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Hello and welcome to my shop. I hope to make new friends and sell things to folks that they will love and add to their home. I have sold and learned about antiques for the past 45 years. My collection spans from the 14th century through to the war of 1812. I also sell on eBay as americancolonial with almost 5000 positive feedbacks. I have spent many years learning the world of Antiques and have traveled to England and Europe over 55 times. I seldom let a small town with a small museum go by without a visit. I love to learn and hunt antiques. My son Alex started with me on this journey when he was 8 years old learning to man the show tables and shop. He now lives in Isle of Palms S.C. He sells on eBay as defense1st. The atmosphere here on this site will be simple Friendly, Nothing is sold until you have inspected it and love and want it, shipping is free returns if necessary will always be accepted without reason. Payments can be made via credit card, check, money order. I offer layaway with easy terms. I ask 25% to be established with the balance to be satisfied within 60 days. If at the end of 90 days I will consider the the sale to be closed with the 25% forfeited. Thanks and happy shopping!

Early 18th century four corner pan light

This four corner pan light is an original American Colonial early example of Colonial lighting. It retains its original suspension chain which is unusual. This will make a very good example to your collection. These early lighting devices do not get enough respect they were every bit as important as a candle or as electric lighting is to us today. This one is hand Forged and should fit into anyone's collection as an example of that period Lighting. As always I provide shipping and insurance for this artifact

Price: $125.00

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Very nice mid to late 18th century style can

This Kindle box comes from an early collection assembled in the 1940s that has been in storage for the past 60 years. It measures about 18 and 1/2 in in length with the candlebox measuring 13 and a half inches for storage it is just at 4 in and width. It was hand cut of course and assembled with early handmade iron pens. These are tough to find on the loose anymore. This is a very nice 18th century American Colonial antique. As always the postage and shipping with insurance is free

Price: $275.00

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These what channel lamps in America are extremely rare as most sites of this period would be. Most definitely manufactured in Europe making its way to America to be used by the early colonials. This lamp was purchased in Edisto South Carolina. There was a French settlement in Georgia how long was several other French settlements that's blood down into the colonies from Canada and as early as the early 1600s in the Midwest along the Mississippi valley. This lantern with a long narrow wick channel and small drip cup are typical of the early French Colonial Grease lamps. Used on board ships and of course in the homes of the French who could afford it or who we're lucky enough to have one. This is a very rare light to find in the Americas. As always postage for shipping and insurance are free

Price: $145.00

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A beautiful mid 18th century spiral candlestick

This is a remarkably nice spiral candlestick the base is beautiful with a nice Brown even patina that only would come with age. There is a small crack as you would expect in the base but certainly does not cause any concern. With this auction I have included a very nice beeswax candle that compliments this candlestick. The Candlestick measures eight and one quarter inches in height. This comes from a main collection and will make a fine example for it anyone who wishes to add quality to their collection. As always I offer free postage and full insurance with this purchase thank you

Price: $175.00

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A beautiful mid 18th century make do table candela

This candelabra is an outstanding example of make do lighting. It comes from the upper New England area and was purchased from a Maine collection. This beautiful primitive American Colonial lighting device would have been used on a large family dinner table or a whole or room side table. This is made from a very early chandelier. This make do device is a perfect example of 18th century American Colonial ingenuity when needed. It would have been a dramatic lighting device in that frontier cabin are homestead. It stands at 22 in and height and would have been dramatic and it also would have dominated a simply decorated room as so often found in colonial America. You will not find a better example of make through lighting from frontier colonial America. As always I offer free shipping and insurance.

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This is a rare style. It was made to hang either from a piece of furniture such as a tavern bench or from a column are post. It is a spiral candlestick circa 1780 to maybe 1810 not much later than that completely handmade the bases handmade and cut secured to the piece of wood with small handmade nails. It stands 7 and 1/4 in in heights. A very rare example of a semi make do light as this was made specifically for a tavern post or a piece of furniture in a public venue. To find coming from upper New England. As always shipping and tracking with insurance is included in your purchase. Have a nice memorial weekend and say a prayer for those men and women that gave their lives so that we could have a nice memorial weekend.

Price: $275.00

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Large dramatic hand Forged and braised candelabra

This hand Forged and primitively welded candelabra stands about 19 inches in height. It is very heavy. It shows very good age most likely dating 1900 to 1920. A beautiful remarkably dramatic candelabra. It is a signed piece but for the most part illegible. This would be perfect for a side table in an early home or in any home modern or whatever it is beautifully made. If you purchase this you will not be unhappy with it it stands out in a good way. Very heavy as always I pay shipping and insurance.

Price: $145.00

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