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Welcome to our new site with DIG Antiques! We have been in business 40+ years and our sources are numerous and varied. All items are guaranteed as represented and offer a full refund if misrepresented. We accept all forms of tender however checks are preferable for wholesale buyers. Sales taxes are collected where applicable and shipping costs are based on your zip code and method. Layaway terms always available. Our diversified listings will hopefully keep you visiting often. Email me. with questions or if more photos are required.

Fireplace Crane, New England

Standing Fireplace Crane, c-1800, Wrought Iron, Excellent condition, 55" x 24.5" x 12"

Price: $450.00

2024-Apr-14 05:30pm EDT | Tags : fireplace

Ladderback Chair, New England

Early Ladderback Chair Side Chair in original black paint, New England, c-1790-1830. A simple and functional chair. Height: 41"; seat height: 16"; width: 19.5"; depth: 14"

Price: $225.00

2024-Apr-14 04:56pm EDT | Tags : ladderback side chair

Trade Sign, St. Petersburg FLA

Vintage Trade Sign, Mid-20th-c St. Petersburg, Florida Real Estate, C. Preston, single sided Good condition, 11.75" x 24"

Price: $495.00

2024-Apr-14 04:46pm EDT | Tags : trade sign

The Furniture of Historic Deerfield

The Furniture of Historic Deerfield, Book, Hardcover , Dean Fales Jr. Very good condition, 1976

Price: $28.00

2024-Apr-05 12:23pm EDT | Tags : reference

Neat and Tidy, Nina Fletcher Little

Neat and Tidy by Nina Fletcher Little. Boxes and their Contents. Used in Early American Households, softcover, good condition. A great read!

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2024-Apr-05 12:14pm EDT | Tags : reference

Pantry Box in Brownish-olive paint.

Pantry Box in brownish olive paint. Labeled Gro- Allspice. Tack and peg construction, early 19th c , maple and pine, New England. 7" x 3", minor damage commensurate with age and use

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2024-Apr-05 12:10pm EDT | Tags : pantry box

Early American Woodenware, by Mary Earle Gould

Early American Woodenware, hardcover book w/ dustjacket, by Mary Earle Gould. A comprehensive history off New England kitchens, pantry tools, bowls, plates, mortars, buckets, tubs, the uses of paint, means of identification. c-1948. Good condition

Price: $30.00

2024-Apr-05 11:59am EDT | Tags : reference

Whetstone, 19th c

19th c whetstone set within a solid piece of wood, shaped handle, wonderful patina. 10.5" x 2" x 1.25"

Price: $275.00

2024-Apr-05 11:56am EDT | Tags : kitchen whetstone

Grater, early 19thc

Early 19th c grater in original condition. 12" x 4" x 2"

Price: $250.00

2024-Apr-05 11:47am EDT | Tags : kitchen grater

Simple Forms and Vivid Colors

Great Reading from the Maine State Museum, soft cover, published 1983. An Exhibition of Maine Painted Furniture, 1800-1850

Price: $50.00

2024-Apr-04 06:30pm EDT | Tags :

Ruby Fluid Lamp

Miniature Ruby Glass Fluid Lamp, c 1880-1900, excellent condition. 10". Etched globes

Price: $335.00

2024-Apr-02 12:30pm EDT | Tags : lighting fluid lamos

Salt Glazed 2 Gal Stoneware Jar

Cobalt decorated 2 gal stoneware jar, F. Laufersweiler, Empire City Pottery, NYC 517 & 519 W 27 St. NY. Pieces with this mark are fairly scarce. C 1880. 11.75"decorated with crested cobalt bird on a branch. Cobalt highlights the maker's mark and capacity mark (Francis Laufersweiler). Applied lug handles and flared rim. Overall condition is very good; Y- shaped hairline extending across the underside, part of which extends 2 inches up front of jar. See American Stoneware, WM Ketchum, 1991, pp 64-65

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2024-Mar-23 05:31pm EDT | Tags : stoneware

