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Welcome to Country Antiques! We live in the Mohawk valley region of central New York. Renee and I have restored a 1790's tavern and enjoy living with all of our treasures. I have been studying and collecting 17th to mid 19th century antique items used in everyday American home life during this time period. Through my 35 years as an antiques dealer, I have helped many private individuals as well as museums build and add to their amazing collections. We enjoy meeting new customers or fellow dealers specializing in similar items! We will post daily new items on this site as well as on our associate sites: We also have several booths in the Ontario Antique mall located at 1740 Rochester Rd #332 in Farmington, NY. You can reach us through email at or by calling 315-794-0569, leave a message and I will get right back to you. We accept returns within seven (7) days after you receive the item without any hassle. We will credit you back your money or use the credit for a different item. Shipping costs and taxes will be included in the purchase price, and you will be responsible for cost and insurance on any returns. Payments can be made through PayPal, money orders, and personal checks. Layayway is also available and can be arranged with a 30 percent deposit (non refundable). If you have any questions or inquiries please ask and we will get right back with you as soon as possible! New items will be posted on a regular basis and updated sales with fresh items will be in the middle of each month. We are excited to reach out to new customers looking to invest in our past history! Thank you for taking the time to view our site!.

Covered Spice Lignuim-Vita Round Cut of Lathe

Outstanding covered lid spice with super lathe turnings off the pole lathe. Measures 4 inches and just a wonderful early 17th century example. The wood is Lignuim-vita and dating 1650-1700 Condition: super nice

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Dec-01 12:39pm EST | Tags : #Wood #17th Century

18th C Rev War Carved Out Walnut Powder Flask

This has to be a one of a kind. The guy was talented in carving out a flask and drilling to separate compartments. Measures 7 by 4 and 1 inch thick. Has original stoppers with initials on the side as well. A good early 18th century American PA walnut flask. Condition: perfect

Price: 350.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Dec-01 12:34pm EST | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Military

18th C Red-ware Black Glaze NE Rumlet Canteen

Outstanding example of a red-ware canteen. This canteen is black glaze 1770-1800 period... rare to find in pottery. Measures 3 1/2 by 3 inches and has the firing marks for the kiln. Just a super rare piece of pottery.... American canteen from the 18th century. Condition: light roughness around edges no damage

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-29 01:33pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Pottery

Selling Choice! Dr Franklins 19th C. Childs Mugs

All in perfect condition and each having different verses on the front. Nice transfers. Left is the shop keeper.... center is making hay and on the right.... blue transfer, notice the morning of the son wear gloves. All three in great condition and are 1830 transfer Staffordshire. Selling YOUR CHOICE. Condition: nice no damage or repairs visit for more pictures~

Price: 95.00 EACH....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-29 01:09pm EST | Tags : 19th Century

Redware 19th C PA Cooking Jar with Slip Decoration

Perfect condition strong colors and glaze on this canning jar. Measures 6 1/4 tall by 4 1/2 wide at the top. Super manganese slip color as seen on early 19th century red-ware pieces . This is a perfect PA origin piece, no repairs or damage. Nice untouched handle as well. Condition: nice

Price: 195.00….Shipping and insurance included

2022-Nov-29 01:00pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

18th C Well-made Heart Decorated American Shot Bag

American Revolutionary War shot bag. This piece has on both sides a nice hand sewn heart design. Not common and with original stopper and wooden neck. Wonderful 18th century example. Measures 6 by 3 3/4 inches. Perfect shape and nice condition. Condition: perfect

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-28 12:19pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military #Rev War

Rev War Fascine Knife from Fort Ticonderoga NY

Outstanding piece.... as seen in the collectors encyclopedia of the Rev War. This has an iron cap and tang that goes through the handle. When the handle age cracked it was wrapped with the rope. Wonderful 18th century brush or earth works knife used in The Rev War by soldiers. Condition: as found

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-28 12:16pm EST | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Military

18th Century Lightweight Beehive Back Eating Bowl

Rare size, shape and condition. Measures 8 1/4 inches with raised foot rim and dry untouched surface. Super dry lightweight small American 18th century bowl we believe to be made of Chestnut wood. Has an age chip on edge from long ago... no other issues. Super American 18th century primitive piece. Condition: great wear and surface; small chip on edge

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-28 12:11pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Primitive

18th C Rare Signed Matching Rev War Shoe Buckles

Outstanding condition! These are pewter over steel framed shoe buckles, both are signed on the steel centers by the maker. They are signed Colmont and in perfect shape. Tall arch and measuring 3 inches by 2 1/2 . Great matching perfect pair of 18th century Rev War shoe buckles. You just don’t see signed examples. Condition: perfect

Price: 250.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-28 12:08pm EST | Tags : #Military #18th Century

18th C. Soldiers Wallet Ink I.D Samuel Thompson

Super Rare officers leather wallet pouch for the 17th Regt. Albany Militia, New Britain, New York. All original... wonderful folding Revolutionary War wallet. This is 7 by 4 inches closed and to find an ink I.D. wallet is so rare from the 18th century. Condition: nice untouched

Price: 1650.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-26 06:33pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military

Early 19th Century PA Framed Sweetheart Book Cover

Cut work PA Folk Art book cover. Measures 5 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches. Cut out work mounted on the cover of an early book. Coming out of Central PA, this is a great piece for any early 19th century primitives collectors. Condition: nice untouched

Price: 235.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-25 07:52pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

Early to Mid 19th Century Watercolor Calling Cards

Early to mid 19th century calling cards with strong colors...coming out of Philly, PA area. In a period old frame with nice birds on top as well. Two wonderful pieces of American folk art. Condition: nice

Price: Sold

2022-Nov-25 07:44pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

Dug Revolutionary War Camp Spike Axe Forged Iron

Measures 7 inches in length... dug in New Bern, NC and has early tear drop socket and ears on the sides. The spike might have been longer but long gone. A great Rev War 18th century dug axe from the southern NC area. Condition: ground pitting

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-25 06:38pm EST | Tags : #Rev War #Military #18th Century

Wonderful 18th Century American sampler (1798)

Just as found in the original frame on the original wood stretcher. Measures 12 1/2 by 17 inside is the size of sampler itself. Normal wear with fine detail to the house, strawberry border, and animals as well. Done by Mary Lee 1798... just a super untouched American piece of folk art. Condition: staining and light wear

Price: 875.00....Shipping and insurance included

2022-Nov-25 06:28pm EST | Tags : #Folk Art #18th Century

1750-1780 Hammer Pole Axe on Original Handle

Rev War / French & Indian War tomahawk. Outstanding local NY find out of our own collection. A true Hammer pole axe, 6 inches, on an original 15 inch handle. They don’t get any better in shape or age. This coming out of our own collection and is hand forged and super untouched rusty surface. Great tomahawk from the 1750 period. Condition: untouched

Price: 350.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-22 05:07pm EST | Tags : #Military #18th Century

Classic 19th C. Apple Butter Red-ware Jar Signed

Black glaze apple butter crock in perfect condition with super nice color and large lip for tie of cheese cloth. Signed on the base C Link Exeter PA. Measuring 5 1/4 inches by 5 1/2 across. You don’t ever find the signed examples! And this is in nice condition. Condition: perfect

Price: 195.00….Shipping and insurance included

2022-Nov-22 05:05pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

Large 18 in Painted 19th Century New England Decoy

This has the best paint from the 19th century. Folky mortised head to the large 18 inch by & inch wide body. Dry original paint working decoy with wonderful carved bill as well. Note: This is an early piece of American folk art. The bottom has an age crack that does not go through. Condition: normal wear with age crack on bottom

Price: 595.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-21 06:28pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Wood #Folk Art

18th Century American Hand Forged Iron Broiler

Great condition! 18th century medium sized lollipop handle forged iron broiler. It is perfect and has the bars penned through with 3 inch tall feet. Perfect patina and great age from the 18th century (1700’s). Coming out of the Phila PA area. Condition: perfect no repairs

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-21 06:24pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

Early 19th C Original Painted Document Box

American New York State painted document box. All original with outstanding original paint size... and the condition is outstanding. Measures 8 inches by 4 1/2 tall. Dating 1820-1830.. great piece of American folk art. Condition: nice light wear with no damage or repairs

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-21 06:14pm EST | Tags : #Box #19th Century

19th Century Maple Painted Red Mixing Bowl

Outstanding condition and shape! Super patina and color out of a round all-original surface with no cracks or damage. Just a nice honest 1840-1860 period dough mixing bowl. Very early piece. Early Treen-ware wooden bowl for the country primitives collector. American early 19th century. Measures 14 1/2 and 4 inches deep. Condition: nice

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-15 08:45pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Wood

Rare Early 19th C Shaker Tin Shaving Basin

This has the quality of the Shakers work and measures 10 inches round. Wonderful patina and surface dating 1820-1840 period. Note diamond shaped hanger on the back bowl and the rim cut out to fit your neck. Condition: perfect

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-14 10:55pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Primitive

Victorian Glass Hand Blown Rolling Pin 1860-1870

Perfect 13 inch rolling pin with a deep rich cobalt color. It has a rough pontil on one end as well for filling the pin with cold water. This is a true 19th century example. Condition: perfect

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-14 10:49pm EST | Tags : #Glass #19th Century

Victorian Hand Painted Nailsea Glass Rolling Pin

Twelve (12) inch Glass rolling pin 1870’s Victorian hand painted white with design. Super opal color to the glass, hand blown and in great condition. Condition: normal loss to paint.

