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Redware Plate 10.25"

Slip decorated Redware Plate, Norwalk CT, c 1840 with coggled rim. Decorated with large looping zigzag lines of yellow slip. Minor chips and some flaking to slip

Price: $465.00

2023-Dec-03 06:00pm EST | Tags : redware slip decoration

Carved and Painted Walking Stick

Folk Art Cane, Carved and Painted Walking Stick, painted polka dot serpent with forked sheet iron tongue. Coiled around a painted and tapering shaft with a little green frog. The shaft is incised and carved. 32.5", late 19th c, Very good condition

Price: $875.00

2023-Dec-03 05:54pm EST | Tags : cane walking stick

Redware Jug

Speckled and Streaked Manganese against orange-red. New York State, c 1850-60, 9.75" Few chips to foot, Applied handle.

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2023-Dec-03 05:49pm EST | Tags : redware jug

Turned Bowl/Salt Original Blue Paint

Lathe turned bowl in original blue paint featuring a lipped rim and a defined foot/base. A pair of concentric rings ornament the side. c-1790-1810, 3.75" x 1 5/8", excellent condition

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2023-Dec-02 06:07pm EST | Tags : bowls salts

BullDog Store Display

Paper Mache Bulldog Store Display in very good condition. Black studded collar, 18" x 12"

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2023-Nov-25 04:48pm EST | Tags : store display

Squeak Toys, Rooster and Hen

Rooster and Hen Squeak toys, in fine working condition

Price: $175.00 each

2023-Nov-25 04:45pm EST | Tags : squeak toys

Dry Sink, mid 19th c in Red Paint

19thc Dry Sink in red paint, Pennsylvania, Poplar. Condition is very good commensurate with age and use. Dry scraped many years ago. Displays original red paint. Old shrinkage fissure to lower backsplash but us stable and secure. The case has a pair of recessed paneled door and all is raised on cutout bracket feet. 47.5" x 18.25" x 38"

Price: $1075.00

2023-Nov-18 02:28pm EST | Tags : kitchen paint

Tape Loom

Early 19th c Tape Loom in well used condition. 22.5" x 9" x .75"

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2023-Nov-17 10:30am EST | Tags : sewing

Tall Chest of Drawers

Queen Anne Tall Chest of Drawers in the circle of Peter Bartlett, Salisbury, MA. c-1800 Maple with some figure, white pine. In excellent condition. Period brasses are the second set. 5 drawers that are thumbmolded over a molded base raised on bandy legs. Rich color and patina.

Price: $3950.00

2023-Nov-12 02:24pm EST | Tags : chest queen anne

Red staved bucket with iron hoops

Cooper made staved red bucket with iron hoops, wire bale handle in outstanding original lipstick red paint!!!! 8.5" tall

Price: $750.00

2023-Nov-11 04:10pm EST | Tags : bucket paint

Painting, Marsh at Sunrise, Chas. Partridge Adams

Mixed Media Painting on Paper, "Marsh at Sunrise". Tranquil marsh at sunrise in muted greens and yellows. Signed in lower left in red corner Chas. Partridge Adams. Mounted in French mat and gilt frame. Excellent condition. 13" x 15.5" framed.

Price: $1250.00

2023-Nov-11 01:19pm EST | Tags : painting

Set of 6 cut and Blown Wine Glasses

Set of 6 Cut and Blown Wine Glasses, flint with funnel bowls, cut panel decoration, applied blade stems, solid foot, ground pontils with no cracks or chips. Each- 4" tall

Price: $195.00

2023-Nov-11 01:15pm EST | Tags : wine glasses

Carving Set

Carving Set by Landers, Frary and Clark. Set contains 2 carving knives and forks and sharpening steel within a custom leather case. The set has stag horn handles with sterling repousse mounts. The knives measure 16.25" and 13" respectively. The forks measure 12" and 11" respectively. The sharpening steel is 14.5", the case is 18.75". All are in fine useable condition.

