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Welcome to the Web site of Bill and Wendy Hamilton. We have been in the antique business for over 40 years, collecting & selling quality antiques from Ontario Canada during that time. We specialize in 18th. - 19th. lighting, fireplace utensils, woodenware, folk art and domestic utensils as well as early 20th century cast iron toys, banks and decorative painted cast iron - all in the original condition. Please also visit our Canadian online store at https://www.collectivator.com/c/wendy-hamilton-antiques/ We feel the personal sales approach is best for your complete satisfaction. Please Contact Us to see if the item you are interested in is available. We would be happy to answer any of the questions you may have about the item you are interested in and we will send you any additional photos on request. We will help you with what ever you need so this will be a pleasant experience for both serious & curious shoppers.

American 19th C Carved Painted Horses Pull toy

Two American 19th Century Carved Painted Horses Pull Toy Found in Pennsylvania. Two horses in full tack. Four small metal wheels on wooden base. Appear to be late 19th or early 20th century. Condition: As found. No evidence of damage, repairs or repaint. Approximate Dimensions: Base 9 1/4" x 7". Horses Length 9', Height 8 1/2" to tip of ear.

Price: $325

2023-Jan-28 04:37pm EST | Tags : pull toy horses horse pull toy

Pair of Folk Art Carved Wooden Ducks

Pair of Folk Art Carved Wooden Ducks Polychrome decorated. Unsigned, good overall condition with age related wear. Possibly mid 20th century or earlier. Approximate Dimensions; Length 16”, Height 9.5” (largest)

Price: $395

2023-Jan-28 03:56pm EST | Tags : folk art ducks

Forged Iron Rushlight 18th Century

Forged Iron Rushlight Late 18th C This early rushlight holder was blacksmith made. The center column is twisted. The outer arm ends in a spiral. The pincers, to hold the rush, are spade shaped. The legs on the tripod base finish in scrolls. The rush, sometimes called the 'poor man's candle', was made from the common meadow rush. The peeled stripped rush was dipped in tallow many times and when dry - burned in the holder at a 45 degree angle. Approximate Dimensions: Height 10 1/4”. Condition: Excellent shape. As found. No damage. Reference: Caspall, 'Making Fire & Light in the Home Pre 1820' p.184

Price: $795

2023-Jan-28 03:35pm EST | Tags : rushlight early lighting forged iron

Horse Pull Toy 19th Century

Horse Pull Toy 19th C Wooden This lovely old, well played with, wooden horse pull toy stands on a red wooden base with black stencilling. It retains a lot of the original tack, including the saddle. The eyes are painted and the ears are leather. The tail is made of horse hair. Condition: Played with. No breaks or repairs. Stable age cracks from age & use. (see photos) Approximate Dimensions: Full piece: Length: 19”, Depth 5”, Height 19”. (The base is 2” high.)

Price: $895

2023-Jan-27 12:36pm EST | Tags : toy Horse Pull Toy Horse

Antique Blue Figure Ice Skates Brass Acorns

19th Century Blue Figure Ice Skates Forged Iron Blades 4 3/4" curl Brass Acorn Finials These handmade Ice Skates, circa 1850's, have forged iron blades ending in large 4 3/4" curls and brass acorn finials. Found in Maine USA. The platforms taper in the middle. The screws at the heel prevent the boots from slipping. One screw slightly shorter than the other. No makers mark seen.. Approximate Dimensions: Length 10 1/2" to end of the platform and 13 1/2" to the end of the blade.. height of curl 4 3/4". Condition: As Found. No damage or repairs evident. Some bend to the curls from use. Slight surface rust. Wear as expected from use & age. Couple of chips to wood at toe of one and opening for the back strap on the other. They retain their original old light blue paint. Stand not included.

Price: $345.00

2023-Jan-26 09:46pm EST | Tags : ice skates skates antique ice skates

19th Century Figural Forged Iron Sewing Bird

19th Century Figural Forged Iron Sewing Hemming Bird This wonderful stylistic iron bird is an English 'sewing bird' made in the mid 19th century. It was clamped to the table while sewing (note the heart thumbscrew). It has a strong spring under the tail of the bird. When you squeeze the bird's tail, its mouth opens to receive the fabric being sewn and hold it in its mouth. It was so useful to the seamstress; it was often referred to as a 'third hand'. Reference: Sewing Tools & Trinkets by H. Thompson p. 134. Approximate Dimensions: The bird is 3 1/2" long and the entire clamp is 4 1/2" high (from the beak to the bottom of the heart thumbscrew) The Condition: Shows minor wear as expected from age & use. There is no damage or repairs

