guess this to be German in origin and from the 1720-1740 early 18th century period. Great detail and file work on this Polearm. Coming out of my fathers collection. Condition: nice

Price: 695.00...Shipping included sale $550.00

2023-May-20 05:35pm EDT | Tags : #Military #18th Century

Mid 19th C Large Full Length Silhouette Orig Frame

Would date this 1840-1850 period. Has a nice original frame measuring 8 by 10 inches. Matted and would say the man is cut and glued to the top of the paper. Measures 6 by 5 inch inside . Good piece of folk art coming out of central PA. Condition: light staining

Price: 265.00...Shipping included sale $220.00

2023-May-20 02:12am EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #19th Century

Rare 18th C. American British Brown Bess Bayonet

American example tough to find. Note the top of the socket is seamed. Measures a total of 17 inches with a 3 inch socket and a 1 inch diameter socket. This bayonet large caliber dates from 1760-1780, Rev War period with nice shape and patina. Condition: nice

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-May-20 01:54am EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century

British/French Late 18th C. Large Cartridge Box

This 10 inch wide cartridge box has hand forged frame buckles and a wooden frame inside in which to dump loose cartridges. I feel this is a transition box, rare to find from 1790-1812 . The buckles help date this and just look at the size. Looks like an outline of an ordnance bomb on the flap in center. Wonderful condition 18th century piece. Condition: missing plate on flap

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-May-18 06:06pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Box #Military

Early 19th C American Tin Grease Lamp w/ Wick Pick

Perfect shape untouched nice original patina and surface. Hanging American Tin-ware grease lamp. Not common in tin. Has the hanger and wick chain as well. Dating 1820-1830 early 19th century. Condition: perfect

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-May-18 05:52pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Lighting

War of 1812 Militia Canteen MS over US Orig. Paint

This is the way you like to find these canteens. This one has original black paint dry with all the original leather hanger straps. Measures 7 inches by 3 inches and has initials carved into the back. It has a perfect original MS over US in original red for the state of Mass. These canteens don’t turn up this nice and please take time to look at the perfect condition. Condition: nice

Price: $950.00 shipping included

2023-May-17 09:24pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Military

18th/19th Century 11 inch Large Carved Powder Horn

Clean well-carved tip and chip carving. Also look close at end cap having the original strap and domed cherry wood end. This example is an outstanding condition piece with no damage or repairs. The end cap has tiny brass pins holding the butt cap in place. Dating 1780-1820 Rev War period piece. Condition: nice

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-May-17 08:59pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Military

Perfect Condition Marked Porter Civil War Canteen

This canteen is a classic Union canteen from the Civil War. Has a good dry surface tin and marked porter on the pewter lead spout. Similar examples in Lords encyclopedia and fits well with other 19th century items. Condition: one minor dent no holes or damage

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-May-17 08:56pm EDT | Tags : #Military #19th Century

Early 19th Century Original Painted Cutlery Tote

Just the way you like to find them. Untouched with red thick paint over white. This cutlery tote has square nails and in super condition. Dating 1800-1830 and measures 12 inches by 6 inches. Condition: worn paint but original

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-May-17 08:46pm EDT | Tags : #Box #19th Century

Rev War Norwich Ct. Dated 1777 Tooled Man’s Wallet

Outstanding and rare American man’s wallet. Interior is tooled with Robert Cubit Norwich 1777. Measures 7 by 5 inches and the interior has an outstanding wallpaper note book . This coming out of my fathers collection of 60 plus years and fits in well with other American Rev War related items.

Price: $1495.00

2023-May-15 11:45am EDT | Tags : #Rev War #Leather #18th Century

Civil War Confederate 100 Dollar Georgia Note

I would grade this in the high 8 range for condition. Very high grade and signed and dated 1863 for the state of Georgia. Large note of 100 dollars with a back stamp of Georgia 1863 on the back. Strong colors and in fine condition Civil War Confederate piece. Condition: would say fine

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-May-11 02:18pm EDT | Tags :

18th Century Forged Iron American Grease Lamp

This lamp is made out of hand forged iron with a original hanger hook. Dating with the heavy metal and thumb piece closer on the lid in the 18th century. Super nice original surface original wick channel and super condition. Early 1770-1780 grease lamp for the lighting collectors. Condition: nice

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-May-11 02:01pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Lighting

In-tacked Hooks 1812 Brass Cross Belt Buckle

Rare small size you just don’t see. Measures 3 by 2 inches. Outstanding untouched surface. A little concave shaped... dating this to the 1812 period. No damage or repairs and found in the Lake Erie area of central NY. Condition) perfect.

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-May-11 01:36pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Military

18th century fancy sand cast design shoe buckles

Rev War period fancy all steel with forged centers men’s shoe buckles. Measuring 2 3/4 by 2 inches and just wonderful matching set. They don’t come along this nice and would clean up if you desire. Dating 1770-1780 18th century Rev War examples with no damage or repairs.