Price: $325.00

2023-Nov-11 01:03pm EST | Tags :

Knife Box, late 18th C

Serpentine Knife Box with Sloping Lid. Mahogany and various inlays. Late 18th C. General good condition with minor imperfections. 17" x 8.75" x 12.5" deep. Slotted interior.

Price: $850.00

2023-Nov-11 12:00pm EST | Tags : knife boxes

2 candle snuffers/dousers Sold separately....

Red painted candle snuffer/douser with finger loop 3.25", good condition Brass candle snuffer/douser with top ring, 2.5", good condition

Price: Red- $295.00 Brass-$135.00

2023-Nov-10 03:43pm EST | Tags : lighting snuffer

Portrait, Fox Hound 1863

Oil on Academy Board of Fox Hound. Signed G.W. Miller (George Welch). Welch was a well known animal and portrait painter in Bath and Bristol England. Very good condition, frame not original, framed: 17.75" x 15.75"; View: 13.50" x 11.50".

Price: $650.00

2023-Nov-10 03:33pm EST | Tags : dog portrait

Watercolor Portrait

Watercolor Portrait on paper, c 1900, from an old New Haven CT home. Handsome, bearded, young sailor. Good condition, framed: 18.5" x 14.5", View: 12.75" x 14.75"

Price: $425.00

2023-Nov-08 02:18pm EST | Tags : portrait watercolor

Bit Brace Drill

Bit Brace Drill, Ash Burl, Early 19th c, Period center (paddle) bit, 16". In excellent condition

Price: $785.00

2023-Oct-28 05:37pm EDT | Tags : tools burl

Gaming Wheel, Wheel of Chance

Large Carnival Game Wheel in Great Paint in excellent original condition, made by H.C. Evans and Co. Chicago, circa 1930's, 36.5" diameter

Price: $1300.00

2023-Oct-27 05:51pm EDT | Tags :

Bureau Box/ Playing Card Box

Vintage Bureau Box/ Playing Card Box, Relief Carved in walnut, Floral Design, 1890-1920 ish, 8" x 5" x 2.25" Carved from a solid piece, interior is fitted with 2 compartments. Very good condition.

Price: $340.00

2023-Oct-25 04:38pm EDT | Tags : boxes

Antique Candle Lantern, Triangular Folding Lamp

Triangular Folding Lamp with Mica Windows, unknown maker, circa- 1880-1900. Folds flat, spring loaded candle tube serves as a handle, can be hung from a chain. The surface is japanned and the mica windows are in good condition. 7.7" x 3.5"

Price: $285.00

2023-Oct-25 04:33pm EDT | Tags : lighting lantern

Carved Bust, President William McKinley

Carved Bust of President William McKinley, likely carved soon after his assassination. 25th President of the US 1897-1901. Walnut, fine condition. 3.5" x 3.5" x 2", anonymous carver.

Price: $395.00

2023-Oct-19 11:54am EDT | Tags : carving presidential

Blue and Bittersweet Painted Express Wagon

C 1870-1900 Express Wagon, Buckboard in original blue and bittersweet paint in very good condition. It retains a lift out gate and moveable bench seat with wooden spoked wheels trimmed in black. 35.5" x 21.5" x 20". 37.25" height at the handle

Price: $625.00 NEW PRICE

2023-Oct-15 02:09pm EDT | Tags : children wagon

Butter Paddle

Finely Carved Birch Butter Paddle with Chevron decoration. 9.75" Excellent condition.

Price: $350.00

2023-Oct-14 12:37pm EDT | Tags :

Pen Wipe-Bear

Bear Pen Wipe, Bear holding porcelain mug "We wont go home until morning", on felt base. 3.5" x 3.5" in very good condition

Price: $395.00

2023-Oct-14 12:08pm EDT | Tags : pen wipe

Blue Lidded Firkin

Blue Lidded Firkin, wooden swing handle, staved. Original paint, no repairs, nominal paint wear from use. Overall VG condition. 12" x 12.5" in diameter, 17.5" at the handle.