Price: 85.00... Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-14 10:29pm EST | Tags : #Glass #19th Century

19th C Rare Southern Pottery Salt Glaze Pitcher

Outstanding Redware clay dark green salt glaze Georgia pitcher. Measures 5 inches tall... just a wonderful 19th century example and rare size. Dating 1880-1920. Condition: light roughness around the lip

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-11 03:07pm EST | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

Queen Anne Powder Horn w/ Screw Off Powder Measure

1720-1740....Outstanding condition, super nice shape--flat powder horn. These are referred to in the Refs as a Queen Anne Powder horn. Super nice condition and super color. The spout is a screw off cap for a powder measure. You just don't see these early 18th century powder horns. Condition: perfect

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-11 03:03pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military

18/19th C. Rare Small Maple Wood Cutting Board

Wonderful primitive for the country decorator. This cutting board is small in size measuring only 14 inches including handle. It has a super nice age and maple wood. Hard to date, but fits in the 1780-1830 period. Super small primitive selling at a fair price. Condition: honest wear and age

Price: 85.00... Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-11 02:54pm EST | Tags : #Wood #18th Century

17/18th C. Dutch Green Glaze Pottery Cooking Pot

A form seen in this country in the 1600’s. Wide mouth top and green glaze around the lip. Wonderful early form! Condition is nice and seen ref in Country Furnishings by George Newman. Great condition measuring 10 inches tall. Showing wonderful age for a 17th early 18th century example. Condition: nice normal wear

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-11 02:47pm EST | Tags : #17th Century #Pottery

18th C Painted Original Finger Banded Wash Tub

Outstanding untouched condition wash tub. An example of an 18th century primitive you just don’t find. The finger bands are super nice, early slat construction with hand cut nails. Dating 1780-1800 with carved out handles. A super rare find in this form with original New England Red paint. Condition is great! The top band was moved up after shrinkage and nailed during the period. Measures 13 inches across and 7.5 inches high (10 inches tall including handle). Condition: super nice

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-11 02:41pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Primitive

YOUR CHOICE! 18th/19th Century Shot Pouches

Three leather shot bags, two with brass measures and one earlier one on the right with single fold over. Measuring 5 1/2 inches each. Selling your choice! Condition: worn, no holes or damage

Price: 45.00 Each! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-08 12:42pm EST | Tags : #18th Century #Military

Rare Early 18th C. American Pipe Kiln Forged Iron

This is a real example we have had for many years. The iron forged rings are super with a center foot as well. Look close to see, this is 15 inches in length dating mid 18th century. Normal wear and age.... these pipe kilns are for sterilizing the clay pipes in the hearth. Condition: normal age, no damage

Price: 595.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-08 11:27am EST | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

18th Century Dated 1772 Razor Box and Razor

Outstanding carved out sliding lid razor box and razor. The top is carved and gilled in with wax initials and dated 1772. The box contains a nice original straight tang razor with a deep maker's mark from Spain. These are tough to find... coming out of our own collection. Condition: nice

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-08 11:22am EST | Tags : #18th Century

Outstanding Carved 18th Century PA Wooden Trivet

Rare to find anything with the carvings like this piece. Has PA hex signs and a bird and cross. This is my guess..use this wooden trivet to set a hot plate on the table. Has no knife marks but a few burn spots. Just a great 18th century American pine piece. Measures 9 inches by 4 1/2 inches wide. Condition: Great age

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-04 06:24pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #18th Century

Pewter Porringer w/ Hearth Handle 1770-1780

Measures 4 1/2 inches across and has a heart shaped handle with a spun pewter bowl. Classical Ct. American pewter porringer. Just look close at the handle and design and condition. Condition) perfect

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-04 05:07pm EDT | Tags : #Pewter #18th Century

Confederate Texas Rangers Tin Drum Canteen

Outstanding canteen from the Civil War. This is a drum canteen measuring 6 1/4 by 1 inch thick. Outstanding condition with denting on both sides. This canteen is a standard militia canteen having three hooks for carrying. I love the original dry green paint. Condition: dented

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-04 04:57pm EDT | Tags : #Civil War #Military

Perfect 9 Inch Square 19th Century Painted Basket

Outstanding condition... just a super two color splint basket. Never had any handles. Wonderful age and perfect condition. Measures 9 inches by 9 inches and 4 inches tall. Condition: perfect

Price: 70...Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Nov-03 06:08pm EDT | Tags : #Basket #19th Century

19th C. Native American Carving of Folk Art

This is a walnut carved American Indian well-detailed carved folk art figure. Look close to see the detail of the Indian on the horse and the Buffalo. Measures 9 inches by 5 1/2 inches tall. Wonderful age and patina! Good 19th Century carving... well detailed. Condition: perfect

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-03 06:04pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #19th Century

American 18th/19th Century Deep Maple Wood Scoop

Outstanding condition, early carved out deep scoop. Has a carved handle end and deep bowl. Maple wood... 18th early 19th century. Very nice as its a scoop and not a butter paddle. Measures 12 inches in length. Condition: perfect

Price: 55.00.....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-03 05:35pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #19th Century

Perfect Pair of 1840 Staffordshire Child's Dishes

Matching pair of child's dishes. Super soft paste... no damage and no repairs. Child's dishes measuring 7 inches in diameter. Impressed Wedgwood W.B. & CO, dating 1840. Strong polychrome transfer. Condition: perfect

Price: 75.00 for the pair...shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-03 05:26pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery #Kitchenware

18th/19th C. Maple Wood Lemon Juicers..YOUR CHOICE

Selling these maple wood lemon juicers separately...your choice! They measure 8 inches and 6 inches. Note the well turned handles. Condition: good

Price: 45.00 Each! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 06:01pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Kitchenware

Ancient Oriental Carved 10 inch Tall Figure 16th C

Just as found...not an expert on Oriental items, but this has the place in the back for relics and has some remains on surface. This is ancient and at least from the 16th Century. Condition: very rough, as found

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Nov-02 05:57pm EDT | Tags : #Oriental Items #16th Century

17th Century Twisted Iron Candle Holder Rush Light

Outstanding example wood base twisted shaft and candle socket. Measures 8 inches and just super nice iron work. This example has minor bug holes in wood. This 1650 period candle holder came out of New England. Just a super super nice untouched piece. Condition: as found all original

Price: 450.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 05:26pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Lighting

17th/18th Century Beach Wood American Wooden Dish

Outstanding example early 1680-1720 and out of beach wood. Measures 7 1/2 inches with wonderful patina and color. Just a super great piece. You can see knife marks and just outstanding color. This is a 18th century dish. Condition: outstanding

Price: 295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 05:20pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Wood

18th Century Pewter Candlestick French 1720

Outstanding pewter candlestick from the 18th century. Dating 1720 and has angle hallmark on base. Measures 8 inches tall... super nice surface candlesticks from the 18th century are tough to find. Condition: perfect

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 05:18pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Pewter

Early 18th Century 6 Inch Tall Wooden Goblet

Early piece of Treenware …. Something you just don’t see. Six inches tall and has a cut off base. Fruit wood and just a super nice wooden goblet. Dating from the 18th century 1720 period, untouched Nice form shape and condition. No inventory

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-02 05:14pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Wood

Wonderful Original Rev War 18th Century Belt Axe

Early 1750-1780 period axe on original handle. Belt axe size measuring 14 inches long on handle and only 4 inches by 2 on the axe head. Note the early ear construction and heavy pitting from sitting in a barn. Just a great Revolutionary War example. Condition: untouched

Price: 250.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 05:11pm EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century

American Pillow Pommel Sword Dating 18th Century

Untouched curved original blade. Dyed brown bone grip original and a super nice American 18th century sword. Blade length is 28 inches... overall 33 inches. Great 18th century sword dating 1780-1810 with no repairs or damage. Condition: untouched, nice missing scabbard

Price: 1150.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-02 05:08pm EDT | Tags : #Weapons #18th Century

Wonderful Folk Art Painted Canvas Working Decoy

Measures 12 inches long and is untouched with a stuffed tar and turned up tail. It is in great condition.. early 20th century with painted canvas. Condition: nice

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Nov-01 10:00pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #20th Century

18th C. Dutch Brass Candlestick Chamber Stick

Wonderful great design, hand punched dutch heavy brass candlestick. Measures 6 inches on the dish and a total of 10 inches. Penned socket, early 18th century. Condition: Nice

Price: 145.00. …Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Nov-01 05:46pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Lighting #Brass

Civil War Period Powder Flasks..YOUR CHOICE!

Left example is leather covered and Sheffield marked James Dixon. Great condition with some loose stitching on edge. Right example copper unmarked missing screws on top measure, works fine. Both are civil war and of the mid 19th century Civil War period. Condition: As seen in description.

Price: Left one pictured SOLD. Right one 65.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Nov-01 05:13pm EDT | Tags : #Military #Civil War #19th Century

Miniature Well-Done 4 Inch Basket with Color

Just a super small well-done Mellon basket. This is only 4 inches with no damage. Would say it’s about 50-60 years old or so. Great country item. Condition: Perfect

Price: 75.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-31 05:40pm EDT | Tags : #Basket

Early 19th C. Soft Paste 3 1/2 inch tall pitcher

Polychrome colors, great form, strong soft paste Staffordshire pitcher. Measures only 3 1/2 inches as seen in central PA. Has a line flaw in the handle base and a pin size chip repair on top of spout. Condition) flaws in the making, and tip of spout repair

Price: 145.00. Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-31 02:28pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery #Kitchenware

18th/19th C. Soft Paste Pearlware Pitcher 1790's

This sweet size very early English soft paste pitcher has wonderful colors. Measures 4 inches tall. Dating late 18th to early 19th century. 1790-1820 period. Has a few minor conditions... very tip of spout repaired very well and a small chip on foot under base. Condition: Tiny repair on spout and base

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Oct-31 02:25pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Pottery #Kitchenware

New England Folky Painted Walnut Spice Cup

This 4 inch tall, well turned cup has all the color design wear and age you like to see on a 19th century piece. Please note it had a tight line which is filled in and painted over very tight .. super folky piece selling at a very low price. Condition: lots of wear

Price: 65.00....SALE PRICE 50.00! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-30 10:03pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery #Kitchenware

Early 19th Century Tole Paint Decorated Tea Caddy

Outstanding decorated tea caddy from early 19th century with tole painted design. Normal wear but a great 1820’s example. Measures 7 inches tall. This is coming out of central PA. Condition: light wear

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-30 03:30pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Toleware

Outstanding Early 19th Century 20 inch Maple Bowl

No cracks and no damage.. normal color from use. Each side stains from oil on hands. Great large rim and 20 inch diameter bowl. Maple wood with wonderful color inside. Large early 19th century bowl. Condition: Perfect

Price: 285.00....Shipping and Insurance included!

2022-Oct-28 08:59pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #19th Century #Kitchenware

19th Century Rare Small 7 Inch Cheese Basket

This is just as we found it with a small mouse hole in the corner . Measures only 7 inches square. The smell of cheese must have attracted the mouse! These used too drain off liquid. Dated in the 19th century. Condition: small hole

Price: 85.00..SALE PRICE 70.00! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-28 05:23pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

Wonderful 19th C. Painted Basket 10 inch square

Outstanding color, nice early carved out handles and measures 10 inch by 10 inch and 4 1/2 inch tall. This mid to late 19th century American basket is in great condition with only very small normal age breaks, nothing to notice. Condition: nice with very few tiny breaks

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-28 05:20pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

18th Early 19th Century Linen Sewn Woman’s Socks

large 20 inch length fancy stockings ladies socks. All hand done with a blue line sewn in the fancy top. These date 1780-1820 with the sewn in heels. .. very hard too find this nice just look at the tops . Some light staining No damage Condition: light staining

Price: 75.00 ...SALE PRICE 65.00! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-28 05:15pm EDT | Tags : #Clothing #18th Century

Carved Wood Decoy w/ Glass Eyes & Original Paint

Not sure who carved this... nice tail carving, good carved head with glass eyes.. one missing. Original paint; would say age is 1940’s. Good folk art piece selling cheap for a great original country item. Condition: Worn

Price: 65.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-28 04:56pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #20th Century #Decoy

Early 19th C. Historical Blue tureen & Under Tray

Outstanding condition, light browning on bottom back of tray no repairs and no damage.. perfect shape. Measures 7 and 8 inches on the tray, small covered tureen and tray. English scene. 1820’s period Condition: Perfect

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-27 08:56pm EDT | Tags : #China #19th Century #Kitchenware

19th C. Leeds Fruit Basket & Feathered Under Tray

Outstanding condition under tray and strawberry fruit basket in pearl ware. It is Leeds blue and white, circa 1820 period. Measures 8 1/2 by 9 inches on the under tray. Really a super set of early English soft paste China. Condition: Perfect

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-27 08:49pm EDT | Tags : #Kitchenware #19th Century #China

1790-1820 Period Round Base Push-up Candlesticks

Simple English made pair of candlesticks. Measure 8 inches tall. Working push-ups with one cap missing. Good honest 18th to early 19th century set of candle holders. Condition: Just one button missing on push-up

Price: 85.00 SALE PRICE 75.00! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-27 06:17pm EDT | Tags : #Lighting #18th Century

Early 19th C. Mirror Untouched with Original Back

1820's...Early American small 9 inch by 6 inch outside measurement mirror. Untouched, perfect piece. This example has original nails and also original mirror and back board. Has the original hanger ring as well. From the first part of the 19th century. Condition: normal wear

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-27 06:00pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

18th Century Iron Hand Forged Thumb Latches

Your Choice! Selling these separately... Both measure about 10 inches in length and have wonderful surface and patina. These are 1700’s and original thumb latches from New England. Selling these as a choice of each … Condition: Perfect.