Price: $175.00

2023-May-09 12:00pm EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century

Rev War 18th century steel mourning shoe buckles

Just a perfect pair of all steel with black surface morning shoe buckles . Measuring 2 3/4 by 2 inches these are a perfect matching set. Great examples for the 18th century collectors . These date in the 1780-1800 period and are just a great addition to any Rev War collection. No damage or repairs

Price: $175.00

2023-May-09 11:13am EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Rev War

19th C Shaker Made Maple Shaving Mirror Soap Box

Very tough to find this nice!! This shaker soap box measures 3 1/2 inches round. Well turned with nature maple color. Dating 1840-1860 period traveling soap and mirror shaving box. Great American shaker made item. Condition) perfect Inventory: dads

Price: 195.00….Shipping included sale $150.00

2023-May-03 07:11am EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

19th Century Pearlware Seaweed Mocha Mug

Great condition with minor staining and shows age lines in bottom rim which we will clean out if you desire. Has a nice feather handle and strong mocha seaweed design. Very hard to find and early to mid 19th century. 1840-1860 period. Measures 5 inches tall. Very nice tavern mug for the folk art mocha collectors. Condition: minor stains no repairs or damage

Price: 375.00 ...shipping included sale $300.00

2023-May-03 07:08am EDT | Tags : #19th Century

19th Century Earth Worm Pearlware Waste Bowl

Outstanding condition Pearlware waste bowl. Great strong firing of colors and glaze. This has one tiny pin size chip on foot rim. Measures 6 by 3 1/2 tall. Look close to see the earth worm design and blue browns and off green colors. Dating 1840-1860 period . These pieces fresh to the market and very hard to find. Condition: tiny chip on foot rim pin size

Price: 595.00...Shipping included sale $495.00

2023-May-03 07:02am EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Military Early Militia Brass Officers Tobacco Box

Something you just don’t see an early 19th century military eagle with applied designs on both sides. Just super nice and hard to find table tobacco box very heavy case brass early 19th century. Measures 4 by 2 1/2 inches and is outstanding in shape and condition with all original feet. Very hard to find one of a kind militia period 1820-1820 from design of eagle. Condition: perfect

Price: 275.00 ...shipping included sale $250.00

2023-May-01 10:49am EDT | Tags : #Box #19th Century

Large 18th Century Chamber Stick, Unusual Form

You just don’t see these unusual shaped chamber sticks. Large with riveted construction and heavy brass rolled edge. Look close at this 18th century perfect piece coming from a large lighting collection in northern NY. Measures 6 3/4 inches tall with a 7 1/2 inch bowl. Perfect shape dating 1780-1820. Condition: perfect

Price: 150.00 ...shipping included sale $120.00

2023-May-01 10:45am EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Lighting

Queen Anne English 1720 Perfect Brass Candlestick

Perfect Queen Anne candlestick. This is treaded on the base but does not come apart. The height is 6 1/4 inches and heavy seamed casing. All original no repairs 18th century lighting piece. Condition: perfect

Price: 175.00...Shipping included sale $150.00

2023-May-01 10:42am EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Brass

Civil War German Silver & Gutta Percha Fife 1860’s

Not a common form to find. This is 16 inches long and heavy brass with German silver, and a mouth piece made of Gutta Percha. This is from the 1860 civil war period and in playable condition. Great piece of musical history. Condition: nice

Price: 145.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-28 10:18pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Music

18th C. Open Pontil Eng. Black Glass Case Bottle

Outstanding condition and not easy to find these super early examples. A great case gin bottle would have fit in a box. Open pontil and hand applied neck. Perfect color and condition on this 1780’s example black glass bottle with blob top spout. Measures 9 inches tall by 3 inches at bottom and 3 1/4 at top. Condition: perfect

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-28 09:41pm EDT | Tags :

19 C. Shenandoah Valley Redware Pottery Pitcher

A super important piece of Redware is this pottery pitcher from the valley of VA great matted glaze and green slip Design. Only measures 4 1/4 inches tall and has wonderful age. This piece has normal wear for a 1840-1860 southern piece of pottery. Super hard to find the Shenandoah pieces from the south. Condition: normal wear no repairs or damage

Price: 875.00....Shipping and insurance included

2023-Apr-28 12:11am EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

18th Century Westerwald Stoneware Tavern Stein

18th century Stoneware Westerwald stein. This dates right in the 18th Century Rev War period. Measures 7 1/2 inches and original period pewter lid. Strong cobalt color. Condition is nice for age. A tight spider crack on base and a repair long ago to the hinge on lid. Condition: just as found nice condition with spider in base and repair on hinge.

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping included sale $325.00

2023-Apr-28 12:06am EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Stoneware

1680’s Stoneware Westerwald Tavern Jug

This little fat shaped jug has strong colors and a curl on base of handle. 17th century German made for the English market Westerwald jug. Wonderful size as its only 5 inches tall. Dating 1680 and condition is good for the age of this item. Restoration on handle and can’t see restoration to chip on foot rim. Wonderful tavern jug. Condition: minor Restoration for age

Price: 795.00...Shipping included sale 675.75

2023-Apr-27 11:48pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century

18th Century British London Box Pistol

These little boot pistols were seen used in the 18th and early 19th century. Dating 1780-1820 and on wonderful working order. Has barrel proof markings and screw off barrel. London marked with a tough to read maker. Working order nice flintlock pistol. Condition: super nice

Price: 850.00...shipping and insurance included!

2023-Apr-26 09:22am EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Weapons

1840's Engraved Unmarked Pistol Percussion

Outstanding condition and in working order. This has a silver clam shell percussion cap box in the butt of the handle. The trigger hides as well the barrel unscrews for cleaning. Measures 7 1/2 inches and just a wonderful boot pistol with fine engraving from the mid 19th century. 1840-1860 period. Handle is a black ebony. Condition: super nice

Price: 850.00...shipping and insurance included!