Price: $650.00

2023-Oct-14 11:55am EDT | Tags : paint firkin

Portrait of a Gentleman

Portrait of a blue eyed gentleman, c 1830. American school, anonymous. Unframed, 30" x 25" in VG condition. All original including the stretcher. Period label on verso indicates the sitter is Nathanial Cobb, Boston

Price: $950.00

2023-Oct-14 11:46am EDT | Tags : portrait

Triple Portrait of 3 Children

c 1850 Triple Portrait, 3 Children on canvas, American School, Anonymous. 21.5" x 19.25; View- 15" x 13", lined. Colorful and quite Charming, VG condition

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2023-Oct-13 12:24pm EDT | Tags : portrait children

Cookie Board, Cake Print

Carved Cookie Board/ Cake Print, signed Watkins. Impressed J.Y. Watkins, N.Y. (Watkins was successor to Henry Conger) Circa- 1870, 6" x 4" x 1". Walnut in very good condition. Relief carved of militiaman surrounded by flowers.

Price: $675.00

2023-Oct-12 03:39pm EDT | Tags : cookie board

Nantucket Basket

Round Nantucket Basket with swing handle, late 19th to early 20th c. Turned wooden base, oak staves and rim, cane woven. Good condition, shrinkage to handle. Handle pinned to hand cut brass ears. 3.5" x 7.5", 7.5" at the handle

Price: $565.00

2023-Oct-12 03:35pm EDT | Tags : baskets nantucket

Shaving Box with Star Inlays

Utility and Folk Art combined. 19th c Walnut and Pine Shaving Box with Star Inlays. Elliptical top lid, when open, lends the user to a star inlayed compartment for shaving cream which is worn smooth. Shaving Cream brush and toothbrush accompanies. 7.75" x 5.25" x 2.75" closed. Very good condition

Price: $795.00

2023-Oct-08 04:46pm EDT | Tags : folk art utility

Small Splint Basket in Original Paint

Late 19th c splint basket in original paint found in Maine. 4.25" x 8", ASH, deep orange and highly oxidized green paint. Double rim, carved, notched handles, good surface, a few trivial breaks

Price: $1400.00

2023-Oct-08 04:41pm EDT | Tags : painted baskets

Table Mat....or Doll Quilt

19th c Table Mat or Doll Quilt, Crazy Quilt Style. Scalloped border with center patchwork. Made of mixed fabrics, 13.5" x 16". Fine condition with trivial staining.

Price: $325.00

2023-Oct-01 05:16pm EDT | Tags : table mat doll quilt

Figural Walking Stick/Cane

Antique Figural Walking Stick/Cane, silver plated copper bust on fruitwood shaft with horn tip. 35.75" in length, unknown maker, anonymous portrait

Price: $450.00

2023-Oct-01 05:11pm EDT | Tags : cane walking stick

Painted and Carved Odd Fellows Torch Staff

Odd Fellows Torch Staff, Painted and Carved, American, c-1875. An unusual example featuring a twisted and painted realistic leather flame formed on a wire form. The turned handle retains its original gold paint and is decorated with brass upholstery tacks. There is minor loss of leather at the flame tip, all else in very good condition. 23" in length

Price: $595.00

2023-Sep-30 12:15pm EDT | Tags :

Redware Stew Pot

Late18th c redware stew pot, Essex Cty MA or NH. 5.25", minor flecking at rim, all else in fine condition

Price: $350.00

2023-Sep-30 11:45am EDT | Tags : redware

Polychrome Cast Iron Frame/Mirror

Original Paint Decoration, Cast Iron Picture Frame/Mirror, c 1850-90. Surmounted by a spread wing eagle