Price: 95.00 each...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-27 05:56pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

18th C. Brass Tilt Top 5 Inch Candle Reflector

Super nice with a tilt top heavy brass. Reflector was used to spread light from the candle. This is English and the game board is filled with wax. Dating 1770-1780. 18th century Condition: untouched

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-27 05:51pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Candles

Two Pairs of 1860’s Push-up Candle Holders

Your Choice on the Pair! These are both perfect pairs of candle sticks with working push-ups. One pair is 7 inches tall the other is 6 1/2 inches tall. Both have no damage or repairs. Matching single pairs from the mid 19th century.

Price: 55.00 sold short 6 1/2 inch pair !

2022-Oct-26 06:13pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Unusual Early Pair of Push-up Candlesticks

Very unusual examples. These are put together with an iron plate and square brass nut. Early push-up form... heavy with wedding band shafts. Measuring 6 1/2 inches. Just a super super rare matching pair of 18th to early 19th Century candle sticks. Condition: untouched, nice

Price: 145.00. Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-26 06:07pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Tavern Mug 1720-1750 Westerwald GR Stoneware

This mug has all the stuff you want to see on an early piece of German stoneware made for the English market! Has hand applied GR seal for King George the First because of the rings on the mug and designs of the scratch blue and seals. Just a wonderful perfect example early 18th century stoneware piece with colbalt design! Perfect shape! Size: 4 1/2 “ tall by 3 3/4 “ across the top. Condition: really nice normal wear no restoration

Price: 1295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 10:05pm EDT | Tags : #Stoneware #18th Century

17th/18th Century Forged Iron Rare American Fork

They don’t get any better... look close at the detail on this 12 inch fork! Wonderful blacksmith forged and file worked! Folky one of a kind design on top. Patina is outstanding. Early three tine design with really unusual top for a fork!! This dates 1680-1730 in form and iron work great 17th early 18th century American fork! Condition: great patina no repairs Size: Measures 12 inches

Price: 595.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 10:01pm EDT | Tags : #Iron

18th C. Dutch Delft Polychrome Tin Glaze Chargers

Fine pair of 1760 period 18th century Dutch delft chargers. These measure 14 inches. In outstanding condition with minor edge roughness.... no restoration or damage! The colors and tin glaze are outstanding and would look great in a pewter cupboard of the same period. Selling this matching pair of delft chargers for one price. Condition: One small chip on back foot rim and minor edge roughness Size: Measures 14 inches across

Price: 1495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 09:39pm EDT | Tags : #Tin #18th Century

18th Century PA Heart Shaped Signed Waffle Iron

Wonderful American PA heart shaped waffle iron with large design. On both sides of handle deep initials of American maker. Early too mid 18th century. 1740-1760. Has nice long 26 inch handles with balls on top! The heart design is 6 inches across! Maker mark is deep stamped HGD . Great patina and age from the 18th century. Condition: nice Size: Measures 2 inch length

Price: 1200.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 09:35pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

19th C. Large Walnut Detailed Flower Butter Print

Outstanding deep carved example. The flower is well detailed and in perfect condition. A classic PA butter print walnut with a deep flower and no damage. Hard to find a nicer piece. Condition: perfect

Price: 195.00 SALE PRICE 150.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 08:00pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Kitchenware

Rare Salt Glaze Redware Base GA Salt Glaze Pitcher

Outstanding condition 6 1/2 inch tall drip glaze salt glaze pitcher. This is early for southern pottery early 20th century! This glaze and form is very very desirable!! Dating 1930-1950 believe this too be Georgia. Condition: outstanding

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 07:57pm EDT | Tags : #Pitchers

1790-1810 Rare 2 1/2 in. Creamware Child's Dishes

Just an outstanding set of four child's dishes!!! These are 1790-1820 and only measure 2 1/2 inches. Super early set of 4, made for a child's tea service!!! English Creamware with wonderful color and shape. Note the concave rounded backs no foot rim . Condition: outstanding no damage or repairs. Size: Measure 2 1/2 inch

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 07:44pm EDT | Tags : #Ceramics #Kitchenware

18th Century Engraved Brass Dutch Tobacco Box

Six and a half (6 1/2) inch dutch engraved tobacco box. Has engraving on both sides as well as on the edges. Is well worn but no repairs or damage. Dating late 17th early 18th century. Condition: Very worn.

Price: 125.00 SALE PRICE 100.00 Shipping Included!

2022-Oct-25 06:57pm EDT | Tags : #Box #18th Century

18th-19th Century Brass Candle Snuffers and Trays

Your Choice! These are English in origin. Dating 1780-1820, both are working candle snuffers and brass trays.... selling each pair separately. They both are period 18th early 19th century examples. Condition: no damage

Price: 65.00 each.... Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 05:58pm EDT | Tags : #Brass #18th Century #19th Century

18th Century American Albany Slip Glaze Tavern Mug

Outstanding condition. Large 6 inch tall stoneware mug made in Albany. Brown glaze dating 1780-1800 period. Has a 4 inch diameter. Very hard to find 18th century American stoneware this early. Condition: minor chips on base of foot

Price: $275.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 04:48pm EDT | Tags : #Stoneware

Civil War Period Powder Flasks ..Your Choice!

The plain powder flask has a maker.. hard to read cap co on the powder measure. The decorated one is not marked. Both are free of any damage or repairs and measure 7 1/2 inches. Untouched good mid 19th century Civil War powder flasks.

Price: 75.00 each sold the copper flask on right side

2022-Oct-25 02:16pm EDT | Tags : #Civil War #Weapons

18th C. 1750 Tin Glaze English Delft Tile 5 Colors

Rare to find this great strong color! Tin glazed 5 colors English Tile. Look at the detail, perfect condition, and mid 18th century 1750 period. Measures 5 by 5 inches. No damage or repairs. Condition: Perfect

Price: 150.00 SALE PRICE: 130.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-25 12:29pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

1830-1840 Wool Mittens in Great Condition

Early 19th century wonderful wool mittens. Hand dyed color and super nice shape. You just don’t find any early clothing from this period in such nice condition...rare find! Condition: super nice

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-24 05:06pm EDT | Tags : #Textiles #19th Century #Folk Art

American 1830’s Set of 6 Pewter Spoons Marked MBC

Large set of 6 pewter spoons with worn marks Maker M.B.C. These are nice untouched fancy spoons 1830-1850 set of 6... note the back and front design. Condition: Nice light wear

Price: 100.00 for the set of 6 SALE PRICE: 80.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-22 12:00pm EDT | Tags :

18th C. Untouched Sconces Pair with Coat of Arms

These are very good untouched condition. Matching pair of tin sconces. Punch decoration original hangers and tab bottom candle sockets. This is the only pair I have had with family crest designs on each. Measuring 14 inches by 5 inches wide. Look close at these tin 18th century 1760-1780 sconces. The family crest is English but could be in American. Measures 15 inches by 5 wide.

Price: 1250.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-20 08:25pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

1742 Model Sword British Brass Hilt w/ Regt Mark

An outstanding complete original English hanger sword from the 18th century. Model 1742 with nice engraved Regimental numbers. The tang is untouched with a little looseness too the guard.  Measures 29 inches in length with a wonderful wedged blade 23 1/2 inch with a moon and stars armours markings on both sides of the blade. Just an outstanding super marked British sword. No damage or repairs.

Price: 1750.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-20 06:43pm EDT | Tags : #Swords #18th Century

English Sampler Dated 1828 Rome NY Family

Wonderful course linen sampler dated 1828 with colorful trees and condition. Done by Mary Harris at age 8; outstanding condition measuring 17 inches by 10 inches on the sampler. History on the back really adds too the piece. Nicely framed on acid free board.  Condition: very nice

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-20 05:02pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Framed Art

19th C. Cream Color Firkin with Nailed Fingers

Great color...a dry cream color and early nailed fingers. All original swing handle, super nice and honest firkin from the 1840-1860 period. Measures 10 1/2 inches across the top by 11 1/4 inches tall. Mid 19th century sugar or flour bucket.

Price: 350.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-20 02:27pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

18th Century Pot Lid Forged Iron 7 1/4 inches

Tough to find! American sheet iron with snake handle forged iron handle. Measures 7 1/4 inches and has a nice untouched surface. These are not easy to find and dating from the 1700’s. Pot kids would sit on clay pots or cast iron cooking kettles. Condition: untouched

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-20 02:23pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

18th Century Forged Iron Double Cruise Betty Lamp

Perfect example of an 18th century double grease lamp. Betty Lamp with nice hanger and lamp spike. Perfect patina and surface from the 1760-1780 period. Condition: untouched

Price: 145.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-20 02:18pm EDT | Tags : #Lighting #18th Century

18th Century Large Steel Tobacco Box, Clip Corner

Polished steel clipped corner 1760-1780 ....measures 3 x 5 inches with a working button box. Nice hinge as just don’t see tobacco boxes out of steel. Great surface and patina. Good 18th century example. Condition: nice untouched

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-20 01:47pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Box

18th century Toddy Heating Iron for Ale

Early 18th century...14 inch toddy iron 1760–1780. Cast iron heating iron for warming your ale. These are tough to find as they where used to warm ale and lost easy while the years went on and ale warming fell out of fashion. Condition: perfect

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 07:08pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

Rev. War Artillery Iron Stand of Grapes

This was found in The Yorktown area of Virginia dug and reattached too the base.  Measures 8 inches tall with 2 inch diameter balls mounted on a iron pole.  Iron base is 5 inches.  Untouched surface just a very rare artillery item of the Revolutionary war period.