2023-Apr-26 09:15am EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Weapons

1824 Rare PA Watercolor Fracture

Written in German, the design has been pin pricked first then carried by someone as it is folded. Outstanding folky design and strong colors. Coming out the Philadelphia PA area, this is an important dated piece of history. Dating 1824 you just don’t see these often and are super collectible. If you can read German it might help in what this piece might be either a marriage certificate or baptism. Measures 9 by 7 inches and not glued down. Professionally framed. Condition: worn and some staining

Price: 1795.00...Shipping sale 1400.00

2023-Apr-21 06:14pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art

Rev War 18th Century Practice Sword Metal Guard

Original 1770–780 period 37 inch length hickory carved out sword. These as you might figure out are very rare and did not survive. Untouched heavy gauge wire guard and wooden carved sword. Grip and all one piece. Condition: perfect super age A real soldiers practice marching fighting sword from the 18th century.

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-21 06:02pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Swords

19th C American Toleware Decorated Apple Tray

All original paint design toleware apple bread tray from the PA area. This tray dates 1820-1830 with strong colors and design. Good American piece of toleware with folky art coloring. Measures 13 inches long with normal wear and light loss of paint. Condition: normal wear super nice

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-19 06:09pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

19th C. American Flask & Cap Co. Powder Flask

This is an over sized large powder/shot flask from the 19th century. Brass, very nice no damage on seams or hangers. Has a working measure on the spout. Marked AM flask and cap company. Also has its original cord. A few very small dents minor. Measures 9 inches. This is a very tough size to find. Condition: very nice

Price: 125.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-19 02:22pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Military

American Full Length Watercolor Titled "Curiosity"

Original frame title on bottom "Curiosity" with outstanding colors and detail. This water color is American and attributed to Charles Shoettel of NYC. Dating 1840-1860, it's just a wonderful piece of American folk art. Measuring 8 1/2 by 5 inches on the inside and measures 8 by 11 1/2 outside. No staining and history on the back. Condition: perfect

Price: 475.00...Shipping included sale price $425,00

2023-Apr-18 11:06am EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #19th Century

Marked British Enfield 45-70 Bayonet and Scabbard

Outstanding mint condition blade with worn scabbard but intact 45-70 bayonet. Measures 26 inches super long with a nice set of markings WD with broad arrow. War department. The enfield of this type was used from the 1860-1890 period Condition: very nice

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-18 10:55am EDT | Tags : #Military #19th Century

Civil War Pocket Size Colt Leather Holster

Outstanding condition and out of my fathers collection. This small size very pliable holster is from the mid 19th century. Very good condition just missing the leather strap holder. Measures a total of 9 inches with fit a pocket colt or tiny smith and Wesson revolver from the Civil War. This listing is cheap. Condition: nice pliable

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Apr-18 10:45am EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Leather

17/18 Century English Oak Wall Box Dovetailed Case

Dark English Oak Wall box dating 1680-1750 period. Has nice dovetails on the front and T-head nails on the back as well as the bottom. This is a wonderful large 16 inch length and measures 5 inches on the depth and 7 1/2 on the back. Just a super dark nature surface. Condition: Normal wear

Price: 295.00....Shipping included sale 250.00

2023-Apr-17 08:55pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Box

Strong Colors Early 19th Century Potted Watercolor

Outstanding condition, strong colors framed in an old frame, not glued early 19th century piece. Just a sweet watercolor of a great potted sunflower of some type. Measures 3 by 3 1/4 and coming out of central PA dating 1840-1860. Condition: perfect

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping included sale $225.00

2023-Apr-17 08:51pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

19th Century Watercolor Book Plate with Birds, PA

This book plate measures 2 by 3 inches and has wonderful strong folky colors and design. The name is clear: Alice C. Hoke and very well detailed. Fresh to the market good piece out of Central PA (1830-1850). Not glued, just nicely framed in a period frame. Condition: very Nice

Price: 295.00....shipping included sale $225.00

2023-Apr-17 08:47pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Civil War black ebony German silver tip fife 1860’

Nice untouched condition. Perfect shape. Is black ebony and has nice German silver tips. This Civil War fife measures 15 inches and is unmarked . Great working order.

Price: $150.00

2023-Apr-15 05:11pm EDT | Tags : #Military #19th Century

Rare 18th century pewter shaving/bleeding basin

You just don’t see these very often and has owners initials hand engraved on the back. As well an original hanger ring. German/ dutch in origin from the middle of the 18th century. 1760-1780 .Normal age with a few digs but no damage or repairs .

Price: Sold

2023-Apr-14 05:23pm EDT | Tags : #Pewter

Model 1767 French Grenadiers Of VA Sword, Engraved

Super Rare French model 1767 sword. These are engraved with the French makers mark arsenal on top edge and engraved along side of blade Grenadiers of Virginia. This sword is an example with one small brass Langet missing on guard and very faint remains of engraving. Measures 26 inches and is untouched. Condition: just as found ask for extra pictures if serious interest.

