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Carry Me Back Antiques specializes in 18th, 19th and early 20th Century primitives, stoneware, paintings, samplers, folk art, and other antique smalls. We do a few shows a year so you can find us at Fishersville, Va and Madison Bouckville in August. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments, or special requests you might have. We will respond to all orders and inquiries as quickly as possible. Arrangements for shipping and obtaining quotes may take several days; however we will make every effort to ship your items in a timely manner once all funds have cleared. We guarantee the authenticity of each item as described. METHODS OF PAYMENT: Check (preferred), Credit Cards (4% fee added). All purchases must be paid within 10 days. Items paid by check will ship when funds have cleared. PLEASE NOTE: *ALL ITEMS ARE SUBJECT TO PRIOR SALE*. Your purchase will be immediately refunded if the item is no longer available. Buyer pays for shipping, handling, and insurance costs unless noted. We will pack your items carefully in our shop or use a local packing and shipping agent. Shipping quotes provided with a zip code. We will add the cost of shipping / handling to your purchase. Items that need special packaging may require an additional cost. PLEASE NOTE: At this time we are only shipping items within the United States. Inquire about hand delivery arrangements, or pick up, if you are within our local driving radius. RETURN POLICY: Please contact us by phone or email within 3 days of delivery if you are unhappy with your purchase. Items must be returned in the same condition as shipped. Buyer pays for all return shipping and insurance unless other arrangements have been made. A full refund will be issued, once the item is returned and condition verified. All items must be insured when originally shipped for any damage claims. Please do not return, notify us immediately if items are damaged in shipment. NOTE: PLEASE INQUIRE FOR ADDITIONAL PICTURES. Thank you for looking at Carry Me Back Antiques!!

Lard Oil Tin Lamp Original Red Paint

This is an 1800's (1842-1852) lard oil lamp with original red paint. It is very hard to find this style of lard lamp but to find it painted is rare indeed! The red paint is just wonderful, dry, original and most of it the paint is still intact. It is scratched and scuffed from years of use but most of the paint remains. Although not marked, most of these styles of lamps were made by the Kinnear's Patented in 1851 and sold by SN & HC Ufford in Boston. Lard and its by product, lard oil, was inexpensive but gave good light and so these lamps that used this lard were desired. This oblong style of lamp has a ribbon burner wick that advanced with the use of a wick pick. It has a handle to make it very portable from room to room. And it has a nice tin pan base to capture any spills from the oil. This one is missing the cap on the oil fill hole and the wick mechanism is a bit loose. Other than that, this oil lamp is in very good condition and would be considered rare with the red paint. A great find and a nice piece of early American lighting. It measures: 8 inches tall, 7 inches in diameter (pan). The oblong tin pan that holds the fuel is 4.5 inches long.

Price: $350.00

2024-Jul-06 05:01pm EDT | Tags : Tin Early Lighting Primitive

Antique Half Gallon Baltimore MD Crock

This wonderful 1/2" gallon Stoneware Jar from Baltimore, Maryland. Dating around 1850-1860, this wonderful crock features a garland of three comma vines and three dangling tulips or flowers. The flowers hang down from the vine and look beautiful. The bold blue cobalt color was applied with a slip cup. This crock is in excellent condition with only a small flat 1/2" chip on top of the rim- see pictures. No hairlines, cracks, or restoration. It has a kiln drip on the back and a small amount of missing glaze on the back but that is it. It is such a wonderful size, and the cobalt flowers are very striking. Just a great country kitchen look but it can go in any room in the house! It measures: 8 1/4" tall and the bottom is 5 1/4 " in diameter, the top is 5 inches in diameter.