Price: 1850.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 06:40pm EDT | Tags : #Iron #Rev War #18th Century

18th Century Soapstone Inkwell Straight Toe Shoe

Outstanding early 18th century soapstone inkwell. Note the carved laces and buttons on a straight shoe and square toe. Measures 4 inches and just a wonderful early age and a one of a kind piece of folk art from my fathers collection. Condition: untouched

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 06:09pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #18th Century

17th Early 18th Century Rare Cookie Press

Just a super well-detailed cookie press. Has a religious symbol with IHS on the front. Well-carved and only measures 4 inches tall by 3 inches. This is a beech wood hard wood. Look close at the detail.... 17th early 18th century. Condition: untouched

Price: 295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 06:04pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Primitive

Tobacco Cutter Folk Art Forged Iron Man Figure

1750-1780 wonderful American southern tobacco cutter. Measures 13 inches long and 9 1/2 inches tall. Full figure of a man with hand forged blade. Wonderful original color patina with remains of red paint on the base. This is a real 18th century one of a kind item...there is not two of these. Condition: Untouched, no damage great wear .

Price: 795.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 01:50pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #Iron

German Westerwald Stoneware Tavern Jug

Outstanding cobalt and manganize color glaze . This stoneware jug is German made for the English market in the 17th century. Measures 7 inches tall, wonderful strong color and heart designs with a curl on the bottom of the handle. Super tavern jug from the 1650-1680 period. Condition: Perfect

Price: 1400.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 01:45pm EDT | Tags : #Stoneware #17th Century

18th Century Rare Tin Foot Warmer with Punched Dec

Outstanding design and condition. This is unusual being all tin. Square with working door . Punched design releases the heat from a small embers holder inside.  Measures 8 5/8 by 7 3/4 by 4 3/4 tall.  Most of these early 18th century examples have a wood frame... this one never did.  Dating this in super condition from 1780-1820 period.  Condition:  nice untouched no damage or repairs

Price: 295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 12:34pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

War of 1812 Contract Nathan Starr Maker Sword

Super nice condition for this early model sword.  American marked N. Starr sword.  Nice deep markings with inspector Luther Sage this sword has a super surface blade and all original leather.  Full length blade with clipped point.  Deep makers markings original split washer on the tang.  Good standard model 1812-1813 example American sword.  Condition:  no scabbard super nice shape  Measures 37 1/2 inches long 

Price: 695.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-19 12:26pm EDT | Tags : #Swords #19th Century

18th C. Revolutionary War 12in. Filler Powder Horn

Outstanding condition with minor edge roughness on the bottom near end cap. Domed end with carved spout and original stopper. The color is outstanding . With domed end held in with tiny square pegs dates this to the 1760-1780 period. Firing in with Revolutionary war and French and Indian war items. Large powder horns like this are tough too find with no damage and used to fill smaller horns in the field. Condition: minor roughness on edge. Size: 12 inches long

Price: 195.00 SALE PRICE 150.00 Shipping Included!

2022-Oct-18 11:20pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Rev War

Outstanding Folk Art Tongue Rug Early 20th century

These colorful felt rugs were seen on top of tables first part of the 1900’s. Great color, strong design, and just a wonderful felt cloth tong rug. This Table rug measures 41 by 26 and has a few wear spots the backing is gone. Outstanding design just what you want too see on a folk art example. Condition: Worn backing missing Size: Measures 41 by 26

Price: 295.00...SALE PRICE 225.00! Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-18 08:56pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art

American 18th Century Pine Deep Long Dough Bowl

1760’s Super nice 18th century pine dough bowl. This is super deep and measures 16 3/4 by 10 1/2 by 4 1/4 deep. These don’t show up this deep and this early. Has a wonderful dry surface. Natural age cracks from age but nothing that effects the piece. None that go through or are not natural with the wood grain. Dating this bowl mid 18th century as it is hand carved out. 1750-1780. Condition: Great untouched Size: Measures 16 3/4 L by 10 1/2 w by 4 1/4 deep

Price: 350.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-18 08:08pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Federal 1790-1810 Bright Cut Knee Breech Buckles

Outstanding condition!! Polished steel and bright cut work. Small 1 inch matching buckles. Knee breech buckles from the 18th century 1790-1810 period. Blued steel centers!! Condition: perfect Size: Measure 1 inch

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-18 08:05pm EDT | Tags :

17th Century Fire Starter Flint Striker & Pouch

This is an extra large 4 inch length, wonderful decorated flint pouch and fire steel. Dating in the 1600’s this is an outstanding example in great condition with wonderful decoration. Dating in the 17th century... just a super pouch and fire starter. Condition: Great

Price: 295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-18 10:35am EDT | Tags : #17th Century

French Gilt War of 1812 Diplomats Sword

Super nice untouched condition. Black ebony grip panels, Mother of Pearl top cap stand and super clean engraved 36 inch blade. Outstanding condition, nice and tight grip. No scabbard Condition: perfect missing scabbard Size: 36 inches

Price: 695.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-18 10:26am EDT | Tags : #Swords #Weapons

18th C Bold 1720 Pair of French Brass Candlesticks

Great pair of matching tall candlesticks measuring 9 inches tall. One has a gas in casting seen in pictures. Both are super nice bell metal French 18th century candlesticks! Having clean out holes and faceted top. Bold turnings and dating 1720. Condition: no repairs flaw on one base Size: Measure 9 inches tall

Price: 495.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 09:48pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Brass

American 1760-1780 Windsor Painted Foot Stool

Outstanding rare foot stool with turned legs and 13 inch top. Has years of age and remains of red paint dry. It has turned Windsor shape legs that splay outwards. This Windsor stool has all the bells and whistles. Top measures 13 inches by 6 inches and 6 inches tall. Dating mid 18th century... 1750-1780 period. Take time too look at this rare example. Shows remains of tack holes from cloth on top. Condition: well worn

Price: 245.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 01:56pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Wood

18th C. Southern Yellow Pine Hanging Wall Pipe Box

Outstanding in shape and form, this canted form wall box is mid 18th century. It has square nails and super dry original surface. Measures 16 inches tall and 4 1/2 inch wide. Great scalloped top and form. The back has a square hanger hole. This example is coming out of VA/NC. It would hold the long square clay pipes. Condition: great untouched

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 01:49pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #18th Century

18th C. Rare Red Transfer Liverpool Pitcher 1790

Wonderful rare Liverpool transfer Creamware pitcher. This has a nice British ship on one side and the other is spirit sails frolic. Strong color great condition 18th century piece! Measures 71/4 inches with with minor restoration to spout ! You just don’t see colored examples. Size: Measures 7 1/4 tall Condition: repair to spout

Price: 595.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 01:46pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

18th C. 8 in. tall Liverpool black & white Pitcher

Naval pattern with the weavers coat of arms!! Creamware Liverpool pitcher with strong transfer on both sides! This has professional body repairs measures 8 inches tall! Great early piece of Creamware! Condition: restoration Size: Measures 8 inches tall

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 01:42pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Historical Staffordshire dish Park Theatre NY

Deep blue American historical dish! Measures 9 3/4 inches New York theatre by RSW Great condition no damage needs too be cleaned early 19th century 1830’s Condition: Needs cleaning Size: Measures 9 3/4 inches

Price: 245.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 01:34pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Deep Blue Staffordshire Dish Boston Statehouse

Perfect condition small 8 inch dish good Staffordshire deep blue dish! The scene is the Boston State house . Historical transfer with light wear on front! Dating in the 1830’s Condition: Perfect with light wear Size: Measures 8 inches

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-17 01:21pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Amer. NYC Hall Historical Blue Dish J&W Ridgeway

Perfect shape deep blue Staffordshire Historical blue dish American beauties series by J&W. Ridgeway in the 1830’s! Clean dish measures 9 1/2 inches across with good makers marks on back! Strong transfer for a American scene early dish!! Condition: Perfect light scratches spot stain on edge Size: Measures 9 1/2 inch

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-16 01:12pm EDT | Tags :

19th C. Wonderful Original Painted Carrier Tote

Square mail untouched dry surface green painted divided tote! The wood is southern pine.... love the dividers and untouched condition. 1820-1840 period. Condition: Normal roughness no damage Size: Measures 13 lL by 9 3/4 deep

Price: 185.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 06:44pm EDT | Tags : #Box #19th Century

Rare Tin Glaze Delft William V Portrait Plate 1780

Nice tin glaze polychrome delft dish!!! This is a portrait of William V of Orange and His Wife princess Wilhelmina of Prussia. Great condition! Late 18th Century dutch dish. Dating 1748-1806 Condition: perfect no repairs Size: Measures 9 inches across.

Price: 1150.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 06:37pm EDT | Tags : #Tin #18th Century

Scottish Basket Hilt Back Sword Brass Guard 1820

Perfect Scottish basket hilt sword! Early 19th century perfect cloth leather wrap and untouched condition. Great condition, blade gold proof mark... measures 38 3/4total length. Just a super basket hilt horsemen sword from the 1812- 20 period. The brass guard has wonderful hearts and other stuff has two rings on back for straps!! Condition: perfect Size: Measures 38 3/4

Price: 1950.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 06:31pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Swords #Weapons

17th-18th C. Spanish Tin-glaze Pottery Bowl

This bowl measures 8 inches across, nice tin-glaze bowl. It is a blue and white thick glaze pottery bowl. Measures 2 1/2 inches deep. Ref: American country furnishings Spanish bowl from 1600-1700 period . Great condition Condition: Nice no damage or repairs Size: Measures 8 by 2 1/2

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 03:08pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery

18th C. Allen & Bright Marked Pewter Tankard 1740

The best tavern tulip shaped tankard you would want too find for a 1740-1760 example. All original no repairs. Marked inside with maker Allen & Bright. Wonderful patina and condition minor dings no repairs on this early 18th century piece. Condition: nice untouched Size: Measures 7 inches tall

Price: 1450.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 03:06pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Pewter

Rare 1760-1780 Shagreen Covered Cutlery Box

Slant lid wooden cutlery box with original shagreen and all brass hardware!! Interior is perfect with remains of 18th century silverware. T his is 12 inches tall and in outstanding shape. Has 18 pieces of period 18th century silver. Rare original slanted top cutlery box Condition: nice Size: Measures 12 inches tall 7 inches across

Price: 3500.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 03:01pm EDT | Tags : #Box #18th Century

Two Rapier European Swords 16th/17th Century

LEFT SWORD in the pictures is a 1600-1650 European wonderful steel work file decoration rapier sword. Engraved original blade and tight grip all original no repairs!!! Untouched original 33 inch length. Just a great 17th century example. Condition: Perfect no repairs Size: Measures 32 inch length RIGHT SWORD: Perfect 15th century gold inlayed rapier sword. Measures 36 inches in length wonderful work on the iron grip and original leather cover. Hold inlay on the blade all original nice tight rapier sword! Dating 1550-1600 Condition: Perfect no repairs Size: Measures 36 inch length