Price: $995.00

2023-Sep-28 04:39pm EDT | Tags : cast iron frame

Advertising, Tobacco Pouches with Paper Labels

Whale Smoking Tobacco and Drum Granulated Tobacco Pouches with Paper labels in very good condition. Never opened. Colorful and graphic labeling of a spouting whale for Factory No 256 District of No Carolina which belonged to the R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. This pouch retains its federal tax stamp and has an image of John Adams. The 16 oz stamp is marked with the date of 1926. 7.75" x 4.5" x 3.5". The Drum pouch contains "Old Ripe Cured Leaf" has 2.5 oz of tobacco in a sealed cloth pouch for American Tobacco Co. Drum brand (early tax stamp) 4" x 2.5" 1.5"

Price: $475.00

2023-Sep-28 04:26pm EDT | Tags : tobacciana

Canteen/Cheese box Original Black and Red Paint

New England Militia Canteen in original black and red paint. Signed BURR, leather sling straps. C 1810-20, Oak and pine, copper rosehead tacks and peg construction. Woodchip loss on front caused by shrinkage against wooden peg. Scratch carved initials on back:"SD". Canteen is maker signed- E.Burr-Elisha Burr (1776-1863) Hingham MA. "MS" painted over original "US" likely right after the WAR of 1812. Condition id very good. 7.25" x 2.5"

Price: $895.00

2023-Sep-24 02:38pm EDT | Tags : canteen cheese box

Wrought Iron Pipe Kiln

18th c Wrought Iron Pipe Kiln with 3 iron hoops mounted vertically, joining a pair of horizontal iron rails. It is fitted with a loop handle and raised on feet. Pipe kilns were used to clean clay pipes. When the pipes became foul with tobacco juice, pipes were not disposed of, yet were placed in the kiln and baked at a high temperature and removed clean to reuse. This example is the perfect size for most clay pipes. 12" x 6" x 10" to the top of the ring.

Price: SOLD- Thank you

2023-Sep-23 03:25pm EDT | Tags :

Pencil and Crayon Drawings of Trains

1940's Pencil and Crayon Drawings- Trains, Deco Locomotives and Rail Cars on Paper One is signed D.S. Littell (Mt. Gilead, Ohio). Framed -17.5" x 14.4". Nicely Done, very good condition

Price: $295.00/pair

2023-Sep-23 03:20pm EDT | Tags : drawings

Sheet Iron Flag Holder, polychrome

Sheet Iron Shield shaped Flag Holder in red, white and blue. 40 stars, 16.5" x 14" Old blue paint touch-up around top border, all else in good used condition.

Price: $625.00

2023-Sep-22 02:51pm EDT | Tags : parade flag

Molding Plane

18th c yellow birch molding plane with original wedge. 10", made by Revolutionary War Officer Joseph Fuller of Providence, R.I.. Stamped with his name and city. Excellent condition. Rare with lignum boxing.

Price: $265.00

2023-Sep-22 02:44pm EDT | Tags : tools

Bottle Whimsey

19thc Bottle Whimsey, probably sailor made. Contains 4 tier yarn winding swift. Carved stopper closes the mold blown bottle. Excellent condition, 5.75"

Price: $375.00

2023-Sep-21 03:26pm EDT | Tags : whimsey

Painted Checkerboard

19thc painted checkerboard with moldings applied with square nails. Board features 3 colors. Pumpkin, red and black. Dry surface. 13.75" x 14" x 1"

Price: $975.00

2023-Sep-21 03:20pm EDT | Tags : checkerboard gameboard

Painted Wall Basket, Loom Basket, Comb Basket

Apple Green painted wall basket, 3rd qtr. 19thc, excellent condition. Original surface history, corners intact, no breaks. 9" x 7.5" x 4"

Price: $495.00

2023-Sep-19 03:05pm EDT | Tags : paint basket wall basket


Signed copy of THE ENGRAVED POWDER HORN, 1996. Hardcover with dust jacket, Very Good condition

Price: $100.00

2023-Sep-18 01:52pm EDT | Tags : reference book

Slide lid Candle Box

Paint Decorated Slide Lid Candle Box, New England, early 19th c, maple. Sharp chamfered lid, 7.75" 4.5" x 4.75". Very Good condition

Price: $245.00

2023-Sep-18 01:47pm EDT | Tags : slide lid candle box

Quilt, Turkey Tracks Pattern

c 1860, Handstitched quilt in Turkey Tracks Pattern, 84" x 78" Brightly colored, and early browns with minor staining on the rear and fold fading.