Wallpaper covered Hat Box

Wallpaper covered Hatbox labeled "Orlando Fish's Fashionable Hat Warehouse" 198 Chatham Sq. New York. Box by Gabriel Day, Bandbox Maker, 2 Mott St, NY. Lid features a Beaver within a wreath of roses. Printed by L.Nichols, printer 104 Beekman ST. NY c 1820-30. Very good condition with minor imperfections. Box contains a beaver skin top hat. 11.5" x 9"

Price: $1250.00

2024-Mar-23 03:16pm EDT | Tags : wallpaper box hatbox

Trade Sign

EH Drewitz, trade sign. Late 19th c, 59.5" x 4.75". Good condition. Simple and small

Price: $225.00

2024-Mar-22 02:41pm EDT | Tags : signs

Red Painted Treen Candlestick

Urn shaped treen candlestick with circular base. 9" tall with 4.5" base. Tomato red paint over original black, late 19th c

Price: $225.00

2024-Mar-21 01:38pm EDT | Tags : lighting candlestick

Shaving Box, 19th c

Shaving Box with Star inlays and raised molding. Walnut, pine and brass buttons. Probably Civil War Era. Utility and Folk Art combined.

Price: $595.00

2024-Mar-21 01:31pm EDT | Tags : utility folk art

Bluish green wooden candlestick with brass collar.

Bluish green wooden candlestick, early 20th c. Tulip shaped socket with brass collar. Original surface and paint history. 6.75", Very good condition

Price: $160.00

2024-Mar-21 01:22pm EDT | Tags : candlestick lighting

Painted Stove Bellows, Original mustard paint

Small early 19th c Mustard painted bellows in very good condition. Sheet iron nozzle, original leather in good condition with minor imperfections. Ornamented with turned concentric ring decoration, 11.5" x 4.25"

Price: $475.00

2024-Mar-18 06:39pm EDT | Tags : bellows fireplace

Peacock Feather Fluid Lamp in Blue, aka "Georgia"

US Glass Co. Peacock Feather Fluid Lamp in Blue, c-1895 with wheel and acid etched shade in excellent condition. Accompanied by Plume & Atwood "Victor" central draft burner

Price: $375.00

2024-Mar-15 02:46pm EDT | Tags : lamp lighting

Burl bowl

Small Native American Burl Bowl, 4.5" x 3" in great condition

Price: $375.00

2024-Mar-15 02:35pm EDT | Tags : burl bowl

Pantry Box, Pale blue to gray

10" x 5" round pantry box in pale blue to gray, pegged, minor wear. Great for a stack

Price: $275.00

2024-Mar-14 04:33pm EDT | Tags : pantry box

Melon Basket, small size

Small sized melon basket in dark patina, great condition, 6.5" at handle, 8" x 7.5",

Price: $125.00

2024-Mar-14 04:29pm EDT | Tags :

Pewter Snuff

Early 19thc pewter flintlock pistol snuff. Unusual form, very good condition, 4.25", double barrel

Price: $425.00

2024-Mar-08 02:37pm EST | Tags : snuff pewter

Make-do Lamp

Make-do lamp, turned and painted wooden base. Font has patent date of 1877 and brass collar. 9" x 4.5" Very good condition

Price: $285.00

2024-Mar-08 02:20pm EST | Tags : make-do lamp

Horse Fence Post

Painted Iron Horse Fence Post, old white paint. Good condition, 10" with mount.

Price: $495.00

2024-Mar-01 04:20pm EST | Tags : horse fence post

Yellowware Hound Snuff

Yellowware Hound Snuff with Pewter Collar 2.5" x 1.75". Some minor restoration.

Price: $200.00 NEW PRICE

2024-Mar-01 04:09pm EST | Tags : yellowware snuff

Dough Boy Tank Wind-up Toy with Pop-Up Soldier

Doughboy Tank Tank Wind-Up Toy with Pop-Up Soldier in very good condition. Works well, has original box sans 1 end flap. 9.5" x 5" x 4.75" . First version of five produced.

Price: $275.00

2024-Feb-14 03:02pm EST | Tags : toys

Sand Loader Wind Up Toy

Sand Loader, Lindstrom Tool and Toy Co, Bridgeport, Ct. Works well, colorful and in good condition. Came in several different versions, this example is the hardest to find.