Price: $160.00

2023-Jan-26 11:36am EST | Tags : sewing bird sewing forged iron

19th Century Whale Oil Onion Lantern

19th Century Whale Oil Onion Lantern All Original including whale oil double burner. One small repair/replacement to wires that attach the top & handle. Does not affect the beauty of the lantern. Large glass globe 10” diameter. Pierced stars decoration on base. Pierced stars and diamonds on smoke bell.. Condition Very good. Wear as expected rom age & use. Approximate Dimensions: Height to top of handle 18" Diameter 22”, Base 6”

Price: $695.00

2023-Jan-26 11:32am EST | Tags : whale oil lantern early lighting

Painted cast iron Doorstop Clipper Ship

Painted cast iron Doorstop Clipper Ship Polychrome painted cast iron ship on waves, manufactured by Eastern Specialty Mfg. Co., circa 1920’s. Embossed on back “Eastern Speciality Manufacturing Co "No. 21", Condition: Very good, Original Paint Approximate Dimensions: Height 9" x 5 7/8” wide. Reference: The Doorstop Book by John & Nancy Smith p.25

Price: $295.00

2023-Jan-26 11:26am EST | Tags : doorstop clipper ship painted cast iron

Carpenter Fire Engine #33 with 3 horses

Carpenter Fire Engine #33 with 3 horses This rare Carpenter engine was patented in the early 1880’s. The number 33 is cast into the side of the boiler. Condition: As found, no damage evident. The original horses have been replaced with late 19th century ones manufactured by Dent. The Carpenter driver has been replaced with a period driver. The rear driver is missing. This is still a very attractive historical 19th century cast iron toy. Reference: Cast Iron Horse Drawn Toys by John Olshefski p.25 Length 18.5”

Price: $345.00

2023-Jan-26 11:21am EST | Tags : fire engine toys carpenter

Painted Small Cast Iron Fire Patrol Wilkens

Painted Small Cast Iron Fire Patrol- One Horse This is a rare cast iron toy manufactured by Wilkens circa 1911-1913. Original driver and three firemen. Length 12.5”, Height 4”. Condition: All original, no damage, repairs or repaint evident. Wear as expected from use. Reference: Cast Iron Horse Drawn Toys by J Olshefski p.169 plate J 8015

Price: $595.00

2023-Jan-26 11:15am EST | Tags :

Decorated Folk Art Wood Candle Lantern 19th C

Decorated Folk Art Wood Candle Lantern 19th Century This 19th century very decorative wooden candle lantern has 4 glass sides one of which lifts to light the candle. The candle is held in a very unusual pincer (see photo). The decoration on the top, particularly the copper shield, is very unusual and attractive!! The sides have been carved in a bird's feet design. Reference: (See scan) These wood lanterns are usually pinned together with small wooden pegs. The corner posts project through the base forming feet. The dome chimney and bail handle are typical. p.33 Early Lighting A Pictorial Guide by the Rushlight Club Approximate Dimensions: Height to top of glass 9.75" to top of the shield 12 3/4", base is 5 1/2" square. Condition: As found. No evidence of damage or repairs. Wear as expected from age & use (see photos).

Price: SOLD

2023-Jan-22 07:10pm EST | Tags : lantern candle lantern early lighting

19th c. Sailor-Made Rope Beckets on frame

Pair of 19th c. Sailor-Made Braided Rope Beckets on frame Pair of 19th c. Sailor-Made Braided Rope Beckets, red, white and blue painted surface, with Turk's Head knots and leather washers. The carved and painted brackets are mounted on a rope-trimmed whitewashed wooden board. Found in Maine Approximate Dimensions: Beckets only: 9 1/4" high, 5 1/4" wide. Brackets 8 ‘.Board: 15 1/4" x 16 1/4". Condition: Minor paint losses to beckets as expected from age & use..

Price: $945.00

2023-Jan-22 12:58pm EST | Tags : beckets sailor made nautical

Rare Double Sided Maple Sugar Mold Quebec Beaver

Rare Double Sided Maple Sugar Mold Quebec Beaver This double sided birch maple sugar mold has a deeply carved beaver image, an egg, two balls and a flower sprig on one side while the reverse has a heart, diamond, oval and circle all with ridged sides. Quebec, 19th century. H: 3.5", L: 23.5", W: 2.5". Condition Used, as found. No condition issues.