Price: 1750.00 Left Sword …, Right Sword- Sold....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 02:56pm EDT | Tags : #Weapons #Swords


Perfect condition applied seal of GR The Second Staffordshire tavern jug. This salt glaze cobalt jug has incised design and applied seal with George the second seal. 6 inches tall and perfect. Great French and Indian war item. Condition: Perfect no damage or repairs Size: Measures 6 inches tall

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 02:51pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Cloth Fragment 18th C. Linen American Indians

Framed in the 1850 period, this is a fragment of cloth from the American Indians ! It is in a mid 19th century period frame! Measures 10 by 8 inch dating the linen from 1750 period. Condition: Nice framed example Size: Measures 10 by 8 in the frame

Price: 350.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 01:33pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

Silver Dog Nose 7 1/2“ Maker Marked IPS 1716 Spoon

Super untouched silver hand engraved picture back spoon!! This spoon is early 18th century looks to be dutch but only markings are IPS 1716. The mark is worn but a super dog nose shaped top on the spoon!! Large size 7 1/2 inches with no damage or repairs . Condition: Nice light wear on bowl Size: Measures 7 1/2 inch

Price: 650.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-15 01:06pm EDT | Tags : #Silver #18th Century

18th c American Small Cast Iron Cooking Pot

This is so rare size shape and condition. Cast iron makers initials E.C. cast in the base . This is 1780’s spider small 5 1/4 inch size. Super casting with gate marks . Full feet and no damage or repairs. Has a 4 1/2 inch handle. American maker marks E.C. Condition: Normal pitting no damage or repairs Size: Measures 9 3/4 with handle small cooking pot is 5 1/4

Price: 350.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-14 09:24pm EDT | Tags : #Cast Iron #18th Century

Early 18th c. Rare Iron Trivet with Horse Shoe

This is a piece of American Folk Art. Look close to see the forged iron construction. Wonderful patina and shape. Has tiny pad feet . Measures 12 inches and 2 inches tall. This is a very rare blacksmith trivet with a shaped horse shoe inside . A true piece of folk art dating 1780’s Condition: perfect great patina Size: Measures 12 inches long

Price: 450.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-14 09:21pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #18th Century

Rare Straw Design Sweetheart Box Dated 1798

These seen in Napoleon period. Wonderful sweetheart trinket box. This example has period writhing on the base of a name given in 1798. Super heart design with a American Indian wallpaper interior!!! Measures 2 3/4 square with cut corners Condition: super nice Size: Measures 2 3/4

Price: 325.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-14 02:39pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Box

18th C. Leather Workers Burl Wood Mallet

Outstanding color... Burl maple wood leather workers mallet, lots of honest wear initials carved into the handle. Measures 12 inches long. Has collection numbers from a smitty axtell collection from deposit NY. Great age graining to this mallet. Nice Burl wood. Condition: honest wear Size: Measures 12 inches with 4 inch hammer

Price: 85.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-14 02:26pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #18th Century

18th c. Tin Glaze Tavern Mug With Stencil Design

This is a 6 inch tall tavern mug from my dads collection! The design is stenciled and is a polychrome color. These mugs date from the end of the 18th century....1780 period! French faience tin glaze surface pottery mug! Condition: two very small chips on base Size: Measures 6 inches tall

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-13 09:22pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

17th Century Bell Metal Dutch Spanish Candlestick

Just a perfect 17th century bell metal candlestick has the wax clean out hole and great color . Measures 6 1/2 inches tall with hand cut threads on the shaft. Dating 1650-1700. Perfect lighting device from the 17th century. Condition: Perfect Size: Measures 6 1/2 tall 4 inch square base

Price: 275.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-13 09:14pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Metal

Rev War Walnut Fife with Super Patina

A perfect example of an 18th century 1780 period walnut fife. As seen in the Revolutionary War encyclopedia, and has original brass tips. Original patina and measures 15 inches in length!!! Perfect shape!!! Condition: perfect

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-13 02:15pm EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Music

Early 18th c. 1720 Period Engraved Wine Glass

Outstanding piece coming out of my dads collection! This piece has a folded foot base engraved bow with a wonderful bird and grapes! Tall 7 inch height wine glass from the 1720 early 18th century period. Open pontil with no damage! Love the small bowl! Condition: perfect Size: Measures 7 inch tall

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-12 09:16pm EDT | Tags : #Glass #18th Century

Orig. 19th C. Kellogg Print of John Quincy Adams

Original framed Kellogg print measuring 16 1/4 by 12 3/8. This print pictures John Quincy Adams having a seizure in the White House February 21, 1848. Has Original back boards with strings and faint staining.. no tears or damage . Great original frame !!! Condition: nice

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-12 07:06pm EDT | Tags : #Print #19th Century

19th Century N.Currier Print

Wreck of the Steamer Atlantic on Fishers Island original N.currier Print from 1846. Pictured is the awful wreck of the magnificent steamer Atlantic on fishers island in the furious gale! Condition: Large torn through and folded left side. Measures 16 3/4 by 12 3/4

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Oct-12 05:55pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Prints

19th c. Rare Miniature Red Painted Toleware Tray

Look at this wonderful small tray! Measures only 4 by 3 inches! Strong original paint right out of central PA. You will look a long time to find a better piece of toleware! Outstanding design and condition with just one tiny loss of paint! Just a great early 19th century piece! Condition: super nice small spot of paint loss Size: Measures 4 by 3

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-12 05:43pm EDT | Tags : #Toleware #19th Century

19th c. Large Amer. Toleware Decorated Doc. Box

Early 19th century Large American document box with strong original color and paint. Just a wonderful perfect example piece of american Toleware. Fits in well with country folk art items. Large size domed top all original closer coming out of New England. Condition: normal wear on top no damage Size: Measures 9 5/8 w by 6 1/4 d by 7 1/8 T

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-12 04:19pm EDT | Tags : #Toleware #Box

19th c. Two Mini Stoneware NC Pitchers

Selling these as a choice! Both are perfect and 19th century mini pitchers from southern North Carolina area . The short one is 1 1/2 and is light brown! Other example is 1 3/4 inches . Super nice southern pottery pitchers rare mini examples !!! Condition: Nice untouched Size: Measure 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inches

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-12 04:07pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

18th Century French Faience Shaving Basin

Nice decoration on this shaving basin! Pottery piece with tin glaze surface! Measures 12 inches across! Super 18th century example you don’t see often. Dating 1760-1780 polychrome colors!! Condition: minor edge roughness and small chips Size: Measures 12 by 8 inches

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-11 03:20pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #18th Century

19th C. Stevenson Culford Hall Historical Dish

Perfect condition 10 inch deep blue Staffordshire dish Pattern Culford Hall, Suffolk; and impressed Stevenson Warranted. Great period 1810-1830 dish, super nice. Condition: perfect

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-11 12:46pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Early 19th C. Historical Dish Regents Park London

This is a 10 inch impressed Adams Dish pattern in Regents Park London. Super deep color and in great condition dating 1810-1830.

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-11 12:31pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

18th c French Slip Decorated Redware Mixing Bowl

Wonderful deep 8 inch diameter Redware bowl! Deep 4 inch slip decoration with blue spots and orange line design. Super piece of early pottery with normal wear in the base. Outstanding folky example from the 1780-1820 period. Condition: Normal wear no damage or repairs. Size: Measures 8 inches across and 4 inches deep.

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-10 05:05pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Pottery

18th c Rotating Toaster w Heart Decorated Handle

If you want to own one toaster this is the one you should buy. It is outstanding in condition and has the best handle I have seen in a long time. Both the design and condition is super. Center rotating pin is worn, but no repairs or damage on this piece. Dating 1750-1780 period. To find another 18th center example of a fireplace hearth toaster will be tough. Condition: This is outstanding with normal wear on center pin no repairs or damage Size: Measures 18 7/8 l by 13 1/2 wide

Price: 550.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-10 04:45pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Kitchenware

18th c Large American Treenware Pine Mixing Bowl

You will be hard-pressed to find a better example! American examples are tough to find this early. This bowl is perfect and well defined, foot rim and edge rim. The weight is light dry surface no cracks and well out of round. Large bowls this early are tough to find. Dating 1760-1800 with the detail on the base. Condition: untouched super nice no cracks or repairs Size: Measures 17 inches by 16 1/2 by 5 deep.

Price: 375.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-10 04:41pm EDT | Tags : #Kitchenware

18/19th Century Iron Stick Tommie Lighting Device

It is not common to see this large and bold forged! Measures 11 inches and is all forged out of one piece. Just look at the spring candle socket and chair hanger tab. Honest and real stick tommie! From the 18th early 18th century. Has a spike to drive into the wall. Condition: great

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-10 03:38pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Lighting

1820’s American Portrait on Board Original Frame

Just an outstanding painting on an original pine panel in its original frame!!! Measuring 9 by 7 on the pine panel and 10 by 12 on the frame. What a wonderful well-painted portrait...with her rings and clothing. Single board panel in Jane Austen period style clothing … Painting has been varnished during the period. Condition: very nice

Price: 795.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-10 02:31pm EDT | Tags : #Prints #19th Century

Large Divided Original Painted Carrier Tote

Perfect shape, form and condition. It has two coats of old original paint green over a red: early T head nails. Large size with divided interior. You just don’t find these this nice and untouched. Condition: normal wear with two old coats of paint. Size: Measures 16 1/2 by 9 5/8 7 3/4 tall at handle

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-09 04:25pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #Box

Original Cast Iron Apple Tree Door Stop

This is an original Victorian 1880 period piece with wonderful strong painted surface. It is well cast and has nice original surface. A good piece of american folk art, Condition: untouched nice Size: Measures 9 1/2 T by 6 wide

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-09 04:16pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art

George II Stoneware tavern Jug 1740-1760

Super strong detailed applied GR cypher with nice cobalt color and manganese band around top. These stoneware jugs were made in Germany for the English market in the 18th century! The Jug measures 6 1/4 inches tall. These jugs were seen used in taverns in the 18th century. Condition: Normal age lines in making no damage or repairs. Size: Measures 6 1/4 inches tall

Price: 650.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-09 04:01pm EDT | Tags : #Stoneware

Creamware Pepper Pots 1770-1800

Selling these two examples separate with a wonderful form shape and condition. Taller example being 5 inches and shorter is 4 1/4 inches tall,. Creamware English ceramics 18th century 1770-1800 period. Used in a formal early table setting. Condition: Both are good with a few very tiny flea nips on edges Size: Measure 5 inches tall and 4 1/4 tall

Price: 145.00 5 inch tall. 135.00 4 1/4 inch tall. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-08 03:31pm EDT | Tags : #Ceramics

18th/19th Century Forged Iron American Skimmers

Selling these as a choice... both are hand forged iron, perfect American examples! Dating from 1780-1820 period. Good honest patina and surface on these 18th century fireplace examples! Most of this simple forged iron comes out of Enteral, PA. Condition: untouched Size: Measure 18 3/8 L