Price: $350.00

2024-Feb-14 02:52pm EST | Tags : toys tin toys

Rap & Tap Boxers Wind-Up Tin Toy

Rap and Tap Boxers, Wind-Up Tin Toy, F Strauss & Co., c 1920's in very good condition. Winds and works well. Comes with the original box, sans the end flaps. 6" x 4.25" x 4.75"

Price: $350.00

2024-Feb-14 02:31pm EST | Tags : tin toys toys

Hooked Rug, Large Bird on Branch

Hooked Rug, large bird on branch with small birds in tree. Nicely Mounted in soft palatable colors. Excellent condition, 29.5" x 16.5"

Price: $1250.00 NEW PRICE

2024-Feb-14 02:27pm EST | Tags : hooked rugs

Carved Pipe & Cheroot Pipe

Carved Pipe of Civil War Soldier with Kepi, glass eyes. Original stem and mouthpiece. Trivial bark loss to stem. 7.25" Paired with an antique Meerschaum Cheroot Holder (no mouthpiece). Likely a Zoave soldier smoking a pipe, rifle at his side. 2.25" + case

Price: $275.00/pair

2024-Feb-05 02:13pm EST | Tags : smoking

Utility Carrier

Sturdy Utility Carrier American pine, dovetailed, hand cut square nails that have oxidized. 14.75" x 6.5" x 6.25" Very good condition.

Price: $395.00 NEW PRICE

2024-Feb-04 04:55pm EST | Tags : carrier

Play Golf Windup Toy

Play Golf lithographed, wind up pressed tin toy. Ferdinand Strauss Co, NYC 1914-1927. In very good condition, works very well, accompanied by original box, several golf balls and an original score card.

Price: $335.00

2024-Feb-04 02:18pm EST | Tags :

Shorebirds (2)

Shorebird (LEFT) 10", good condition c-1930 Shorebird (RIGHT) Split tail decoy, shoe button eyes, 7.75", good condition, c 1930

Price: L- $320.00 R- $295.00

2024-Feb-01 03:20pm EST | Tags : decoys

Set of 4 Green paint decorated country chairs

4 Country paint decorated plank seat chairs, 32" x 18" x 16". Seat height 16.5" Good sturdy condition, PA.

Price: $495.00

2024-Feb-01 03:13pm EST | Tags : chairs paint decorated

Clockwork Dog

German Clockwork Dog. Curly tail, black wooden feet, faux leather collar. Works well, good overall condition, 9" x 9"

Price: $495.00

2024-Jan-31 05:56pm EST | Tags : clockwork toy

Salmon Painted Trencher

Hand Carved Salmon Painted Trencher, 15" x 7" x 2.75" in very good condition

Price: $785.00

2024-Jan-28 02:55pm EST | Tags : trencher

Wall Box with lettering "Meat Hooks"

Wall Box in brown paint with yellow lettering "Meat Hooks" . Early square nail construction, very good condition, 8.5" x 8.25" x 5.5"

Price: $675.00

2024-Jan-18 04:21pm EST | Tags : wall box

Iron Fork with Heart

Iron 3 prong Fork with Heart Handle in excellent condition. 20" in length, simple yet graceful

Price: $375.00

2024-Jan-18 04:16pm EST | Tags : fork hearth heart

Skewer Set on Wrought Iron Hanger

Skewer Set on Wrought Iron Hanger, c 1770-1830 with old paper label residue. Overall length 14.24" x 4.75". American, pierced circular hanger above an elongated diamond form with 5 skewers.

Price: $395.00

2024-Jan-10 06:08pm EST | Tags : skewer set

Squeak Toys, Rooster and Hen

Rooster and Hen Squeak toys, in fine working condition

Price: $175.00 each

2023-Nov-25 04:45pm EST | Tags : squeak toys

Dry Sink, mid 19th c in Red Paint

19thc Dry Sink in red paint, Pennsylvania, Poplar. Condition is very good commensurate with age and use. Dry scraped many years ago. Displays original red paint. Old shrinkage fissure to lower backsplash but us stable and secure. The case has a pair of recessed paneled door and all is raised on cutout bracket feet. 47.5" x 18.25" x 38"

Price: $950.00

2023-Nov-18 02:28pm EST | Tags : kitchen paint

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