Price: $550.00

2023-Sep-18 01:40pm EDT | Tags : quilts textiles

Painted Chamberstick

Sheet metal chamberstick in chrome yellow paint. Tabbed candle socket, large finger loop, very good condition, 5.75" x 1.75"

Price: $125.00

2023-Sep-17 03:02pm EDT | Tags : lighting

Turned Bowl

Early 19th c turned New England bowl in nice form with great tool marks. Excellent condition, out of round, 7" x 6.5" x 1.75", natural color

Price: $355.00

2023-Sep-16 04:02pm EDT | Tags : bowl treen

Folk Portrait of Young Child Holding a Rose

Child seated in an upholstered chair, New England, first qtr. 19th c. 27.75" x 33.25" framed. View size 21" x 26.5", oil on canvas. Very good condition. Relined. Child wears white lace cap and white dress NEW PRICE!

Price: $2995.00

2023-Sep-14 04:10pm EDT | Tags : portrait

Wrought Iron Andirons

Wrought Iron Trestle Feet Andirons, c 1750. 15.25" x 9.75" x 14.5" deep. Very good condition. American, perhaps English. Ring top

Price: $375.00

2023-Sep-13 03:41pm EDT | Tags : andirons cast iron fireplace items

Trade Sign

Double sided wooden sign with smaltz. Curved lower border, 19.25" x 5.5" x .75", gold lettering has been refreshed at some point. Very good condition.

Price: $525.00- NEW PRICE

2023-Sep-07 03:06pm EDT | Tags : sign

Wall Sconce

Oval tinned sheet iron sconce. New England, crimped border, single candle nozzle with folded rim and crimped drip pan. Very good condition, 14.5" x 9.75" x 4.5"

Price: $525.00

2023-Sep-07 02:54pm EDT | Tags : lighting tin

Cast Iron Ives "Victory" Horse and Wagon

Black Painted Articulated Horse pulling Bittersweet painted wagon with mustard painted cast wheels. In fine functioning condition, 10" x 5"

Price: $355.00

2023-Sep-03 04:46pm EDT | Tags : toys

Yellowware Bowl

10" Footed Yellowware Bowl. Banded in white and brown. Great condition

Price: $145.00

2023-Sep-03 02:15pm EDT | Tags : yellowware

Redware Bowl

Small Redware bowl in fine condition, 5" x 1.25"

Price: $135.00

2023-Sep-03 02:13pm EDT | Tags : redware

Steiff Bear

13" Steiff Bear with Button, good condition, some wear to pads

Price: $365.00

2023-Sep-02 05:53pm EDT | Tags : bear

Red Stain Oval Lapped Box

Oval Hingham Box, stamped Sprague, red stain, 6.5' x 2.75", VG condition

Price: $325.00

2023-Aug-14 03:23pm EDT | Tags : oval boxes Hingham

Tramp Art Box

Tramp Art Box, c 1880-1900. Hinged cover, stepped feet. 10" x 7" x 9". Very good condition. Layers alternating between notched and beveled. Great alligator varnish finish.

Price: $555.00

2023-Aug-10 11:50am EDT | Tags : boxes tramp art

Early Hankie

Hankie, "The Sheep", c 1830, framed, excellent condition. Framed: 17" x15.75" Sight : 13" x 11.75"

Price: $850.00- NEW price

2023-Aug-09 03:22pm EDT | Tags : textiles

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