Price: 5500.00....Shipping and Insurance included in price

2023-Apr-11 05:07pm EDT | Tags : #Swords #18th Century

Early 19th Century American Nice Cut Silhouette

Great detail and condition. This is a 5 by 4 inch cut with cloth backing silhouette. Dating 1820’s. This example is in a nice old frame as well. Condition: normal stains

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2023-Apr-11 05:02pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

British Officer Sword in Original Leather Scabbard

All original condition sword from the Rev War period. This British officers sword has extra nice guard with lion and super bone grips. Great original leather scabbard and full length blade with wide fuller. Measures 36 inches overall which could make it a horseman’s officers sword. Untouched has a wobble in the guard just from age. Super Revolutionary War 18th century piece. Condition: no repairs or damage

Price: 1950.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-10 01:41pm EDT | Tags : #Swords #Rev War

19 C. Tin-ware Large Pie Crust Edge Candle Sconce

Wonderful back large 16 inch overall length. Has remains of black painted edge and candle cup. Wonderful surface original to 1830-1850 period. No damage or repairs with soldier construction. A truely nice piece of early American lighting. Condition: nice

Price: 245.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-08 07:09pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Lighting

19th C. Small Swing Handle Maine kick up Basket

You just don’t find these so nice. No damage or repairs with a wonderful kick up base. Look close at the cut and shaped swing handle. Measures 8 1/2 inches and height 4 1/2 inches. Super patina and dating 1860-1880... found in Maine. Small swing handle baskets are tough to find. Condition: nice

Price: 265.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-08 06:59pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

Mid 19th Century American Sampler Dated 1851

Strong colors and condition is nice on this piece. American sampler dating 1851 by Emilie Storb. She would have been 9 or 10 doing this piece. History on the back. Just simple and honest and not common to find today. Measures 13 inches by 8 1/2 wide and a nice piece of American folk art. Condition: very nice

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-07 02:57pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

18th Century Solid Brass Shaving Trade Sign

Outstanding condition and most likely English heavy brass trade sign. Measures 18 by 12 inches... great hanging bracket and very heavy hand hammered bowl. Dating 1760-1780. Condition: been polished

Price: 295.00....Shipping included sale 250.00

2023-Apr-05 11:09pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Brass

18th Century Tab Bottom Iron Push-up Candle Holder

Outstanding surface and condition. Tab bottom with no repairs or damage. Has the forged drip and chair hook. Just a wonderful 18th century example. Measures 6 1/2 inches tall. This is a true 1700’s example of a hog scraper candlestick. Condition: perfect

Price: 185.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Apr-01 03:39pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Lighting

Rev War Iron Figure 8 British G.R. Naval Cutlass

These don’t turn up often and are almost always the the model 1803. This example is an untouched, great condition Rev War naval sword. Has the crown and GR marking on the blade. Measures full length of 33 inches with a 1 1/2 inch wide blade. Wonderful overall patina and color. Dating from the Revolutionary war. Tang is untouched, no repairs or damage. Would have had a leather scabbard. Condition: super nice

Price: 2210.00...shipping and insurance included

2023-Mar-31 10:44am EDT | Tags : #Swords #Rev War #18th Century

19th Century Leather Fire Bucket w/ Paint Initials

Wood rim early 19th century leather fire bucket painted interior with early owners name on front. This bucket has lots of loss to the rim and original handle. Look close to see how early this original painted fire bucket is. Measures 14 inches tall. Has the name of owner on the front. Each house would have its own fire buckets. Dating 1800-1820. Condition: well worn and rough around top and handle

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-29 11:46am EDT | Tags : #19th Century

1650-1700 Period Cased Coin/Gold Scale

Outstanding French 17th century scale. This has the beam and all original weights. Just a wonderful leather tooled box. Measures 7 by 4 inches with great patina and age. You just don’t see these early sets survive. Dating 1650-1700.... look close to see the age and quality of this piece. Condition: some loss to back of leather case not serious

Price: 475.00...Shipping included sale 400.00

2023-Mar-29 11:10am EDT | Tags : #17th Century

Hand Forged Flat Iron Dug Rev War Ft. Ticonderoga

An outstanding item to find something that was used every day for pressing clothes. Wonderful hand forging and ground surface. Measures 5 inches in length. Just a super nice handle and shape. This item we have had in our own collection for years. Found on private land Near Fort Ticonderoga NY. Condition: as found no damage

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-29 11:01am EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century

Nice Farmers 19th Century Bank Note Troy NY 1844

Original signed and dated Bank Note for 1 dollar and 75 cents. Looks to be signed and dated 1814 or 1844, hard to read. Super nice note... Vermont glass factory. These sell all well over $100 listing this at a fair purchase price. Condition: light wear

Price: 75.00 each...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-28 10:52am EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Civil War 3 Union Officers Patriotic Envelopes

Not in great condition but a famous officer in the Civil War in the Albany NY area. Colored envelopes are original and I am selling three together from the Civil War. Condition: One is cut on front; one is glued on back; other is perfect.

Price: 45.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-28 10:48am EDT | Tags : #Military #19th Century

Early 19th Century Castleford Salt Glaze Creamer

Nice condition sauce boat, early 19th century 1820’s. This is an English sauce boat with a nice press molded design. Untouched, great condition. Condition: light wear on bottom.