Price: $285.00

2024-Jul-03 10:25am EDT | Tags : Stoneware Primitive Folk Art

6.5 Inch Hunter Green Pantry Bentwood Box

This is a great small 6.5 inch diameter, antique dark green painted pantry bentwood box. It has a beautiful hunter green paint that seems to be original to the box. The patina has quite a nice look that many collectors desire! It has old nail construction, and the lid fits nicely on the box. The inside of the box has a good look as well. The bottom of the pantry box has a slight age crack that does not come through to the inside of the box. The inside of the box and the lid are clean with no stains. (There are shadows in the pictures which are not stains). There is a very slight thin tight 5-inch crack on the lid lip. It has great wear from years of use but overall, it is in very good condition. It has a nice weight to it. Dates to the early to mid 1800's. It is an outstanding and very attractive primitive for sure! It measures: Top lid- 6.5 inches in diameter Bottom- 6.25 inches in diameter, Height- 2.75 inches including the lid

Price: $215.00

2024-Jul-02 12:17pm EDT | Tags : Primitive Pantry Box Treen

Antique Painted Toleware Tin Document Box Primitiv

This is a very nice antique toleware painted tin document box. It has a wonderful bright original or very old red painted swag around the top edge of the front of the box with yellow leaves or stems hanging down off the swag. The colors are brilliant red and yellow. The top of the box has some of its' original paint with yellow swag and vine flowers around the outside edge and in the center around the tin handle. Each side has yellow half-moons on the top and bottom edge. The paint has faded just a little. The black japaning is mostly missing. The box itself is in very good condition with no holes or dents. The latch is tight but can be opened and closed. The hinges are original and secure as well as the ring on the top of the lid. There is some minor surface rust around the rim where the lid closes. It is a great piece of toleware and folk art. It dates to the late 1800's. It measures: 9.25 inches long, 5.75 inches wide, 6 inches tall with the iron hoop handle down.

Price: $135.00

2024-Jul-01 05:10pm EDT | Tags : Toleware Primitive Tin

Antique Oil on Board Young Girl in Gown Primitive

This small painting is just fabulous!!!! It is of a young girl in her night gown and cap, and you only see her back. She is in what seems to be a formal room with a plant on the left side and what looks like a painting on the upper side of the right wall. The setting seems to be in the 18th Century based on the ornate claw feet and carved knees on the chair situated to her right. As you can see the chair also has a very ornate carved crest. The details are really good and it was done by a good artist although not signed. It is painted on academy board and placed in a contemporary gold frame. The frame has a few chips here and there which can be seen in the pictures. It is an absolutely delightful painting and just a great size for hanging almost anywhere. It dates from late 1800's to early 1900's. It measures: 11.5 inches wide, 14.5 inches tall, 1 inch frame depth. By Sight: 8.25 inches wide, 11 inches tall.

Price: $495.00

2024-Jul-01 05:07pm EDT | Tags : Art Folk Art Primitive

Early Antique Wood Scrub Box Primitive Antique

This is an outstanding honest antique hanging scrub or scouring box. This very early and scarce scrub box is in very good condition. It has a dark stain with a nice patina and has old nail construction on the box. It has many scratches and great wear from years of scrubbing and cleaning those kitchen utensils. It has a small amount of loss on the bottom left corner, but it is quite minor. See pictures. Notice the deep wear in the long tombstone scrub board back which is where the utensils would have been laid to scrub. It would have hung by the hearth (there is a hole at the top of the scouring board) and wood ashes from the fire would be placed into the open box. It would be removed and laid on a table to scrub utensils with a damp cloth dipped into the wood ashes (thus the dip in the wood). It dates to the early 1800's. It is quite hard to find these scrub boards and if you love primitives, this is the one you want! Measures 18" overall. Back scouring board is 6.25" wide. Box measures 6.25" w x 5.5"h x and 4" in depth

Price: $425

2024-Jul-01 12:58pm EDT | Tags : Wood Folk Art Kitchen Antiques

Early Antique Hollow-Cut Silhouette Wavy Glass

Outstanding early Silhouette!!! It is a hollow-cut silhouette with black lined paper placed behind the white paper. The artist has cut this young lady's profile out of center of the piece of paper with scissors. The hallow-cut is of a young lady that is wearing a hat and some of her hair is sticking out at the top. Her face is well defined and shows intricate details that is a good indication of quality. It comes down to an eloquent point at the bottom of her silhouette. The paper has been painted with watercolor, around the silhouette with a gold oval frame line with dots all the way around the oval line. A black painted wavey line has been painted on the outside of that gold framed line and in each corner are black small oval leaf like decorations. The paper is very old. It has some staining from age and a few fold lines. There is a stain on the matting behind the paper near the bottom. It sits behind early wavey glass with small bubbles and is housed in an antique grain painted period frame. It measures: 8.95 inches high, 8.5 inches wide in the frame. Dates to late 1700.