Price: $795.00

2023-Jan-22 12:43pm EST | Tags : beaver maple sugar mold

Painted Cast Iron Mechanical Elephant Bank

Painted Cast Iron Mechanical Pull Tail Elephant Bank American 1930's Colour: White Manufacturer: Hubley Mfg. Co Lancaster PA unsigned "Place a coin in the end of the elephant's trunk. Pull his tail and the trunk swings over his head and deposits the coin in the front of the howdah. To reset, move his trunk to its original position." Reference: The Bank Book by Bill Norman p.32 Approximate Dimensions: Length trunk down 8.5" Condition: As found. No damage or repairs evident. Wear as expected with age and use.

Price: $455.00

2023-Jan-22 12:38pm EST | Tags : bank mechanical bank elephant

Victorian Cloth Baby’s Ball c 1880

Victorian Cloth Baby’s Ball c 1880 This is a stuffed textile ball with 6 lithographed illustrations from a nursery rhyme. Each wedge shaped segment of the ball is chromolithographed with scenes of a baby engaged in various activities typical of a Victorian child. Each illustration is accompanied by 2 descriptive lines of verse one above and one below. “Here’s a ball for baby/ nice and soft and round / here’s the baby’s hammer/hear the baby pound / here’s the baby’s soldiers/standing in a row / here’s the baby’s trumpet/hear the baby blow / don’t take the ball away/ to make baby cry / here’s the baby’s cradle/to rock baby by” This is in terrific condition considering its age & use. I have never seen one before.. Circumference 31”

Price: $495.00

2023-Jan-22 12:36pm EST | Tags : baby toy ball victorian

19th C Tole & Copper Portsmouth Betty Lamp

19th C Tole Portsmouth Betty Lamp American 19th century Betty lamp made of tole The upper section is copper.. These lamps burned oil or grease with a twisted cotton wick that was placed in the internal 'wick support'. This lamp retains the original 'wick pick' used to pull the wick forward in the wick tube. When the lamp is firmly attached to the base, it is often called a 'Portsmouth Betty'. The design is believed to have originated in the Portsmouth New Hampshire area. Reference: Early Lighting a Pictorial Guide. The Rushlight Club Condition: As found, see photos. Wear as expected with age & use. Approximate Dimensions : Height 9 1/2", diameter of base 6 1/2".

Price: $335.00

2023-Jan-22 12:22pm EST | Tags : betty lamp portsmouth early lighting

Forged Iron Trivet Horseshoe with human feet

Forged Iron Trivet Horseshoe with feet Forged Iron trivet, made from a horseshoe with human feet. American, Early 19th century. Condition: Excellent original condition. Approximate Dimensions: H 2-1/8" W 5-1/4" L 6-1/4".

Price: $225.00

2023-Jan-22 12:19pm EST | Tags : horseshoe trivet forged iron

Brass Candlestick Hogscraper Style Wedding Bands

Brass Candlestick Hogscraper Style Double Wedding Band English 1725-1750 Seamed construction References: -Lighting in America – Brass Candlesticks by John Richardson Edited by Lawrence Cook p.86 -Making Fire & Light in the home pre-1820 p 120 Figure 251

Price: $325.00

2023-Jan-22 12:11pm EST | Tags : early lighting candlestick wedding bands

Small size River or Carnival Racing Duck Decoys

Small size River or Carnival Racing Duck Decoys, early to mid 20th century These two small painted duck decoys were probably used in a river for racing or in a carnival race. They are numbered #12 & #26. The weights on the underside have been removed so they will sit flat. Condition: As found. Wear as expected from age & use. Approximate Dimensions: Total Length 9”, actual body length 7” Height 4”.

Price: $295.00

2023-Jan-22 12:05pm EST | Tags : Decoy Ducks Racing Folk Art


WESTPHALIAN FROG MINERS MINING LAMP 19th C This iron and brass miner's lamp was probably made in Westphalia Germany circa 1858. These lamps were exported to America from Germany. Most 'Frog Lamps' from Westphalia are characterized by a small lid in the top of the font. The lid is opened using a wing nut connected to a latch under the lid. Westphalia lamps have a hanging hook shaped like a question mark (Sheppard's hook). The heart shape semi-circular brass shield is marked 'GLUCK AUF' and decorated with crossed hammers. The latch handle is also heart shaped. Glück Auf; is the traditional German miners' greeting. It describes the hope of the miners: ("I wish you luck in opening a new lode"). The greeting also expressed the desire that miners would return safely from the mine after their shift. Reference: Frog Lamps Wendell E Wilson p.53 Condition: As found. No damage or repairs. See photos. Approximate Dimensions: (L) 4”, (H) 4”.

Price: $295.00

2023-Jan-22 11:49am EST | Tags : Mining Early Lighting frog lamp

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