Price: 125.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-24 03:18pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Early 19th Century Red/Orange Canning Jar

PA Red-ware canning jar early 19th century. This is mint condition and extra large in size. Measures 6 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. The jar has a strong redish orange glaze. Condition: mint

Price: 125.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-22 06:32pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #19th Century

19th Century Fine Splint Small 6 inch Berry Basket

Take time to look at the handle on this basket. It is well carved out and just a super size. Condition is outstanding and measuring 6 by 5 inches. Just a wonderful shape that you don’t see often in this size and from the 19th century. Condition: perfect

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2023-Mar-21 07:53pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

18th Century Blue & White Dutch Delft Soup Bowl

This is a 1770’s in glaze dutch delft bowl. Perfect with normal wear and edge roughness. Dating late 18th century and measures 9 inches in diameter. Super colbalt color and thick tin glaze. This is dutch delft at its best. Condition: great

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-21 07:51pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Early 19th Century Simple Stoneware Inkwell

New England simple early glazed stoneware inkwell. Measures only 1 1/2 inches and has a super early form could be 1780-1820 period. Nice age and wear. Perfect condition. Condition: perfect

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Mar-17 03:56pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

1820 Cut & Pasted Silhouette Early 19th Century

Quality item reframed to preserve an original period cut and pasted Silhouette as seen on the back from a important artist in the early 19th century. Condition: light staining

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-16 05:29pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Spatterware Rainbow Pattern Cup & Saucer

Mint condition 1840-1860 spatterware cup and saucer. Has a Pearlware glaze and wonderful strong colors. Very collectible in PA as a piece of colorful soft paste china. Condition: perfect

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2023-Mar-16 04:22pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #China

Folk Art Carving 24 inch Tall 19th Century Sailor

An early 20th century one piece carving original paint of a Civil War period sailor. Just great detail and measuring 24 inches tall. Not signed but again a great piece of American folk art. Condition: perfect normal wear

Price: 295.00.... shipping included sale $250.00

2023-Mar-14 03:50pm EDT | Tags : #20th Century

Folky Tin Two Handle Cooking Pot 19th Century

This is untouched... looks like it never was used. Measures 8 inches tall by 6 1/2 inches in diameter. Great color...gray with smoke decoration. This is an outstanding Lancaster County PA piece from the 1840’s period. Condition: normal wear

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-14 03:40pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

19 C Painted Table Salt Apprentice to Leland Ware

This original painted table salt is 1 1/4 in diameter with a cream color base paint and folky painted design on the sides. This artist worked under the famous Leland Ware of PA Folk artist. 19th century painted by Wm. Hekig of PA. Outstanding age and light wear. Condition: light wear

Price: 1850.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-14 11:44am EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

Outstanding 19th Century Shaker Splint Basket

Super condition and shape you just don’t see. A truely nice early to mid 19th century shaker basket. Measures 12 inches long and 8 inches wide. Great condition, no breaks or damage. The area in which this basket was found is shaker country and I feel this could be shaker made. Condition: perfect

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-13 04:22pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

17th Century English Oak Carved Panel

If you love carved wood this panel off of a large blanket chest is linen fold so it looks like curtains. Measures 18 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 wide. This is definitely English oak and from the 17th century 1600’s period. Great piece of history to hang on your wall. Condition: normal wear

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-03 08:24pm EST | Tags : #Wood #17th Century

17/18th C. Green Glaze Dutch Pottery Cooking Pot

Hard to find example as seen in country furnishings as being Dutch in origin and 17th to early 18th century. Wide mouth top with green glaze and finger strips on the side. In outstanding condition and age. Measures 9 1/2 inches. 1680-1750 pottery jar. Condition: good

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Mar-02 02:33pm EST | Tags : #17th Century #Pottery

18/19th C. Southern Gray Glaze Stoneware Inkwell

Early stoneware inkwell coming out of VA with this dark gray glaze. Has a quill hole and dating 1780-1820 period. Measures 2 3/4 with very small chips on top edge. Hard to find southern examples. Condition: chips on top edge tiny three

Price: 195.00….Shipping and insurance included

2023-Mar-01 11:46am EST | Tags : #18th Century #Stoneware

19th Century Shaker Fingered Maple Pantry Box

Very unusual in that the fingers are carved and rounded. This box has maple wood copper tacks and wooden pegs. Measures 7 1/2 by 5 1/4 by 2 3/4 tall. This box is very well-made and has great age. I bought it even with the tight line in the top band. It is solid and from a long ago. Good 19th century pantry box. Condition: age line in too band

Price: 235.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-28 02:53pm EST | Tags : #Box #19th Century

19th century painted red dry surface pantry box

Wonderful condition with the wear you want to see. Early 19th century and measures 6 inches in diameter . Just a super attic fresh box all original and in nice condition.

Price: 175.00. Sale 150.00

2023-Feb-27 02:04pm EST | Tags : Primitives

19th Century Splint Taconic Swing Handle Basket

Just a perfect example... very early New York State Albany region taconic basket. Carved out handle and in great condition. Measures 12 by 14 and 8 inches tall nice carved out swing handle. Condition: Normal wear

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Feb-24 05:07pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

19th C. Original Mustard Painted Cutlery Tote

Early to mid 19th century cutlery tote. Constructed of square nails. Great form with a cut out center handle. The paint is original base coat of green with mustard mix. Measures 12 by 10 inches. Two board bottom just a super example with wonderful form. Condition: nice

Price: 195.00….Shipping and insurance included

2023-Feb-24 05:03pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Wood

17th/18th Century Forged Iron Rare American Fork

They don’t get any better... look close at the detail on this 12 inch fork! Wonderful blacksmith forged and file worked! Folky one of a kind design on top. Patina is outstanding. Early three tine design with really unusual top for a fork!! This dates 1680-1730 in form and iron work great 17th early 18th century American fork! Condition: great patina no repairs Size: Measures 12 inches

Price: 595.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-17 10:01pm EST | Tags : #Iron