Price: Sold. Thank you.

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Antique Miniature Watercolor Portrait of a Gentlem

This is a really nice antique watercolor of a gentleman who looks to be very distinguished. This miniature portrait is painted with watercolor and gives the portrait a more personal touch. He has dark hair and wears a large collared over coat, wearing a white high colored shirt. It comes in a black antique frame probably original to the portrait. The painting is trimmed with a gold oval edge. It come with a decorative hanger on the top center of the frame. The paper on the back is long gone. There is old paper stuffed behind the portrait holding it in place. I have not removed the painting from the frame. You can see the antique clips holding the picture in place. The front of the frame has a few very small chips to both of the lower corners and one higher up on the left side of the frame. I took pictures. It probably dates to about the 1830s. It is very well painted by a good artist with good color. There are no tears to the painting. It measures: 3.75 inches wide, 4.75 inches tall in the frame. By Sight: 2 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall.

Price: $298.00

2024-Jun-19 02:41pm EDT | Tags : Silhouette Primitive Folk Art

1700's Pine Wood Scalloped Shelf and Spoon Rack

This is a very early 1780-1820 hand carved, mortised pine spoon rack. What a gorgeous piece. Both sides are beautifully scalloped with wood plugs. There are 21 spoon holes on the top shelf and 19 spoon holes on the bottom shelf. You can see the lines between the holes for the spoon slots that the cabinet maker marked as his lay out so he could decide which holes to chisel out. It has two old iron hangers on the back top shelf for hanging on the wall. The patina is natural, nice and dry just as you would want it. There is a very old iron repair to one side on the back wrapping around to the side. It adds real character to the rack. I can't say enough about what a nice piece this is. I hung pewter spoons in the holes to show you how it might look. (If you are interested in the pewter spoons, let me know.) You could also use it as a shelf for display. A very nice early piece of Americana bought in New England. It measures: 16 inches long, 16.5 inches wide, 3.5 inches in depth.

Price: Sold

2024-Jun-18 04:15pm EDT | Tags : primitive Treen Wood

Large Antique Maple Trencher Bowl

This is a great large antique maple trencher. It has a fabulous patina with minimal wax on the surface and is quite heavy. Made from maple, you can see the nice grain. It has a flat bottom and canted sides. There are plenty of knife marks from years of use and a slight stain inside the bottom of the bowl. It has no cracks or splits. It has a great look and great wear. It measures: 19.75 inches long at the top, 11.75 inches wide, sits 5 inches high.

Price: Pending

2024-Jun-10 02:53pm EDT | Tags : Kitchen Antiques Wood

Antique Cream Painted Stool Cricket Bench

This is a great little cream painted stool or cricket bench!! It is mortised through top of the stool on each leg. The sides are canted and beveled in the V, making for a nice detail of charm. The top has rounded ends adding to that charm. The side have a nice skirt or trim on both sides. The cream paint is quite early, painted over what is probably the original blue paint. It has four nails on the top as well. It has scuffs, dings and some loss of paint here and there from many years of use. But that gives this little stool so much character. It has a very tight age crack on the top of the stool, but the integrity of the stool is very good and solid. It is solid, heavy and well made. Please take a look at the pictures. A great primitive early country antique stool. It measures: 13.5 inches long, 6.5 inches wide and sits 7.25 inches high.