Price: 65.00 each ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-08 03:11pm EDT | Tags : #Hearth Items #Iron #18th Century

Silver Plated Candle Snuffers 1780-1820

Selling this in a choice listing. All are in nice working condition. Dating late 18th century to early 19th century. Nice original silver plated surface. Condition: all four are nice no damage or repairs Size: Measure 6 1/2 long

Price: 50.00 each.. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-08 03:03pm EDT | Tags : #Lighting

19th Century Folky Root Neck New York Decoy

Hand-carved out decoy with primitive root neck head! Measures 7 1/2 inches with a working lead weight! Nice 19th century piece American folk art! Condition: dry original surface Size: Measures 7 1/2 inch length

Price: 160.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-07 03:17pm EDT | Tags : #Folk Art

Pair of Pewter German Hallmarked Dishes

Perfect matching 18th Century scalloped edge 9 1/4 inch German pewter dishes! Has a set of three hallmarks on the back with the German coat of arms. Dating 1760-1780 these are a perfect matching pair of 18th century pewter dishes. Condition : worn marks no repairs or damage Size: Measure 9 1/4 inch

Price: 125.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-07 03:05pm EDT | Tags : #Pewter

18th/19th Century Sliding Mortised Lid Candle Box

Very early and well made small 6 inch by 4 inch taper candle holder with sliding lid. The piece looks to have a veneer surface with a really nice mortised lid. The bottom held on with two small screws, hand cut. Dating this small box 1780-1830. Condition: crackle surface

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-07 01:25pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Box

Early 19th Century Wallpaper Trunk with Mass Label

Trunk in outstanding condition from 1820 period. Has original wall paper inside and out. Measures 12 by 6 by 5 inches. Has the original label inside by John Wheel Barr Mass. You just don’t see these boxes very often with snip hinges. Condition: worn with very little paper loss

Price: 395.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-07 01:17pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

Early 19th Century Snuff Boxes, Your Choice!

The top box is paper mache' and has a faux tortoise top measuring 2 1/2 by 1 3/4 good condition. Bottom box is smaller with a horn body and faux tortoise top measures 2 1/2 by 1 1/2 and in good shape. Condition: both nice

Price: 60.00 Each...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-06 05:16pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

Ameri. Early 19th C. Water Color Painting of Child

Super all original 1840-1850 American folk art water color of a child. Important piece of folk art measuring 12 by 9 on the painting. Original frame and back board. Great subject matter as people love paintings of children from the 19th century. Fresh out of New England. Condition: Nice, no repairs

Price: 975.00...Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Oct-06 05:13pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Prints

Early 18th C Miniature Painting, Original Frame

Super early European country woman painting on ivory. This example is 1700 period with a cloth covered frame from the early 18th century. Note the liner is super super fancy!!! Measures 4 1/2 by 4 inches and painting is 2 inches. Condition: Shows age, no damage

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-06 05:10pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Prints

Tin/Wood Kitchen Grater and Walnut Grain Scoop

Nice American 18th century carved and painted tin/wood kitchen grater with carved handle and initials on back . This is 14 inches long; love the form of the carved handle. Remains of original brown paint with square nails. Has a punched tin grater held to wood handle with square nails! All original 1780-1820 period herb grater. Condition: Untouched Size: Measures 14Lx 2 inch wide ---18th century (1780) one piece carved walnut grain scoop. With remains of blue black paint on back sides. Super patina, no cracks or damage. Size: Measures 13 1/4 long x 5 1/4 wide Condition. Perfect untouched

Price: Grater: 150.00 (SOLD) Grain Scoop: SOLD. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-06 02:48pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #Tin #Kitchenware

Early 19th century Tiny 2 Inch Child's Books

Selling these two little books both from the 19th century. One is Dew Drops and the other is a daily devotional book. Nice condition with wear to bindings. You just don’t see these miniature books often.

Price: 60.00...Shipping and Insurance Included for the pair!

2022-Oct-06 01:32pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Prints

Pair of 1650-1700 Dutch Slip End Pewter Spoons

This is a pair of original dutch pewter spoons from the 17th century. One has a Tudor rose touch marking. The other is unmarked! 17th century original examples. Condition: super nice

Price: 120.00 for the pair...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-06 01:29pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Pewter

Rare Half Size Copper Teapot

Super half size American teapot. Copper dovetailed construction. Has a wonderful swing handle and hand engraved H.B. Clereland. Canandaigua 1846 New York. Is super rare to find any marked and made in America pieces of copper and to be a half size. Polished over the years yet a perfect example. Size: Measures 5 1/2 inch belly size Condition: perfect

Price: 1500.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-06 11:00am EDT | Tags : #Copper

18th Century Footed Elm Bowl

This bowl is 13 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep. Outstanding early deep bowl with footed base and wide rim and just the best dry surface you will find. This is a super 18th century large 1700’s mixing bowl from New York state. Not something you see everyday and in wonderful condition. Condition: nice

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-05 05:28pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Wood

Dovetailed Pennsylvania Wall Candle Box

This is untouched dry surface, wonderful form shape and condition. The lid is wooden dowel Hing and I love the wear on the back hanger hole. Nice original dovetail and original untouched condition. 18th century American PA candle storage box. Dating from the 1760-1780 period. Condition: normal wear nice touched surface no repairs. Size: Measures 13 W by 8 deep and 6 1/4 tall .

Price: 425.00.. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-05 10:20am EDT | Tags : #Box

Tasting Ladle, Heart Trivet, and Two Tine Fork

Wonderful all-one-piece hand forged iron one piece tasting ladle. Well detailed top Pa. detailed heart design and delicate pouring ladle . Tasting size. Super patina on this folk art 18th century piece. 1750-1780 period . Condition: perfect surface and patina Size: Measures 12 1/4 —-Also Pictured: Classic American well-detailed forged iron trivet with mortised legs and ball feet. Just outstanding detail and surface and patina on this 18th century piece. 1750-1780 Condition: perfect wonderful surface. Size: Measures 6 1/8 long by 4 7/8 wide by 1 1/2 h —-Also Pictured: This is a one of a kind amazing piece of blacksmith work. Coming out of New England you just don’t see this well-detailed top of a fork from the 18th century. Measures 11 3/8 inches with perfect blacken surface all original. Condition: perfect untouched Size: Measures 11 3/8

Price: Ladle- 395.00 (SOLD) , Trivet- 235.00 (SOLD), Fork- 495.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-05 01:08am EDT | Tags : #Folk Art #Hearth Items #Iron

Mid 18th C. English Delft Dish Lambeth Bird Design

Outstanding rare well detailed designed delft dish. Dating 1760–1780 measuring 8 inches across... This dish once sold for $350.00. It has normal edge roughness on period Delft. This is from a factory in Lambeth and well done piece of 18th century pottery with tin glaze. Condition: edge roughness

Price: 265.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-04 03:10pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Pottery

1810 American Red Leather Document Box w/ Label

Wonderful American dyed red leather document box with original Washington County NY maker. Measures 9 1/2 by 5 by 4 with tack design and wallpaper interior. Paper is dated 1810 and the back leather hing is worn but intacted. It is strengthened with a piece of tape. Condition: Worn but super nice original lock and hasp .

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-04 03:00pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

Liverpool Mariners Compass Pitcher and Ships Plate

Liverpool Mariners compass pitcher in a rare size measuring only 5 1/2 inches tall. Wonderful strong transfer British ship on one side, opposite side a Mariners compass. Strong transfer with nautical design. Great 18th century cream pitcher from 1790-1810. Condition: No repairs no damage light roughness around top edge of spout. Size: Measures 5 1/2 tall.——Second item: Also pictured is a Liverpool transfer nautical creamware ships plate. Strong transfer nautical British ship design. Unmarked 9 3/4 inches with great design on the border as well. Just a great 18th century 1790-1810 period piece. Condition: age line 1 inch on back edge only not on front and pin size chip on back. Size: Measures 9 3/4

Price: Pitcher-550.00 , Dish -250.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-04 11:48am EDT | Tags : #Ceramics

American Watercolor of Young Boy 1830 New England

Original frame, wonderful wallpaper covered back. Strong well-detailed image of a young boy with oil cloth design floor cover . Untouched all original early 19th century folk art piece. Condition: Excellent with light age staining Size: frame is 10 7/8 by 8 3/4 image is 6 3/4 by 4 3/8

Price: 795.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Oct-04 11:35am EDT | Tags : #Folk Art

American Country fireplace hearth stool

Mid 18th Century American stretcher base fireplace Windsor stool with original paint. Has a wonderful oval top mortised stretcher and top. In super form and rare to find with original brown surface paint. This example dates 1750-1780. Untouched great form American hearth stool with New England brown surface. Condition: light normal wear no repairs has a old light varnish over the paint. Size: Measures oval 15l by 9 wide on top and 12 1/2 tall.

Price: 750.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Oct-04 11:35am EDT | Tags :

Early 19th C. Mustard Dry Surface Cutlery Tote

Great color with original dry surface painted cutlery tote. The nails are small T heads and southern yellow pine. Measures 14 by 7 wide with a 6 1/2 inch tall handle. Great untouched original mustard color... very desirable country cutlery tote. Dating early 19th century. Condition: super nice

Price: 265.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-28 06:33pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

Early 19th C. Dated 1805 Brides Box with Fingers

Outstanding condition... brides box is paint decorated and has initials A.N. It is dated 1805 on side and lid. This box measures 13 inches by 10 inches across and 5 3/4 tall. All original carved out fingers with outstanding paint decoration. This lid has the original nail handle and a shrinkage crack on lid that was repaired with braces. You just don’t find these early boxes most likely Scandinavian or PA Germanic as well. The quality of this box is really the best with fingers and wooden peg construction… More pics of this box on Condition: old repair on lid.

Price: 595.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-28 03:21pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

19th C. Dry Surface Blue/Green Painted Pantry Box

Untouched medium thickness painted pantry box. Measures 6 1/2 inches by 3 inches. Dry original surface and hand cut nails. The color is a light blue green color. Just a nice honest mid 19th century pantry box. Condition: great untouched

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-28 03:16pm EDT | Tags : #Box #19th Century

Unusual 19th C. Small Strong Colors Wallpaper Box

This box has strong colors and just a super rare shape and form. Measures 6 inches by 3 1/2 inches. The wallpaper is strong and original hand colored. Inside is a piece of cardboard top support... the lid is the only repair. Mid 19th century wallpaper covered paper box . Condition: inside lid repair

Price: 185.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-28 03:12pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Box

Tin-ware 18th C. Wine Taster Candle Mold Shape

Great condition and measuring 16 inches in length. This wine taster made out of tin is shaped like a candle mold. It has a lid on top with a hole to hold as this is lowered into the barrel of wine and a sample is removed. A super hard 18th century wine related item to find. Condition: minor dents

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-27 01:11pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Tin

Important American Pie Crimper from Coin 1803

An original copper American penny from 1803 fine condition pie crimper. They used the coin to make the crimper and has a wonderful original pine handle. Measures 7 inches long and just a super rare thing to find dated this early 1803. Condition: nice

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-27 01:07pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Primitive

Early 19th Century Great Patina VA Buttocks Basket

Size shape and condition is outstanding on this piece!!! About 8 inches and just outstanding condition and color patina. Take time too look at the condition and shape on this piece. From the early 19th century out of Va. condition: super nice.