Decorated Front/Back Tin Glaze English Delft Dish

This is a nice English example measuring 9 inches with a super design and pattern on front and back. It's an 18th century piece from 1760-1780. Normal edge roughness with a few small chips. You don’t see these English examples very often. Condition: a few small chips and rough edges

Price: 195.00….Shipping and insurance included

2023-Feb-16 01:51pm EST | Tags : #18th Century

Rev War 18th C. Silver Fronts Heart Shoe Buckles

Outstanding just don’t see these 18th century shoe buckles matching and in great condition. These measure 2 1/2 inches tall; arch iron centers with heart design and silver fronts and lead covered backs. Fancy Rev War examples from the 1770-1780 period. Condition: perfect

Price: 235.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-15 09:35pm EST | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century

Pair of Battersea Enameled 18th Century Tie Backs

Very hard to find English Battersea enamel ware of the 18th century. These are a great matching pair of brass tie backs with screw backs. Great condition dating 1760-1780. You just don’t find these very often. Condition: one has a small faint age line

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-15 09:33pm EST | Tags : #18th Century

19th Century Copper Tack Painted Red Pantry Box

They don’t come along this nice with a ox blood red painted surface. This has copper tacks, thick walled, and measures 6 inches by 3 inches tall. Early to mid 19th century. Just a super attic fresh pantry box. No damage or repairs normal wear. Condition: untouched

Price: Sold

2023-Feb-15 09:30pm EST | Tags :

Rare Salt Glaze Redware Base GA Salt Glaze Pitcher

Outstanding condition 6 1/2 inch tall drip glaze salt glaze pitcher. This is early for southern pottery early 20th century! This glaze and form is very very desirable!! Dating 1930-1950 believe this too be Georgia. Condition: outstanding

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-14 07:57pm EST | Tags : #Pottery #20th Century

1790-1810 Rare 2 1/2 in. Creamware Child's Dishes

Just an outstanding set of four child's dishes!!! These are 1790-1820 and only measure 2 1/2 inches. Super early set of 4, made for a child's tea service!!! English Creamware with wonderful color and shape. Note the concave rounded backs no foot rim . Condition: outstanding no damage or repairs. Size: Measure 2 1/2 inch

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-14 07:44pm EST | Tags : #Ceramics #Kitchenware

English Sampler Dated 1828 Rome NY Family

Wonderful course linen sampler dated 1828 with colorful trees and condition. Done by Mary Harris at age 8; outstanding condition measuring 17 inches by 10 inches on the sampler. History on the back really adds too the piece. Nicely framed on acid free board.  Condition: very nice

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-14 05:02pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Framed Art

1720-1740 Hand Blown Wine Glass with Tapered Stem

Outstanding condition and super early open pontil wine glass with folded foot. Early 18th century...1720-1740s. Perfect shape and measuring 6 3/8 tall. Condition: perfect

Price: 195.00….Shipping and insurance included

2023-Feb-14 11:28am EST | Tags : #18th Century #Glass

18th Century (1720-1740) Westerwald Tavern Mug

This is a perfect size, measuring 7 inches tall and having wonderful incising and design. Unusual star design with just wonderful colbalt color. This is early 1700’s. This 18th century stoneware jug is perfect. Condition) nice

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-14 11:26am EST | Tags : #18th Century #Stoneware

Amer. NYC Hall Historical Blue Dish J&W Ridgeway

Perfect shape deep blue Staffordshire Historical blue dish American beauties series by J&W. Ridgeway in the 1830’s! Clean dish measures 9 1/2 inches across with good makers marks on back! Strong transfer for a American scene early dish!! Condition: Perfect light scratches spot stain on edge Size: Measures 9 1/2 inch

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-14 10:12am EST | Tags : #19th Century

14 In. 18th C. Swing Handle Cast Iron Tea Kettle

Rare to find any 18th century tea kettles... but to find one this nice with no damage no repairs. Also signed Kendrick & Company. Wonderful swing handle and original lid. Measures 14 inches across from side to spout and almost 10 inches tall. Dating this 18th century 1780’s. Condition: perfect

Price: 325.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-12 04:58pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

18th Century French Faience Shaving Basin

Nice decoration on this shaving basin! Pottery piece with tin glaze surface! Measures 12 inches across! Super 18th century example you don’t see often. Dating 1760-1780 polychrome colors!! Condition: minor edge roughness and small chips Size: Measures 12 by 8 inches

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-09 03:20pm EST | Tags : #Pottery #18th Century

18th C. Allen & Bright Marked Pewter Tankard 1740

The best tavern tulip shaped tankard you would want too find for a 1740-1760 example. All original no repairs. Marked inside with maker Allen & Bright. Wonderful patina and condition minor dings no repairs on this early 18th century piece. Condition: nice untouched Size: Measures 7 inches tall

Price: 1450.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-09 03:06pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Pewter

19th c. Large Amer. Toleware Decorated Doc. Box

Early 19th century Large American document box with strong original color and paint. Just a wonderful perfect example piece of american Toleware. Fits in well with country folk art items. Large size domed top all original closer coming out of New England. Condition: normal wear on top no damage Size: Measures 9 5/8 w by 6 1/4 d by 7 1/8 T

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Feb-09 08:00am EST | Tags : #Toleware #19th Century

19th C. Stevenson Culford Hall Historical Dish

Perfect condition 10 inch deep blue Staffordshire dish Pattern Culford Hall, Suffolk; and impressed Stevenson Warranted. Great period 1810-1830 dish, super nice. Condition: perfect

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Feb-08 12:46pm EST | Tags : #19th Century

18th C. 8 in. tall Liverpool black & white Pitcher

Naval pattern with the weavers coat of arms!! Creamware Liverpool pitcher with strong transfer on both sides! This has professional body repairs measures 8 inches tall! Great early piece of Creamware! Condition: restoration Size: Measures 8 inches tall

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-06 01:42pm EST | Tags : #18th Century

Rare Tin Glaze Delft William V Portrait Plate 1780

Nice tin glaze polychrome delft dish!!! This is a portrait of William V of Orange and His Wife princess Wilhelmina of Prussia. Great condition! Late 18th Century dutch dish. Dating 1748-1806 Condition: perfect no repairs Size: Measures 9 inches across.