Price: Pending

2024-Jun-10 01:57pm EDT | Tags : Primitive Stool

American Eagle Antique Butter Print Mold Stamp

This is a primitive antique butter print/mold of an Eagle facing left. The eagle fills the entire print which is 3.5 inches in diameter. The details on the eagle are quite nice. The eagle's eye and beak can easily be seen. Its body feathers, and wings are nicely carved. It has a shield for a chest. An arrow and feathers are in the bottom center. It has a grooved circle around the eagle edge. It is a one-piece print probably made of maple. The condition is very good overall. There is a small nick near the end of his beak, but it is minor. There are no cracks or splits in the print. It has a very nice dry natural patina. It does have a small amount of what looks to be glue on the outside of the stamp where the handle resides on one side. It shows normal wear for its age. It has a nice visual appeal and would make a nice addition to any butter print or primitive collection. It measures: 3.5 inches in diameter and is 2.5 inches tall.

Price: $325.00

2024-Jun-05 04:10pm EDT | Tags : Butter Print Primitive Wood

Small Painted Carved Wall Box Geometric Cut Out

Just a super small red painted antique wall box. This small box has a wonderful cut out in the front of the box. It has a nice lolly pop end with a hole for hanging on the wall. It was made with old nail construction and is painted in a barn red paint that looks to be the original to the box. The box has nicely tooled edges on the front of the box. The bottom has some small holes which I am not sure what their purpose was. The condition is worn, just as you want it, and it is in good condition overall. There is a tight hairline in the wood in the middle just above the cut out, but it is solid and strong and quite hard to see. It is well made and has a great look. It measures: 8.5 inches tall including the lolly pop end, 3.75 inches wide. The top opening is 1.75 inches. It dates to 1890s to 1910.

Price: $165.00

2024-Jun-04 04:44pm EDT | Tags : Primitive Treen

Working Old Golden Eye Whistler Decoy

This is an early working golden eye decoy sometimes called whistlers. It is probably from New York or the northeastern shore. It has painted eyes with most of the paint on one eye gone, a solid body, and the tail has minimal shaping. It dates to the early 1900's. The paint is very early if not original in black and white and it has dings, missing paint here and there and a weight near the back of the tail. There is well worn age crack on the head that you can see in the pictures, but the integrity of the duck is solid. This is a well-used hunted over working decoy with a great look. It measures: 13 inches long 6 inches wide, 5.5 inches tall to the top of the head.

Price: $215.00

2024-Jun-04 01:28pm EDT | Tags : Decoy Primitive Folk Art

Early Folk Art Circus Painted Cricket Bench Stool

What a great folk art cricket bench!! This black painted stool has a hand painted circus train painted on the top of the stool. It has 2 compartments with bars and wheels and red and yellow curtains on each compartment being pulled by the train engine with big wheels. It is going through a town with hills, a church and a house. The boot jack cutout legs are trim painted in red zig zags and the skirt has blue zig zags. It has old square nail construction and is mortised through the top of the stool. This piece has everything going for it. It is just a fabulous piece of folk art. It has a few worn edges and some of the paint near the engine is gone but most remains. It is a one-of-a-kind piece that is just a treasure. Probably 3rd quarter 19th Century. It measures; 20 inches long, 7.25 inches wide and stands 9 inches tall.

Price: $350.00

2024-Jun-04 01:25pm EDT | Tags : Folk Art Primitive Stool

Antique 1826 Sampler Signed and Dated

This is a very nice 1826 early sampler. It is signed: Mary Ann Powley Aged 9 Years 1826. The colors are quite vibrant in orange, brown, green, beige, red and yellow threads. She had done her alphabet in several rows leaving out the v it seems in two rows. There are two lovely strawberry and flower rows in between the alphabet. The phase: When wealth to virtuous hands is given, It blesses like the dews of Heav'n, Like Heav'n it hears the orphans' cries, and wipes he tears from windows eyes. There are two large flower urns on either side of the phase, as well as a heart and a crown. Here name is last with two lovely flowers on either side. The threads are in excellent condition and there are no holes or tears in the linen. It is in amazing shape for its age. It comes in a black repainted frame that is not period but suites it well. (There is glare in the pictures from the light.) It measures: 12.25 inches tall by 13 inches wide in the frame. By Sight: 10.75 inches tall and 11.5 inches wide.