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-26 06:22pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Basket

Wonderful Early 18th Century Horn Cup with Carving

This 3 inch round tall horn drinking cup has line carvings and is very early 18th century. Can be seen with a little roughness... normal wear on the rim! Just super nice color and condition! Fitting in well with 1750 or before period items. Hard to find these real early horn cups Condition: wear and roughness on top edge

Price: 145.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-26 03:17pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Primitive

18th C. Hand Forged Broiler w/ Lollipop Handle

Wonderful American hand forged broiler. Measures 12 inches by 11 on the griddle and has a 11 inch wonderful handle. Sits 3 inches tall with no repairs or damage. This handle has a great lift up area that you do not see often. Very nice piece that is unusual and fits in the 18th century. Condition: perfect

Price: 185.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-26 03:12pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

17th Century Forged Iron Cabasset Spanish Helmet

Super untouched, nice surface all original forged iron helmet! These were used by English and Italian and Spanish in the early 17th century! Very heavy original brass washers as well. Measures 9 inches tall, super rare to find today untouched. Please ask for additional photo’s! Note no armours markings on this piece. Small hole in brim for hanging during the period. Condition: untouched no repairs

Price: 2650.00...Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Sep-26 02:51pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Iron #Military

18th/19th Century Tin Nutmeg Grater with Box

18th century wonderful shaped nutmeg grater. American made with a box and ring holder for hanging. Measures 7 inches long... very hard to find an example with lift up LD and boat for catching nutmeg. Great patina and color. Condition: perfect

Price: 145.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-26 02:07pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

18th Century Forged Iron Slave Sad Iron with Snake

Early 18th century hand forged flat iron. Love the handle and snake head applied to the handle. Measures 7 inches, and just a super sad iron from the early 1700’s. This flat iron came out of colonial Williamsburg collection, so a good southern piece of history. Condition: untouched

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-26 01:50pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

London Print of A Complete Body of Distilling

This third edition has a wonderful looking rebinding. Super Rare printing from 1737 of distilling. Original 150 pages with wonderful title page. This book belonged to William Byrd and John Mercer of colonial Williamsburg VA. Super rare book for collectors of medicine and wine related distilling . Condition: rebound and minor foxing sold for $825.00 at one time .

Price: 650.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-22 05:25pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Prints

18th Century Rare Form Gate Cast Iron Frying Pan

In 35 years...this is the only cast iron early frying pan this size I have found. Measures 6 1/4 inches with a 4 1/2 inch handle. Look at the early casting rings and gate marks. Wonderful patina and 18th century... 1760 period. Condition: has a rough spot on edge looks like a casting flaw !!!

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-20 08:28pm EDT | Tags : #Iron #18th Century

18th C. Blue & White Peacock Delft Tin Glaze Dish

Tin glazed peacock dish. Wonderful color design and yellow rim. This Dutch delft dish has the three bells factor mark. Great design and condition with normal edge wear and fretting. It measures 9 inches. Dating 1770 period. Condition: nice condition

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-20 08:19pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Kitchenware

War of 1812 American Creamware Pitcher

Super rare American 5 1/2 inch tall Creamware pitcher. Strong black transfer on both sides. Famous General Brown hero of the War of 1812. Major General Brown and Admiral Decator on the opposite side. Collectors paid 2100 for this has a repair on spout you can not detect or see. Feel free to ask questions.. or visit our website at for more pictures! This pitcher jug from the War of 1812 is a super collectible. Condition: repair on spout

Price: 1295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-20 08:08pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #Military #19th Century

17th Century Round Sprue Cooking Kettle

This small shaped cast iron kettle measures 2 inches and has slanted lug handles and a shape of a 1600 period iron cooking kettle. The pitting suggests it was dug or in a very damp place. Good miniature 17th century cooking kettle. Condition: rusty pitted.

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-14 10:32pm EDT | Tags : #17th Century #Iron

19th C. Red-ware Mug with Tobacco Leaves Applied

A rare southern valley of VA red-ware mug. Measures 4 inches and dates early 19th century . Great glaze and color. No damage or repairs. Condition: perfect normal wear.

Price: 950.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-14 10:27pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

18th C. Rare Whale Bone Carved Large Spoon 9 Inch

Outstanding whale bone spoon. Carved shell back and measures 9 inches long. This is carved out of whale bone from a sailor. Just a great 18th century piece. Note the form of the spoon is 1780-1790. And has wonderful patina and color. Condition: worn on bowl.

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-14 11:12am EDT | Tags : #18th Century

George the I Large GR Jug Measuring 7 Inches Tall

Westerwald Stoneware jug large tavern size with strong colbalt design. Measures 7 inches tall by 5 1/4 in diameter. This tavern mug is a large size and has no restoration. Minor flaking two chips on top rim and age line 1 inch. A important and rare piece of English stoneware from the 18th century. Condition: two small flakes on top edge.

Price: 1295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-14 10:51am EDT | Tags : #18th Century

17th/18th Century Lignuim-Vitae Wood Spill Holder

These would sit on the mantle and are pole lathe turned. This one measures 6 1/2 inches tall. This one has a flared cup which held small sticks called spills for starting the fire. Similar examples seen in fire and light Ref; this dates 1680-1750 and the wood being hard Lignuim -vitae would hold up to the heat of the fire .. Rare piece of Treen -ware hard to find and perfect. Condition: nice

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-14 10:47am EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Hearth Items

Rev War Iron Hilt Horseman’s Sword

Outstanding untouched American iron mounted horseman’s sword. Has original leather and wire wrap. Measures 38 inches and the blade measures 33 inches with a single gutter on the top. Super nice untouched Revolutionary War example from the 1770-1780 period. Untouched hard to find today. Condition: super nice, no scabbard.

Price: 2650.00...Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Sep-13 10:20pm EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century #Swords

Ink I.D. Rev War Dated 1773 Leather Wallet

Rare American wallet belonging to Neil Carmichael of New York City, May 21 1773. Rare red leather tooled folding Rev War wallet with dyed green interior and a man’s name and date inside. Outstanding condition for age with minor wear and tear. Measures 6 inches across. Condition: normal wear and tear

Price: 975.00...Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Sep-13 10:16pm EDT | Tags : #Rev War #18th Century

18th C. Two Color Westerwald Pewter Top Tankard

Outstanding condition with wonderful color detail. This has a two color cobalt and manganese glaze color. Original pewter lid with owners initials of W.A. Just look at the scratch design and wonderful perfect condition on this 18th century tankard. Dating 1760-1780 and is in perfect shape. Great tavern mug stein for the country collectors. Condition: perfect

Price: 495.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-13 10:12pm EDT | Tags : #Pewter #18th Century

American Treen-ware Dark Maple Wooden Eating Dish

Outstanding early wooden eating dish. Measures 6 3/8 round with hand cut off a lathe wonderful age and condition. Early American Treen-ware coming out of the Mohawk valley dating 1680-1740 period. This is a rare example to find today for the Americana collectors. Condition: normal wear

Price: 475.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-13 10:08pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #17th Century

American Revolutionary War Militia Cartridge Box

This is a tooled leather large American belt cartridge box from the 1760-1780 period. It has 24 large caliber holes for cartridges in the original wood block. Wonderful 9 1/2 inch long leather flap designed with original tacks. 4 1/2 inches tall with both original belt straps. Coming out of New England... You just won’t find a better example from the Rev War 18th century period. Condition: closet strap on flap missing. Super condition on leather

Price: 1295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-13 10:06pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Rev War #Military

18th Century Table Top Tinder Box w/ Candle Holder

Early 1720-1740 period heavy brass riveted handle table top tinder box. This example has a 5 inch diameter with a super dish top. Removed to hold a flint striker and toe. Dating early 18th century... this is missing the damper cover and flint striker. Hard to find an early 18th century example. Condition: as found normal wear missing damper cover inside

Price: 350.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-13 10:00pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Box

17th C. Forged Iron Button Hole Cutter Awl Combo

This is coming out of our own collection and is about the rarest example you will find! Not only is it a combination sewing awl, but a button hole cutter. Untouched penned through the top as a handle measuring 4 by 4 inches and dating 1680-1720. This is a super hard example to find any better. 17th to early 18th century. Condition: untouched

Price: 450.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-13 09:56pm EDT | Tags : #Iron #17th Century

New England Red-ware 18th Century Tavern Mug (6")

Hard to find this form! Just look at the reeded handle and straight up 1780 form and shape. Nice brown black glaze. Good New England tavern mug with very small chips... three on top lip that are hard to see. Great 18th century American red-ware piece of pottery in an unusual form. Condition: minor roughness top edge

Price: 295.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-09 02:34pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #18th Century

18th Century Dry Surface Blue Painted Canteen

Outstanding color untouched with hand cut nails and original leather straps. The paint is outstanding... dry blue turning black and dating 1780-1820. Note the one side when painted, you can see a set of initials was drawn into the paint. Just a stunning New England canteen possibly State Of New York. Measures 6 1/4 by 2 3/4 thick Condition: perfect

Price: 695.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-09 02:22pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Military

18 C. Dutch Tin Glaze Blue & White Delft 9" Plate

Strong design and yellow rim with firing marks on back. Dating 1740-1780 mid 18th century. Has normal chips on the very edge as seen on a period 18th century tin glaze pottery. I love the design and strong colbalt color on this tin glaze plate. Condition: one small edge chip other roughness

Price: 145.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-08 03:30pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Ceramics

18th Century Nice Forged Iron American Betty Lamp

Outstanding untouched surface with original hanger and forged iron lamp. Note the top is pegged and wick channel is intacted. Great original iron knob for the cover as well. Measures 4 by 4. Has a hanger hole for the wick pick which is missing. Just a small chain with pick. Dating 18th century betty lamp from 1760-1780. Condition: untouched

Price: 150.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-08 03:24pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

18th C. Gate Cast Miniature Spider Cooking Pan

This size and condition is outstanding. Coming out of my own collection... you will not find a better example. Measures only 3 1/2 inches on the pan by 3 inches on the handle. Super gate casting, slay legs and all original... no damage or repairs. 18th century miniatures are tough to find as they got lost. Dating 1760-1780. Condition: perfect

Price: SOLD

2022-Sep-07 01:20pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

Early 18th C. Lollipop Handle Iron Hearth Broiler

This solid flat surface broiler is a tough example to find! It rotates and has a wonderful shaped foot. Great lollipop handle with a perfect shape. The disk measures 9 1/2 inches round and can see laminations in the forged iron. Dating this early 1750 period and seen coming out of the south NC area. Great piece of forged iron. Condition: perfect

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-07 01:01pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

18th Century 15" Forged Iron Fireplace Crane

Hard too find a very small forged iron hearth crane. This one is only 15 inches by 14 1/2 on the up and down bar. These small hearth cranes are great for hanging in the fireplace and displaying kettles. Good hand forged American 18th century piece. Condition: perfect

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-06 06:37pm EDT | Tags : #Iron #18th Century

Early 19th Century Apple Design Toleware Tray

These strong colors and painting are tough to beat. Measures 12 by 7 1/2 inches with marbleized center color and strong original apple design. This early 19th century toleware tray is untouched with no repairs or repainting. Dating 1820’s... hard to find this strong in American toleware. Condition: normal wear.