Price: 1150.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-06 01:30pm EST | Tags : #18th Century

18th C Bold 1720 Pair of French Brass Candlesticks

Great pair of matching tall candlesticks measuring 9 inches tall. One has a gas in casting seen in pictures. Both are super nice bell metal French 18th century candlesticks! Having clean out holes and faceted top. Bold turnings and dating 1720. Condition: no repairs flaw on one base Size: Measure 9 inches tall

Price: 495.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-06 01:30pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Brass

18th/19th Century Heart Shaped Sheet Iron Spatula

Measures 14 inches with just the best cut out heart design and lollipop top handle. Great surface and patina... cut out of a flat sheet iron. Dating this as late 18th early 19th century. 1780-1820 Condition: untouched

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Feb-01 03:06pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

Rare 18th Century Agate Canteen English Stoneware

A rare example not commonly seen! This Wonderful swirl effect is in the clay and glaze. Owners initials and side spout hole for a spigot. Measures 5 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches in diameter. You just don’t see English agateware very often and to be in a canteen form. Dating 1750-1780. This has collection tags and was sold at Sotheby’s. Condition: roughness on edge near spigot hole

Price: 795.00...Shipping included sale $695.00

2023-Jan-31 02:50pm EST | Tags : #18th Century

Early 18th c. 1720 Period Engraved Wine Glass

Outstanding piece coming out of my dads collection! This piece has a folded foot base engraved bow with a wonderful bird and grapes! Tall 7 inch height wine glass from the 1720 early 18th century period. Open pontil with no damage! Love the small bowl! Condition: perfect Size: Measures 7 inch tall

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Jan-31 01:00pm EST | Tags : #Glass #18th Century

Folk Art Chair in Bottle, 20th Century Whimsey

Just a nice 1920’s whimsey of a child’s chair in the bottle. They would take strings and assemble items inside bottles. This example with original stopper and no damage measures 9 inches tall. Condition: perfect

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2023-Jan-28 04:58pm EST | Tags : #Folk Art #20th Century

19th c. Rare Miniature Red Painted Toleware Tray

Look at this wonderful small tray! Measures only 4 by 3 inches! Strong original paint right out of central PA. You will look a long time to find a better piece of toleware! Outstanding design and condition with just one tiny loss of paint! Just a great early 19th century piece! Condition: super nice small spot of paint loss Size: Measures 4 by 3

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jan-25 05:43pm EST | Tags : #Toleware #19th Century

18th c Rotating Toaster w Heart Decorated Handle

If you want to own one toaster this is the one you should buy. It is outstanding in condition and has the best handle I have seen in a long time. Both the design and condition is super. Center rotating pin is worn, but no repairs or damage on this piece. Dating 1750-1780 period. To find another 18th center example of a fireplace hearth toaster will be tough. Condition: This is outstanding with normal wear on center pin no repairs or damage Size: Measures 18 7/8 l by 13 1/2 wide

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jan-25 04:45pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Kitchenware

19th c. Two Mini Stoneware NC Pitchers

Selling these as a choice! Both are perfect and 19th century mini pitchers from southern North Carolina area . The short one is 1 1/2 and is light brown! Other example is 1 3/4 inches . Super nice southern pottery pitchers rare mini examples !!! Condition: Nice untouched Size: Measure 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inches

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Jan-25 04:07pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

19th Century PA Toleware Oversized Creamer

Toleware Tinware decorated creamer. Over sized with wonderful paint decorated front and top. Measures 4 inches tall. Normal wear but strong color and nice condition with no repairs or damage. Early 19th century 1820-30 Condition: normal wear

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jan-25 03:24pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Toleware

Late 18th Century Watercolor Portrait on Paper

Rare historical watercolor from NC. The portrait is of Mrs Atkinson whose daughter Jane married George Sultrie, born about 1811. This was painted by a traveling artist in an outstanding period frame and surface. Frame outside is 11 by 9 3/4 and inside is 6 by 7 inches. Well done American folk art portrait. Untouched. Condition: Untouched

Price: 595.00...Shipping sale $495.00

2023-Jan-25 03:21pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Print

Early 19th Century Snuff Boxes, Your Choice!

The top box is paper mache' and has a faux tortoise top measuring 2 1/2 by 1 3/4 good condition. Bottom box is smaller with a horn body and faux tortoise top measures 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 and in good shape. Condition: both nice

Price: 60.00 Each...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2023-Jan-18 07:00pm EST | Tags :

CHOICE: 19th C. Prattware Colored Child's Dishes

Selling these three dishes separately.....all three dishes are early 1850’s Staffordshire childs dishes with rare patterns. The two smaller dishes, one with military soldier, measure 5 inches and the larger one 5 1/2 inches. All three are Prattware coloring and in perfect condition. Selling as a choice! Condition: nice no damage

Price: 225.00 EACH...Shipping and insurance included!