Price: Sold

2024-Jun-03 12:16pm EDT | Tags : Sampler Folk Art Primitive

1832 Antique Sampler Signed, Dogs, Birds, Dogs

This is a large 1832 dated sampler. It is signed by Ann Buswell Spriggs, Aged 10 Years. This is a very detailed and finely executed sampler. It is surrounded by a green vine and flower border. It shows several rows of the alphabet in various sizes and has the numbers 1-14. It has a nice phrase which is flanked by angels and a peacock on a vine on either side. Followed by a wide flower vine border, her name is inside a vine box and two trees, birds at the top of each flank each side of the tree. There are some scattered holes in the linen mainly on the outside edges of the border, one in the phrase and a small stain there and one on the upper right in the alphabet. They are hard to see under the glass, so I took it out and took photos. It is in overall good condition and a great looking sampler. It comes in what appears to be the original period frame with a gold border. The frame has been repainted but is original. It has old wavy original glass and a wood backing. You can also see the sampler is attached with old tacks to the backing which secures it nicely. Probably American! It measures: 17.5 inches tall, 15.5 inches wide in the frame. By sight: 14 inches tall, 12 inches wide.

Price: $485.00

2024-Jun-03 12:10pm EDT | Tags : Sampler Folk Art Primitive

Original Antique Fraktur Bookplate 18 or Early 19t

This is a beautiful antique watercolor bookplate fraktur. Probably from Pennsylvania, this great little bookplate was hand painted in vibrant watercolors of green and red. It depicts a plant growing out of a cornucopia. It has a nice green vine with leaves and red berries or small flowers on the vine. On the top left is what looks to be a stamp of an American eagle and a name that starts with a B but is hard to read. The eagle is upside down. The old paper that the fraktur is painted on has a few wrinkles and some very minor fauxing, with no holes. It is in quite good condition considering the age. I would date this to the late 1700's or early 1800's. It is a great folk-art piece. It comes in a period grain painted frame with a wood backing. Just a lovely addition to any antique collection. It is ready to hang. It measures: In the frame: 8 inches wide, 9.5 inches tall. By site: 4 inches wide and 4.25 inches wide.

Price: $295.00

2024-Jun-03 11:38am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Art Primitive

Deeply Carved Heart Butter Print Mold Stamp Primit

A heart butter print and this one does not disappoint! It is fantastic. Deeply carved, it shows a heart in the top center of the print that is scored inside. Below the heart are two deep large leaves that are scored as well. The picture part of the print is raised to higher level than the outside circle that has been carved with horizontal lines all around the circumference of the print. There is some minor chipping on the side of the print on one side that can be seen in the pictures. It is a two-piece butter print with a tub or case that covers the print. These cases are often missing. This one has some nice, incised lines on the top and the sides of the case. There is a very minor age crack to this case near the hole for the plunger. It is in very, very good condition overall. These unique pieces are hard to find and this one is a beauty. It measures: 6 inches high to the top of the case. The heart print without the case is 2.75 inches in diameter. The case is 3.25 inches in diameter.

Price: $345

2024-Jun-02 09:33am EDT | Tags : Butter Print Treen Folk Art

Pair Antique Black Painted Wood Boot Molds Cobler

This is a fabulous pair of antique cobbler made wooden boot molds. The feet are very small so they may have been for a child rather than an adult. They are painted black and have the original black paint that gives these two molds a wonderful primitive look. The right boot is in excellent condition and the left boot has a nick out of the back heel (see picture). The paint is worn in places and there are a few dings here in there from use. These two molds just have wonderful character and a great look. Dates to mid to late 1800's. They measure: 17 inches long including the wood knobs at the top and the boot section is 7.5 inches long