Price: 295.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-06 06:32pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art

1830's American Toleware Bread Tray in Green

Normal wear on this early 19th century bread tray. Unusual green color hand painted during the period with great designs. Measures 13 by 8 inches wide. Great American piece of folk art tin toleware . Condition: normal wear, no repainting

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-06 06:27pm EDT | Tags :

18th C Rams Horn Top Heart Decorated Iron Fork

This is about the best you could want! It not only is high quality American heavy blacksmith forged iron, but it is deep signed M.S. Herr maker with a rams horn heart design. Three prong fork from the mid 18th century. American example. Tough too beat the 13 inch size and condition. Condition: no damage perfect

Price: 225.00 ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-05 04:27pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

American Dated 1774 Large 12" Carved Powder Horn

This appears to have a snake carved around this horn in a scrimshaw design and carved ring spout. The owners initials and date of 1774 are carved in the horn as well. A great American Revolutionary War powder horn with all original color and patina. No damage or holes. This powder horn measures 12 inches in length, Condition: outstanding

Price: Sold

2022-Sep-05 04:20pm EDT | Tags :

18th C. Forged Iron Curl American Boot Scraper

These really detailed folk art examples don’t turn up often. Coming out of New England.... I love the massive 12 inch size and mounting holes. Measures 9 inches tall. Great color patina and shape. Will mount nice and note the mortise in the front. Condition: nice

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-05 03:44pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

Sunderland English Soft Paste 1820’s Frog Mug

Outstanding 1820’s soft paste drinking mug with a frog inside. From the early 19th century. Measures 4 1/2 inches tall by 3 1/2 inches. This has a strong trade transfer with the British isles in nice condition with feathered handle. One chip on the base rim on bottom. Inside is a well-detailed frog!!! Condition: one chip on base

Price: 265.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-05 03:39pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Ceramics

Painted 19th C Large Basket w/ Multi Color

I had to buy this surviving basket as it has lots of splint loss around top and a few minor breaks in the body. Dry original painted multi color folk art basket... you just don’t see these very often. Early 19th century and important too have lasted this long. Measures 11 by 11. Just look at the mustard and salmon color! Condition: as found with breaks and loss to top edge.

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-02 01:13pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Folk Art #Basket

Slip Decorated PA 19th C. Red-ware Canning Jar

Outstanding design, strong slip and just look at the color of this glaze. This is a central PA example from the 1820 period to early 19th century. You will not find a nicer example with this strong folky glaze! Condition: light wear on edges

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-02 01:11pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

18th C. Rare Form PA Red-ware Mug w/ Slip Decor.

Outstanding condition and super age and form. Rare to find mugs in this red-ware with slip. Measuring 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 and just a super piece of American pottery from 1780-1830 period. 18th early 19th century. Condition: very nice

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-02 01:07pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #18th Century

18th Century Wooden Dry Surface Butter Worker

Outstanding dry surface and 18th century for sure! Measures 18 inches long and just the best shaped handle and condition!!! Since there is no staining, we feel this is a butter worker or stirring stick as opposed to a wash stick. 18th century... 1760-1780 American pine. Condition: well worn

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Sep-01 08:40pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Wood

18th Century Hand Forged Iron Twisted Pipe Tongs

American 18th century pipe tongs. Love the twisted iron and fine little pads as well as the spring. Measures 14 inches and dating 1760-1780 period. These are perfect great surface and hard form too find. Condition: perfect untouched

Price: 195.00..Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-01 08:31pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

18th C. Pouring Spout Gate Cast Cooking Kettle

Outstanding form and size. This is a heavy little kettle gate cast with splay legs. Looks like the feet where evened off at one point and has a casting flaw in one leg. See the tiny hole on bottom. Does not effect this 18th century piece from 1770-1780 period. Measures only 5 1/2 by a 6 inch handle. Condition: very nice

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Sep-01 03:07pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Iron

Late 19th Century Pastel Still Life of Fruit

Outstanding condition... wonderful still life of fruit in the original frame. This measures 7 1/2 by 5 1/2. Super strong colors as well. Signed in lower right. Dating this 1880-1920 period. Perfect shape. Great piece of folk art. Condition: nice

Price: 175.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-31 05:32pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Prints

Toleware Snuffer and Tray Early 19th C with Birds

Early 19th century Red hand painted Toleware snuffer tray. It is an outstanding example with detailed hand painted birds. Wonderful condition with minor loss. Measures 9 inches long. Dating 1820’s... just a super piece of folk art. Condition: nice untouched.

Price: 85.00 Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-31 05:25pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Toleware

18th C. Small Rosewood Medical Mortar & Pestle

The size, shape and wood definitely describes medical use and 18th century. This rosewood would not absorb the powder from medicine. Has a great swirl grain and perfect shape. Measures 5 inches by 4 1/2 on the pestle. Dating 1760-1780 period. Pole lathe turned example. Condition: perfect

Price: 120.00...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Aug-26 01:48pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Wood

18th C. Ameri. Rotating Broiler w/ Curl on Handle

Outstanding condition with origami pad feet and curled handle. Look close at the working rotates nice and has no repairs or damage. Measures 11 inches across with an 8 inch long handle and 3 inch tall feet. As seen in American country furnishings by George Neumann, this rotating broiler dates 18th century-- 1770-1780 period. Condition: perfect

Price: 135.00....Shipping and Insurance Included

2022-Aug-25 03:49pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century

19th C. Red-ware Pottery Bank with Orange Shape

Perfect condition and pattern of an orange with wonderful color and condition. Good piece of American folk art pottery! This Red-ware bank is perfect and hard to find much nicer than this. Dating mid 19th century . 1850-1870 period. Measures 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches. Condition: perfect

Price: 125.00 each. ...Shipping and insurance included!

2022-Aug-25 02:53pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

Early 19th C. Sheet Iron Grease Lamp w/ Wick Pick

All complete lightweight lift top grease lamp. American, with riveted construction and nice hand forged iron hanger hook. These lamps seen from the 1780-1840 period would say this is 1820-1830 period. Great surface and patina. Complete with the wick pick. Condition: nice

Price: 155.00....with Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-25 12:16pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Lighting

Early 19th C. PA Book Plate with Colored Initials

Just as found, framed PA book plate early 19th century. Has nice color and some person during the period wrote their name in old ink. Has some loss on edge left corner. Measures 4 inches by by 2 inches just as found in an old oak frame. Dating the fracture book plate 1830’s. Condition: as found, small tear

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-25 12:01pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

Rev War Tack Design 18th C. 15 inch Powder Horn

Large powder horn in great condition. This piece is outstanding for a fuller horn and has a carved tip and tack design around the base. Good large 15 inch powder horn. No damage or holes. Fits in well with other Rev War items. Condition: nice

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-22 05:57pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Rev War

Rare Narrow 18th C. Tin Sconce Origin Painted Gold

Tall and narrow (1760-1780) tab bottom American sconce. This is perfect in shape and patina. Measures 13 inches tall and 2 1/2 inches wide. Clam shell tip and just wonderful shape. Has remains of gold paint on back. Condition: perfect

Price: 185.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-22 05:37pm EDT | Tags : #Lighting #18th Century

18th Century 1780’s Maple Wood Eating Dish

This 18th century (1780) period eating dish has great honest use and some shrinkage warping.  Maple wood with super nice patina.  American wood eatting dish.... note no knife markings on back. Measures 9 1/2 inches diameter. Condition: nice 

Price: 235.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-22 05:32pm EDT | Tags : #Wood #18th Century

Early 19th Century Painted One Piece Game Board

This game board measures 14 inches square and has hand painted red and black squares.  Early 19th century super American game board.  Side boards are nailed square, and its just a super example with high lighted squares in red and black.  It has a hand drawn game on the back as well.  Early game boards are tough too find!  Condition:  side boards have a few cracks other than that nice 

Price: 275.00 ...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-22 05:13pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Wood

Rare 1780-1820 Tin Eating Dish w/ Origin. Surface

Super rare form shape and condition. This piece has a rolled over edge and original surface. Heavy sheet tin with an original blacken surface to prevent rust. I have only seen examples from the Civil war.... this fits into the 1780-1820 period. Great primitive you just won’t see again. Condition: untouched

Price: 165.00...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-12 05:51pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Tin

18th Century Rare Pewter Extra Large Wine Funnel

Large unmarked pewter wine funnel. Super rare size to be 6 inches across and 7 inches tall. Nice shape... dating 1780-1800 period. Very unusual primitive kitchen item. Condition: perfect

Price: 145.00....Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-11 03:58pm EDT | Tags : #18th Century #Pewter #Primitive

Two Early 19th Century Shoe Shaped Snuff Boxes

The black shoe is inlayed with pewter, and dating from the 1860 period. Perfect shaped shoe snuff box. The second shoe shaped snuff box is pewter and dating 1840-1860 measuring 1 1/2 inches with a heart design. Condition: both really nice shape

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Aug-10 03:01pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century

English Made 1780-1820 Mortar & Pestle Heavy Brass

Measures 4 1/4 tall... heavy brass and an original 7 inch pestle. This is English made and dating late 18th early 19th century!!! Perfect mating 7 inch pestle. Has a number 5 on the base. Condition: perfect

Price: 70.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Aug-10 02:47pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #19th Century

1830’s Soft Paste Gaudy Dutch Sugar Bowl

About as nice as you will find! Seen in PA often... this sugar bowl has strong colors with great decoration. It is early 19th century and has a very tight spider on the side seen in pictures and might be in making minor loses to decoration. Good gaudy dutch piece of pottery. Condition: Minor wear and spider

Price: 95.00....shipping and insurance included!

2022-Aug-10 02:39pm EDT | Tags : #19th Century #Pottery

Two English Tin Glaze Delft Blue & White Tiles

Matching pair of Delft tiles; super detailed and well designed. Measuring 5 by 5 inches and super nice detail and condition. Thin 1/4 inch. And perfect shape... mid 18th century English tiles. Condition: Perfect

Price: 75.00 for the pair...Shipping and Insurance Included!

2022-Aug-03 06:29pm EDT | Tags : #Pottery #18th Century

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