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Hello and welcome to my shop. I hope to make new friends and sell things to folks that they will love and add to their home. I have sold and learned about antiques for the past 45 years. My collection spans from the 14th century through to the war of 1812. I also sell on eBay as americancolonial with almost 5000 positive feedbacks. I have spent many years learning the world of Antiques and have traveled to England and Europe over 55 times. I seldom let a small town with a small museum go by without a visit. I love to learn and hunt antiques. My son Alex started with me on this journey when he was 8 years old learning to man the show tables and shop. He now lives in Isle of Palms S.C. He sells on eBay as defense1st. The atmosphere here on this site will be simple Friendly, Nothing is sold until you have inspected it and love and want it, shipping is free returns if necessary will always be accepted without reason. Payments can be made via credit card, check, money order. I offer layaway with easy terms. I ask 25% to be established with the balance to be satisfied within 60 days. If at the end of 90 days I will consider the the sale to be closed with the 25% forfeited. Thanks and happy shopping!


I have two numbered vintage German chocolate molds most likely made in the 30s I don't know that. I am not a chocolate mold aficionado but I know that they were brought back per the family I purchased them from by their grandfather who served in World War II. They're in good condition they need a closure both of them on either side they're clean and rust free the one standing with the longer ears is 6 in tall the other is 5 and 1/2 in tall. As always I offer free shipping and insurance

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This candles stick measures seven and a half inches in height. It is an excellent condition showing very good age and wear. It is a very fine example it would date circa 17 60s to 17 90. It comes from the Kennebunkport area of Maine. Thank you

Price: $175.00

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18th century pan/candle light

This New England candle light with pan comes from a very early collection that I purchased in Maine. I do not know that this light was used in Maine The collection is from a 60-year-old collection that I was able to purchase in total the person collected in the New England area. This 13-in light is of course hand forged of iron has a rat tail hanging device and the crucifix arms ended with rat tails on each end one is present the other has broken away. This most likely though did not have to be a candle light that would have been used by a missionary in the early colonial period this light would date early 1700s. It is in very strong condition and will make an excellent addition to any collection of lighting. The iron is extremely strong the shows early age.

Price: $245.00

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In this sale I have to offer a very good small colonial American keg. This small keg rumlet size is of course handmade and was found in the state of New Hampshire. I have owned this in my own collection for about 25 years. It is very solid with no damage and will display very well as a rare sized American Colonial artifact. This would date late 18th century 1770 through 1800. As always shipping and insurance is priority mail insured free of charge. It measures 3 in in diameter.

Price: $425.00

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This four corner pan light was purchased from a collection in Maine. It still retains its original suspension hook. Entirely made of hand Forged iron this small light would have provided a much-needed source of light in the very early days of the colonial american period. It is a bit over 6 in tall with the suspension hook elevated. This is a very nice Colonial American lighting device.

Price: $125.00

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Late 18th century small wallet

This late 18th century 1780s small wallet comes from a collection in the Charleston South Carolina area. It is in very good condition and would have been a small change wallet. It measures about 3 and 1/2 in in width and 2 in high. Of course completely hand sewn with period closure. In this wallet is a counterfeit 1783 Spanish coin. Counterfeit coins from this period were not unusual for a number of reasons. There was a tremendous coinage shortage in colonial America in the 18th century with Spanish coins being used on many occasions. The other was to cheat a low silver content metal would be cast and passed as real. Make no doubt this is a counterfeit coin most likely though dating to the 18th century. As always shipping and insurance are free.

Price: $225.00

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