Price: Sold

2024-Jun-02 09:26am EDT | Tags : Primitive Folk Art Wood

Antique 30.5-Inch-Long Folk Art Oil on Canvas Dog

An irresistible Folk Art painting of a dog (looks to be a Jack Russell Terrier) that has chased a cat up a tree!! There is a nice, sweet country cottage in the background with a white picket fence. The owner is yelling at the dog and the daughter is running to catch up with the dog and cat. It is set on a nice lake with flowers in bloom and trees full of foliage. The cat looks a bit scared up in the branch of the tree with its red collar with a bell attached. It is initialed in the lower right corner J.M.R. and dated 1900. It is in excellent condition with no tears or holes. There are few very small speckles of white paint in the upper left corner-see picture. It is framed in a period frame that suits the painting well. It appears original to the painting. It has some minor loss to the detailed frame on the lower left and lower bottom right. 30.5 inches long and 18 inches wide. 2 inches in depth. By sight: 25 inches long, 12.75 inches wide.

Price: $615.00

2024-Jun-02 09:18am EDT | Tags : Folk Art Primitive Art

Small Antique Bread Board

What a great small antique bread board. Probably used in the kitchen to chop vegetable, etc. It has lots of cross marks from knife cuts and a great dry patina. Made from maple, it has a little bit of weight to it. There are no cracks or splits in the wood. It has a hole at the top for hanging. Probably dates to the early 1900s. A fabulous piece of old country kitchen wooden ware. It measures: 13.5 inches long and 6 inches wide. It is about .5 inches in depth.

Price: $75.00

2024-May-27 02:20pm EDT | Tags : Bread Board Treen Kitchen Antiques

Early Tall Stoneware Mug with Blue Slip Rare Shape

This is a very rare early 19th C stoneware mug. I have never owned one with this shape. It is quite unique in that it is quite thin and tall. It has a salt glaze with heavy cobalt on the handle. The inside has an Albany slip (interior glaze). It is a light gray which is hard to see in the pictures. It is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. It is quite heavy. It is a beautiful and stunning piece! It won't be easy for you to find another one that has this great form with the loop handle! It measures: 6.25 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter at the opening, 5.5. inches wide to the edge of the handle.

Price: $235.00

2024-May-27 02:15pm EDT | Tags : Primitive Folk Art Stoneware

1832 Signed and Dated Sampler

This is a really nice, fairly large sampler. It could be American based on the stitching and design. It is stitched with tight stitching and all the stitching is intact. The first two rows are done in double letters for each letter in the alphabet. The third row finishes the alphabet and then the numbers 1-10 followed by a diamond, a heart and two other floral designs. Five more rows follow with the alphabet and numbers. Each row is separated by a line design of zig zags etc. Under the last row of the alphabet which are quite large, is a beautiful vine with flowers that is quite detailed. Below that is a verse. The last line says Mary Ann Gaddes April 12, 1832, then a nice tree with flowers ends that line. There are two lovely trees on either side of the verse, two dogs and a bee or bird flying next to the line - The Messiah. This sampler is quite large and framed and matted to compliment the sampler colors. The frame is modern but suites the sampler as well. No holes or missing threads. This sampler is much better seeing it live. It measures: 22 inches long, 18 inches wide in the frame; By Sight: 15.75 inches long, 11.5 inches wide.

Price: $425.00

2024-May-26 03:23pm EDT | Tags : Sampler Folk Art Primitive

Antique Tin Punched Tulip Coffee Pot

This is a beautiful decorative and desirable, tin punched 19th Cent Wrigglework tulip design coffee pot. It depicts three large tulips coming out of a flowerpot with long reaching leaf stems. The center tulip is at the top of the coffee pot and the two other tulips are beside that on each side. It has a nice horizontal fish design below the flowerpot and again on the bottom section of the coffee pot. The gooseneck coffee pots were made in Pennsylvania and were quite popular during the mid 1800's. This one is in very good condition with minimal surface rust. It looks to have been slightly cleaned, the lid hinge works well and there are no major dents or breaks in the tin. It measures 11.5 inches tall, 10.5 inches from the handle to the end of the spout and is 6.5 inches in dimeter on the bottom.

Price: $595.00

2024-May-26 11:46am EDT | Tags : Primitive Folk Art Tin Punch

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