2023-Jan-04 06:27pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #China

1760-1780 American Forged Iron Naval Boarding Axe

Outstanding Rare naval boarding axe. This piece has an original black walnut handle. Forged heavy blade and side straps. Outstanding untouched example from the 1760-1780 period. Great Revolutionary War example measuring 22 inches on the handle and 10 inches in length. Condition: perfect

Price: 2895.00...Shipping included sale $2500!

2023-Jan-04 06:19pm EST | Tags : #Iron #18th Century #Military

Super Rare 18th Century Large Gang Bullet Mold

Large iron gang mold with 8 large round balls, 60 caliber with over 30 round small bird shot. Original wood handles and wonderful forging. This is an 18th century Rev War example. Measures 14 1/4 inches long. Large round ball measures 1/2 inch. Perfect and super rare gang bullet mold. You just don’t see these. Condition: perfect

Price: 975.00...Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Dec-29 10:21am EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military #Rev War

1760-1780 Dutch/German Brass Guard Hanger Sword

Untouched with original wire and remains of leather on the grip. Good single fuller blade with untouched nice surface. Measures 29 3/4 and blade is 24 7/8. Normal play in the guard. This is a classic sword seen carried in the American Rev War 18th century period. Dating 1760-1780 Condition: normal wear no scabbard

Price: 850.00...shipping and insurance included!

2022-Dec-29 10:10am EST | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Military

18th Century Embroidered Waistcoat Vest

Outstanding condition 18th century man’s vest. Intacted with all the buttons and in super condition with light staining under the arms. Linen back with good silk front. Dating this man’s waist coat vest in the Revolutionary War period. Please ask for more photo’s if seriously interested. You just don’t see much 18th century clothing. Condition: normal light wear

Price: 1495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Dec-29 09:51am EST | Tags : #18th Century #Textiles

1750 Sword with Original Leather and Wood Scabbard

Very hard to find sword with leather and wood scabbard. Has fancy fittings and wood turned grip. The tip on the very end is missing and the blade is pitted. Untouched tang and a small casting flaw on the guard where the blade meets the handle. Very nice 27 inch hunting sword from the French and Indian war . 1750–1780 18th century piece. Condition: As found in home in Williamsburg Va.

Price: 950.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Dec-22 02:27pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military

Rev War Silver Over Copper Frame Shoe Buckles

Outstanding set of 18th century copper over silver frame shoe buckles. These are perfect plan military fronts and great matching iron centers. Super Revolutionary War matching perfect set of buckles.

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Dec-14 11:05am EST | Tags : #Rev War #Military #18th Century

Two Early 19th Century Shoe Shaped Snuff Boxes

The black shoe is inlayed with pewter, and dating from the 1860 period. Perfect shaped shoe snuff box. The second shoe shaped snuff box is pewter and dating 1840-1860 measuring 1 1/2 inches with a heart design. Condition: both really nice shape

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Dec-09 03:01pm EST | Tags : #19th Century

Rev War 18th C Southern Carved Endcap Powder Horn

You never find the true southern powder horns. This piece measures 9 inches and has a deep ring carved on the spout for the original strap. Take time to look at the wooden pegged butt cap, the fancy carving and original staple on the end. Outstanding color and condition with a few tiny bug holes. Walnut end cap butt cap is outstanding and helps date this horn to the 1760-1780 period. From North Carolina or possibly further south ...maybe Georgia. It has the original leather strap as well. Great southern Rev War period example. Condition: super nice, tiny bug holes too

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Dec-08 09:14am EST | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Military

18th C Rev War Carved Out Walnut Powder Flask

This has to be a one of a kind. The guy was talented in carving out a flask and drilling to separate compartments. Measures 7 by 4 and 1 inch thick. Has original stoppers with initials on the side as well. A good early 18th century American PA walnut flask. Condition: perfect

Price: 350.00...shipping included sale $275.00

2022-Dec-01 12:34pm EST | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Military

18th C Rare Signed Matching Rev War Shoe Buckles

Outstanding condition! These are pewter over steel framed shoe buckles, both are signed on the steel centers by the maker. They are signed Colmont and in perfect shape. Tall arch and measuring 3 inches by 2 1/2 . Great matching perfect pair of 18th century Rev War shoe buckles. You just don’t see signed examples. Condition: perfect

Price: 250.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-28 12:08pm EST | Tags : #Military #18th Century

Queen Anne Powder Horn w/ Screw Off Powder Measure

1720-1740....Outstanding condition, super nice shape--flat powder horn. These are referred to in the Refs as a Queen Anne Powder horn. Super nice condition and super color. The spout is a screw off cap for a powder measure. You just don't see these early 18th century powder horns. Condition: perfect

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-11 03:03pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military

18th/19th C. Maple Wood Lemon Juicers..YOUR CHOICE

Selling these maple wood lemon juicers separately...your choice! They measure 8 inches and 6 inches. Note the well turned handles. Condition: good

Price: 45.00 Each! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 06:01pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Kitchenware

18th-19th Century Brass Candle Snuffers and Trays

Your Choice! These are English in origin. Dating 1780-1820, both are working candle snuffers and brass trays.... selling each pair separately. They both are period 18th early 19th century examples. Condition: no damage

Price: 65.00 each.... Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 05:58pm EDT | Tags : #Brass #18th Century #19th Century

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